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23 August 2019

Reduce, Recycle, Replace: SÜDPACK takes 3-pronged approach to sustainability

German Company SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG will unveil a range of solutions tailored to today’s packaging concerns

CMBlu stellt Bundesverkehrsminister Scheuer Organic-Flow-Batterie vor

Lignin statt Lithium: Organische Energiespeicher aus Alzenau

Fuel Ethylene, has its time come?

In our look this week at Carbon Re-Use, we’ll look at this alternative for ethanol producers

Novo Holdings Invests $72 Million in Sustainable Products Leader LanzaTech

Additionally, the investment in LanzaTech marks Novo Holdings’ fourth investment within the growth equity area this year

Industrial Biotechnology: To What Extent Is Responsible Innovation on the Agenda?

Hopes, Hype, and Responsible Innovation

22 August 2019

Natural Fibres and the World Economy July 2019

DNFI, in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), collects statistics on 14 categories of natural fibres

Photocatalyzed Insertion of CO2 into Benzylic C–H Bonds

University of Regensburg researchers have developed a visible-light-mediated carboxylation of benzylic C–H bonds with CO2 to give 2-arylpropionic acids

Quote für Grüne Gase gefordert

Die Vereinigung FNB Gas fordert eine Quotenregelung für Grüne Gase. Grund ist die unmittelbare Wirkung für den CO2-Ausstoß

Softer-than-cotton: antibacterial shirt is made out of milk

Mi Terro's machine-washable Limitless Milk Shirt is said to have a soft, silk-like feel, while also being antibacterial, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, UV-blocking, and stretchable

Katalysatoren fürs Klima

Fraunhofer Wissenschaftler wollen vielversprechende katalytische Verfahren zur Nutzung von CO2 gemeinsam mit Partnern aus der Industrie bis zur Einsatzreife weiterentwickeln

Lavazza launches compostable coffee capsules

New design of the capsules features two layers of compostable material and a coating layer which forms the barrier against oxygen

BIM holzbaugerecht weiterentwickeln

TU München will der Digitalisierung im Holzbau den Weg ebnen

Hydrogen Production – how much will be sustainable, how sustainable, when, and how?

We need new methods of affordable production, new sources that justify the time, money and aggravation of building out a hydrogen infrastructure

Biolubricants set to help farm products

Move a part of state's bioeconomy scheme

Bio-On files suit against US asset management firm

Bio-On said it had filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor of Bologna in relation to the claims made by QCM

21 August 2019

Braskem renews partnership with French startup specializing in development of microorganisms

Agreement between the two companies enables advances in important tools for the development of biotechnology around the world

Natural cosmetics company spruces up its packaging

German company biana switches from a PE tube to one made from spruce wood and sugarcane for its line of four natural skin cream products made with grape seed oil

Das erste Hanf-Flugzeug der Welt ist stärker als Stahl und wird mit Biokraftstoff aus Hanf betrieben

Hempearth-Innovation als Weltpremiere in der Geschichte der Luftfahrt: Nach Fertigstellung kann das Hanf-Flugzeug vier Passagiere und einen Piloten befördern

Seaweed underpants, Trump straws, BASF renewable chelating agents, CBD extraction, biometric IDs for airlines, upcycling coffee waste, and more

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of August 9th

Organische Architektur mit organischen Materialien!

LED-hinterleuchtete 3D-Fassade aus Flachs, Bioharz und Wellpappe für Industriebauten entwickelt

A push from Congress could help advance carbon management tech

Government leadership could help fund early-stage program to use carbon dioxide as a resource for profitable products

Bio-on produces expert witnesses testifying to validity biodegradability claims

After issuing a statement refuting all allegations to a last QCM’s report, Bio-on has now also called on two experts to testify to the validity of its PHA technology

Which Molecules Are Key for a Sustainable Chemical Industry?

Cambridge researchers screened a large chemical database with over 105 million compounds and identified "strategic" compounds for a circular economy

Study identifies way to enhance the sustainability of manufactured soils

Adding biochar to soil constructed from waste materials, reduces the loss of essential nutrients such as nitrogen and carbon

Plant-based packaging pairs perfectly with frozen dessert

Coconut Bliss’s redesigned, sustainable paperboard-cup packaging is a category-first material protected by a biopolymer made from sugarcane husks

20 August 2019

ECONYKOL™ Biomass Plastic Raw Material Adopted for Use in ZMP’s New Self-Driving Car, Robocar™ Walk

ECONYKOL™ bio-polyol has been adopted for use in the Robocar™ Walk, the latest model in the RoboCar™ series

Nachhaltig gutes Design

ECOFRIENDLY“-Komponenten von Wagner werden aus einem nachhaltigen, speziellen Bio-Compound gefertigt, das bis zu 80 Prozent aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen besteht

Super absorbent Miscanthus horse bedding launched

Carbon negative renewable crop is more absorbent than other bedding products

Huhtamaki launches new compostable double wall cup

New cup in a mixed sleeve of white and green designs utilizes the unique Impresso bubble emboss which provides enhanced insulation and a tactile touch for the holder

Nährstoffgemeinschaften für zukunftsfähige Landwirtschaft

Universität Stuttgart Projekt "RUN": Düngemittel, Biogas, Pflanzenkohle und Biokunststoff in Reallabor in Heidelberg

Croda Reduces GHG Emissions

Another example of smart science improving lives

Sommerspritzer #3 mit „Barkinsulation“

Interview: Junges Start-Up will aus Rinde einen innovativen und nachhaltigen Isolationswerkstoff pressen und vermarkten

Kaneka showcases PHBH products at G20 Osaka Summit

Company exhibited a number of disposable products, in addition to samples demonstrating the material’s ability to biodegrade in the marine environment

Metsä Spring invests in Woodio, leader in waterproof wood composite technology

Woodio’s proprietary technology enables the valorisation of Metsä Group’s underutilised side-streams into long-lived, value-added products

From greenhouse gas to fuel

Novel catalysis approach reduces carbon dioxide to methane

19 August 2019

Why Hasn’t Torrefaction Taken Off?

With torrefied biomass holding such promise, what is holding it back from commercial success?

Luftverkehrswirtschaft unterbreitet Vorschläge für mehr Klimaschutz

BDL-Präsidium setzt auf gemeinsames Vorgehen von Politik und Luftfahrt

Scientists create artificial catalysts inspired by living enzymes

Researchers have made a significant advance in the development of artificial catalysts for making cleaner chemicals and fuels at an industrial scale

Growing bio-based solvent market

These specialty chemicals continue to look for safer and less carbon emitter alternatives

Braskem develops its first solvent made from renewable resources

Investment of around R$1 million contributed to the development of the solution made from sugarcane

How plants synthesise salicylic acid

International research team lead by Göttingen University discovers mechanism for biosynthesis of salicylic acid

Forscher lösen Rätsel um Salizylsäure-Synthese in Pflanzen

Team unter Leitung der Universität Göttingen entschlüsselt Mechanismus zum Entstehen des Stresshormons

16 August 2019

BP, Rosneft join German sustainable aviation fuels initiative

Founded in 2011, the German initiative aims to promote the research, production and usage of sustainable aviation fuels in Germany

How ecovio® contributes to closing the nutrient cycle towards a Circular Economy

Films made from ecovio® M 2351 can be left in the soil after harvesting, rather than being laboriously removed and recycled

Mit ecovio® den Nährstoffkreislauf schließen und die Kreislaufwirtschaft fördern

Die BASF bietet mit ecovio® M 2351 einen zertifiziert boden-abbaubaren (EN 17033) Kunststoff für Mulchfolien an

Österreich beschließt Verbot von Kunststofftragetasche

Ende 2020 ist Schluss mit Plastiktüten im österreichischen Handel

15 August 2019

Synthetic biology enables protein origami

Engineers find new way to create single-chain protein nanostructures using synthetic biology and protein-assembly techniques

Panasonic develops resin material with more than 50% plant content

Panasonic vacuum cleaner made from bio-based materials

5 Minutes With… Joško Bobanović from Sofinnova Partners

“In theory, the beauty about synthetic biology is that everything is possible. It allows us to design things without going through the classical disciplines like chemistry or physics.”

CCU in Rahmen- und Containerbauweise ist marktreif

Die Kohlenstoffabscheidung und -Nutzung ist industriell verfügbarer Stand der Technik geworden