19 Oktober 2010

A new ”clean, green, bio-based resin enhancer” soon to be on the market

Laurel BioComposite's "LignoMAXX" to be one of the most economical bio-based resin enhancers

October 19, 2010 (MMD Newswire) — Bioplastics aren’t the easiest or cheapest things to produce. However, Laurel BioComposite, LLC is using proprietary technology to produce its bio-based “LignoMAXX” that will make it one of the most economical bio-based resin enhancers the industry has seen to date. As well, its environmental benefits are likely to satisfy those consumers who know what is really green and what isn’t.

Based on a lignin-conversion technology perfected and patented in New Zealand, Laurel BioComposite has been testing and improving the process for the last year and half using dried distiller’s grains (DDGS), a byproduct of corn ethanol processing. Their product, LignoMAXX, is described as a resin enhancer based on as its commercial tests that indicate its ability to “enhance” the desired characteristics of the end product. Specifically, where LignoMAXX has replaced a portion of the calcium carbonate as well as a portion of the traditional oil-based resin in some thermoset applications, the end product was 11% lighter weight and 11% stronger. These are great attributes for the transportation industry and for many other durable goods applications as well.

The technology is applicable to any ligno-cellulosic biomass with emphasis being placed on those feedstocks that are non-food based such as agricultural crop waste, wood waste, and fruit processing byproducts.

Tim Bearnes, President of Laurel BioComposite, stated “Our overall goal is to bring to market a product that can complement plastics manufacturers’ goals of utilizing biomass, and do so in regard to both product quality and economics. With this process, and DDGS as the feedstock, we can assure a consistent and sustainable supply of LignoMAXX for larger production volumes. Add to that the environmental benefits, which range from a process which does not use toxic compounds and creates no waste steam to the displacement of crude oil use and sequestering carbon dioxide, and we know we have a product that can benefit the marketplace.”

The Company is currently approaching the successful completion of its private securities offering and has most other development pieces in place. A site in Laurel, Nebraska, has been secured for the initial plant. The production facility has been designed and engineered. An exclusive licensing arrangement for the production and marketing of LignoMAXX has been acquired. And tests results of the product itself have been consistent and encouraging. More details and contact information can be found at www.laurelbiocomposite.com.

Source: MMD Newswire, 2010-10-19.


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