30 Oktober 2003

Belgium blocks used frying oil as biofuel

Belgian authorities have refused Allvet of Bruges permission to build a refinery to convert used frying oil to biofuel. This practice is permitted in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and other European Union (EU) member states. Production of biofuel from rapeseed oil is, however, permitted in Belgium.

The Belgian ban on using used frying oil is a direct consequence of the dioxin problem in the food sector. Strict Belgian regulations classify used frying oil as a waste product, not listed as secondary raw materials permitted for recycling or processing as a biofuel. Allvet is presently collecting waste frying oils and exporting them for conversion to oleochemicals and biofuel. Approximately 50,000 mt of used frying oil are generated in Belgium per year.

Source: www.oleoline.com vom 2003-10-29.

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