27 November 2008

Australia: Starch-based extruded net tubing launched

Compostable biomaterial for food packaging, horticulture and industry

BioPak is pleased to announce the launch of BioNet compostable extruded net tubing. BioNet is manufactured in Australia from a starch based biopolymer. The material is certified compostable to European Standard EN13432 which means that it will break down into CO2, water and biomass in a compost facility within 180 days.

Netting.jpgBioNet took two years to develop. Together with a local net extrusion company BioPak trialed a number of different biopolymer blends until a suitable material was found. The biopolymer was easily extruded using existing equipment and produced a net that met all the functional requirements of traditional extruded net packaging.

BioNet has excellent tensile strength and can be used as an effective replacement for conventional extruded net. It is available in a variety of colours, tube diameters and strand gauges to meet specific customer applications.

Applications include:
1. Produce Packaging: Oranges onions, garlic etc.
2. Seafood Packaging: Crabs & mussles
3. Horticulture: Tree guards. Soil Binding
4. Industrial: Gas cylinder netting

Source: "BioPak", press release, 2008-11-18.


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