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22 Februar 2018

Fraunhofer IMWS testet umweltfreundliche Mikroplastik-Alternativen in Kosmetikartikeln

Die erhaltenen Erkenntnisse dürften sich auch für künftige Entwicklungen in anderen Bereichen der Kosmetikbranche anwenden lassen

Fraunhofer IMWS tests environmentally friendly microplastic alternatives in cosmetic products

Results obtained can also be used in the future for development in other cosmetic areas

Projektstart: Wie gefährlich ist Reifenabrieb?

Reifen verlieren mit der Zeit an Substanz und setzen Kleinstpartikel in Form von Feinstaub oder Mikroplastik frei. Fraunhofer UMSICHT untersucht im Verbundprojekt »TyreWearMapping« deutschlandweit den Einfluss von Reifenabrieb auf die Umwelt

Air Liquide opens a unique CO2 Recovery Plant in Johnstown, ON

Air Liquide invested over $30 million these past two years to build this new facility and enhance its bulk distribution fleet in Ontario and Quebec

Gene improves plant growth and conversion to biofuels

The increase in plant yield and sugar release—demonstrated in both greenhouse and field trials for switchgrass—bodes well for creating biofuels

21 Februar 2018

Enerkem: Partners agree on initial funding to kick off waste-to-chemistry project in Rotterdam

Project to be first of its kind in Europe to provide a sustainable alternative solution for non-recyclable plastics and other mixed wastes

Self-healing concrete in full development

Concrete degradation of our infrastructure could have been avoided if we had used self-healing concrete in the first place

Deutsche Verbraucher legen Wert auf nachhaltige Verpackungen

Neue PwC Studie zeigt auf: Drei Viertel der Supermarktkunden achten beim Einkauf darauf, Produkte mit so wenig Verpackung wie möglich zu erwerben

DowDuPont boss: Merger will speed up innovation to face farming challenges ‘quickly’

Green NGOs have warned about agro-chemical company mergers, saying that they will deliver 70% of the sector into the hands of three giant merged companies

Big Algae chases Omega-3 dominance: DSM, Evonik underway on $200M algae project in Nebraska

Veramaris will now enable all partners along the value chain to grow in a responsible way and meet the demand for healthy animal protein

The master BioCirce awarded with the Italiadecide prize for teaching innovation

The program allows the professionals to go in depth in all the aspects related to the production and marketing sides of bio-based products

Failed EU Commission advanced biofuel policy wastes billions of euros

The Commission and the Parliament have neglected two common sense rules

20 Februar 2018

Huge innovation or dead end? CRISPR/Cas9 in the bioeconomy

nova Session on "Potential of Gene Editing & CRISPR/Cas9 for the Bio-based Economy", 6 March 2018

IML decoration now available for PLA packaging

Coffee capsules: innovative polylactide (PLA) injection moulding solution with IML decoration saves resources

European Commission’s €2 billion support of advanced biofuels questioned

Ethanol Europe's research argues, that less than 1% of announced advanced biofuel capacity has successfully been materialised

NUS researchers turn fashion waste into multifunctional material

Scientists converted cotton-based fabric waste into highly compressible and ultralight cotton aerogels

TU-Studenten gewinnen Kleber aus Stroh

Projekt Bioraffinerie 2021 –Harburger Uni und tesa arbeiten gemeinsam daran, pflanzliche Abfälle in Klebstoff nutzbar zu machen

Wooden electric balance bike wants to be your Big Buddy

Slovenian-made Big Buddy Bike with a tempered wooden frame is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign

UPM Raflatac launches new white plant-based PE film for home and personal care applications

RafBio PE White performs just like standard PE film, and its excellent flexibility makes it ideal for the squeezable bottles and contoured containers

Enerkem raises its largest financing round of C$280 million in new capital

BlackRock and China's Sinobioway Group join as Enerkem investors

19 Februar 2018

33 Presentations and 7 valuable Comments on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

6th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

Humanity’s fight against climate change is failing. One technology can change that

In virtually every IPCC model, carbon capture is absolutely essential - no matter what else we do to mitigate climate change

Chewing the Monster Fatberg

New Argent Energy plant will be able to produce up to 90 million litres (80,000 tonnes) of biodiesel from waste fats a year

Norway establishes international high-level panel on sustainable ocean economy

Resolution put forward by Norway was passed at the UN Environment Assembly in December

Biokunststoffe verarbeiten – Projekt mit hohem Praxisnutzen ging erfolgreich zu Ende

Verbrauchernachfrage geht zunehmend in Richtung nachhaltigere Verpackungslösungen für den privaten Haushalt

Stora Enso launches bio-based lignin as renewable replacement for oil-based phenolic materials

The launch of LineoTM by Stora Enso is another important step on the way to replacing fossil-based materials with renewable solutions. Lineo is available to companies seeking more sustainable, bio-based alternatives

Stora Enso launches lignin-based phenol

Stora Enso has been producing lignin at industrial scale since 2015 at its Sunila pulp mill in Finland

Plastic-eating bacteria more diverse and numerous than previously thought

A study found that plastic-eating bacteria are more numerous and more diverse than previously thought – Can they help us solve the problem of plastics polluting our environment?

Es gibt mehr und vielfältigere plastikfressende Bakterien als bisher angenommen

Eine Studie fand mehr plastikfressende Mikroben als bisher angenommen – Können sie helfen, das Problem der Umweltverschmutzung durch PET zu lösen?

16 Februar 2018

The fight on plastics heats up in the EU

A wind of change is blowing across Europe, trying to sweep away all the plastic bags that are littering our countries. January 2018 has been a busy month in this sense

Packaging and the environment: A plan for plastics

Commission ready to push ahead with a headline goal of making all plastics produced in the EU reusable or recyclable by 2030

Cities of the future may be built with locally available volcanic ash

Study finds adding volcanic ash reduces the overall energy required to manufacture concrete

Forscher wollen Städte aus Vulkanasche bauen

Mischung aus Beton und Gesteinspulver reduziert Energiebedarf

10 Years After: Advanced Biofuels’ Status, Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Lorenz Bauer, Ph.D., Member Lee Enterprises Consulting, will be speaking at the ABLC 2018 conference in Washington DC

Much choice in biobased materials at Material Xperience

World’s largest multisectoral materials exhibition’ intends to present an integral picture of actual developments

Biorefineries: Our Synthetic Biology Future

Bob Kodrzycki from Lee Enterprises Consulting – Special to The Digest    

Voyage to the Bottom of the Hydrocarbon Cost Curve: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Global Bioenergies

Ronan Rocle recently presented this illuminating overview of the company’s progress and promise

15 Februar 2018

Bioeconomy: A global trend?

More work is needed to realize bioeconomy's potential as a climate solution

MIDO 2018: Evonik introduces innovative plastics concepts that unite safety, function, and design in children’s glasses

As part of a cooperation with Hwa Mao Optical (Xiamen, China) children's glasses were developed from up to 50 percent renewable raw materials

MIDO 2018: Mit innovativen Kunststoffideen vereint Evonik Sicherheit, Funktion und Design bei Kinderbrillen

In Kooperation mit Hwa Mao Optical (Xiamen, China) entstanden Kinderbrillen aus bis zu 50 Prozent nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Peter Vanacker appointed President and CEO of Neste Corporation

Vanacker's broad international experience from the chemicals and polymers industry will be very welcome for Neste

Ein Vorbild für Deutschland? Schweden verbietet Mikroplastik in Kosmetika

Umweltbundesamt hat EU-weites Verbot von Mikroplastik in Kosmetikprodukten angeregt

UMD Researchers Create Super Wood Stronger Than Most Metals

By removing the wood’s lignin and heat compressing, wood’s fibers are pressed together so tightly that they can form strong hydrogen bonds

Power-to-liquids: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology

Sunfire product manager Karl Hauptmeier gave this illuminating overview of the technology’s progress and promise in this attractive deck

Going Green and Cold: Biosurfactants from Low-Temperature Environments to Biotechnology Applications

The cryosphere is becoming more easily accessible to scientific expeditions and is predicted to fuel the discovery of novel natural products

14 Februar 2018

Conferences: old wine in new bottles

Events like EFIB should not be about protecting established bio-based industries, but also discuss actual topics, the latest developments in the field, plans and expectations

BRAIN: Bereit für den Paradigmenwechsel – spekulatives Must-have!

Mittelfristig rechnet der Bioökonomie-Spezialist mit Erlösen im dreistelligen Millionenbereich

Mangalam Organics signs alliance agreement with DRT

Under the arrangement, DRT will purchase the products from Indian chemical company MOL and be responsible for sales and services

Could plant-based plastics help tackle waste pollution?

It does not seem feasible to get rid of plastics completely, but instead replace some of the petroleum-based plastic for biopolymers derived from plant-based sources

Kaum einer weiß es: Wie gefährliches Plastik in Ihren Lebensmitteln landet

Nach den USA, Kanada und Neuseeland ist Großbritannien der erste europäische Gesetzgeber, der Mikroplastik in Duschgel und Zahnpasta verbietet