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8 Mai 2019

Praxistest bestanden: Haifischhautlack steigert den Stromertrag von Windenergieanlagen

Innerhalb des EU-Projekts »Riblet4Wind« stellte sich ein Team aus sieben Projektpartnern der Herausforderung, die Aerodynamik von Windkraftflügeln effizienter zu gestalten

7 Mai 2019

nova experts introduced: Svenja Geerken

Dissemination, project management and Social Media

TOP The state of the European bio-based economy is very mixed, the market is in a critical phase

Interview with Michael Carus, CEO of nova-Institute, on the development of the European bio-based economy and a shift towards a renewable carbon economy

The GC3 announces 10 semi-finalists in GC3 Startup Network’s 4th Annual Technology Showcase

Ten startup companies earned the opportunity to pitch their chemicals, materials, products, and manufacturing technologies

Wasserstoff aus Ökostrom günstiger erzeugen

Forschungsplattform mit optimiertem Elektrolyseur an kommerzieller Power-to-Gas-Anlage gestartet

Keynote speech by Commissioner Phil Hogan at ‘Our Forests, Our Future’ conference, Brussels

Forests are multifunctional and hold enormous importance from an environmental, cultural, social and economic point of view

University of Plymouth study misleads on value of biodegradable and compostable plastics

ISO 14855 test standard describes merely a test method, but without clear pass and fail criteria that could serve as basis for proper biodegradability claims and labelling

Verbund begrüßt KORREKTUR: Universität Plymouth hat die Pressemeldung vom 29. April 2019 richtiggestellt

Sinnvoller Einsatz zertifizierter Bioabfallbeutel sorgt für eine nachweisbare Reduktion der Fehlwürfe, insbesondere der herkömmlichen Kunststoffe im Bioabfall

French low-carbon label plants seeds of agricultural and forestry transition

New label aims to encourage the development of projects that reduce and sequester greenhouse gas emissions

Bioeconomy will help to bring jobs to EU’s rural areas and keep the bloc ‘politically balanced’, Dutch MEP says

Bioeconomy is “extremely important” in keeping Europe balanced, not only in relation to the circular economy but in relation to its “political situation”

Bioeconomy, a smarter way of using agricultural resources

Bioeconomy is about converting renewable biological resources from land and sea into other vital products and bio-energy

An exclusive interview with Christophe Schilling, CEO of Genomatica

In this exclusive interview Christophe Schilling talks about the recent agreement with Covestro and the Genomatica’s way towards the bioeconomy

6 Mai 2019

Sumitomo Chemical and Zymergen partner on development renewable specialty materials

Companies aim to discover novel and improved molecules to bring to market competitive, high-performance, specialty materials

Der Selbstbetrug mit dem Bioplastik

Tüten aus Bioplastik werden allgemein als umweltfreundliche Alternative beworben. Zu Unrecht, wie eine aktuelle Studie bestätigt

Lenzing: Smart solutions from botanic origins

Lenzing brand covers a broad range of industrial applications ranging from agriculture to engineered products at the Techtextil

Cannabis-Forschung: Universität Hohenheim startet internationales Forschungsnetzwerk

Forschungseinrichtungen und Unternehmen in Deutschland und Kanada arbeiten daran, Cannabis ohne Rauschmittel-Eignung für den Markt zu erschließen

Tailor-made enzymatic solutions reduce time and cost of biorefinery processes

In the EU-funded research project BIOrescue, Finnish company MetGen developed more efficient enzymes to accelerate chemical reactions and reduce the cost of the process

Chinese chemical firm invests €5.5m in Danish biotech start-up to develop new biochemicals

Zhejiang NHU shows great strategic interests in expanding their biotechnology-based product portfolio by partnering with biotechnology companies

Metsä Board and its associated company Metsä Fibre to launch pre-engineering phases for three major investments

All three investments will further develop the competitiveness of pulp and energy production for both companies, and move them towards fossil-free production

WISA Plywood to be centre stage with U-Build at Grand Designs Live London – creating a unique building experience

UPM Plywood is joining forces with Studio Bark and Fologram to create a unique building experience for self-builders at the Grand Designs Live event

3 Mai 2019

Ten reasons to attend the “12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” 15–16 May 2019, Maternushaus, Cologne

Comprehensive Update on Bio-based Fine Chemicals, Building-Blocks, Polymers and the Future of Biodegradation – Technologies, Markets, Consumers and Policy

The World Lost a Belgium-sized Area of Primary Rainforests Last Year

Global Forest Watch mourning third biggest loss of rainforests since beginning of measurements by satellite

Umweltzerstörung in 2018: Regenwald von der Fläche Englands zerstört

Global Forest Watch beklagt drittgrößten Verlust von Tropenwäldern, seit 2001 mit der Erhebung von Satellitendaten dazu begonnen wurde

Shiseido and Kaneka Launch Joint Development of Biodegradable Cosmetic Containers

In future, the two companies will continue discussions and verifications regarding the possibility of further applications

Seaweed to help combat drug-resistant superbugs, new research finds

Portugues researchers study explains the discovery of two compounds produced by bacteria, which are not known yet and can really be new molecules

Was versteht man unter Power-to-Liquid?

Synthetische Kraftstoffe könnten Benziner, Diesel oder Kerosin CO­2-neutral machen

You Can Now Smell a Flower That Went Extinct a Century Ago

The scent of a long-disappeared organism is once again in the air

International Effort Launches to Determine Best Bet CO2 Utilization Technologies

Economic and Environmental Guidelines Will Support New Industries and Climate Solutions

Enabling the Advanced Bioeconomy through Public Policy Supporting Biofoundries and Engineering Biology

This paper considers several policy options to remove critical technical barriers to commercialization

New study shows people used natural dyes to colour their clothing thousands of years ago

Chemists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg have created new analytical methods to examine textiles from China and Peru that are several thousand years old

Früher trug man bunt: Chemiker erforschen Jahrtausende alte Stoffe

Für deren Herstellung nutzten sie verschiedene Farbstoffe aus dem Tier- und Pflanzenreich

2 Mai 2019

State of play of Central and Eastern Europe’s bioeconomies

Study to map information and to help establishing data-driven support for the development and implementation of national bioeconomy policies in the BIOEAST macro-region

PBAT attracting interest of agricultural film manufacturers, says new market study

According to the ETH Zurich report, PBAT will undergo complete biodegradation in soil over a period of six weeks

Sixties-Modetrend Papierkleidung: Traumkleider zum Wegschmeißen

Bunte Abend- und Brautkleider, BHs, Umstandsmode, alles aus Papier: Wegwerfmode eroberte 1966 im Sturm die USA

Finnish bioethanol project worth millions – Swedish SEKAB provides technology

New biorefinery in Finland, Nordfuel, will open in 2021 using Sekab’s Celluapp technology

Kaneka Americas: Neue Biopolymer-Division gegründet

Laut Anbieter ist PHBH ein pflanzenbasiertes Produkt, dass sowohl Flexibilität als auch Hitzebeständigkeit bieten soll

Industrial-scale power-to-liquid plant planned

Industrial consortium on the way to green kerosene

Power to Liquid Anlage im industriellen Maßstab geplant

Industriekonsortium auf dem Weg zu grünem Kerosin

Ethanol CO2 by-product is critically important to merchant CO2 industry

CO2 is an opportunity for more of the ethanol producers today, and all options should be considered

GMOs Have Benefits for the Environment

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are one of the most overlooked solutions to combating threats to our planet

Bioprocessing Butanol into More Valuable Butyl Butyrate

The toxicity of butanol to microbial cells makes it difficult to scale-up the acetone–butanol–ethanol (ABE) fermentation process

Kaneka launches biopolymers unit

Japanese materials maker Kaneka Corp. has created a biopolymers division to market its plant-based PHBH-brand polyhydroxyalkanoate resin

30 April 2019

Join us: nova-Session „EU Circular Economy and Plastic Policy”, 21 May 2019, Cologne

Want to know what’s really going on with the new European plastics policy? Join our nova-Session!

Green plastic production made easy

More easy and affordable production of PEF could roll back PET production

Neues Verfahren macht Biokunststoff konkurrenzfähig

Einfachere, günstigere Herstellung von PEF könnte PET zurückdrängen

Bioeconomy in CAP – the economy of tomorrow?

To reach a functioning economy in the future, the driving force should consist of a sustainable bioeconomic strategy

Bioökonomie in der GAP: Die Wirtschaft von morgen?

Um in Zukunft eine voll funktionsfähige Wirtschaft zu erreichen, sollte eine nachhaltige Bioökonomie-Strategie die treibende Kraft sein

Sustainable way to increase seed oil yield in crops

New method can be applied to crops such as canola, soybean and sunflower, which are in a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to see increasing global demand

Ein Unternehmen produziert Paletten, ohne Bäume zu fällen

Die Erträge von Kokosnuss-Abfällen sind noch besser als bei herkömmlichen Paletten

Hemp is the New Oak: America’s First Hemp “Wood” Factory is Being Built

“HempWood” is 20 percent harder than oak, and grows 100 times as fast. It’s a sustainable alternative for hardwood furniture, flooring and more