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1 Juni 2017

“Green” shoes made from algae

Algix and clean tech company Effekt to make eco-friendly Bloom foam – by the newly-formed Bloom company

Students present the world’s first bio-composite car during Dutch Technology Week

TU/ecomotive, an Eindhoven University of Technology team focused on developing innovative, electric city cars, has unveiled its latest concept

Supplying the Bioeconomy: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to DOE feedstocks R&D programs

Biomass could displace 25% of U.S. petroleum use annually by 2030

Global Bioenergies inaugurates bio-isobutene demo plant

Global Bioenergies is now preparing its first full-scale plant through a joint venture with Cristal Union

31 Mai 2017

New Natural and Multifunctional Emulsifier Launched, Based on Biosuccinium® S and Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

New emulsifier containing organic pumpkin seed oil will be distributed from SACI- CFPA

Biologisierung und Digitalisierung der Wirtschaft ergänzen sich

Neben Digitalisierung sind Biologisierung der Industrie und nachhaltiges Wirtschaften wichtigste Triebfedern für künftigen Fortschritt

Trump’s proposed budget includes cuts to EPA, DOE and USDA

Proposed budget aims to eliminate all funding for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program and the Rural Energy for America Program, the Biorefinery Assistance Program

Ultra-High Yield Para-Xylene from Biomass-Derived 2,5-Dimethylfuran

Using ethylene with DMF (from fructose) may provide a more economical method of para-xylene production

The Efficient Clade: Lactic Acid Bacteria for Industrial Chemical Production

Studies from food- and health-related sciences shed light on the potential of lactic acid bacteria for microbial chemical production

Neste launches an unprecedented environmental exchange: 10 schools in Finland will be united with schools worldwide to learn about climate change

Neste is launching a unique, EduCycle-based environmental exchange that schools around Finland can apply to participate in

30 Mai 2017

New partnership announced at Interpack between Tipa, Jindal

Co-development of an original bio-based, compostable high barrier film

Novamont sponsors Parisian foray into food waste collection

The Italian bioplastics company is already a long-standing partner of a network of municipalities, including Milan, New York, Geneva, Vienna and San Francisco

Erster Erfolg bei der maßstabsgetreuen Umsetzung des Isobutenverfahrens in der Demonstrationsanlage in Leuna

Lieferung der ersten Isobutenchargen an Partner für Tests wird im Juni erwartet

First success in scaling up the Isobutene process in the Leuna Demo plant

Delivery to partners of the first batches of Isobutene for testing is expected in June timeframe

„Cotton & Corn“: Reebok will Sneaker aus Pflanzen herstellen

Initiative „Cotton & Corn“ will „grünen“ Turnschuh noch Ende des Jahres auf den Markt bringen

Bio-Fed: Neue biobasierte PA 6.10-Compounds im Portfolio

Nachhaltigkeit, biobasierte Polymere und nachwachsende Rohstoffe, das sind derzeit wichtige Themen in der Kunststoffindustrie

TO-SYN-FUEL: Turning sewage sludge into fuels and hydrogen

TO-SYN-FUEL is a project funded by Horizon 2020 EU’s new research and innovation programme

Start EU-Projekt TO-SYN-FUEL: Wandlung von Klärschlamm in Treibstoff und Wasserstoff

Das Horizon 2020 Projekt, das zeigt, wie aus Restbiomasse erstmalig in der Geschichte ohne Synthese Treibstoff und Wasserstoff hergestellt wird

29 Mai 2017

METabolic EXplorer presents its new development project

Next step will involve building the first 6 kt stage of a production facility for developing the cosmetics and polymer/textile markets

Synthesis of Molecular Hydrogen: Novel Method Sets Benchmark for Platinum-free Electrocatalysts

Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) from water splitting is the most economical and effective route for future hydrogen economy

Neuartiges Verfahren setzt Standard bei platinfreien Elektrokatalysato­ren zur Synthese von molekularem Wasserstoff

Elektrokatalytische Erzeugung von Wasserstoff durch Wasserspaltung stellt das effektivste Verfahren für die zukünftige Wasserstoffökonomie dar

Bio Plasticizers Market – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014-2022

Bio-plasticizers Market to Reach USD 1,709 Mn by 2022

Renewable technology leads to developments for Kuraray

Company's HSFC is being evaluated globally by a number of companies, from rubber compounders, adhesive companies, to film manufacturers

Gov. Ricketts, Novozymes Unveil $36 Million Investment in Blair

Increased enzyme production capabilities expected to grow NE’s bioscience industry

CoR: The EU needs to step up its efforts to support the bioeconomy in regions and cities

The EU is needed to overcome the challenges for a nascent sector facing major risks, long payback periods and non-harmonised rules

26 Mai 2017

BIO Deutschland presents the latest figures for the German biotech sector

Concern about the standstill in R&D investment by private companies

BIO Deutschland stellt die aktuellen Branchenkennzahlen vor

Stillstand bei FuE-Investitionen in nicht börsennotierte Unternehmen Besorgnis erregend

Novozymes announces $36m investment to beef up capacity for the production of enzymes for biofuels

Company hired more than 100 local contractors to install additional production equipment at the facility

Bioökonomie – neue Konzepte zur Nutzung natürlicher Ressourcen

„Nationale Forschungsstrategie BioÖkonomie 2030“ will nachhaltige und wissensbasierte Wirtschaft fördern

Mountains of waste could lead to new U.S. manufacturing, jobs

Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists success in making fuel and bioproducts from lignin

Green Biologics Honored with Biorenewable Deployment Consortium’s Commercialization Achievement Award

Green Biologics is recognized for its leadership in the biorenewable industry and successful commercialization of renewable alternatives to n-butanol and acetone

MicroPep Technologies joins Toulouse White Biotechnology to accelerate the development of biostimulants and natural herbicides

MicroPep develops biostimulants and natural herbicides to propose a real alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers most widely used in agriculture

24 Mai 2017

Sukano and Total Corbion PLA announce PLA masterbatch range at Interpack

Range of functional and optical masterbatches based on Total Corbion PLA's Luminy® neat resins will be exclusively available from Sukano

BIO-ON Bioplastic spearheads development of the food packaging of tomorrow

New international EU-project will focus on PHAs biopolymers produced using Bio-on technology

Hochschule Bremen: Bionik präsentiert biobasierte Werkstoffe auf der LIGNA 2017

Mit Holz- und Naturfasern erdölbasierte Werkstoffe ersetzen und mechanische Eigenschaften verbessern

Got plants? Bio-based shoes, lingerie, auto parts and more

Manufacturers are introducing more bio-based products in response to market demand

An interview with Boris Mannhardt, BIOCOM AG: People need to know that bioeconomy is not just an abstract concept

The role of the education sector in the transformation process towards a more sustainable economy still seems to be underestimated

Liquid-crystal and bacterial living materials self-organize and move in their own way

Mood rings, mucus, and slug slime: What do they all have in common?

Biotechnologies for Marine Oil Spill Cleanup: Indissoluble Ties with Microorganisms

Recent findings about microbial physiology, metabolism and ecology  

23 Mai 2017

10 reasons to join the “14th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)”

Cologne (Germany), 7 – 8 June 2017

Eastman Introduces Engineering Bioplastic Breakthrough

Eastman TRĒVA™ is a versatile, cellulose-based thermoplastic that marries high-level performance and sustainability

Inés del Campo – Developing a circular economy concept for agricultural residues

At CENER, researchers are currently testing different processes to extract high value added components contained in mushroom compost

Klima schützen. Werte schaffen. Ressourcen effizient nutzen. – Charta für Holz 2.0

Waldstrategie 2020 der Bundesregierung setzt sich für Holz aus nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft ein

The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Bioprivileged Molecules and creating value from biomass

Presentation given at ABLC 2017 is looking at petroleum’s platform molecules and the advantaged alternatives available via biomass

EU biofuels policy: What is the impact on rural development?

EU farmers are “very concerned” about the impact of the European Commission’s change of heart on biofuels, claiming the EU’s restrictive policy is putting thousands of rural jobs at risk

Clusters in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy: The Roles of the Public Sector

This article looks at some examples of clusters created specifically with industrial biotechnology in mind

Sanderson Farms, AGgrow Tech partner for sustainable animal bedding fiber

All of the certified Sustainably Grown product supplied to Sanderson Farms’ will be grown, harvested and produced locally from the AGgrow Tech’s Seven Springs

22 Mai 2017

A better sustainable sanitary pad

University of Utah engineers develop world’s first 100-percent biodegradable, yet comfortable, maxi pad

Hin zu einer wissensbasierten Bioökonomie: Städte und Regionen dringen auf Überarbeitung der EU-Politik

Ausbau der Bioökonomie weist große Entwicklungspotenziale in Bezug auf Wachstum und Arbeitsplätze auf

Interra and the pursuit of soil magic via affordable biochar

Young company launched its first line of biochar enriched soil products