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23 September 2020

Science meets design: strong and flexible composite materials made from lignin

In a collaborative project, researchers and designers have discovered new application possibilities for lignin, hoping to implement them for the industry  

Wissenschaft trifft auf Design: feste und flexible Verbundmaterialien aus Lignin

Kooperationspartner haben geeignete Anwendungen für Lignin identifiziert und hoffen, damit bald petrochemische Rohstoffe in der verarbeitenden Industrie zu ersetzen

The ELIOT project will improve environmental sustainability in aeronautics by using new biocomposite recycling methods

AIMPLAS is coordinating the European project to develop new cost-effective recycling technologies to guarantee the sustainability of aeronautics components

Devan shows high activity of BI-OME against SARS-COV-2 and other viruses after intense washing

BI-OME is an inherently biodegradable, non-metal non-leaching quat silane-based chemistry, BPR (EU, TR) and EPA and Ökotex class 1 registered

Maxwell House Launches New Zero Waste Single-Serve Coffee Pods

Great aid for Canadians to reduce their waste without missing their single-serve-pods

Maxwell House bringt kompostierbare Kaffeekapseln auf den Markt

Hilfe für Kanadier, ihren Abfall zu reduzieren, ohne auf die Bequemlichkeit von Single-Serve-Kapseln oder den runden Geschmack von Maxwell House Kaffee zu verzichten

Mater designs stools made with leftover grain from beer and plastic insulin pens

Spent grain leftovers from Carlsberg's beer production process combined with a granulate of plastic waste were used to create new furniture

Hong Kong startup launches water-soluble ‘Invisible Bag’

Invisible Bag is made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA) together with plant-based starch, glycerin and water and dissolves in hot water

Amyris Scales First Fermentation-Based Cannabinoid

Product margins are anticipated to operate above the current industry average realized by existing publicly traded CBD suppliers

A green catalyst for pharmaceutical and industrial chemistry

New catalysts can be reused multiple times without any decrease in efficiency

22 September 2020

European Bioplastics criticises biased interpretation of EEA study on biodegradable and compostable plastics:

Consumers do understand value and proper end-of-life of compostable plastics

SKODA AUTO verpackt Teilelieferungen nach Indien in biologisch abbaubare Folien

GreenLogistics: Mitarbeiter des CKD-Centers im SKODA AUTO Stammwerk Mladá Boleslav nutzen ökologisches Verpackungskonzept für Fahrzeugteile

Importance of bio-based value chains emphasised in EU’s Strategic Foresight report

Creating new bio-based value chains in order to realise "greener, more cost-effective industrial processes" playing a big role towards a more resilient Europe

Galatea Biotech is launching a revolutionary crowdfunding in the bioplastics sector

Bicocca University of Crowdfunding to develop a new material of natural and biodegradable origin based on PLA

Building materials like insect exoskeletons

The Carl Zeiss Foundation supports a project to research chitin as a basis for smart materials

Carl-Zeiss-Förderung: Baumaterialien wie Insektenpanzer

Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung fördert Projekt zur Erforschung von Chitin als Grundlage für intelligente Werkstoffe

Preventing infection, facilitating healing: Bayreuth researchers develop new biomaterials from spider silk

Nanostructured materials prevent colonization by bacteria and fungi, but at the same time proactively assist in the regeneration of human tissue

Infektionen verhindern, Heilungsprozesse fördern: Bayreuther Forscher entwickeln neue Biomaterialien aus Spinnenseide

Nanostrukturierte Materialien verhindern die Ansiedlung von Bakterien und Pilzen, aber unterstützen gleichzeitig proaktiv die Regeneration von menschlichem Gewebe

Producing leather-like materials from fungi

Biofabrication includes upcycling of low-cost agricultural and forestry by-products

Veganes Leder aus Pilzen

Biologische Herstellung unter Nutzung landwirtschaftlicher Abfallprodukte

In situ Biogas Upgrading by CO2-to-CH4 Bioconversion

This opinion article reviews the state of the art of this technology and identifies some obstacles and opportunities of biological in-situ upgrading technologies

21 September 2020

LyondellBasell Successfully Starts Up New Pilot Molecular Recycling Facility

Company completes next step towards an industrial scale conversion of plastic waste into feedstock

LyondellBasell: Pilotanlage für molekulares Recycling in Betrieb genommen

Unternehmen nimmt nächste Etappe zur industriellen Verwertung von Kunststoff-Abfällen in einen neuen Rohstoff

German Packaging Award in the category “Sustainability” for development from the Fraunhofer ISC

Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab developed sustainable multifunctional barrier coatings for easily recyclable, biobased or compostable packaging

Deutscher Verpackungspreis in der Kategorie “Nachhaltigkeit” für Entwicklung aus dem Fraunhofer ISC

Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab entwickelte multifunktionelle Barrierelacke für leicht recycelbare, biobasierte bzw. kompostierbare Verpackungen

Haldor Topsoe sets out to become the global leader in technologies to reduce carbon emissions

Guided by its new vision, company will lead the transition of more areas to the benefit of customers, the climate, and the world

Sachsenröder stellt einen extrem belastbaren Kunststoff mithilfe der Natur her

Für den Hersteller ein Wermutstropfen: Sein Naturfasermaterial hält ewig...

Omya presents extended portfolio of high-performance and bio-based barrier coatings for food packaging

Omya set recyclability of the coated paper and board material as a top priority for its barrier coatings

In ‘landmark decision’, Pakistan approves industrial use of cannabis and hemp

Minister for science and technology Fawad Chaudhry said the move will help Pakistan enter the billion-dollar Cannabidiol (CBD) market

Absolut Rolls Out 2,000 Paper Bottle Prototypes

The Absolut Company (TAC) says they are rolling out 2,000 paper bottle prototypes as part of the Paper Bottle Company initiative

This 100% biodegradable packaging material is made from brewers’ spent grain!

Being a 100% biodegradable, Trebodur is a perfect choice for creating products that are used and thrown at large events or even in PR packages

18 September 2020

BlackCycle: A major European project for recycling end-of-life tyres into new tyres

Michelin to enable a massive circular economy of tyres by designing world-first recycling processes for end-of-life tyres

BlackCycle: Michelin und Partner starten europäisches Projekt zum Recycling von Altreifen

Michelin setzt sich für konsequente Kreislaufwirtschaft und die Wiederverwertung von Altreifen bei der Reifenproduktion ein

Cascades with carbon dioxide: Making substances out of CO2

Spanish researchers have developed a conceptually new process to produce carbonates from CO2 and basic, easily accessible building blocks

The Start-Up Carbiolice reveals its purpose and launches its revolutionary solution that makes the plastic disappear into the compostin less than 200 days!

Company has developed a solution to make polylactic acid plastic fully compostable, even in domestic conditions

Biologisch abbaubares Verbundmaterial: Fortschritt aus Mitteleuropa

EU-Projekt 'Biocompack' will auch den östlichen Teil Europas an die Bioökonomie anschließen

A new method for making a key component of plastics

Bacteria create ethylene in a tech-friendly way

Competitive Edge: Velocys

Company is developing a proprietary technology which enables the production of sustainable transport fuels from a variety of waste materials

A Shift Towards Biotechnology: Social Opinion in the EU

This short article analyses, compares, and describes the knowledge, doubts, and concerns of Europeans about biotechnology and genetic engineering over the past 20 years

Future design: What ‘living’ clothes can do to absorb carbon emissions

Fashion is one of the world's most polluting industries

17 September 2020

TOP You are an innovator in CO2 utilisation or you have developed pioneer technologies to capture or convert CO2 into fuels or chemicals? Join us and apply for the innovation award “Best CO2 Utilisation 2021”

nova-Institute and YNCORIS, together with the co-organiser CO2 Value Europe will award a prize to innovative products and technologies in the field of Carbon Capture and Carbon Utilisation (Power-to-X) at the “9th Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals”.

Polymer fiber-coating makes natural-fiber-reinforced plastics more resilient

In collaboration with the University of Guelph, researchers at the Fraunhofer WKI have created novel NFRP by using technical thermoplastics combined with coated natural fibers

Durch polymere Faserbeschichtung werden naturfaserverstärkte Kunststoffe belastbarer

Forschende am Fraunhofer WKI haben mit der University of Guelph technische Thermoplaste mit beschichteten Naturfasern zu neuartigen NFK entwickelt

New biocomposite spike secures robot mower perimeter wires securely and sustainably

Swedish company has developed the first completely biodegradable solution for fastening down the perimeter wires that keep robot mowers within bounds

Novartis’s Andrew Topen appointed as new chairman of EuropaBio

Topen highlighted his chairmanship of EuropaBio, as it holds a unique position to promote biotechnology innovations to set the course towards Europe’s economic recovery

Henkel pioneers digital watermark technology with new Vernel product range

“HolyGrail 2.0” pilot project to foster high-quality packaging recycling

Henkel ist Vorreiter der digitalen Wasserzeichen-Technologie mit neuer Vernel-Produktreihe

„HolyGrail 2.0“-Pilotprojekt zur Förderung von hochwertigem Verpackungsrecycling

UBQ Materials confirms plans to build conversion plant in the Netherlands

World’s first bio-based material made of unsorted organic, paper and plastic is qualified as ‘The most climate positive thermoplastic material on the planet.”

HEINEKEN UK eliminates plastic from millions of cans as it rolls out innovative sustainable packaging across thousands of UK retailers, despite COVID-19 challenges

New innovative cardboard topper replacing plastic rings on Heineken®, Foster’s and Kronenbourg 1664 launches in UK retailers this summer, eliminating plastic from supermarket shelves

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding to Test World’s First Marine-based CO2 Capture System

"CC-Ocean" Project in Partnership with "K" Line and ClassNK Part of Japan Government Initiative to Support Development of Marine Resource Technologies