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5 April 2018

GM crops that produce industrial products could be grown in Britain for first time

Rothamsted Research, which is based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, wants to plant GM camelina with altered DNA so that it produces ‘wax esters’

A natural approach to new plastics: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Danimer Scientific

The company’s technology can be found in an array of plastic end products that people use every day

Deep insights into the multifaceted world of cotton

From the 21st to the 23rd of March, the international cotton industry came together in the historic Bremen Town Hall, under the motto "Cotton Insights"

Facettenreiche Baumwollwelt

Unter dem Motto „Cotton Insights“ versammelte sich vom 21. die 23. März 2018 die internationale Baumwollbranche im historischen Bremer Rathaus

4 April 2018

The submission deadline for the Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2018″ is still open until mid of April!

The winners will be chosen by the participants of the “11th International Conference on Bio-based Materials”

nova-Institut sucht Stellvertretende/n Geschäftsführer/in

Die Position bietet Ihnen eine interessante Führungsaufgabe mit exzellenten Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten (Standort Hürth bei Köln)

Let them eat xylose: yeast engineered to grow efficiently on novel nutrients

Discoveries may lead to faster growth and higher cell densities in biological engineering applications

Green Biologics partners with Kingsford® Charcoal to launch new EcolightTM natural Charcoal Lighter Fluid

Kingsford® EcoLightTM Powered by GreenFlame® charcoal lighter fluid will be available at retailers across the country starting later this month

Are wood pellets a green fuel?

The EU aims to generate 20% of its electricity by 2020 using renewable sources, including burning woody biomass

New environmentally-friendly composites to provide competitiveness for the construction and automotive industries

AIMPLAS is taking part since last June in the European project ECOXY, coordinated by CIDETEC

Monomers from camphor enable biobased plastics

Camphor, a terpene produced in large quantities in China from by-products of the pulp industry, can be considered as a biobased alternative to fossil raw materials

Monomere aus Campher ermöglichen biobasierte Kunststoffe

Als biobasierte Alternative zum fossilen Rohstoff kommt Campher in Frage – das in großen Mengen in China aus Nebenprodukten der Zellstoffindustrie hergestellt wird

3 April 2018

TOP USDA report shows impact of US biobased economy

The report, titled “Indicators of the U.S. Biobased Economy,” shows that the biobased economy is playing an increasingly important role in the U.S. economy

Eco-Products’ New Compostable Takeout Containers Are Undeniably Natural

Made with sugarcane, WorldView™ Naturals offer a nice green vibe for environmentally friendly restaurants

Bioeconomy: Germany to lose pole position

Recommendation of the Biostep consortium is, the bioeconomy needs to improve the perception of bio-based products and processes by the consumer

Packaging made from renewable raw materials turn cosmetic brands into innovation leaders

Company to present its portfolio of biobased and biodegradable plastics

Verpackungen aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen machen Kosmetikmarken zu Innovationsführern

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH präsentiert ihr Portfolio biobasierter und bioabbaubarer Kunststoffe

Who are the winners of the 2018 Bio-Based World News Awards?

After a two month process, our panel of independent industry expert judges carefully deliberated and decided our shortlist and winners

Sustainable textile innovations: bio yarn made from kelp fibres

Biomaterials research company AlgiKnit extracts alginate and combines it with other renewable biopolymers to produce yarn, which can be used in textile manufacturing

29 März 2018

Taking the Blue Bioeconomy Forward

Releasing the economic potential of marine biotechnology

20 Expert Insights from Day One of World Bio Markets

Central question posed by Luke Upton, founder and editor of Bio-Based World News: "What role does bio-based plays within the circular economy?"

Bioplastics Can Pose Hidden Risks for Corporations

British researchers caution: There are far more sustainable sources of ethanol than sugarcane

Global Change Award 2018: Ernteabfälle und Algen helfen beim Wandel der Modebranche

Fünf textile Innovationen aus fünf verschiedenen Nationen teilen sich das Preisgeld von 1 Mio. Euro der H&M Foundation

GCA 2018 Winner: Making bio-textiles from food crop harvest waste

Five winning innovations from 5 different countries shared a 1 million euro grant from the H&M Foundation

New LOEWE-cluster to conduct research into aromas and flavorings from vines and fruit

The Federal State of Hessen to invest around 4.4 million Euros by 2021

Neuer LOEWE-Schwerpunkt forscht zu Aromastoffen aus Reben und Obst

Land Hessen investiert bis 2021 rund 4,4 Millionen Euro

28 März 2018

CO2 use is slowly picking up speed

First semi-commercial facilities, technical advances, but political support still unclear

CO2-Nutzung nimmt langsam Fahrt auf

Erste semi-kommerzielle Anlagen, technische Fortschritte, aber politische Unterstützung noch offen

BIOFOREVER: Detailed evaluation of GreenPremium prices for bio-based products along the value chain

Almost 70% of industry experts report GreenPremium prices for bio-based products

BIOFOREVER: Detaillierte Bewertung der GreenPremium-Preise für biobasierte Produkte entlang der Wertschöpfungskette

Fast 70 % der Branchenexperten berichten von GreenPremium-Preisen für biobasierte Produkte

RED II Round-up

A highlight reel of the latest and greatest

Waste Free Oceans partners with Henkel to fight marine plastic litter

Partners aim to remove enough plastic from rivers, lakes, seas and oceans to produce 100 tonnes of usable recycled material each year

Konkurrenz für glasfaserverstärkte Verbundwerkstoffe

Mit dem Projekt futureTEX will die INVENT GmbH konventionelle Faserverbundwerkstoffe wieder aufgreifen und entwickeln

Global Biocomposites Market 2022

Market Share, Price, Growth Rate, Production, Import, Export, Manufacturers

Futamura’s NatureFlexTM films on the plastic free aisle with Bio4Pack and De Halm

Innovative De Halm pack is laminated to Tipa film for excellent sealability

AMSilk präsentiert funktionale, vegane Seiden-Biopolymere als kosmetischen Inhaltsstoff auf der „in-cosmetics Global 2018“ in Amsterdam

Nachhaltige Silkgel- und Silkbeads-Produktlinie wird als innovative Kreation vorgestellt

AMSilk Exhibits Functional Silk Cosmetic Materials at in-cosmetics Global 2018

Naturally vegan and sustainable Silkgel (hydrogel) and Silkbeads to be displayed as innovative cosmetic products

27 März 2018

ISOCALM: Thermal insulation boards made of elephant grass

Schorndorf-based company let grow and process in Africa - global distribution is organised through headquarters in Germany

ISOCALM: Wärmedämmplatten aus Elefantengras

Schorndorfer Firma lässt in Afrika anbauen und verarbeiten, weltweiter Vertrieb läuft über Deutschland

Expertengruppe „Biobasierte Produkte“

FNR und Uni Würzburg suchen interessierte Hersteller und Beschaffer

“How trees coexist” – new findings from biodiversity research published in Nature Communications

Tree individuals growing in a species-rich neighbourhood produce more wood than those surrounded by neighbours of the same species

Bäume wachsen in artenreicher Nachbarschaft deutlich besser als in Nachbarschaft zur gleichen Art

Neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse aus der Biodiversitätsforschung veröffentlicht in Nature Communications

Project Focus: Converting dairy by-products into high value bio-based chemicals

Bill Morrissey, Glanbia Ireland, head of AgriChemWhey project, spoke to Bio-Based World News about the BBI JU partnership

Starbucks and Closed Loop Partners to develop recyclable, compostable cup solution

Starbucks is committing $10M in partnership to establish a groundbreaking consortium to launch the NextGen Cup Challenge

Sugar glut pushes Brazil mills into ethanol, white sugar, washouts

We have to cut the supply of sugar to help reduce the global surplus

26 März 2018

ESA partners with renewable fiber company Bcomp to test natural fibers for use in space

Goal of collaboration program is to reduce the environmental impact of space exploration by producing less space debris and removing that which is in orbit

Stora Enso Wins Bio-Based Product of the Year for Lineo by Stora Enso

Made from versatile wood-based raw material lignin, Lineo can be used in a range of applications instead of fossil-based materials

Total Corbion PLA: PLA-Pilotanlage in Rayong gestartet

Unternehmen will mit Hilfe seiner Komplexerweiterung zum maßgeblichen PLA-Produzenten avancieren

Cracking new ways to fight plastic waste

How are companies responding to the pressure of consumers demand to greener alternatives?

Lenzing Gruppe mit bestem Geschäftsjahr der Unternehmensgeschichte

Gruppe will höhere Anstrengungen in die Nachhaltigkeit der Textil- und Vliesstoff-Branche legen