17 März 2011

ADM Corporation Launches ECO-ADM™ Line of Eco-friendly, Biodegradability Enhanced Packaging and Shipping Products

ECO-ADM™ packing and shipping products show 10-17% biodegradation within 30 days in active landfills according to independent ASTMD5511 tests

logoADM Corporation, industry leader of packaging and shipping products manufacturing, recently launched ECO-ADM™, a line of products containing an additive that enhances the biodegradation of plastic products in a biologically active landfill. Independent ASTM D5511 tests, representing biologically active landfills, have shown 10-17% biodegradation within 30 days.

Three of the manufacturer’s top sizes of packing list envelopes will be added as new products. The ECO-ADM 51, ECO-ADM P19 and ECO-ADM C16, are the first to be introduced with the biodegradable alternative that meets ASTM federal standards. Using a proprietary organic additive, ADM Corp. is well on its way to offering customers a comprehensive line of environmentally-friendly packaging and shipping products.

Ed Yarber, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ADM Corporation, said ECO-ADM is the fulfillment of a pressing company priority to offer eco-friendly products.

“ADM couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of the new ECO-ADM line. Making our products, especially the top sellers, with enhanced biodegradability is a major accomplishment for the company,” said Yarber. Manufacturing advancements like this are essential to protecting our environment and reducing the affects of non-biodegradable waste on future generations.”

To make the packing list envelopes biodegradability enhanced, ADM Corporation adds a proprietary additive to the polyethylene resin film prior to melting, resulting in a plastic material that can be consumed by microbes when disposed of in a microbe-rich site.

The biodegradability enhanced packing list envelopes lead the new ECO-ADM line of environmentally-friendly products made by the manufacturer. ADM plans to add biodegradability enhanced alternatives in many of their other packaging and shipping products in the line soon.

Source: PRWeb, 2011-03-17.


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