9 Februar 2016

TOP An unusual new series of events starts in-depth discussions on issues of the future of the bioeconomy

Industry, associations, policy and civil society are invited to get together with leading experts

With nova Sessions, nova-Institute offers a new, interactive and informative series of events around topical issues of the bio- and CO2-based economy. You are invited to get involved!

If you are working in an innovation driven field, you have to keep up with the latest developments, in research and technology as well as on the market. This is especially true for the future-oriented bio-based and CO2-based economy, where a wide range of applications and new technologies turn up on the market every day.
Conferences and network events are the current meeting points for the industry and offer opportunities for sharing ideas. But they are designed to cover a broad range of topics and can’t provide real opportunities for in-depth discussions.

“At the moment, there is no space for experts to really get together and exchange knowledge, ask questions and meet people from the same and other sectors of the economy – be it from R&D or manufacturing – who might have different views and perspectives on the topics”, states Michael Carus, Managing Director of nova-Institute. nova Sessions want to provide this opportunity.

“With 20 years’ experience and an extensive network of partners in research, industry, and associations as well as in the policy and civil sector, we strongly believe that nova Sessions can fill this vacuum in the bio-based and CO2-based economy and bring experts together,” continues Carus. Staff and partners of the nova-Institute will moderate the discussion and bring in their expertise, but there will be a lot of space for high-level exchanges.

Interested experts from industry, associations, policy and civil society are invited to get together with leading experts to get up-to-date and thoroughly discuss the topics of interest. Interested experts can currently choose between nova Sessions on:

  • Biomass supply and demand scenarios by 2050
  • Market data for bio-based polymers and biocomposites
  • New quantification systems: Efficiency of biomass use in materials (BUE) and the Biomass Utilization Factor (BUF) for cascading use and co-production
  • Technology of the future – Carbon Capture and Utilization
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for bio-based products
  • Certification and labelling of bio-based feedstocks and products

Interested parties can find more information or directly indicate their choices at http://bio-based.eu/sessions

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2016-02-09.

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