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19 Juni 2018

WOULDWOOD develops systems for environmentally friendly construction and vehicle manufacturing

New project aims to create an industrial value chain for advanced additive manufacturing of wood-based components for the construction and transport sector

So verbindet man Naturfasern und Kunststoffe

Bundesweit einzigartig: Mit einer Anlage an der Hochschule Rosenheim sollen Vorteile von Holz- und Naturfaser mit Kunststoff verbunden werden

Predicted environmental changes could significantly reduce global production of vegetables

First study, led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, to examine which projected changes could affect the production and nutritional quality of common crops

Spaghetti straws a big hit at Malak Markets

MALAK Markets are fighting for a plastic-free lifestyle and have introduced pasta straws to help cut back on plastic use

LanzaTech and Shougang Group towards a carbon-smart economy in China

Companies announced successful start-up of the world’s first commercial facility converting industrial emissions to sustainable ethanol

As Promised, Senate Agriculture Committee Leaders Find Common Ground in Bipartisan Farm Bill

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 provides certainty and predictability for producers across all regions, as well as those in need of assistance

Benzin und Diesel könnten bis 2050 fast klimaneutral werden

Flugzeuge, Schiffe und die Industrie sind auf Kraftstoffe angewiesen - doch sie belasten das Klima, könnten künstliche Kraftstoffe ein Ausweg sein?

18 Juni 2018

DuPont Celebrates Official Opening of Industrial Biosciences’ Global Business Headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware

The Renovated Facility Fosters Collaboration and Innovation with State-of-the-Art Biotechnology Laboratories and World-Class Scientists at Historic Experimental Station

Fußball-WM: Die Bioökonomie ist mit dabei

Viele umweltfreundliche Bioökonomie-Ansätze haben den Sportsektor bereits erobert

“Electricity as a resource”: Green energy for sustainable chemistry

Will chemicals come from the plug sockets in future?

“Strom als Rohstoff” für eine nachhaltige Chemie

Kommen Chemikalien bald aus der Steckdose?

All that glitters is not gold: Mighty Hoopla promotes eco-friendly alternative

AIF launched ‘Drastic On Plastic’ campaign and any glitter will be banned from 61 independent music festivals

Preem and RenFuel to create the world’s first lignin plant for biofuels

The plant is expected to produce an annual volume of 25,000-30,000 tonnes of lignin, and will be completed in 2021

Carbon utilization bill could create value for CO2 emissions

The Carbon Utilization Act, would allow new carbon utilization technologies, such as carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) and biogas production

15 Juni 2018

Michelin’s 2048 ambitions: MICHELIN tires will be made using 80 percent sustainable materials 100 percent of tires will be recycled

Group is investing in high technology recycling to be able to increase this content to 80 percent sustainable materials

GMO adversaries get enclosed from all sides

New agriculture strategies will make it harder once more for GMO adversaries to maintain a head-on opposition

Large-scale and sustainable 3D printing with the most ubiquitous natural material

Singapore researchers have recently demonstrated the use of cellulose to sustainably manufacture/fabricate large 3D objects

This humble Australian bee is helping to disrupt the plastics industry

Biotech start-up found the solitary masked bee's cellophane-like nesting material is not only water-repellent, but also resistant to flames, high temperatures and strong chemicals

World’s First Commercial Waste Gas to Ethanol Plant Now in Operation

LanzaTech’s gas fermentation platform enabling the regional production of low-cost energy from local wastes and residues

Almond co-products: Almond Board targets circular economy potential in feed and farming

Almond Board of California is exploring new uses for the co-products of almonds such as insect feed, biobased plastics and coloring for the tire industry

Organic insect deterrent for agriculture

Biodegradable crop protection products without risks or side effects

Bio-Insektenspray für die Landwirtschaft

Biologisch abbaubare Pflanzenschutzmittel ohne Risiken und Nebenwirkungen

Lebende Cyanobakterien-Elektrode stellt effizient Strom her

Dieses System für die Energieproduktion regeneriert sich selbst

14 Juni 2018

TOP Avantium starts construction of bio-MEG demonstration plant in the Netherlands

Market demand for MEG is expected to grow from 28 million to 50 million tons in the next 20 years

Exploring alternative materials to reduce plastic pollution

Report by UN Environment assesses the potential of replacing certain conventional plastics applications with alternative materials

Neue Studie zu synthetischen Kraftstoffen: Freie Fahrt voraus mit Fischer-Tropsch

Die Mineralölindustrie hält „grüne Moleküle“ für die Zukunft – und fordert politische Unterstützung. Nicht alle teilen diesen Enthusiasmus

Climate Change Breakthrough: Large-scale capture of atmospheric CO shown to be feasible and affordable

Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology demonstrate for the first time a scalable and cost-effective solution for removing CO₂ from the atmosphere

Solar fuels come nearer: Direct-from-air CO2 capture cost drops below $100/ton threshold

Carbon Engineering’s David Keith explained to the Digest

Elephant grass is new ‘local feedstock’ for bioplastics

Netherlands Start-Up NNRG developed a biodegradable, compostable bioplastic called Vibers that is made from cellulose

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences teams with Stora Enso on R&D program

Stora Enso has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Innovative Process for Breaking Down Lignin in Scrap Wood to Make Adhesive Tapes

Engineers at the University of Delaware have developed a novel process to make tape out of a major component of trees and plants called lignin

13 Juni 2018

Stora Enso opens Europe’s largest wood fibre-based biocomposite plant

DuraSense™ make it possible to reduce the consumption of plastic by up to 60% and replace it with renewable wood fibre

API and ICM Unveil Joint Development to Manufacture Sustainable High-Performance Textile Solutions

Companies meet increased customer demand for innovative and sustainable technical fabrics for the fashion and footwear industries

All eyes on Canada as first G7 nation prepares to make marijuana legal

From crime to health to business, Canada’s decision to legalize marijuana is a grand progressive experiment that promises to answer a host of questions

Öko-Strategie 2030: Ikea will CO2-Ausstoß um 80 Prozent senken

Der weltweit größte Möbelkonzern will grüner werden: Bis 2030 sollen die Produkte von Ikea nur noch aus nachwachsenden und recycelten Rohstoffen bestehen

Biomonitor – Monitoring the Bioeconomy

Eighteen European partners from public and private research institutions to establish a sustainable data and modelling framework for the bioeconomy

The new bioplastics developed in STU decompose in both soil and water

Slovak scientists' new plastic is made from oil, will decompose in compost and can be used for cutlery, containers and cling-films

Renewable Solvents Derived From Lignin Lowers Waste in Biofuel Production

New class of solvents breaks down plant biomass into sugars for biofuels and bioproducts in a closed-loop biorefinery concept

Insects supply chitin as a raw material for the textile industry

The Institute is working on utilizing side streams from the animal feed manufacture for the production of chitosan

Insekten liefern Chitin als Grundstoff für die Textilindustrie

Das Institut arbeitet daran, Reststoffe aus der Futtermittelindustrie zur Herstellung von Chitosan zu verwenden

12 Juni 2018

Covestro awarded in Germany-wide ideas competition – Innovation prize for plastics from plants

Research breakthrough in sustainable chemical production / Awarded on the initiative of the German government and industry

Covestro in deutschlandweitem Ideenwettbewerb prämiert – Innovationspreis für Kunststoff aus Pflanzen

Forschungsdurchbruch in nachhaltiger Chemikalienproduktion - Ehrung durch Initiative von deutscher Regierung und Wirtschaft

Biodiesel causes storage tanks to corrode: about unintended consequences of new developments

Readable book about 'revenge effects' covers numerous examples of unintended consequences to be aware of

Aston scientists pave way for greener roads made of domestic waste

Study authors say ‘bio-bitumen’ is cheaper and greener to manufacture

Biobasierte Wirtschaft lockt 200 Teilnehmer nach Halle

Konferenzstart zeitgleich mit Raketenstart

New Downy Nature Blends Helps Extend the Life of Clothes With the Power of Plants

New product provides powerful conditioning using a plant-based formula, helping to keep clothes looking newer, longer

AMSilk: Meet the German Biotech Behind Adidas’ Biodegradable Shoes

Interview with CEO Jens Klein to find out more about the innovative engineered silk material

eForFuel: Fuels from CO2 and Electricity

eForFuel is a truly interdisciplinary project aiming to achieve its research targets of offering sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels

eForFuel: Kraftstoffe aus CO2 und Strom

eForFuel bietet eine neuartige Lösung zur Nutzung von Ressourcen, die im Wesentlichen unbegrenzt und unabhängig von der Landnutzung sind: CO2, Strom und Wasser

Bio-on and GIMA TT create a new company for the development and production of innovative materials for the tobacco world

The new company AMT Labs S.p.A. (Advanced Materials Tobacco Labs) has been created by Bio-on S.p.A. and is 20% owned by Gima TT