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5 Oktober 2018

Lenzing stoppt 275-Millionen-Projekt in USA – Aktie bricht ein

Schwerer Rückschlag für den weltgrößten Cellulosefaserhersteller Lenzing: Das Großprojekt in Alabama musste ein halbes Jahr vor der ursprünglich geplanten Fertigstellung gestoppt werden. Die Aktie verliert mehr als 15 Prozent

Researchers find value in unusual type of plant material

Lignin makes up about a quarter of plant biomass and is the most abundant source of renewable aromatics on Earth

Bioethanol: Einsatz der Getreiderohstoffe hat sich verschoben

Nach Angaben der Bundesmonopolverwaltung wurden im vergangenen Jahr insgesamt 2,145 Mio. t. Getreide zur Bioethanolgewinnung eingesetzt

4 Oktober 2018

Danimer Scientific to acquire Fermentation Facility in Winchester, KY

The company will use the fermentation plant to produce its proprietary Nodax™ polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) material

Can Thailand use its biggest food exports to pioneer tomorrow’s bioeconomy?

Predominantly agricultural country is in a fortunate position thanks to its abundant agricultural resources

Umwandlung von Kohlendioxid

Forscher der University of Delaware entwickeln neuartige Zwei-Stufen-CO2-Konversionstechnologie

Fungi munch on plastic and help clean up the environment

Fungi can speed up the breakdown of plastic waste and are optimal feedstock for biofuels, building materials, and other uses

Flying start for World BioEconomy Forum

Global bioeconomy movers and shakers congregate in northern Finland’s pristine wilderness for an exciting event – likely to be the first of many

Thai shrimp and algae-based inks: the surprisingly tight link that you never heard of

News broke last week that Cyanotech is purchasing Cellana’s six-acre production and research facility known as the Kona Demonstration Facility

Biosolarzelle produziert Wasserstoff

Das halbkünstliche System ist wie ein Legokasten aufgebaut – was vielfältige Anwendungen für die Zukunft eröffnet

2 Oktober 2018

Chemists demonstrate sustainable approach to carbon dioxide capture from air

ORNL's direct-air-capture approach provides the basis for an energy-sustainable negative emissions technology

Danimer Scientific and PepsiCo Win Annual Innovation in Bioplastics Award

PLASTICS Recognizes Danimer Scientific and PepsiCo’s Contribution to Bioplastics during Bioplastics Week

EUCYS 2018 BBI JU prize winner announced!

The project 'Bioplastic film with Penicillium roqueforti for pear preservation' of a Lithuanian researcher has been selected by an international jury

Circular biobased economy: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to the Biobased Delta

Marcel van Berkel gave this illuminating overview of the Biobased Delta’s promise and progress at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC

Danish Company To Use Local Materials To Produce Bottles

Business initiative in Ghana to use coconut husks and pineapple wastes to produce bottles and food packs to substitute the use of plastics

VISION 2050: A Pathway for the Evolution of the Refining Industry and Liquid Fuels

In 2050, low-carbon liquid fuels could reduce net GHG emissions from passenger cars & vans by 87% compared to 2015

IFIB in Turin: the bioeconomy is cool. More than Cristiano Ronaldo

Two round tables focused on Investments and the role of clusters in the bioeconomy

1 Oktober 2018

Biocomposites performing great – Not only for lightweight construction

Companies showcasing their bio-based products and solutions in the field of wood, cellulose, natural fibres and bio-based polymers at the “Bio-Based Composites Pavilion”, COMPOSITES EUROPE 2018 in Stuttgart from November 6th - 8th

Biokomposite schneiden gut ab – Nicht nur bei Leichtbaukonstruktionen

Unternehmen präsentieren ihre bio-basierten Produkte in den Bereichen Holz, Cellulose, Naturfasern und bio-basierte Polymere am "Bio-Based Composites Pavilion" auf der COMPOSITES EUROPE vom 06.-08. November 2018 in Stuttgart

Good market developments for bio-based composites

Interview with Dr. Asta Partanen, nova-Institut

Gute Marktentwicklung für Biokomposite

Interview mit Dr. Asta Partanen, nova-Institut

Parkdale Mills & Intrinsic Textiles team up to reduce synthetic microfiber pollution & textile waste

Joint venture to bring CiCLO Sustainable Textile Technology to market

Recycling temple waste along the Ganges with Help Us Green

Ankit Agarwal is recycling temple waste along the Ganges, and he just invented the world’s first biodegradable thermocol and leather from blooms

„nano“- Sendung vom 21. September 2018 über kompostierbare Bioabfallbeutel irreführend

Zahlreiche Kompostieranlagen befürworten die Nutzung der kompostierbaren Bioabfallbeutel, was belege, dass diese hervorragend funktionieren

Ready-to-use recipe for turning plant waste into gasoline

Bioscience engineers at KU Leuven already knew how to make gasoline in the laboratory from plant waste such as sawdust

3D Printing to Make Synthetic Fuels More Efficient and Cheaper

Co-electrolysis is a new and very efficient way of producing synthetic fuels and chemicals from CO2 and water

Synthetische Kraftstoffe: 3D-Druck soll Effizienz steigern und Kosten senken

Die Co-Elektrolyse ist ein neuer, sehr effizienter Weg, um aus CO2 und Wasser synthetische Kraftstoffe und Chemikalien herzustellen

28 September 2018

Coca-Cola, Walmart sign pledge to cut plastic pollution in oceans

Backers include Loblaws, Walmart, Nestlé Canada, IKEA, Dow Chemicals, the Coca-Cola Company, BASF Canada and A&W Canada

Ecovia Renewables Awarded $500,000 Phase IIB NSF Grant to Develop High-Performing and Eco-Friendly Superabsorbent Biopolymers

Company to to develop a suite of low-cost, high-performing Ecovia™ Biopolymer products for use in agricultural and horticultural applications

Das REVIRIDE-Hanf-Projekt könnte Italiens industrielles Kernland vor Verschmutzung bewahren

Ziel ist es, Italien wieder grün zu machen und die steigenden Krebsraten zu stoppen

Halm and Wisefood gear up for the fight against plastic straws

Two German startups have created alternatives to single-use plastic straws. So far, there are two options: edible or glass

U.S. Army gets super strong spider silk bulletproof panels

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories took a huge step forward in its spider silk commercialization and delivered ballistic shootpack panels made from proprietary Dragon Silk material

Sinnvolle Anwendungen für kompostierbare Kunststoffe nutzen der Kreislaufwirtschaft

Verbund sieht sich durch den Bericht des Europäischen Parlaments zur EU-Plastikstrategie bestätigt

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories accelerates development of new recombinant Spider Silk Fibers

What previously took an entire day to complete can now be done in a matter of minutes

India rising to the top of the bioeconomy

For star-studded drawcards – it is the most glamorous national event ever held solely for the advanced bioeconomy

27 September 2018

Danimer Scientific, PepsiCo receive honor for flexible bioplastic packaging

The Plastics Industry Association gives the companies its 2018 Innovation in Bioplastics Award

Clariant started construction of the first large-scale commercial sunliquid plant in Romania

After more than a decade of research and development, Clariant is investing more than EUR 100 million in its first sunliquid plant

Erster Spatenstich für Clariants sunliquid®-Zellulose-Ethanol-Anlage in Rumänien

Nach mehr als zehn Jahren Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeit investiert Clariant über 100 Millionen Euro in ihre erste sunliquid-Anlage

Circularity penetrates the events industry with launch of Ecobooth

Completely novel production process making unique things from waste materials

Umfrage zu Öko-Dämmstoffen

Eigenheimbesitzer sind nach Einbau der Dämmung sehr zufrieden – aber Handwerker fehlen

Plans for Luverne: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Gevo

Gevo’s strategy is to commercialize bio-based alternatives to petroleum-based products to allow for the optimization of fermentation facilities’ assets

Carbon2Chem® Konferenzreihe: Konferenz zur nachhaltigen chemischen Konversion in der Industrie

2. Konferenz zur nachhaltigen chemischen Konversion in der Industrie

White Paper: Communicating the bio-based content of products in the EU and the US

Clear and transparent communication about the characteristics of bio-based products is essential to avoid confusion in the market place

26 September 2018

Enerkem commits to taking action on ocean plastics waste

Company pledges to help advance climate action, and endorses the Ocean Plastics Charter, during the G7 Environment, Energy and Oceans Ministerial Meeting

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of September 21st

Biosteel for airplanes, chemicals from sunlight, water and CO2, automated tractors, cloud biology, biodegradable straws

Studie der Deutschen Umwelthilfe: Bioplastik bereitet Kompostwerken große Probleme

Verbraucher sollten als kompostierbar beworbene Produkte, Verpackungen oder auch Tüten nicht in der Biotonne entsorgen

Seaweed and Lucozade team-up to tackle plastic waste at mass participation events

Lucozade Sport announcing plans to trial plastic-free drinks and gels encased in an edible seaweed outer layer

BRAIN AG announces strategic research collaboration with BluCon Biotech GmbH

Collaboration to run several months with the option for extension and prolongation after reaching agreed milestones

Harnessing Algae and Fungi to Create New Biofuel System

Michigan State University scientists have found a solution to enhance oil production and harvest using what many consider sea sludge

Few countries are pricing carbon high enough to meet climate targets

Governments need to raise carbon prices much faster if they are to meet their commitments on cutting emissions and slowing the pace of climate change under the Paris Agreement, according to a new OECD report