4 Oktober 2011

Bio-Based Epoxy Resin for Next Generation Epoxy Prepregs

Novocard resin is produced with oil extracted from discarded cashew nutshells

Composite Technical Services LLC, has collaborated with Technologycom SRL and Cimteclab SRL, headquartered in Italy, to develop a bio-based epoxy resin for next generation epoxy prepregs. The formulation features CTS’s new novolac-based bio-hardener, Novocard XFN, which introduces a high level of renewable content to prepregs and increases impact strength by 163 percent, when compared to composite prepregs made with a conventional amine-cured resin and carbon fiber.

The aerospace, wind energy, transportation and sporting industries can use the bio-based prepreg in a range of applications due to its versatility and strength.

… Full text: www.azom.com/news.aspx?newsID=30774

Keywords: Resin Transfer Molding, bio-resins, agricultural by-products, composite manufacturing, bio-based polyols

Source: azom.com, 2011-10-04.


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