3 September 2013

The manufacture of water-insoluble lignin-agglomerates from black liquor

Brainshell to develop innovative and sustainable material for viable use with a new filtration processing

This invention is a process for manufacturing water-insoluble lignin-agglomerates in the form of granulates or briquettes from liquor left over as waste from processes of cellulose-extraction. The extract can be used energetically or materially.

The extract is firstly granulated through spray-granulation or mix-agglomeration, leaving lignin-agglomerates, then is treated with acid, lowering its pH-value and making it insoluble in water. This process can make not only lignin-granulates but also lignin-briquettes. The granulates are brought into a formative template and immersed in sulfuric acid.

… Full text: www.technologieallianz.de/angebote.php?sort=sag&id=3010&lang=de

Tags: granulation, pelletization, lignin flakes, post-processing,

Source: TechnologieAllianz, 2013-09-03.


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