21 Oktober 2005

Round the World Renewable Power Boat

We Will Change World's Perception of Renewable Fuels says Skipper

The New Zealand based Earthrace boat is to attempt to break the world power boat record for circumnavigating the globe and be the first to do this using renewable fuels. The boat, to be powered by 100% biodiesel is currently on a world tour stopping off at over 50 ports and is designed to raise awareness of renewable fuels.

Circumnavigating the globe’s 24,000 nautical miles represents the pinnacle of powerboat challenges says project founder and Earthrace skipper Pete Bethune from Auckland, New Zealand. Our aim is to change the world’s perception of renewable resources by breaking the record using biodiesel. Our boat is cutting edge in every way, from the fuel to the radical wave piercing design. Were looking forward to launch day and proving to the world that renewable fuels are synonymous with power and performance.

The Earthrace will be the highest profile and greenest powerboat in the world. It is a showcase of environmentally friendly technologies such as low emission engines, non-toxic antifoul, efficient hull design and solar powered electronics.

Construction of the boat is well under way, and can be viewed on the boatyard webcam on www.earthrace.net. The boat is being constructed using the latest in carbon/kevlar composites, and will be one of the lightest 80ft boats ever built.

The Earthrace will set out on an 18 month promotional tour of 60 cites promoting the race and raising awareness of sustainable fuels. Part way into the tour, the record attempt will be made, with a full throttle dash around the equator in a radical wavepiercing superboat.

The current 75-day record is held by British boat Cable and Wireless in 1998, Earthrace aims to complete the race in less than 65 days. It is also the first time in history an official UIM Powerboat record will be attempted using renewable fuel.


For more information visit www.earthrace.net.

Key Contact:
Pete Bethune, project founder, Skipper
email pete@earthrace.net, ph +64 21 415 342

Source: Earthrace website Oct. 21, 2005.

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