20 Juni 2013

The reemergence of biobased isobutanol

Gevo Inc. restarted Luvern Facility at June, 18th

Gevo Inc. recently announced that it has resumed commercial production of biobased isobutanol in its Luvern, Minnesota plant. Once strictly an ethanol plant, Gevo purchased the Luvern plant in 2010 to produce isobutanol.

Though the microbes are different, isobutanol is a product of fermentation like ethanol. The similar method to producing ethanol and isobutanol allows Gevo to use a significant portion of the existing infrastructure at the plant.

… Full text: biomassmagazine.com/blog/article/2013/06/the-reemergence-of-biobased-isobutanol

Tags: primary feedstock, energy density, non-polar, hydrophobic molecule, phase separation, drop-in fuel, oxygen atom, carbon atom, hydrogen atoms, advantages

Source: BiomassMagazine, 2013-06-20.


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