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15 Mai 2019

Crowd Oil – Fuels From Airconditioning Systems

Researchers Want to Use Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems for Decentralized Production of Carbon-neutral Synthetic Fuels

„Crowd Oil“: Kraftstoffe aus der Klimaanlage

Forscher wollen Klima- und Lüftungsanlagen zur dezentralen Produktion von CO2-neutralen Energieträgern nutzen

Seats of your next SUVs could be made from biomaterials

According to PETA, a non-profit organization, many cars come with the option to select leather-free interiors, including steering wheels or gear shifts

N.L. grad student produces plastic alternative from fish guts

Courtney Laprise hopes her findings could one day become a pivotal alternative to the plastics that pollute the environment

Investing in Canada’s bioeconomy to help provide opportunities for farmers and grow the clean economy

The Canadian bioeconomy is an exciting opportunity for farmers, generating more than $4 billion in sales each year

14 Mai 2019

Industry-ready process makes plastics chemical from plant sugars

Affordable, industry-compatible process produces high yields of the versatile chemical HMF

UPM demonstrates large scale robot-based 3D printing applications

Granulate printing process enables time- and cost-efficient fabrication of large-scale 3D parts with short lead-times

Power-to-Gas: Die verschleppte Energierevolution

Wieder einmal: In Deutschland wird eine Zukunftstechnologie entwickelt - und dann überlässt man der Konkurrenz das Feld

Of Renmatix and All These Pivots

Without the use of any harsh chemicals or solvents, company is able to release building blocks of nature to create an entirely new material with multiple functional benefits

UK chemistry graduate unveils biodegradable water bottle

Every bottle chosen over a plastic alternative helps the environment and still keeps our water fresh

DowDuPont seeks buyer for biomaterials

DowDuPont Inc. is looking to sell its Biomaterials unit — including Sorona-brand biofiber — and several other businesses

Eco-friendly formulations based on vegetable oils

There is an increasing demand for green products, but for them to be genuinely sustainable, manufacturers must also use adhesives and paints that are made of bio-based feedstocks

Ökologische Klebstoffe aus Pflanzenöl

Nachhaltig sind Waren erst dann, wenn die verwendeten Klebstoffe und Lacke ebenfalls aus biobasierten Rohstoffen hergestellt werden

13 Mai 2019

Paving the way to a bio-based future for the European chemical industry

EU project RoadToBio publishes roadmap

Bio-TCat™ technology viability confirmed during extensive Anellotech pilot plant campaign

Company is planning its first commercial plant and is engaging in partnership and funding discussions with existing and new strategic partners

Fallbeispiel: Nordfranzösische Region setzt auf Bioökonomie

Marktführer in grüner Chemie Extractis will mit Unterstützung der Region nun auch eine führende Rolle in Europa übernehmen

Welcome to the final RoadToBio Newsletter

We will introduce the various parts of the new Roadmap and show your opportunities and advantages to increase the bio-based share in the chemical production

Orthesen und Prothesen aus biobasierten Kunststoffen

Biobasierte Knie-Prothese besteht Dauertest nach ISO 10328

Japanese Company Improves Bioplastic with Nanocellulose

One of the hurdles that comes with the development of new bioplastics has been the lack of mechanical strength compared to traditional plastic

Reducing energy required to convert CO2 waste into valuable resources

University of Illinois chemical engineers have assessed the technical and economic feasibility of a new electrolysis technology

Unilever Italy changes the world of ice cream by launching a new compostable tray

By 2025 all the packaging of Unilever products in the world will be completely reusable, recyclable or compostable

3D printing of biological tissue

The future of medicine is biological – and scientists hope we will soon be using 3D-printed biologically functional tissue to replace irreparably damaged tissue in the body

Biologisches Gewebe aus dem 3D-Drucker

Die Medizin der Zukunft ist biologisch: Zerstörtes Gewebe wird künftig durch biologisch funktionelles Gewebe aus dem 3D-Drucker ersetzt

10 Mai 2019

Harnessing sunlight to pull hydrogen from wastewater

New Princeton University hydrogen production process attractive for refineries and chemical industry

Wasserstoff aus organisch belasteter Kloake

Neues Verfahren der Princeton University attraktiv für Raffinerien und chemische Industrie

Biopolymer Coatings Market to exceed $1.3 Billion by 2024

Strict environmental regulations along with rise in focus towards green and recyclable products may stimulate industry growth

Massive use in creams, shampoos, body care products to drive growth

Polylactic Acid (PLA) Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2018–2026

Herzmuskelgewebe aus Spinnenseide

Patch aus dem 3D-Drucker soll geschwächten Herzen zu neuer Kraft verhelfen

This scientist thinks she has the key to curb climate change: super plants

Dr Joanne Chory hopes that genetic modifications to enhance plants’ natural carbon-fixing traits could play a key role – but knows that time is short

Codigo 1530 launches Agave Based Straws in Celebration of Earth Day

Tequila-company launches its new Corporate Social Responsibility initiative and becomes exclusive supplier of Agave based, biodegradable products

Using Only Plants and Water, the Plantrose® Process Delivers Celltice™, a New, Petro-Free Breakthrough in Clean Cosmetic Formulations

Petroleum-free ingredient fosters gentle skin health, protects against environmental stressors and enables indulgent textures

Commission calls for bioeconomy strategies to be expanded and implemented

The updated strategy expanded its action plan to develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy from mainly biofuels to any kind of bio-based industry

Kommission: Bioökonomie-Strategien müssen ausgeweitet werden

Zunächst waren im Plan hauptsächlich Biokraftstoffe angesprochen worden, nun ist von jeglicher Art biobasierter Industrie die Rede

9 Mai 2019

Polartec and Kraig Biocraft Laboratories to Bring First Spider Silk Fabrics to the Performance Apparel Market

In joint development since 2016, Polartec and Kraig are applying the performance characteristics of spider silk into yarns for military-grade textiles

Polartec will Performance-Stoffe aus Spinnenseide herstellen

Seit 2016 arbeiten Polartec und Kraig gemeinsam an der Entwicklung von Garnen aus Spinnenseide, die den Anforderungen von Militärtextilien gerecht werden

„Verbund“ Welcomes CORRECTION: University of Plymouth has corrected their press release dated April 29, 2019

Sensible use of approved bio-waste bags - with careful municipal communication - ensures a verifiable reduction in the number of “misthrows” in the bio-waste

Reebok Makes New Shoes Made of Corn 100% Vegan After Hearing From PETA

Big sportswear brand has been described as being 'at the forefront of a vegan revolution'

Miscanthus als biologischer Bau- und Dämmstoff der Zukunft

Chinaschilf mit hohem Biomasseertrag

Pakistan Announces National Coordinated Trials of 85 Bt Cotton Varieties

NCVT aims to assess the cotton varieties' production capability and fiber qualities in accordance to Pakistan's 2018-2019 research plan

McDonald’s hits back at ‘ditch paper straws’ petition

Fast food giant is in the process of cutting out single-use plastic, swapping out plastic straws for paper ones at its UK and Ireland restaurants.

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of May 1st

Tequila-waste straws, blood-based sneakers, green burials, spider silk athletic apparel, 3D printed heart, water-filled seaweed spheres, and more

Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe join Consortium founded by Carbios and L’Oréal to support the world’s first enzymatic technology for the recycling of plastics

Key global players team up to boost recyclability of PET plastic products

8 Mai 2019

EIHA Press Release and Press Note on the status of hemp extracts in EU

EIHA claiming change in the Novel Food Catalogue as disproportionate and senseless measures against food products containing CBD in many European countries

Mit Biokunststoffen in Barriereanwendungen

Entwicklung neuartig biobasierter Barrierefolien

Blue Bioeconomy in Northern Germany

BMBF has approved a project coordinated by Kiel University: "Bioeconomy at Marine Sites (BaMS)" with funding of up to 20 million Euro

Blaue Bioökonomie in Norddeutschland

BMBF bewilligt ein von der Uni Kiel koordiniertes Projekt: „Bioökonomie auf Marinen Standorten (BaMS)“ mit bis zu 20 Millionen Euro Fördersumme

Renewable Diesel is a Game Changer for Sustainable Aviation and Low Carbon Fuel Markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia

Low Carbon Fuels for Air, Land and Sea finds a growing number of strategic investment partnerships arriving to build new biorefineries

Expert View: Turbocharging the green chemistry revolution

Who will be the leaders that shape the sustainable value chains of the future and become the hallmark of true corporate social responsibility?

Solar fuel turns to plants for inspiration

The EU-funded project A-LEAF which is working towards a system that will use sunlight directly to transform waste carbon dioxide into valuable chemical fuels

Practical test passed: Shark skin varnish increases the electricity yield of wind turbines

Within the EU project "Riblet4Wind", a team of seven project partners faced the challenge of making the aerodynamics of wind turbines more efficient