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31 März 2017

Rennovia enters piloting stage of its bio-based 1,6-hexanediol process

Key piloting activities and the development of a 1,6-HDO commercial design package are anticipated by the end of this year

The Race for Bionylon heats up: Rennovia enters piloting stage of its key bio-based HDO platform

Company looking for strategic partnerships to commercialize innovative catalyst processes for the production of cost-advantaged chemicals

Enzymes and algae offer alternatives to synthetic chemicals

South Korea seeks organic substitutes after lethal home product scandals

30 März 2017

TOP Six candidates for the Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2017″ nominated!

The winners will be elected at the International Conference on Bio-based Materials, 10-11 May 2017 in Cologne, Germany

TOP Sechs Kandidaten für den Innovation-Award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2017″ nominiert!

Die Gewinner werden auf der „International Conference on Bio-based Materials“, 10.-11. Mai 2017 in Köln, gewählt

Patchwork of regulations on Cannabidiol (CBD) endangering use as a food supplement to the detriment of consumers and food industry

CBD-containing and CBD are generating new investments and creating employment in the cultivation and processing of hemp and hemp-derived products

Borregaard’s BALITM process reaches Technical Readiness Level 7 as BIOFOREVER project advances

The BALITM technology is at TRL (Technology Readiness Level) 6-7.

BioBase4SME Natural Fibertastic Workshop aims to encourage SMEs to apply for fully funded Bio-Innovation Coupons for fibre application testing

Theme of the day is natural fiber application development focusing on thermoplastic composites

Markthürden für biobasierte Dämmstoffe beseitigen

Zwei neue BMEL-geförderte Projekte gestartet – 9. Auflage der FNR-Marktübersicht Dämmstoffe erschienen

Schweiz: Das „Bio“ in Bioplastik steht nicht zwingend für biologisch abbaubar

Missverständliche Deklarierung von Biokunststoff-Gütern sorgt für Diskussionsstoff

Diversity increases yield: The bioeconomy offers opportunities for Baden-Württemberg’s forests

Greater forest diversity and new wood-based materials have the potential to make the timber industry more sustainable

Vielfalt steigert Ertrag: Bioökonomie bietet Chancen für Baden-Württembergs Wälder

Mehr Diversität im Wald und neue holzbasierte Materialien aus Laubhölzern könnten Holzwirtschaft nachhaltiger machen

Silk Sensor Could Speed Development of New Infrastructure, Aerospace and Consumer Materials

Researchers have developed a way to embed a nanoscale damage-sensing probe into a lightweight composite made of epoxy and silk

29 März 2017

New biobased PVC compounds for FDA applications

Sylvin Technologies' innovative 39 series of biobased flexible pvc compounds are formulated with a plant-based plasticizer

Biocomposite Materials Market 2017 Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2022

Biocomposite Materials -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis of Top Key Player Forecast To 2022

Eco-labelling scheme for bio-based plastics, packaging products launched

Companies intend to promote the scheme for bio-based plastics and packaging products, which offer greener alternatives to conventional fossil-based products

Power-to-Gas: Wind energy in the tank generates more acceptance for renewables

GP JOULE submits feasibility study to Minister-President Torsten Albig

Power-to-Gas: Windenergie im Tank sorgt für mehr Akzeptanz für Erneuerbare

GP JOULE übergibt Machbarkeitsstudie an Ministerpräsident Torsten Albig

New Report by Intesa Sanpaolo: in EU5 the bioeconomy is worth €1.22 trillion

Italy's bioeconomy has significant prospects of growth, thanks to the presence of a core team of players

Leather: New sustainability in the tanning process

LANXESS develops innovative technology to recycle leftover leather

Leder: Neue Nachhaltigkeit im Gerbprozess

LANXESS entwickelt innovative Technologie zur Wiederverwertung von Lederresten

28 März 2017

New Absorbent Material Made of Fruit Peels Helps to Clean Wastewater

Research results show great potential for the use of innovative materials as adsorbents capable of competing with commercial activated carbon

Bioökonomie als gesellschaftlicher Fortschritt?

Ethische Überlegungen zur Politikstrategie Bioökonomie

New way to characterize cellulose, advance bioproducts

WSU researchers revealed discovery that provides further insight into the surface and bulk chemistry of cellulosic fibers

BioChar’s Buzzing and Cool Planet’s $20M cap raise is feeding it

High-end purveyors aiming to get away from the iffy reputation that some unscrupulous producers have gained for BioChar products

Energy from Toilet – Wastewater as Valuable Resource

Millions of Deaths Annually Due to Wrong Use of Wastewater

Energie aus der Toilette – Abwasser als wertvolle Ressource

Jährlich Millionen Tote durch falschen Umgang mit Schmutzwasser

RadiciGroup’s new special polyamides for extrusion technology

Special and innovative polymers for a customer-oriented market approach

Neue Spezialpolyamide von RadiciGroup für die Extrusionstechnologie

Innovative Spezialpolymere für einen kundenorientierten Marktauftritt

27 März 2017

Composites going green: Biocomposites, bio-based Polymers and Natural Fibers at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017

At COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017 in Stuttgart, 19 – 21 September, Germany, renewable raw materials for the composite production will be presented

Composites going green: Bio-Verbundwerkstoffe, bio-basierte Polymere und Naturfasern auf der COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017

Auf der COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017 in Stuttgart vom 19. – 21. September 2017 werden nachwachsende Rohstoffe zur Produktion von Verbundwerkstoffen präsentiert

VTT has developed stand-up pouches from renewable raw materials and nanocellulose

HefCel technology provides a low-cost method for the production of nanocellulose for a number of future technical applications

Synbra Technology: „BioFoam“ – CO2-neutraler Schaum als Füllstoffschutz und Puffermaterial

Erster vollständig biobasierter, aus erneuerbaren Ressourcen hergestellter Partikelschaum ist ohne Ausstoß von (zusätzlichem?) CO2 kompostierbar

Künstliches Licht – Forscher schalten Supersonne an

In Jülich erstrahlt der größte künstliche Stern der Welt: Rund 150 Hochleistungslampen liefern Licht für die Forschung - 10.000-mal intensiver als Sonnenstrahlen. So soll umweltfreundlicher Jet-Treibstoff entstehen

China’s BanBao to begin selling sustainable toy blocks this year

New sustainable blocks are 95 percent "green" polyethylene derived from sugarcane residue

Dow, BASF, Eastman stir up new formulas for safer chemicals

Consumer marketplace seems to be the most powerful force inspiring chemical and materials manufacturers to create safer chemicals

24 März 2017

Ecovia Renewables, Inc. Awarded NSF Grant to Develop High Performance Superabsorbent Biopolymers

Company to develop a suite of BioGel™ biopolymer materials for hygiene applications, particularly for infant diapers

Papierindustrie wird Bioraffinerie

Ein Branchenhinweis zum Tag des Waldes

Strom als Rohstoff – Grüne Energie für nachhaltige Chemie

Fraunhofer-Leitprojekt wird auf der Hannover Messe 2017 präsentiert

Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear: Warum Autoreifen teurer werden

Der Winter ist vorbei, die Temperaturen steigen - Zeit also für manchen Autofahrer, über einen Reifenwechsel nachzudenken. Wer sich neue Reifen kaufen will, muss diesmal allerdings tiefer in die Tasche greifen

Global Market Insights: Biopolymer films market poised to exceed $6bn by 2024

Abundant availability of raw materials such as cellulose, starch, pectin, chitosan, and protein will boost the global market share over the estimated timeframe

Waste: boost recycling, cut landfilling and curb food waste, Parliament says

Statistics for 2014 suggest that 44% of all municipal waste in the EU is recycled or composted

23 März 2017

DEG invests in innovative packaging

Hamburg-based company BIO-LUTIONS' issue currently being financed with EUR 500,000

DEG investiert in innovative Verpackungen

Vorhaben der Hamburger BIO-LUTIONS GmbH wird mit 500.000 EUR gefördert

Fahrradhauptstadt Peking – Die Bambus-Biker

Einst wimmelte es in Peking vor Fahrrädern, heute nebeln Autoabgase die Metropole ein. Eine Gruppe junger Bastler will die Radkultur wiederbeleben. Mit Rahmen aus einem Rohstoff, der in Chinas Wäldern wächst - Bambus

NNFCC to moderate bioeconomy roundtable at FDI Expo

FDI Magnet’s initiative “Invest in Bioeconomy” aims to promote sustainable and job-creating Foreign Direct Investment – globally

Permission obtained to build a new Bio-on plant to produce PHAS biopolymers for cosmetics

Revolutionary PHAs bioplastics are made from renewable plant sources with no competition with food supply chains

Policy frameworks for biobased plastics impact market development

New trend report from nova-Institute examines policies around the world and the impacts of these on bio-based plastics market developments. Where is demand expected to increase?

Biomedicines in Europe

Biotechnology is the use of living systems or organisms in the creation of industrial products

22 März 2017

How to keep track of the bio-based industry?

Growing need for information on new developments and players