12 Juli 2013

The Ultimate Bio Sip-Lid from GoodLife

Sovereign introduces new biobased Sip-Lid made from bagasse

biosip.jpgSovereign – the leading food packaging supplier – are proud to introduce The ‘GoodLife® bio sip-lid’. Made from bagasse – the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice – these domed lids are truly innovative, functional and come with impeccable environmental credentials. Unlike other sip-lids which are made of plastic and have a tendency to crack, these lids have a distinctive eco-friendly appearance, are robust and are easy to drink from. After use, the sip-lid is 100% compostable and will biodegrade with general food waste.

The GoodLife® bio sip-lid is firm and comfortable to drink from and can be used safely even with the hottest drinks. Because of the flexible sturdiness of bagasse, the bio sip-lid fits tightly on all 90mm diameter 12oz and 16oz paper hot cups in the UK market. Indeed, tests have shown that the lid stays securely on the cup even if the cup is tipped over.

goodlife.jpgSpeaking about the lid, commercial director Danny Feldman commented “what we love about this lid and what makes it truly stand out from all other sip-lids is that everyone will know it is eco-friendly as soon as they set their eyes on it. There are expensive PLA lids that are compostable available but unless you know what you are looking at it looks just like and can be easily mistaken for any other plastic sip-lid. The GoodLife® bio sip-lid looks, feels and is the most eco-friendly lid on the market today”

The introduction of the GoodLife® bio sip-lid follows several years of research and development and is protected with European Community Design Registration. The GoodLife® bio sip-lid features a visual of their brand icon Eco the Friendly Frog and the word compostable, making it instantly recognisable as an environmentally friendly product.

Price-wise, the bio sip-lid falls approximately midway between the usual market prices for high impact polystyrene and crystallised PLA lids and will therefore be welcomed by the trade as a realistic biodegradable alternative to plastic.

GoodLife® is a registered trademark.

Source: Sovereign, press release, 2013-07-12.


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