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13 August 2018

Autofahren mit Baumrinde, Bauen mit Nussschalen

Auf dem Weg zu einer besseren Verwertung von Lignocellulose als nachhaltigem Rohstoff für die biobasierte Wirtschaft

Sulapac won Scanstar packaging competition

Kohinoor jewellery packaging is made of FSC-certified wood and natural binders

Climate taxes on agriculture could lead to more food insecurity than climate change itself

First international study to compare across models the effects of climate change on agriculture with the costs and effects of mitigation policies

Welcome to the ninth RoadToBio newsletter

Presentation of the latest events results, asking for your opinion on key barriers for bio-based chemicals and a little dig deeper into the dedicated polymer chemicals

Berliner Startup bringt den ersten Insektenriegel in Bioqualität auf deutschen und österreichischen Markt

Ab dem 25.Juli 2018 gibt es in insgesamt 60 Filialen der BIO COMPANY und bei basic Bio den Insektenriegel INSTINCT zu kaufen

France grants to two renewable isobutene derivatives the benefit of public support for sustainable biofuels

Bio-isobutene will be converted on-site into renewable, sustainable compounds, which will be directly usable by distributors to formulate quality gasoline

Pretreatment of lignocellulosic wastes for biofuel production: A critical review

Different pretreatments used for biofuel production in recent years

10 August 2018

Cortec’s EcoLine® Biodegradable Drilling Rod Grease to Replace Petroleum-Based Counterpart

Biobased, biodegradable grease is recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas near waterways

Medical Cannabis – New Developments in Germany, the EU and Canada

Peter Homberg, CEO of Dentons, is speaking about interesting developments, explained the situation with Canada, and discussed recent progress in other European countries

BBI JU features in a Spanish study on “Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development”

New publication highlights the role of BBI JU as an opportunity for the development of a sustainable, competitive and innovative bio-based industries sector in Europe

Quantencomputer simuliert chemische Bindungen

Die Quantensimulation von chemischen Prozessen könnte viele Probleme in der Chemie lösen helfen und Impulse für Materialwissenschaft, Medizin und Chemie geben

Braskem launches new renewable resin in Allbirds shoes

New product is the first with its characteristics to be made from sugarcane, and should supply the footwear, automotive, flexible packaging industries, as well as others

Researchers investigate new biobased fibers

A research team at North Carolina State University says biobased glucaric-acid or lignin additives can dramatically increase the toughness of polyvinyl alcohol fibers

New catalyst with a dual function

Plastic production with this catalyst would be sustainable and would also enable the creation of hydrogen as a potential energy source

Neuer Katalysator mit Doppelfunktion

Die Kunststoffproduktion mit diesem Katalysator wäre nachhaltig und würde gleichzeitig den potenziellen Energieträger Wasserstoff entstehen lassen

9 August 2018

Soil bugs munch on plastics

ETH Zurich and Eawag researchers identified films made of the polymer PBAT biodegrade in soils

Bodenmikroben bauen Kunststofffolie ab

Forscher der ETH Zürich und der Eawag zeigen auf, dass Folien aus dem Kunststoff PBAT im Boden biologisch abgebaut werden

Modular Metabolic Engineering for Biobased Chemical Production

Recent development of modular metabolic engineering approaches enabling the global fine-tuning of engineered pathways

Innovative Policies Drive the Biobased Economy

BIO will ensure innovative policies allow the science of biotechnology to continue strengthening the biobased economy

DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award 2018

Velener Textil Wins 2018 Award: “As close as it gets to no-waste textile manufacturing”

Carbon Capture, Solar Fuels, Fossil Bubble

Tackling the CO2 challenge provides possibilities for encouraging innovation and a more sustainable circular economy

Greenwood: America Leads in Biopharmaceutical Innovation. Let’s Keep It That Way.

Other countries are adopting policies designed to attract biotechnology firms to their shores, and as a result, the U.S. is losing some of its competitive advantage

Ottawa’s Clean Fuel Standards Still Too Murky

Clean fuel standards are an evolution of government-imposed renewable fuel mandates that are common across Canada

8 August 2018

Future of Proteins: First six participants for the Future Protein Award announced

The first Future Protein Award will be awarded during the new conference “Revolution in Food and Biomass Production (REFAB)”, 1-2 October 2018, Cologne Germany

Zukunft der Proteine: Die ersten sechs Kandidaten für den Wettbewerb „Future Protein Award“ stehen fest!

Der „Future Protein Award“ wird erstmals im Rahmen der neuen Konferenz „Revolution in Food and Biomass Production (REFAB)“, am 1.-2. Oktober 2018 in Köln, verliehen

Bio composites lend wings to sustainability trend

“Bio-Based Composites Pavilion” will be showcasing innovative materials and application examples in cooperation with the nova-Institute

Biocomposites beflügeln den Nachhaltigkeitstrend

Im Bio-Based Composites Pavilion" präsentiert die Fachmesse in Kooperation mit dem nova Institut innovative Materialien und Anwendungsbeispiele

Breakthrough in industrial CO2 usage

Greenhouse gas as a raw material for an important feed additive

Durchbruch bei industrieller CO2-Nutzung

Klimaschädliches Gas als Grundstoff für wichtigen Futtermittelzusatz

Recycled Forestry Waste Could Make Cosmetics, Plastics and Biofuel

An EU project is using forestry waste to make 2,3-butanediol, a chemical with a wide range of industrial applications, from perfumes to synthetic rubber and food additives

USDA amends its guidelines for designating bio-based products

USDA proposed designating 12 product categories for the preferred procurement program

Search engine for «smart wood»

Artificial intelligence in materials science

Suchmaschine für «Smart Wood»

Künstliche Intelligenz in der Materialforschung

Nachhaltige Fischzucht durch Mikroalgen

Forschungsprojekt der TH Nürnberg zeigt neue Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Mikroalgen - ein innovativer Beitrag zur Bioökonomie

7 August 2018

PEF challenges PET to battle

ETH Zurich researchers have developed a method that could finally make the PEF bioplastics marketable

PEF sagt PET den Kampf an

Forscher der ETH Zürich haben eine Methode entwickelt, die den Biokunststoff PEF endlich marktfähig machen könnte

Survey in Key barriers and hurdles – what is your opinion?

We invite you to take an active part in the project as you have the opportunity to give us your opinion and to participate in the development of the roadmap

AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals and Imagine Chemistry winner Renmatix to develop biomass-derived additives for paint and construction

Joint development agreement to research, develop and commercialize novel products using Crysto™ Cellulose, a unique form of crystalline cellulose

From an electrical engineer to an entrepreneur for biodegradable cutlery

Indian entrepreneur is producing bagasse tableware to replace the single-use plastics

Millionen-Investition im Covestro Industriepark Brunsbüttel: Wasserstoff aus Windstrom

Elektrolyse-Anlage von Wind to Gas Energy geht bald in Betrieb

A billion tons of biomass: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to the DOE’s Billion Ton Report

Here’s a slide deck overview of the Report’s findings given by the DOE’s Alison Goss Eng

Von der Natur serviert

Die Produktion des CPLA verursacht im Vergleich zum normalen Plastik PET/ PS insgesamt 60% weniger CO2 Ausstoß

6 August 2018

TOP Renewable Carbon is Key to a Sustainable and Future-Oriented Chemical Industry

The equivalent to decarbonisation in the energy sector is a transition to carbon from renewable sources in the chemical and plastics industries. The nova-Institute published a position paper on the future of chemistry

TOP Erneuerbarer Kohlenstoff ist der Schlüssel zur Zukunft einer nachhaltigen Chemie

Was im Energiebereich die Dekarbonisierung darstellt, ist für die Chemie- und Kunststoffindustrie der Umstieg auf erneuerbaren Kohlenstoff. Das nova-Institut (Hürth) hat ein Positionspapier zur Zukunft der Chemie veröffentlicht

A Dream for the Future: “Flying with Green Fuel”

High-ranking joint project is going to develop together with six partners, electricity-based green kerosene

Zukunftstraum: „Mit grünem Treibstoff fliegen“

Hochrangiges Verbundprojekt in der Energieforschung will gemeinsam mit sechs Partnern strombasiertes, grünes Kerosin entwickeln

Second Webinar “Bio-based sweet spots for the chemical industry – A conclusion and discussion after the second stakeholder workshop”

Find a recording of the webinar or the presented slides here

PETRONAS Chemicals Group enters MOU with Leaf for biorefinery offtake

MOU provides among other things for a study of chemical markets and commercially ready bio-technologies

Cutlery you can eat: One company’s approach to the plastic pollution problem

The edible cutlery game, a burgeoning niche, has created buzz among consumers but received lukewarm reception from environmentalists

Looking grim: still no acceptable offer for BioAmber

Company will now seek court approval for liquidation or alternative offers