30 November 2011

A project for bioplastics – 10,000 bioplastic bottles

Material made from a non-food cellulose-based blend of biopolymers

A while ago I wrote a quick piece exploring the use of algae to produce bacterial-based bioplastics. While this blog tends to focus more on the academic side of research, it’s important to appreciate that in order to gain large-scale importance, research does at some point need to venture out of a purely academic environment and delve into the world of companies and industrial research.

Ivan Goloborodko is one of a team of three people from Sydney currently looking into a more commercial and large-scale application of bioplastics; the production of bioplastic bottles. I got in touch with him to talk more about this project, as I’m always fascinated by how science can be applied in real world situations once it leaves the lab.

… Full text: blogs.scientificamerican.com/lab-rat/2011/11/30/a-project-for-bioplastics-10000-bioplastic-bottles/

Keywords: waste products, timber industry, long term effects, health effects

Source: Blogs Scientific American, 2011-11-30.

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