8 März 2013

Bioplastics: the Italian holistic approach to bioeconomy

New regulations in the consumption of disposable bags already provided a number of benefits for the environment

Brussels spoke Italian last Wednesday. On the eve of the official presentation of the “Green paper on plastic waste” by the European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik, Kyoto Club presented on 6 March the European Parliament with “Bioplastics: A case study of Bioeconomy in Italy. A smart chemistry for a smarter life in a smarter planet”, a book – edited by Walter Ganapini – on the Italian experience of regulating the distribution of disposable plastic bags, in order to reduce environmental pollution.

The book presents the “Italian case” of bioeconomy, whose roots lie in the evolution of research and innovation in the biodegradable bioplastics sector on the one hand, and the virtuous development of the quality compost industry and separated municipal waste collection on the other.

… Full text: ilbioeconomista.com/2013/03/08/bioplastics-the-italian-holistic-approach-to-bioeconomy/

Tags: plastic bags, stakeholders, CEN 13432, durability, reusability, waste reduction, biodegradable

Source: Il Bioeconomista, 2013-03-08.


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