29 Juni 2020

BioSinn – products for which biodegradation makes sense

25 applications finalised

In a recent webinar, more than 60 participants discussed applications, for which biodegradation is the most environmentally friendly end-of-life option, in an online webinar.

When does biodegradation make ecological sense? The goal of the project “BioSinn”, realised by nova-Institute, supported by IKT Stuttgart and funded by FNR e.V. and BMEL, is to find plastic applications for which biodegradation is the most environmentally friendly end-of-life option. Especially when collecting and recycling is impossible.

The outcome of the project will serve as a guideline for decision makers in industry and politics including 25 fact sheets, describing state-of-the-art, problems and suitable environmentally friendly substitution materials for each of the 25 applications. Please find further information about the project here: http://nova-institute.eu/biosinn/home
In the previous workshop, a board of more than 60 experts shared their knowledge about the exciting applications and finally had the chance to give their vote for the most important ones.

The final list of applications is online on the project’s website.
In the next months, all 25 applications will be investigated in detail. Experts are always welcome to join the project. Please find contact-information here: http://nova-institute.eu/biosinn/imprint
In October 2020 a third workshop is to be expected. Further information will be shared soon.

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, 2020-06-29.


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