17 Juni 2013

30 Members of the Bioeconomy Panel are nominated by the European Commission

Work to be supported by the Secretariat, provided by the European Commission

The Bioeconomy Panel will meet in a plenary session at least twice a year, the second of which will be dedicated to assessing the progress on the implementation of the Bioeconomy Strategy. Additional meetings could be scheduled on an ad-hoc basis. The Chair, supported by the Secretariat will prepare the main meeting agendas. If needed, decisions can be taken by majority within the Panel.

Selection Procedure (members) The Bioeconomy Panel is composed of up to 30 members with experience from different bioeconomy related areas who are nominated by the European Commission for a mandate of up to 4 years: • Up to 10 experts with experience from national administrations that are bioeconomy-relevant, with an overall balanced representation of the main bioeconomy sectors and policies and of the different Member States.

… Full text: ec.europa.eu/transparency/regexpert/index.cfm?do=groupDetail.groupDetail&groupID=2859&news=1

Tags: bio-based economy, mandate, advisory bodies committees, monitoring, expertise, bioeconomy sectors, chairs, plenary meeting

Source: European Commission, press release, 2013-06-17.


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