11 Januar 2011

1st BiobasedChemAsia Summit Launches Exclusive White Paper as a Complimentary Download

CMT unveils an exclusive white paper on "Biobased chemicals: technology, economics and markets”, produced in collaboration with Dr Bhima Vijayendran, Senior Research Leader & Chief Research Officer at Battelle

To be held on 14-15 April 2011 in Shanghai, China, CMT’s BiobasedChemAsia is a comprehensive networking platform for global companies involved in bio based chemical products.

As a forerunner to the BiobasedChemAsia summit, CMT has collaborated with Dr Bhima Vijayendran, Senior Research Leader & Chief Research Officer at Battelle to release the exclusive “Biobased chemicals: technology, economics and markets” white paper. The paper analyses the prospects and challenges of a bio based chemical business.

The paper elaborates on the 3 waves of bio based products and explains the different status of each wave of products. Be it new biorefinery model or conversion technologies or feedstocks, the paper discusses all aspect of the bio products business.

It also asserts that challenges will be significant and involve myriad of problems concerning technology, financing, value addition, as well as feedstocks generation. It stresses the need for sustained R&D investment and development of a reliable supply chain structure.

Besides highlighting key developments in each of the 3 phases the paper also delves into opportunities and challenges from a technological and commercial perspective.

The “Biobased chemicals: technology, economics and markets” paper is written for the benefit of producers, investors, feedstock suppliers, financial institutions and other key stakeholders in bio based value chain.

The 18 paged paper is currently available as a complimentary download on the official event page.

About BiobasedChemAsia
To be held on 14-15 April in Shanghai China, this is a 2-day conference dedicated to charting the growth and development of next generation chemical building blocks like bio succinic acid, lactic acid, levulinic acid, furanic acid, 3-hydroxypropionic acid and etc. It will spotlight on existing biobased chemical projects in Asia, as well as showcase prospects and progress of upcoming ones. Other major topic highlights at this inaugural event include Feedstock availability, Advances in conversion technologies plus the Economics, Business Model and New Supply Chain Development of Biobased Chemical Production. Click here to access the preliminary program agenda.

For enquiries, one may contact Ms. Grace Oh at (65) 6346 9147.

Source: PRWeb, 2011-01-11.


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