13 Dezember 2010

Bioplastics Award 2010

EconCore was happy to receive the award for their PLA honeycomb structure

bioplastics MAGAZINE and European Plastics News decided to team up and jointly present the 5th Bioplastics Award.

So the judging panel was happy to have received some 20+ proposals for the Bioplastics Award 2010.

The 5th Bioplastics Awards recognises innovation, success and achievement by manufacturers, processors and users of bioplastic materials. There are no more categories as before. To be eligible for consideration in the awards the suggested company, product, or service must have been developed or on the market 2009 or 2010.

The organizers clearly encouraged the global bioplastics community to participate. However, the winning company must send a representative to the 5th European Bioplastics Conference in Düsseldorf Germany on 1/2 December 2010 to receive the award.

The entry had to be comprised of:

1. Name and details of the company or person that should win the award
2. What the product, service or development is and does.
3. Why you think this product, service or development should win an award
4. What your (or the proposed) company or organisation does

The entry was limited to 500 words (approx one page) and could also be supported with photographs, samples, marketing brochures and/or technical documentation.

The deadline was August 31, 2010 so it is closed now. The five finalists are published here.

Winners will be announced on 1/2 December 2010 durcing the 5th European Bioplastics Conference and published in the December issue of bioplastics MAGAZINE and in European Plastics News.

Selection of the winner will be made by a panel of independent judges assembled by bioplastics MAGAZINE and EPN.

The decision of the judging panel is final and binding.


Congratulations to EconCore NV from belgium. The winner of the Bioplastics Award 2010 (see photo above) received the trophy on December 01, during the 5th European Bioplastics Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. Francois de Bie of EconCore was happy to receive the award for their PLA honeycomb structure. This innovative approach shows that the mechanical properties of a PLA product can be increased significantly by applying an intelligent design.

The photo shows (left to right) Francois de Bie, Michael Thielen and the student assistant Julia, acting as the award fairy. The trophy was crafted by Rolf Bender, an artist and plastics expert from Troisdorf/Germany.

Source: Bioplastics Magazine, press release, 2010-12-13.


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