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nova sucht: Projektmanager B2B-Kommunikation mit naturwissenschaftlichem Hintergrund (m/w/d)

Beschäftigung: 40 h/Woche, Festanstellung. Sie erwarten vielseitige Aufgaben in einem dynamischen und zukunftsorientierten Markt an der Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik

25 November 2020

TOP nova-Institute’s Winter Special – 20 % discount on all market and trend reports till 8 January 2021

From technologies over building blocks and polymers to fine chemicals: Get the latest and upcoming reports on bio- and CO2-based and recycling markets for a special price

Lombard Odier launches Natural Capital strategy

The high-conviction portfolio of 40-50 companies explicitly focuses on the hotbed of innovation in publicly listed, small to mid-sized companies in North America, Europe and Asia

Researcher develops flexible PLA that withstands boiling water

First success: a prototype PLA cup that is transparent, extremely tough and does not shrink when filled with boiling water

Canopy ranking: Lenzing for the first time achieves highest Hot Button category

In its annual ranking of sustainable wood procurement, the Canadian environmental organization Canopy particularly highlights Lenzing’s continuous leadership over the last number of years

Canopy-Ranking: Lenzing erreicht im „Hot Button Report“ erstmals die beste Kategorie

Die kanadische Umweltorganisation Canopy hebt in ihrem jährlichen Ranking zur nachhaltigen Holzbeschaffung besonders Lenzings kontinuierliche Führungsrolle in den letzten Jahren hervor

Gruppo Maip, Eastman partner on sustainable automotive materials

Partnership allows to develop specialty plastic formulations for automakers to meet their high targets for sustainable content and replacement of fossile-based materials

How the bioeconomy contributes to the European Green Deal

Under Horizon 2020, the European Commission already dedicated €3.85 billion of public funds into bioeconomy projects over the past seven years

Biodegradable: The Hohenstein Seal for Biodegradable Products

Responsibility at the End of the Product Life Cycle

Bioabbaubar: Das Hohenstein-Siegel für biologisch abbaubare Produkte

Verantwortung am Ende des Produkt-Lebenszyklus

EU defines sustainable plastic manufacturing in draft green finance rules

Chemical recycling will need to emit less than manufacturing with virgin materials to be considered 'green'

INEOS Styrolution and Ferrero explore advanced recycling for future packaging solutions

Aim is to develop a process to convert complex plastic waste back to fully recyclable materials

24 November 2020

Cucumber Peels for Ecofriendly Food Packaging

Are you throwing away the cucumber peels after preparing your salad? You may soon have them back in your kitchen as the eco-friendly packaging material for food items

Bioo launches biological battery that feeds on soil and uses plants to produce electricity

Installed underground, Bioo Panel visually fits into the landscape of any yard, garden or park and constantly produces electricity during day and night, regardless of weather conditions

Groundbreaking ruling by the European Court of Justice for the future of European CBD

An EU Member State may not prohibit the marketing of cannabidiol (CBD) legally produced in another EU country

Verpackungen in der Gastronomie: Schulze plant Mehrweg-Pflicht

Umweltministerin Schulze hat in einem Interview mit dem SWR eine entsprechende Novelle des Verpackungsgesetzes angekündigt

Reuben Selby Showcases Infinited Fiber in Paris Fashion Week Debut

In his debut collection, the regenerated fibers in the textiles are created out of 100% post-consumer textile waste

This tableware made from sugarcane and bamboo breaks down in 60 days

Naturalfibres together with waste bagasse as an ecofriendly alternative  

Einweggeschirr aus Bagasse und Bambus baut sich in 60 Tagen biologisch ab

Naturfasermaterial und Überreste der Zuckerproduktion ergeben umweltfreundliche Alternative

Pyrolysis oil better applicable due to lower acidity

Researchers cooperative were able to low the acidity via esterification and the pyrolysis liquid is expected to be used even as a sustainable marine diesel

Loop Industries challenged by setbacks and legal strife

Last month, company disclosed it was being sued by investors and that federal regulators had issued it a subpoena for documents

23 November 2020

IIT Guwahati develops method to turn industrial waste into chemicals

Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, have formulated efficient "pincer" catalytic systems that transform industrial or biomass wastes into valuable chemicals

Total and ADNOC  sign strategic framework agreement on CO2 emission reductions and CCUS

ADNOC and Total will jointly explore opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions, improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy for oil and gas operations

Court of Justice of the European Union: A Member State may not prohibit the marketing of cannabidiol (CBD) lawfully produced in another Member State when it is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant in its entirety and not solely from its fibre and seeds

That prohibition may however be justified by the objective of protecting public health but must not go beyond what is necessary in order to attain it

Gerichtshof der Europäischen Union: Ein Mitgliedstaat darf die Vermarktung von in einem anderen Mitgliedstaat rechtmäßig hergestelltem Cannabidiol (CBD) nicht verbieten, wenn es aus der gesamten Cannabis-sativa-Pflanze und nicht nur aus ihren Fasern und Samen gewonnen wird

Ein solches Verbot kann jedoch durch ein Ziel des Schutzes der öffentlichen Gesundheit gerechtfertigt sein, darf aber nicht über das hinausgehen, was zur Erreichung dieses Ziels erforderlich ist

Project aims to cut microplastics in pharmaceutical and chemical industries

University spin-out Naturbeads is working with ChiralVision to replace plastic microbeads in the chemical industry with biodegradable ones made of cellulose

Statusbericht der deutschen Kreislaufwirtschaft 2020

Eine systemrelevante Branche präsentiert positive Circular-Economy-Ergebnisse

Spinnova, Bergans and Halley Stevensons introduce apparel as next step of Collection of Tomorrow

More consumers can now experience the circular future of textiles

Kelheim Fibres Partner in ETP-Programmen „Bio-Based Fibres“ und “Circular Economy”

Man möchte gemeinsam große Player aus Industrie und Forschung zusammenbringen, um gemeinsam die Neuausrichtung der Europäischen Textilindustrie zu gestalten

Kelheim Fibres Partner of ETP in „Bio-Based Fibres“ and “Circular Economy” programs

The goal is to bring key players from industry and science together to develop a long-term strategy to shape the sustainable realignment of the European textile industry

20 November 2020

NextChem is Growing In Circular Economy and Launches Myrechemical, its Subsidiary for Waste to Chemical Technologies

NextChem can offer a complete and integrated platform on industrial scale for the recovery of all types of plastic waste

Tomra urges holistic approach to battle climate change

The Norwegian company is investing heavily in expanding its portfolio to include a Circular Economy division

Tomra drängt auf anderen Umgang mit Abfall

Das norwegische Unternehmen investiert massiv in die Erweiterung seines Portfolios um einen Geschäftsbereich Circular Economy

Agilyx Expands Global Presence with New European Hub

Underscoring commitment to expand technology partnerships

Agilyx: US-Recycler gründet Niederlassung in der Schweiz

Unternehmen unterstreicht seine Nachhaltigkeitsverpflichtung mittels technologischer Partnerschaften  

Funding from Innovate UK’s £191m sustainable innovation fund for award-winning tampliner

Company together with experts from Imperial College London to further develop its award-winning tampliner to reach the highest standards of sustainability

MIXed plastics biodegradation and UPcycling using microbial communities

Through a combination of intensive protein or metabolic engineering of defined mixed cultures and bioprocess-optimisation, MIX-UP will enable new value chains across sectors like materials, chemicals, and environmental technologies

Braskem: Petrochemiekonzern legt neue Nachhaltigkeitsziele fest

Konzern hat weiter in die Entwicklung seiner aus nachwachsenden und recycelten  Rohstoffen bestehenden I'm greenTM-Produkte investiert, während sich im selben Zeitraum seine CO2-Emissionen um 20 Prozent reduzierten  

LanzaTech, Total and L’Oréal make plastic from captured CO2

First technological and industrial proving that industrial carbon emissions can be used to produce plastic

EU erwägt CBD-Verbot: Cannabisbranche droht Dämpfer

Die EU-Kommision erwägt ein Verbot des rauschfreien Cannabis-Wirkstoffs Cannabidiol. Das könnte eine aufkeimende Branche zerstören

€ 140 Mio project transforms CO2 into green raw material in North Sea Port

North-C-Methanol: largest installations worldwide

19 November 2020

nova experts introduced: Linda Engel

COO, Head of Communication

The World’s First Compostable Marker

Barrel composed of biodegradable plastic, the nibs and cartridges made of natural fibers, and the non-toxic (even edible) ink

NREL recycles biorefinery waste streams to create high-value chemical products

Thermochemical conversion of lignocellulosic biomass is a promising route to produce renewable biofuels and oxygenated biochemicals while enabling the reuse, recovery, and recycling of materials containing carbon

Vynova pioneers production of circular-attributed PVC

New material is produced using ethylene which is made from pyrolysis oil as feedstock

Bioabfall-Beutel: Neues DIN-Zertifikat garantiert vollständigen Abbau im Kompost in maximal sechs Wochen

Die europäische Norm fordert nicht nur den biologischen Abbau von Materialien, sondern legt auch strenge Kriterien bezüglich chemischer Inhaltsstoffe und Schwermetalle an

EU-Project: Using marginal land for cropping sustainable, bio-based fibres for technical applications

NETFIB - Valorisation of fibres from nettle grown on marginal lands in an agro-forestry cropping system

Verwertung von Nesselfasern aus Grenzertragsflächen, angebaut im System der Agro-Forstwirtschaft – EU-Projektstart NETFIB am Bionik-Innovations-Centrum

Lösungsansatz für Nutzungskonflikt zwischen Nahrungsmittelproduktion und „Non-Food“-Einsatz

Mainetti Group Announces Partnership With UBQ

Leading Global Retail Solutions Provider Joins Forces with The Most Climate Positive Thermoplastic Material Innovator to Revolutionize Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Bugs, biology, biodiversity: Industrial Hemp Production (Part II) on Integrated Pest Management and Implications for Wildlife

This article is meant to introduce the readers to the basics of IPM as well as implications for wildlife of hemp production and management

18 November 2020

European Bioeconomy University brings together bioeconomy studies from different sectors

The courses seek to expand students’ ideas and experiences of what the European bioeconomy in different sectors is, and what it can be in the future