24 Mai 2017

Sukano and Total Corbion PLA announce PLA masterbatch range at Interpack

Range of functional and optical masterbatches based on Total Corbion PLA's Luminy® neat resins will be exclusively available from Sukano

Sukano and Total Corbion PLA recently announced at interpack that a range of functional and optical PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) masterbatches to further improve the performance of PLA will now be available from Sukano.

Sukano, a technology leader in PLA masterbatches, and Total Corbion PLA, a technology leader in PLA resins, are launching a range of functional and optical masterbatches based on Total Corbion PLA’s Luminy® neat resins. These masterbatches will be exclusively available from Sukano.

Total Corbion PLA is already selling and marketing a range of Luminy® neat PLA resins, including high heat resistant PLA and standard PLA resins. “We are thrilled to announce the availability of Luminy-based PLA masterbatches to further complement the properties of these neat PLA resins” says François de Bie, Marketing Director at Total Corbion PLA. “Converters can now choose from a wide range of Sukano masterbatches to fine tune the performance of PLA in the final end use application.”

The range of Sukano PLA masterbatches includes specific functional masterbatches aimed at improving properties like impact, mold release, anti-static or anti-block for nested products. Color masterbatches based on Luminy® PLA will also be available.

Sukano is committed to the global growth of PLA applications in the market. Customers looking to replace their traditional oil-based plastics with more sustainable PLA bioplastics can now do so without compromising the functionality of their final applications – thanks to the extensive range of PLA-based masterbatches from Sukano, now also available using Luminy® as a carrier.

“As we strategically join forces in the Bioplastics value chain to further promote new PLA applications and market penetrations, the addition of Luminy-based masterbatches to our existing product portfolio further supports our customers’ needs and goals”, comments Alessandra Funcia, Head of Marketing at Sukano.

Luminy® PLA resins are produced by Total Corbion PLA from cane sugar in Thailand and are certified compostable and biobased.

For more information about neat PLA resins, please contact Total Corbion PLA. For more information about PLA masterbatches based on Luminy® PLA, please contact Sukano.

Source: Total Corbion PLA, press release, 2017-05-04.


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