11 Dezember 2012

bioserie launches innovative line of iPhone 5 covers integrating bioplastics with premium recyclable materials

BioCover, GlassCover and AluCover - cutting-edge sustainable products from plant-based renewable resources for more design

iphone5.jpgbioserie is first to market with a diversified line of iPhone 5 covers that will give earth and design conscious Apple device owners the protection they crave. The new line of iPhone 5 covers consist of three distinct products, BioCover, GlassCover and AluCover, all using exclusively plant-based renewable resources and recyclable components.

BioCover is bioserie’s hallmark bioplastic cover evolved further to be as durable as oil‐based plastic cases and is currently the only smartphone protection accessory in the world certified by USDA to be 100% biobased. USDA is a definitive authority in ensuring consumers that the stated percentage of a product’s biobased content is accurate.

GlassCover is a delicate merger of bioplastics with strengthened glass, turning the over into a tasteful accessory which will no doubt seduce the stylish crowd. Glass, a non-toxic material, is dear to our heart as it is also virtually infinitely recyclable.

AluCover allies bioplastics with aluminum, a robust material whose reusability is endless. AluCovers combine exceptional protection with a techno aesthetic by using hologram engraved aluminum panels.

“We will continue to search for new materials and unique ways to develop products that reflect bioserie’s founding vision of bringing cutting-edge sustainable products to the market, with minimal impact on the environment” says Kaya Kaplancali, CEO of bioserie, adding “bioserie is the only smartphone protection cover brand to offer certified sustainable products in the industry. That makes us unique and proud.”

For product photos, please visit www.bioserie.com/press

About bioserie:
bioserie is a brand created and owned by Dandelion Research Ltd, a Hong Kong based company exploring the utting edge of green technology to develop and release products that let consumers enjoy the fruits of science with a clean conscience.

Source: bioserie, press release, 2012-12-11.


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