30 November 2011

EU Natex Project presents prototype grit box cover made with natural fibre composite at AGRITECHNICA 2011

Cover made of polyester resin and flax fibres manufactured through cold pressing technique

Chemowerk GmbH is German market leader in on-site filling stations and producer of containers for winter road maintenance, storage tanks and systems for thermal energy storage. As partner in NATEX Project, the company produced limited series of novel natural fibre composites parts, among them a grit box cover.

Taking place in the period 15-19th November, AGRITECHNICA was the right platform to be for anyone interested in agricultural machinery and equipment. Displayed during the fair was the grit box cover. The composition of the grit box cover also contains polyester resin and flax fibres manufactured through cold pressing technique. During the fair interested stakeholders could not only see the prototype but also learn more about NATEX project.

NATEX Project is an EU funded Project under the Commission 7th Framework Programme, composed of 16 partners across Europe aiming to develop aligned textiles from natural fibres (flax and hemp) suitable for use as high-strength reinforced fabrics to produce structural composites. Dipl Ing. Margarete Goedel, head of Strategic Purchasing at Chemowerk said: “We have seen initial interest of costumers in natural fibre based composites which we find supportive towards our environmental challenges and activities targeted in this direction. The NATEX grit cover is an interesting prototype to show the potential of natural fibres in day to day composites applications. We are only at the start of the development of real product lines with natural fibres, but we have decided to give a kick-off with the production of 100 grit boxes that contain natural fibres”.

Dr. Valentin Polo, NATEX Project coordinator (Aimplas) welcomed the initiative of Chemowerk GmbH and concluded: ‘It is essential for NATEX Project to directly address potential end users and show that bio-sustainable innovation is possible in products that play a role in our daily lives’.

Source: NATEX Project, press release, 2011-11-30.


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