2 August 2010

Biofuels: Cellulosic ethanol price catches up with corn ethanol

Cellulosic ethanol prices are cost competitive with first-generation ethanol on new enzymes and processing methods

Companies involved in cellulosic ethanol projects say cellulosic ethanol prices are already at par with corn-based ethanol.

Unlike first-generation ethanol fuel that is made out of corn or sugarcane, cellulosic ethanol is produced from biomass feedstock such as wood chips, switchgrass, corn cobs, corn stalks, and other agricultural wastes. Most cellulosic ethanol facilities worldwide are still at either pilot-scale or demonstration-scale level.

… Full text: www.icis.com/Articles/2010/08/02/9380685/biofuels-cellulosic-ethanol-price-catches-up-with-corn-ethanol.html

Tags: Cellic CTec2, wood chips, switchgrass, corn cobs, corn stalks, agricultural waste, sunliquid process, enzymes, Abengoa Bioenergy, BlueFire Ethanol, Coskata, Fulcrum Bioenergy, POET, Vercipia

Source: ICIS, 2010-08-02.


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