18 Oktober 2019

UFOP-“Biodiesel” Assessment Report 2018/19 published

New comprehensive report on European biofuel policy published

91c4bb42eaf930bc8a79aea9a2855a67_f8324The status report explains the relevant topics of the UFOP annual report on national and international biofuel policy, on biofuel accompanying research for UFOP-funded projects, and on biofuel statistics. The report gives a comprehensive overview about the state of the art on national and European biofuel policy.

The main topics are the implementation and consequences of the Renewable Energies Directive (2018/2001/EC) and in particular the national framework conditions resulting from the Climate Protection Act. The Federal Cabinet will decide today on this law and the package of measures. These are critically questioned, as is the implementation of the Delegate Ordinance on the Regulation of Raw Materials with a high “iLUC Risk” against the background of the raw material composition of biodiesel consumed in Germany and the European Union (including HVO).
Download (2,02 MB)

Source: UFOP publication, 2019-10-08.


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