23 Juli 2015

Bio-Res Plant Containers: The Sustainable Pots of the Future

Laurel Biocomposites Kickstarter Campaign for innovative flower pot

Laurel Biocomposites has launched a Kickstarter Campaign which is ending this coming Friday. The campaign is to support the launch of “Bio-Res Plant Containers: The Sustainable Pots of the Future”. The flower pots are made from Bio-Res PLA a biodegradable material that shows interesting effects on plant growth.

It was first demonstrated at NPE 2015 (at a joint booth with the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites CB²).
Greenhouse trials with annual plants such as tomatoes and peppers, have shown improved plant and root growth (with up to 100% more yield) when planted in pots made with Bio-Res compounds as compared to plants grown in traditional polypropylene pots.

As compared to neat PLA, Bio-Res PLA can reduce the cycle times and mold stick when used in injection molding. The natural color is light yellow and takes colorant well. Highly concentrated masterbatch pellets can be used at inclusion rates of up to 50%.
Lear more about the project and the Kickstarter Campaign at http://t.co/P1tyuMbByK

Source: bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2015-07-20.


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