30 März 2015

The bioeconomy – lead theme for BIOTECHNICA 2015

Visionary presentations on the bioeconomy in the chemical, food and construction sectors and in IT - Exhibition and forum program at the BIOTECHNICA Plaza

A topic of global significance will be at the top of the agenda at BIOTECHNICA 2015 (6 to 8 October): the bioeconomy. A bio-based economy offers the opportunity to combine economic growth with care for the environment. Bio-based technologies allow us to develop more efficient production methods and new product characteristics. Ideally, the latter would combine greater benefits for the consumer with improved sustainability, thereby helping to open up new markets and sales opportunities.

The key factor here is the marriage of biotech know-how with expertise from other high-tech sectors such as IT, medicine or production engineering. But bio-based processes also have a significant part to play in other areas of life, such as healthcare and nutrition, the design of public spaces using “green” structures and the innovative production of raw materials.

The “Bioeconomy Marketplace” serves as a platform for businesses and institutes involved in the areas of enzyme development, metabolic engineering and systems biology as well as for organizations developing and manufacturing new types of materials and bio-based products. The associated Bioeconomy Forum boasts an international program giving visitors access to all the information and guidance they need on the latest trends and techniques in industrial biotechnology and food biotechnology.

BIOTECHNICA 2015 features three marketplaces at the newly created BIOTECHNICA Plaza. This Plaza constitutes a joint display covering various topics plus a forum which is being centrally organized for the first time. The BIOTECHNICA Plaza embraces the marketplaces “Bioeconomy”, “Personalized Medicine Technologies” and “Bio-IT”, each with its own, distinctive look and feel within the Plaza. Here visitors can discover promising solutions for many applications that are essential to shaping the future of biotechnology. In addition, the BIOTECHNICA Plaza provides a Networking and B2B Partnering Area.

Wide-ranging forum program looking at the bioeconomy

The forum program hosted by the BIOTECHNICA Plaza will be a key event at this year’s show. The program dedicated to exploring the bioeconomy addresses four overall themes. One session looks at the bioeconomy in the chemical industry, and various industry experts will be discussing to what extent bio-based raw materials can replace fossil resources, for which products enzymatic processes are superior to conventional chemical processes, and what role bioplastics will play in the future. Food products are bio-based by their very nature. But in what other ways does the bioeconomy affect and shape the food industry?

In the session on the bioeconomy in the food sector the discussion will revolve around the use of enzymes and innovative sources of protein. The role of bio-based resources in the construction industry goes far beyond the use of timber as a construction material. The latest technical developments for the “green” side of this supposedly conservative sector will be presented in a third session. And finally, in the session on bio-IT, the focus will be on the marriage between IT and biotechnology. This is not just about IT solutions for the bioeconomy, such as the processing and storage of large amounts of (genome) data. The bioeconomy could in future supply solutions for the IT sector, such as biomolecules that can be used in computers – just one of the pioneering areas of research that will be explored in the forum program. Businesses interested in exhibiting at the Bioeconomy Marketplace should contact Deutsche Messe.



From 6 to 8 October 2015, for the first time ever BIOTECHNICA and LABVOLUTION are being staged side by side in Hannover, Germany. For 30 years now, BIOTECHNICA has been the premier trade fair for biotechnology and the life sciences in Germany and the rest of Europe. It covers the entire biotech value chain, from basic research on up to market-ready products. Its three overall themes address every topic of importance to the sector: “Bioeconomy”, “Personalized Medicine Technologies” and “Bio-IT”.

LABVOLUTION – the World of Laboratory Technology – is premiering in 2015. The new fair features equipment and technology for research, analytical, production and training labs. While laboratory technology for the biotech and life sciences industry has always been a major topic at BIOTECHNICA, LABVOLUTION now showcases laboratory technology for other key markets, as well: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medicine, plastics, materials development and testing, cosmetics, medical technology, environmental engineering and the food industry.

Admission to both BIOTECHNICA and LABVOLUTION is covered by a single admission ticket.

About Deutsche Messe AG

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Source: Biotechnica, press release, 2015-03-24.


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