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4 August 2020

Maßgeschneiderte Katalysatoren für Power-to-X

Mit einem Synchrotron schauen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler des KIT einem Power-to-X-Katalysator bei der Arbeit zu

Morocco looks at energy transition with opportunities for biomass but not crop-based biofuels

Part of the wider policy that is focused on significantly increasing investment in renewable energy sees the greening of transport

3 August 2020

TOP Call for abstracts and innovations: 2nd International Conference on Cellulose Fibres, 2–3 February 2021, Cologne (Germany) – Lenzing will support the conference for the second time as gold sponsor. Further sponsors are welcome.

Innovation award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2021”

UNESCO and World Bioeconomy Forum to collaborate for 2020 event

The Forum’s 2020 event to be broadcast live from Ruka, Finland, 10th September

UK to lead the development of the next generation of sustainable composite materials

The UK is leading a new initiative to address this challenge, looking at the whole lifecycle of composites to future-proof the aeroplanes, cars and turbines of tomorrow

Fiber Thermoforming: Optisch nah am Kunststoff

Die neue Fiber Thermoforming Maschine 'Natureformer 90' von Kiefel wurde auf Basis des Know-Hows aus der Kunststoffverarbeitung entwickelt

Kimberly-Clark Joins WWF’s Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance

Industry collaboration to explore and communicate the sustainability risks and opportunities associated with bioplastic production

Qualitativer Bodendünger: Mit Holzaschen natürliche Kreisläufe schließen

Das Gütezeichen RAL-Dünger macht für Aschen aus naturbelassenen Hölzern den Weg frei in die Kreislaufwirtschaft

Qualitative soil fertiliser: How natural cycles can be closed with wood ash

The RAL-Dünger label for fertilisers provides the necessary certification for natural wood ashes to be used in the circular economy

Greener aviation set for end-of-year lift

Aviation has an emissions problem but the EU is looking to tackle it by ramping up clean fuel supply and demand

EU Commission charts path towards 100% renewable hydrogen

Hydrogen is seen as a potential silver bullet to decarbonise hard-to-abate industrial sectors

How do bacteria build up natural products?

X-ray structure analysis gives detailed insights into molecular factory

Wie bauen Bakterien Naturstoffe auf?

Röntgenstrukturanalyse gibt detaillierte Einblicke in molekulare Wirkstoff-Fabrik

31 Juli 2020

TOP Due to high demand, the summer promotion is extended for the last time until the end of August: Summer promotion: 30% discount on all market and trend studies on the bio-based economy

The latest market report “Commercialisation updates on bio-based building blocks” has been updated to include the immediate effects of the corona crisis.

Bio-based industries are key to the EU’s green recovery, says BIC’s position paper

Creating bio-based value chains requires new connections and innovations across multiple and diverse sectors

Der CBD Vertriebsstopp – Die Position der EIHA

Interview mit Daniel Kruse, Vorstandsvorsitzender der EIHA, zum neuesten CBD-Debakel mit der Europäischen Kommission

First ISCC Plus certified producer of nonwovens for hygiene and medical applications

Company is looking forward to take this commitment to the next level and to explore the many possibilities together with its customers

Initiation of “Technology Development for Para-xylene Production from CO2

Japanese firms to begin R&D on PX made from CO2

Holzmöbel aus dem 3D-Drucker

Späne als Ausgangsmaterial für die additive Fertigung

Driving on lignin from the forest – it may be possible!

Two Swedish companies replace a fraction of the oil-based bitumen with softwood lignin on a highly busy road area in Sweden

Reliance to replace auto fuels with electricity, hydrogen; targets carbon-zero co by 2035

Company will use a new technology to convert carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals and other material building blocks

100 times more palm oil in EU diesel than in all Oreo cookies in the world

European drivers burn 100 times more palm oil in their tanks than is in the 40 billion Oreo cookies consumed worldwide every year

Renewable diesel has a bright future: NextChem and Saola Energy partnership will help feedstock suppliers of all sizes take full advantage of it

NextChem - Special to The Digest

29 Juli 2020

Bio-based water-borne polyurethanes reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals

Chemists present bio-based water-borne polyurethanes which were reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals as coating films

Neue Studie untermauert Potenzial von Sida hermaphrodita als Biomasse-Brennstoff

Mehrjährige Staude wächst auch auf schlechten Böden, wird bis zu vier Meter hoch und entwickelt bis zu einem Drittel mehr Biomasse als Mais

Evian Launches Label Free Bottle

The label-free bottle, our latest innovation in packaging and sustainability as our first circular designed bottle

Digital supported production of medical cannabis

A challenge whose success lies in efficient process management and digital development!

28 Juli 2020

Developing new circular materials from safe bio-based building blocks

New library of biobased materials will bring the circular ambitions of the European Union a step closer

Von Seegurken lernen: umweltfreundliche Biolacke aus dem Meer?

Oldenburger Forscher haben untersucht, welche Substanzen aus Seegurken Antifouling-Effekte haben

Mass Balance accounting is here. The next step is a new standard

A real option for a change, supporting the development of recycled and renewable raw materials, and the production processes needed

Novel antibacterial and compostable face shields go from idea to product in 14 days

Four German regional companies have joined forces to mass produce a new face shield made from 100% biodegradable and compostable material based on cellulose

Coffee capsules: wood instead of aluminium

rezemo produces sustainable coffee capsules from woodfibre-composites with a cellulose lid

Kaffeekapseln: Holz statt Aluminium

rezemo produziert nachhaltige Kaffeekapseln aus Faserverbundwerkstoffen mit Zellulosedeckel

Why hemp should be used as a sustainable building material

Hemp with its green credentials and multiple uses is set to become a valuable crop for the future

27 Juli 2020

Volta Trucks – on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable commercial vehicle manufacturer

The natural composite was developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency and is used in the world's most competitive motor racing series

Volta Zero: Nachhaltiger Elektro-Lkw für die Innenstädte

Einige Teile der Karosserie sollen aus einem Flachsmaterial gefertigt werden, das mit biologisch abbaubaren Harzen verstärkt wurde

The European Commission about to kill the hemp sector

Preliminary view states natural hemp extracts are a drug, against all reason, the latest scientific literature and the EU green ambitions

Cortec’s BioPad earns USDA certification

Company gained the unique USDA Certified Biobased Product label

Photanol in strategic partnership with Renolit SE

Making polymers out of air

Wie geht CO2-neutrale Chemie?

Klimaschutzplattform „Chemistry4Climate“ von VCI und VDI nimmt Arbeit auf

Towards A Greenhouse Gas Neutral German Chemistry

Climate protection platform „Chemistry4Climate“ launched by the big German associations VCI und VDI

Tiny Little Shrimp Could Spark Huge Energy Storage Breakthrough

Shrimp (May) Be The Key to Energy Storage That Flows

24 Juli 2020

Pioneering scientific studies commissioned by EIHA: the sector comes together to respond to one common challenge

Over the next two to three years, around 3.5 million euros are to be invested in unprecedented studies on CBD and THC

BOKU-Forschung: Biohydrogel als ökologische Lösung für Dürreperioden

Wiener Forscher entwickeln ein Hydrogel auf Holzbasis, das nicht nur biologisch abbaubar ist, sondern auch Böden düngen und damit optimieren kann

Barrier-coated paperboard – the alternative to plastic for smart packaging

Iggesund using a composite material consisting of renewable paperboard with a thin plastic layer that supplies the barrier properties against moisture, grease and aromas

Compostable moisture absorption pads keep food fresh

PADECO moisture absorption pads from the Polish Pomona Company ensures that liquids are trapped in the packaging and do not get into fresh food

Mit der Zugabe von Gluten werden Biokunststoffe zäher

Wer hätte gedacht, dass der ernährungstechnisch teilweise in Verruf geratene Stoff Gluten in der Biokunststoffentwicklung ein „gefundenes Fressen“ abgibt? Lesen Sie hier warum...

LONGREAD: circling value in CO2

Circular economy opportunities in CCU, waste greenhouse gases can be stored in profitable sustainable products instead of emitting them

“The cost-performance-sustainability triangle needs to be considered”

Interview with Frank Hezel from BASF about the current market and the effect of the Corona pandemic to bio-based coatings

Clariant’s HYDEX® E catalyst helps Duslo turn plastic waste into high-quality winter diesel

Next-generation dewaxing catalyst is used in pioneering plastic-to-diesel technology of Duslo’s research institute VUCHT