14 November 2011

Bacteria can talk by ‘chemical twittering’, control behaviour of the colony

New understanding to help develop most efficient bacterium for use in medical, agricultural and industrial biotechnology

Bacteria, like humans and insects, possess social intelligence. Like us bacteria have the capacity to perceive and understand the environment. Wh­en in a group, bacteria can sense the environment, process information, solve problems and make decisions so as to thrive in harsh environments.

… Eshel Ben-Jacob of Tel Aviv Un­iversity and his team studied social capabilities of bacteria. The team sequenced the genome of 500 bacteria, and on the basis of comparative analysis they developed a “Social-IQ score” for bacteria.

… Full text: www.mydigitalfc.com/knowledge/bacteria-can-talk-334

Keywords: science, research, health care, antibiotics, microorganisms

Source: www.mydigitalfc.com, 2011-11-14.


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