6 März 2013

ABA announces sponsorship of the Australian Organics Recycling Association

Great step to curb the emission of harmful greenhouse gases from landfills

The ABA is very proud to announce the alignment of two Associations for the further development of organic waste diversion using certified compostable plastics and providing source separated organic waste to the composting Industry.

Rowan Williams, President of the Australasian Bioplastics Association, on behalf of the Members and Executive of the ABA announced today that” this Sponsorship brings together two like minded professional Associations. Having the diversion of organic waste from landfill together with the provision of certified compostable plastics enabling source separation of organic waste, is a great step in mitigating against the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases from landfill”. Working with AORA to further develop the infrastructure for composting is an extremely important move forward for both Associations.

The ABA will become Silver Sponsor of AORA for 2013 conveying signicant benefits to Members of both Associations, in terms of education and information relevant to both.

Source: ABA, press release, 2013-03-06.


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