29 Juni 2012

Bioplastics surge towards commercialization

A snapshot of current bioplastics and major companies

The emergence of bio-feedstocks and bio-based commodity polymers production, in tandem with increasing oil prices, rising consumer consciousness and improving economics, has ushered in a new and exciting era of bioplastics commercialization. However, factors such as economic viability, product quality and scale of operation will still play important roles in determining a bioplastic’s place on the commercialization spectrum.

A snapshot of some of the better-known products will provide insight into common challenges faced by these processes and products.

… Full Text: http://www.icis.com/Articles/2012/07/02/9573828/bioplastics-surge-towards-commercialization.html

Tags: green polyolefins, PE, high density polyethylene (HDPE), PET, ethylene, PTA, PEF, PlantBottle technology, PX, lactic acid, PS, PVC, sugar-based PC, isosorbide, BPA, PHA, PHB, polyoxoesters, bacteria, PBS

Source: ICIS, 2012-06-29.


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