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2 März 2017

Die TOP 3 der GreenTec Awards – PAPACKS® ist nominiert!

Umweltfreundliche 3D-Verpackung aus Faserguss punktet bei der Jury

Scottish farmers body calls for rethink over distillery biomass plants

Livestock farmers concerned about government's intentions to produce renewable energy from by-products of the distilling industry

Power-to-Gas: Electrochaea is awarded patent on super single-celled organisms for biomethane production

Energy storage by microorganisms

Power-to-Gas: Electrochaea erhält Patent auf Super-Einzeller für Biomethanproduktion

Energie speichern durch Mikroorganismen

Bioplastics Bulletin member portrait: AIMPLAS

José Antonio Costa, Managing Director, shares some information about the non-profit research association

Schmidt Fund awards go to projects with transformative potential

This year's selected proposals are outstanding in terms of the quality of the science and engineering as well the potential to benefit humanity

1 März 2017

New Bio-Flex Blends for home compostable films and packaging

Home compostable, low gauge and still tear resistant, as well as up to 40% biobased – the new FKuR Bio-Flex Compounds fulfill the strict requirements of the French Energy Transition Law

Bioökonomie: Rat diskutiert neue Forschungsempfehlungen mit Staatssekretär Dr. Aeikens

Forschungsstrategie für eine biobasierte Wirtschaft sollte gesamtes Spektrum biologischer Ressourcen erfassen

Loaded terms in the bioeconomy

It is up to Parliamentarians and the member states to change the course the Commission has embarked on

Nanoparticles of rare metal and light convert carbon dioxide into fuel

Newly discovered chemical reaction could use natural sunlight to reduce growing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and lead to the development of alternative energies

The pile-on for bionylon: ADM, Rennovia, JM accelerate the chase

License agreement to provide catalyst and process technology for catalytic production of bio-based glucaric acid

A global corporate market for low-carb fuels: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Below50

Below50 is a game-changing collaboration designed to grow a global corporate market for the best-of-breed sustainable low-carbon transport fuels (LCTFs)

Helm signs off-take ethyl acetate supply with Greenyug

The production facility is going to be located next to Archer Daniels Midland’s (ADM) corn processing plant in Columbus

28 Februar 2017

U.S. Airforce: Langley 1 of 4 bases to test bio-based grease

If the bio-based grease proves to be just as capable as the current grease being used, it will be substituted and used Air Force-wide

Whole crop valorisation

Industry aims at using the whole crop, among others by valorisation of what used to be called waste streams

Neue Kohlenstoffquellen gesucht

Die Bioökonomie macht langsame Fortschritte. Doch um alle Bedürfnisse zu befriedigen, braucht es neben Kohlenstoff auch jede Menge Wasserstoff – bereitgestellt von erneuerbaren Energiequellen

Haltermann Carless signs Letter of Intent with GEVO for Commercial Supply of Next-Generation Biofuels and Bio-Based Chemical Products

Letter of Intent contemplates the parties negotiating and entering into a definitive off-take agreement

Exponential growth forecast for the biostimulants market driven by an increasing food demand, according to Smithers Viscient

New report shows that evolution is happening in the whole value chain of the biostimulants industry

New addition to Evonik’s product range: an eco-friendly substitute for microplastics in cosmetics

SIPERNAT® 11 PC as a new functional additive for cosmetics

Evonik erweitert seine Palette an umweltfreundlichem Ersatz für Mikroplastik in der Kosmetik

SIPERNAT® 11 PC als neues funktionelles kosmetisches Additiv

New biobased chemical options: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Rennovia

Rennovia has successfully combined its bio-based AA and HMD to produce 100% renewable nylon-6,6

27 Februar 2017

Johnson Matthey and Rennovia Announce License Agreement with ADM for Glucaric Acid Production Technology

Licensed process, jointly developed between Johnson Matthey and Rennovia, combines the efficiency and selectivity of heterogeneous catalytic process technology with the use of renewable feedstocks

IKT: Biokunststoffe besser machen

Aktuelle Forschungsaktivitäten und Erkenntnisse zu Eigenschaftsverbesserungen von Biokunststoffen werden im Rahmen des 25. Stuttgarter Kunststoffkolloquiums vorgestellt

37 Chemical SMEs and Start-ups meet with more than 60 Industry representatives and Investors at the 1st European Chemistry Partnering

Industry representatives as well as the number of investors represented 40 per cent of all participants, participants from chemistry Start-ups and SMEs added-up to 34 per cent

37 Chemie-KMU und Startups trafen auf über 60 Industrievertreter und Investoren beim 1st European Chemistry Partnering

Industrievertreter und Investoren mit 40 Prozent aller Teilnehmer vertreten, Teilnehmer der Chemie-Startups und des Mittelstandes kamen auf einen Anteil von 34 Prozent

How could renewable car tyres be made from grass clippings in your back garden?

University of Minnesota Scientists invented a renewable car tyre produced from natural resources

Repsol starts pilot-scale production CO2-based polycarbonate polyol

Repsol has opened a pilot plant at its Puertollano, Spain site for the production of sustainable polycarbonate polyols

24 Februar 2017

Ipsos survey: Italians enjoy the new ways of life

Over 80% agree with the laws on shopping bags and fruit and vegetable bags but information and education are in great demand

BEACON – From Plants to Products – a Biorefining Centre of Excellence in Wales

New initiative integrates expertise and facilities to assist companies in developing new products and processes

New flame-retardant and biodegradable panels for trucks and buses from wastes of the paper industry

EU research collaboration developed fire resistant panels manufactured from biopolymers from by-products

Silk from milk? New method binds proteins into threads

New KTH research shows that ordinary milk can be used best to spin artificial silk

Seide: Schwedische Forscher kommen Spinnen auf die Spur

Kuhmolke nach Aussage der Forscher das beste Ausgangsmaterial zur Herstellung künstlicher Spinnenseide

Kompostierbare Kaffekapseln – Folie Bebo B2nature mit Sauerstoffbarriere

Werkstoff nach europäischer und US-Norm zur industriellen Kompostierung zertifiziert

23 Februar 2017

Precision, the hallmark of a new era

Precision will allow us to produce more, and better products, from less resources

Politics threatens state-of-the-art carbon capture plant in Spain

Exact reasons for the plant’s near-abandonment are unclear, fact is that the environment is not high in the [PP] agenda

Dasselbe in Grün? – Konfliktfelder, Konfliktlinien und Alternativen der Bioökonomie

Lange nicht alles, was sich nachhaltig nennt, erfüllt auch die notwendigen ökologischen, sozialen und ökonomischen Ansprüche

Spinnenseide als Hightech-Verbandsstoff

Forscher der Universität Nottingham entwickeln medizinisch funktionale Bio-Wundauflage

‘We could make that!’ — chance meeting leads to creation of antibiotic spider silk

University of Nottingham researchers developed technique to produce chemically functionalised spider silk for medical devices

New biodegradable bioplastics to increase crop yields

Climate-KIC project collaboration using padded plastics with active components made from natural materials

ADM enters glucaric acid production

The licensed process combines the efficiency and selectivity of heterogeneous catalytic process technology with the use of renewable feedstocks

22 Februar 2017

Kelheim Fibres breaks new ground in innovation management

Viscose fibre expert practices open innovation - competition for new ideas on the subject "100% cellulose fibres"

Kelheim Fibres geht neue Wege im Innovationsmanagement

Open Innovation beim Faserspezialisten - Ideenwettbewerb zum Thema „100% Cellulosefasern neu gedacht“

Viele Besucher in der Lebenswelt Bioökonomie

Neues Standkonzept bei der Grünen Woche hat viele Neugierige angezogen

Makin’ hydrocarbons: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Catalytic Upgrading of Thermochemical Intermediates

Here’s the basic recipe, according to a research team led by David Dayton at RTI International

Versalis–Genomatica biobutadiene awarded in Hannover

1,3 bio-BDE technology representing a significant milestone for the rubber industry

A bio-based coating has created a greener way to paint trains

Covestro, Lankwitzer, Newag JV delivered a bio-based resin which is more effective than current coatings

Compostable Capsule Retains Coffee Quality

The compostable capsule retains comparable strength and durability to one made from conventional capsule materials to ensure efficient filling and sealing

21 Februar 2017

TOP Bio-based polymers worldwide: Ongoing growth despite difficult market environment

In 2016: 6.6 Million tonnes production capacity, 2% share of all polymers, €13 billion turnover, durable applications are dominating

TOP Bio-basierte Polymere weltweit – Wachstum trotz schwierigem Marktumfeld

In 2016: Produktionskapazität 6,6 Mio. t, 2 % Anteil am Polymer-Gesamtmarkt, 13 Mrd. € Umsatz, dauerhafte Anwendungen dominieren

Norner goes green. 2,5 MEUR grant to research on green packaging for the future

Looking for circular solutions: Norwegians fund green packaging project