12 Mai 2017

BioCannDo information portal online

EU project BioCannDo wants to alert consumers to the bio-economy and its products

The EU project BioCannDo wants to alert consumers to the bio-economy and its products. This is a challenge, because many people know little about bio-based products and its potential applications in our daily lives. The project to take over the discussion thread on easy, fun and engaging way with consumers.

BioCannDo uses the online information portal www.allthings.bio to report on interesting products and general questions about the bio-economy. The great knowledge and numerous information should be bundled and harnessed for citizens. The information will be on the areas of application: build with renewable resources, home products, catering, clothing and textiles, garden and mobility focus. Users can continue to perform keyword searches according to the used bio-based materials and materials.

The portal will use traditional communication formats such as journalistic articles, videos, social media posts, as well as newer formats such as storytelling, fact checks or problem-oriented article. BioCannDo continues on user feedback about small polls, comments, and quiz formats.

The bioeconomy awareness and discourse project (BioCannDo) is funded for research, technological development and demonstration funding number 720732 by the bio based industries joint undertaking in the framework of the support program Horizon 2020.

Source: FNR, press release, 2017-04-25.

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