16 Januar 2015

SK Chemicals introduces ‘Ecozen’ meal tray

Insadong Cooking Art Center houses meal tray open trial – Bisphenol-A free trays promote consumer ease of mind

SK Chemicals makes a strong opening in the meal tray materials market by showcasing the implementation of the newly-developed bioplastic, Ecozen. The release of ‘Ecozen’ trays without bisphenol-A was announced on the 10th. As a high-performance based PETG, or polyethylene terephthalate, polymerized with natural bioelements, Ecozen contains innovative and green-friendly physical properties. ‘Ecozen’ trays stand above others in that they do not discharge any bisphenol-A.

Currently, the majority of meal trays used in schools and company eateries contain bisphenol-A-based polycarbonates and other similar hazardous elements. Bisphenol-A has been proven to have an adverse effect on the developing minds and emotions of children; and for this very reason, its use is prohibited in the manufacturing of baby bottles.

SK Chemicals went on to explain, “Apart from Ecozen being bisphenol-A free, its heat-resistance enables the retention of food warmth without causing any changes in shape or properties to the tray while also maintaining a superior level of chemical-resistance that assists in the reduction of discoloration caused by kimchi and similar foods.

SK Chemicals has produced a trial supply of approximately 3,000 ‘Ecozen’ trays with the help of an SK Group affiliate. A full-scale marketing campaign is in the works for next year targeting several clients including mass food catering operations and schools.

It was further stated that there is growing demand among the food industry’s consumer network for green products following the increasing concerns over exposure to harmful chemicals such as bisphenol-A; in addition, the proactive marketing of the ecological qualities of Ecozen is expected to boost market share to 65% of the 1,500-ton, domestic meal tray materials market by 2018.

SK Chemicals recently held an open trial for ‘Ecozen’ trays in commemoration of its release at the Insadong Cooking Art Center located in Seoul’s Jongno district. Those in attendance were able to enjoy a complimentary meal on an ‘Ecozen’ tray while being educated on the subject of green materials and their importance in promoting and maintaining public health.


On the 10th, SK Chemicals officially introduced the bisphenol-A free ‘Ecozen’ tray at the Insadong Cooking Art Center where the public was invited to experience this new concept in ‘ecological’ meal trays.

Source: SK Chemicals, press release, 2014-12-22.


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