7 September 2002

American Chemical Society widmet sich nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Die American Chemical Society ACS hat anlässlich des 224th ACS National Meeting and Exposition in Boston, MA, USA (August 18-22, 2002) das erste Mal mit einem eigenen Vortragsblock die nachwachsenden Rohstoffe gewürdigt. In der Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry / Session “Industrial Bio-Based Technology” stellten Referenten aus den USA, Kanada und Europa ihre Arbeiten vor.

Das Programm beinhaltete folgende Themen:

Industrial Bio-Based Technology
G. Nobes, Presiding
F. E. Barton and J. L. Massingill, Organizers

  • Impediments to biomass conversion. F. E. Barton II, D. E. Akin, D. S. Himmelsbach

  • Natural fibers in composites. J. Müssig
  • Agricultural fibers for industrial use. F. Riccio
  • Characterization and use of agriculturally-derived cellulose microfibrils in novel nano-composites. M. Inglesby, W. J. Orts, G. M. Glenn, G. M. Gray
  • Agriculturally-derived polymer/fiber composites. W. J. Orts, G. A. R. Nobes, G. M. Glenn, M. Inglesby, G. M. Gray
  • Flax fiber in textiles. J. A. Foulk
  • New model for flax as a natural fiber for multiple uses. R. B. Dodd
  • Kenaf fiber for industrial applications. G. Ramaswamy
  • Preparation of soy-based composites with flax fibers. Z. Liu, S. V. Erhan, D. E. Akin
  • Conversion of epoxidized soybean oil to phosphate ester polyol. Y. Guo, V. M. Mannari, J. L. Massingill
  • Copolymers of aspartic acid. G. Smith, S. C. Sikes
  • Use of alkaline resistant starch aquagels in lightweight concrete. G. M. Glenn, A. P. Klamczynski, W. J. Orts, D. Wood
  • Mid-IR imaging of natural fibers. D. S. Himmelsbach
  • Sensors for quality characterization of natural fibers. F. E. Barton II
  • Standards for biobased fibers in industrial applications. D. E. Akin
  • Ultrastructural characterization of flax tissues. A. Driouich
  • Chemical analyses of fiber and nonfiber components of bast fibers. W. H. Morrison III
  • Morphological characterization of various natural fibers. G. Henriksson

Source: In: American Chemical Society - ACS (Editor and Organizer): 224TH ACS NATIONAL MEETING, Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Session: Industrial Bio-Based Technology (Boston, MA, USA 2002-08-18 till 2002-08-22) Washington, DC, USA: Office o

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