12 September 2019

Bio-on wins award, opens plant for public visits

As 'hottest start-up' in the bioplastics industry, a world champion in the making and as the most technologically advanced and innovative PHA company, wrote Bioplastics News

Bio-on SpA, the Italian manufacturer of a PHA material which is marketed under the brand name of Minerv-PHA, has been named the “Best Bioplastic Company of 2019” by Bioplastics News. The award was in recognition of the fact that Bio-on ‘hit the news with so many innovations that they have set a new benchmark, a new record’.

wImage.php“Bio-on is the hottest start-up in the bioplastics industry, a world champion in the making. They’re the most technologically advanced and innovative PHA company. We need more companies like Bio-on to enable the Bioplastics industry to thrive and conquer the world. Inevitably, Bio-on is set to become a billion-dollar company,” wrote Bioplastics News.

It’s a heartening endorsement for a company that just recently became the object of an attack by US-based Quintessential Capital Management (QCM), which asserted that Bio-on is a “house of cards”, and a “massive bubble based on flawed technology and “fictitious ” sales”.

The company has firmly rebutted the attacks with denials and witness testimonies about the validity of its technology.

Bio-on has also announced it will be organising tours of its plant in Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna) for visitors interested in seeing the achievements of the company for themselves. The company says it has received over 300 requests for tours since launching the initiative April 30, 2019. Singly or in groups, visitors will be granted the opportunity to view various production areas, as well as, for example, the R&D labs and product quality control department.

The company has also posted a video online, on YouTube, in which viewers are taken on a virtual tour of the facility by CEO Marco Astorri.




Source: Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2019-09-03.


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