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13 Februar 2019

No Carbon Left Behind: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to LanzaTech

Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech, gave this illuminating overview at ABLC Global 2018 in San Francisco

Novel unusual sugar from cyanobacteria acts as natural herbicide

Chemists and microbiologists at Tübingen University discover sugar molecule that inhibits the growth of plants and microorganisms and is harmless to human cells ‒ An alternative to controversial glyphosate?

Ungewöhnlicher Zucker aus Cyanobakterien wirkt als natürliches Herbizid

Chemiker und Mikrobiologen der Universität Tübingen entdecken Zuckermolekül, das Pflanzen und Mikroorganismen hemmt und für menschliche Zellen ungefährlich ist ‒ Eine Alternative für das umstrittene Glyphosat?

12 Februar 2019

World Health Organization recommends rescheduling cannabis, provides clarity on CBD

New report recommends several changes to how cannabis is scheduled, which could have significant implications for the cannabis industry

The European Industrial Hemp Association names Ms Lorenza Romanese as Managing Director

Lorenza is taking over Mr Michael Carus duties, who lead the association for the last 13 years

Eastman Naia showcases sustainable fashion at Première Vision

Eco-conscious cellulosic yarn poised to revolutionize womenswear

This Biotech Makes Cosmetics out of Seaweed

Biorefinery company Algaia progressing fresh seaweed into multiple applications

Bioplastik effizienter herstellen

Nürnberger Bioingenieurin Stephanie Stute arbeitet an der Herstellung biobasierter und biologisch abbaubarer Kunststoffe aus Polybuttersäure

An eco-friendly napkin made from cellulose derivatives

Napkins and diapers contain plastics and take a long time to degrade - scholar creates alternative as part of Ph.D. work

Castor oil ski boots, biohybrid car, Neutrogena 3D printed hydrogel mask, biosolvents, biobowls and more

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of January 25th

POET’s JIVE improves, rejuvenates asphalt in roads across the US

Proprietary corn oil product is lower cost, better performing than petroleum modifiers

Bitter rapeseed

How rapeseed could be used as a protein source for human nutrition

Bitterer Raps

Wie Raps als Eiweißquelle für die menschliche Ernährung genutzt werden könnte

11 Februar 2019

TOP 2018 was a very good year for bio-based polymers: Several additional capacities were put into operation

The new market and trend report “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Global Capacities, Production and Trends 2018-2023”

TOP 2018 war ein sehr gutes Jahr für bio-basierte Polymere: Mehrere zusätzliche Kapazitäten wurden in Betrieb genommen

Markt- und Trendreport „Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Global Capacities, Production and Trends 2018-2023“ erschienen

nova experts introduced: Dr. Pia Skoczinski

Technology & Markets

Nouryon launches a more sustainable defoamer for cleaning applications

Itaconix will produce and supply polymers with chelating properties that Nouryon will market to customers

Hit the slopes with bio-based skis and snowboards

Hanno Schwab builds skis using flax fibre composites and wood and flax cores

BioCampus Straubing GmbH: Mit Start-Ups für mehr Nachhaltigkeit

Gründerwettbewerb PlanB zeichnet beste Geschäftsideen für die biobasierte Wirtschaft aus

Unilever and Bio-on present My Kai the new line of ultra-green sun creams

World’s first product made from renewable plant sources and 100% biodegradable

Bioökonomie muss nachhaltig werden

Aktionsforum Bioökonomie sieht Importe von Biomasse aus dem globalen Süden kritisch, ohne damit Rücksicht auf Ressourcenverbräuche zu nehmen

It is technically feasible to double the yield of EU agriculture by 2050, says researcher

Preparatory action to boost global crop yield for food & nutrition security and fueling a bioeconomy

Paper, the forgotten forest destroyer

55% of global paper consumption is made of wrapping and packaging, on the rise from 392 million tonnes in 2010 to 410 million tonnes in 2017

Gevo Announces Breakthrough Development of Renewable Isoprene, a Key Chemical Building Block for Producing Rubber and Rubber Products

Potentially price competitive with petroleum-based isoprene, made with 100% renewable carbon

Green guns, poop plastic, kenaf cars, wildflower jacket insulation, leaf extracts that fight blue light damage and more: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of January 30th

The pace of bioeconomy invention and change continues at a frenetic pace – here are the top innovations for the week of January 30th

8 Februar 2019

Sustainability: Commission presents a reflection paper on a more sustainable Europe by 2030

Further action needed to secure a sustainable future in the interest of citizens' well-being

Nachhaltigkeit: Kommission legt Reflexionspapier über ein nachhaltigeres Europa bis 2030 vor

Weitere Maßnahmen erforderlich für eine nachhaltige Zukunft im Interesse des Wohlergehens der Bürgerinnen und Bürger

Skin art goes green

Green House Tattoo Supplies is the world’s first company to offer a plant-based range of tattoo supplies

BASF is the first chemical company to certify biomass balanced products according to the new REDcert2 standard for the chemical industry

New REDcert2 standard ensures the correct attribution of renewable resources in BASF’s value chain

Von der Terrassendiele zum Industriefördersystem – WPC kann mehr!

Forscher der TU Chemnitz optimieren den Werkstoff aus Holz und Kunststoff für neue Anwendungen

Most Sustainable Companies

Chr. Hansen ranked as the most sustainable company in the world

CLT and Engineered Wood Products Poised for Growth in 2019

Wood-building construction directly supports the forest value chain that supports the rural American economy

The Stora Enso Story – a magical tale of trees and forests

In today’s Digest, we talk about Stora Enso’s story – the renewable materials company that develops and produces wood and biomass based solutions for a range of industries and applications globally

Empirical Evidence Suggests Negligible Indirect Land Use Effect of Corn Ethanol in the U.S.

AAEA Members release research that finds corn ethanol production and crop price changes had neglible impact on cropland

7 Februar 2019

Applications are welcome for the “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019″

Deadline for submission: end of February 2019

Bewerbungen zum Innovationspreis „Bio-based Material of the Year 2019“ willkommen

Einreichungsfrist: Ende Februar 2019

Avantium takes full ownership of Synvina

Marcel Lubben appointed as Synvina’s Managing Director

Teysha Technologies develops breakthrough in biodegradable plastics

New material is derived from sustainable feedstocks and could replace the traditional plastic used in the automotive industry and medical equipment

RIO Ammunition Introduces New Breakthrough Innovation: The first dissolvable and biodegradable wad to be presented at SHOT Show

Company to incorporate new component to its BlueSteel product line, towards reducing the impact of shotshells in the environment

Kenaf: Nature’s little-known wonder

It may already be “all over the place”, but more research and investment is needed for ASEAN countries

Stora Enso announces startups selected for its second Accelerator Programme

Stora Enso has chosen six startups to join its second Accelerator Programme, a joint startup initiative organised by Stora Enso, Aalto ENT and Vertical Accelerator

Brandschutz aus Altpapier

Für den Einsatz im nachhaltigen Holzbau sollte das Bindemittel nachweislich ungiftig sein – ein Stoff, mit dem Menschen dauerhaft und problemlos in Berührung kommen können

6 Februar 2019

Polytan & Braskem are proud to provide the hockey fields made of I’m green polyethylene for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020

For every kg of I'm green polyethylene used in Polytan's hockey fields for the games in Tokyo in 2020, almost 5 kg of CO2 will be saved

Die Türkei steht vor einer großen Hanfrevolution

Resolute Förderung der industriellen Nutzung von Hanf könnte Rohstoffbedarf der türkischen Industrie decken und Importe einsparen helfen

A public report is available in the ReSolve project

Public report on ‘labelling requirements for hazard communication and ecolabelling possibilities for bio-based solvents’

Deutsches Start-up präsentiert Armband aus künstlicher Spinnenseide

Luxusuhrenhersteller Omega bietet künftig seine NATO-Textilarmbänder mit Biosteel-Fasern an

Delhi smog: Entrepreneurs offer hope with technologies to reuse crop biomass

Three Startups are helping North India’s farmers to dispose of crop residue cleanly (and reduce pollution)

Fashion Label PANGAIA Introduces Vegan Down Jackets

With its basic clothing, company aims to create a global open source platform for the latest eco-innovations and solutions

DuPont Breaks Ground on New European Headquarters for Industrial Biosciences in the Netherlands

DuPont Industrial Biosciences to Expand Research Capabilities in Leiden at New Facility Equipped with Cutting-Edge Biotechnology Laboratories

Carbon2Chem® Laboreinweihung

Feiern Sie mit uns die Einweihung des Carbon2Chem®-Labors