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31 Juli 2017

PolyBioSkin develops biopolymers for high-demand skin-contact applications

Kick-off meeting in Spain to discuss how new generation bio-based polymers can help advance sustainable alternatives in sanitary, cosmetic, and biomedical fields

Biopolymere aus Resten der Holzverarbeitung

Neues BMEL-Projekt nutzt Terpene aus der Holzverarbeitung um biobasierte Polyamide herzustellen

Seattle startup raises $12M to ‘rewrite the software of life’ (with a little help from the technology behind beer)

Biology company Arzeda spent the last nine years developing the technology to build custom proteins and other molecules

Biofuel for conventional diesel engines created

Researchers have developed a method for producing a petroleum diesel-like fuel from conventional biodiesel at low temperatures

Forscher stellen Biokraftstoff für konventionelle Dieselmotoren her

Forscher haben ein Verfahren entwickelt, mit dem sie aus konventionellem Biodiesel bei niedrigeren Temperaturen einen petrodiesel-ähnlichen Kraftstoff herstellen

REG Celebrates Completion of Upgrade Project at Emden Biorefinery

REG invested 2.5 million € for the installation of a new biodiesel distillation column and a thermal oil heater

28 Juli 2017

Making the right choices – where are biofuels headed in Europe?

"Sustainable First and Second Generation Bioethanol for Europe – Opportunities for People, Planet and Profit ", international conference, 26 September 2017, Brussels

PlastiCircle – Improvement of the plastic packaging waste chain from a circular economy approach

EU-project aims to develop and implement a holistic process to increase recycling rates of packaging waste in Europe

Neue biobasierte Brücken im Rotterdamer Hafen halten bestimmt 100 Jahre

InfraCore's weltweit patentiertes Verfahren erlaubt das Verbauen von Kunststoffkompositen in Brückenkonstruktionen

New biobased bridges in port of Rotterdam will last at least 100 years

InfraCore's patented technology allows to building polymer composites in bridge constructions

Biokunststoff: Zitrusfrüchte statt Chemie

Katalanische Forscher arbeiten an Bioplastik aus Zitronen, Orangen oder Pomeranzen

How enzymes produce hydrogen

For years, researchers had assumed that a highly unstable intermediate state had to exist in the reaction. No one was able to verify this. Until now

Industrial Biotechnology: A Unique Potential for Pollution Prevention

The BIO report shows how companies are working to utilize new technology in various ways

Start-up turns food waste into PHA plastics

New funding will allow a California company to expand production of bioplastic derived from organic waste with an eye toward proving commercial viability

27 Juli 2017

nova’s experts introduced: Dr. Oliver Arendt

Policy, Techno-economic evaluation, Markets


Nearly 300 delegates from around the world attended, providing excellent opportunities for networking and discussion

Protein produced with electricity to alleviate world hunger

Protein created with electricity can be used as a fodder replacement, thus releasing land areas for other purposes

Sprit aus Strom: Ökodiesel, ein leeres Versprechen

Genauere Betrachtung des "CO2-neutralen" Verfahrens der Sunfire GmbH

Mechanismus aufgeklärt: Wie Enzyme Wasserstoff produzieren

Den entscheidenden Katalyseschritt bei der Wasserstoffproduktion durch Enzyme haben RUB-Forscher gemeinsam mit Kollegen der Freien Universität Berlin aufgeklärt

Biokatalytische Synthese von Acrylnitril aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen (BiPAN)

Gemeinsames, FNR gefördertes Forschungsvorhaben der Dralon GmbH und der Enzymicals AG

26 Juli 2017

Biocomposites, wood and natural fibres as well as bio-based polymers at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017

Composites going green

Bio-Verbundwerkstoffe, Holz- und Naturfasern sowie bio-basierte Polymere auf der COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017

Composites going green

Perstorp: Capa™ grades given food contact approval in US

Company can now offer a higher molecular weight product to give customers more choices and flexibility

Latest results: Commission to invest € 97 million to help 64 small businesses bring their innovations to the market

Total amount of € 96.815 million to be distributed between the SMEs working on 57 projects to finance innovation activities

VAUDE Launches Footwear Range Containing Biosuccinium®

Sustainable trekking shoes with high-end design were unveiled at the OutDoor 2017 show in Friedrichshafen, Germany

Weltneuheit aus Rostock: Erfindung macht Erdöl überflüssig

Eine Erfindung der Firma Gensoric soll Erdöl überflüssig machen. Den ersten Praxistest hat sie bereits bestanden

Cellulosics & the Whole Bio-Barrel: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Renmatix

Renmatix CTO Fred Moesler gave this illuminating overview on the company and its progress and promise at ABLC 2017 in Washington, DC

Report says high aviation biofuel costs and regulation over airport spending obstacles for fuel uptake

The report reveals the financial tools available to U.S. airports, and outlines legal constraints and financial impacts of each tool

25 Juli 2017

InnProBio project’s latest factsheet on bio-based economy

Factsheet #5: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Nanomaterial helps store solar energy: efficiently and inexpensively

Field trials show that new catalyst material for electrolysers is reliable

Nanomaterial hilft Sonnenenergie zu speichern: effizient und kostengünstig

Neues Katalysator-Material für Elektrolyseure bewährt sich im Praxistest

Rezension: Bioökonomie für Einsteiger

Süddeutsche Expertenrunde will Überblick zu diesem komplexen Thema schaffen

ICIQ: When life gives you lemons, make bio-plastics

Spanish reseacher group develops an environmentally friendly method to produce BPA-free polycarbonate from limonene and CO2

TU Chemnitz: Continuous production all-natural fiber composite looks to become reality

Researchers at the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE developed semi-finished products made from plastics and natural fibers

The EU Commission’s Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre (BKC) will be launched tomorrow

The European Commission’s Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre will be launched at the 20th in Brussels as the Commission’s central knowledge hub on the bioeconomy

Bill aims to establish tax credit for biobased chemicals

Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., recently introduced legislation that aims to establish a 15-cent-per-pound production tax credit for renewable chemicals made from biomass

24 Juli 2017

TOP Avantium takes next step and signs contract with AkzoNobel for pilot biorefinery in Delfzijl

Avantium and AkzoNobel have signed a contract for the pilot plant accommodation and the supply of various facilities and services

France’s Arkema Looks to Specialty Chemicals to Drive Growth

Company plans to achieve a 50 percent increase in its production capacities for polyamide 11

Arkema: Franzosen investieren in biobasierte Polyamide

Ausbau der weltweiten Kapazitäten für Polyamid 11 (PA11) um etwa 50 Prozent vorgesehen

Strong results in Italy for Genomatica’s GENO BDO biobased process technology

Novamont has officially confirmed that its new industrial plant in Italy has met all performance guarantees committed to Genomatica

New CRISPR technology takes cells to the movies

Genome engineering system transforms living cells into archival data storage devices

High Added Value Renewable Polymers

Dr. Bernard Cooker, Chemical Processing Solutions, Consultant with Lee Enterprises Consulting – Special to The Digest

In search of next-gen bioproducts and fuels, DOE invests $40M in 4 Bioenergy Research Centers

The centers are designed to lay the scientific groundwork for a new bio-based economy that promises to yield a range of important new products

21 Juli 2017

Are There Opportunities for Biopolymers in the Emerging 3D Printable Materials Market?

New biopolymers currently in development for conventional manufacturing can provide interesting opportunities for use in 3D printing applications

EU-Forschungsprojekt soll Weg in die Bioökonomie weisen

Verbundvorhaben mit dem Titel 'Biocas' will Verfahren entwickeln, Biomasse im ländlichen Raum naturverträglich zu produzieren und effektiv zu nutzen

HuskeeCup: These coffee cups are made from coffee

HuskeeCup is a durable, reusable cup made from coffee husk. It's comfortable to hold, and keeps your coffee hotter for longer!

Covestro makes “unprecedented achievement” with the chemical used to manufacture dyes, drugs and plastics

Newly developed process uses a microorganism as a catalyst to first convert the industrial sugar into an aniline precursor

How the European chemical industry could become carbon neutral by 2050

Making the sector carbon neutral while retaining its competitiveness in a full circular economy in Europe is a significant challenge

Is It the End or Just the Beginning for Jatropha?

Jatropha grows in Botswana, dies in other countries

20 Juli 2017

Bio-Verbundwerkstoffe bieten Vorteile für Umwelt, Industrie und Verbraucher

Am 6. und 7. Dezember findet in Köln die „Biocomposites Conference Cologne (BCC)” statt