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18 November 2019

Studentisches Team der TU Kaiserslautern punktet bei internationalem Wettbewerb

Kaiserslauterner Forscher entwickeln Plastik zersetzende Grünalge, mittels derer ein geschlossenes, umwelfreundliches Recyclingsystem entstehen kann

Valmet introduces roll covers made of recycled and renewable raw materials

New composite covers for press, guide and calender rolls are now available for the first customer deliveries

Testanlage für E-Fuel: So entsteht Treibstoff aus CO2 und Ökostrom

CO2 im Tank: In Karlsruhe wird ein Verfahren getestet, das klimafreundliche Kraftstoffe herstellt. Noch produziert das E-Fuel-System aber nur ein paar Liter täglich

New Oleochemicals Service from Tecnon OrbiChem

A special pre-launch issue (Issue 000) of Tecnon OrbiChem’s new Oleochemicals Chemical Business has been published which is available for you to receive by email

The Wood Paradox

Destabilization renders wood more stable

Das Holz-Paradoxon

Destabilisierung macht Holz stabiler

15 November 2019

Avantium advances its plant-based MEG technology with the opening of its demonstration plant

Company additionally announces the naming of this innovative technology to produce plant-based MEG: Ray TechnologyTM

Lavazza officially launches compostable coffee pods

Company also announced that it will be partnering with recycling specialist TerraCycle to launch a coffee capsule drop off initiative

Holztürme für Windräder

Für das Klima wäre es von erheblichem Vorteil, wenn Holz Beton als Baustoff verdrängen könnte, denn bei der Herstellung von Zement werden größere Mengen CO2 frei

Guest post: Ten ways to use CO2 and how they compare

We set out to pin down what CO2 utilisation is, how it might relate to CO2 removals and emission reductions, and whether such technologies are profitable or scalable

Nature might be better than tech at reducing air pollution

Ohio State researchers found that in 75 percent of the counties analyzed, it was cheaper to use plants to mitigate air pollution than it was to add technological interventions

Bäume für die Luft besser als Umwelttechnik

Laut einer Studie von Ohio State-Forschern sind in 75 Prozent der analysierten Regionen neue Anpflanzungen wirksamer als eine Reduzierung der Emissionen

Indian researchers develop ‘bio-bricks’ using agricultural waste

Agro-waste based 'bio-bricks' are not only more sustainable than clay bricks, but also they fix more carbon dioxide than they produce during their life cycle

Synthetic Biology and Genome-Editing Tools for Improving PHA Metabolic Engineering

Wild-type or weakly engineered bacteria are insufficient to meet demands for improved PHA structures and low production cost

Renewable gases: Where do they stand in the EU’s 2050 energy roadmap?

Gas-powered electricity has emerged as one credible alternative of the decarbonisation agenda imposed by climate change policie

14 November 2019

In welchen Anwendungen ist biologischer Abbau als End-of-Life wirklich sinnvoll – Mitglieder für Experten-Beirat gesucht

Wann ergibt biologischer Abbau ökologisch Sinn? Gibt es für solche Anwendungen bereits die geeigneten Materialien? Wie sind die marktwirtschaftlichen Rahmenbedingungen?

Honey Without Bees

The synthetic honey is produced by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, which “learns” to produce the honey following reprogramming in the lab

Finalists for 14th Global Bioplastics Award 2019 announced!

The "Bioplastics Oskar" will be presented this year for the 14th time in succession

14. Global Bioplastics Award 2019: Finalisten veröffentlicht

Der "Biokunststoff Oskar" wird am 3. Dezember 2019 während der 14. European Bioplastics Conference 2019 in Berlin an den Gewinner vergeben

Two pilots for the more sustainable chemo-enzymatic production of chemicals via new EU project

The GREEN-CHEM network joins various other partners in a new project hat aims to incite a transition to a more green and sustainable chemistry

Braskem: Hochdichtes PE für den Bausektor – „Grüner Kunststoff“ für den 3D-Druck

Unternehmen zeigte auf der K 2019 innovatives Angebot mit einem Portfolio von druckfertigen Materialien für die Filament- und Pulverbettfusion

Watch the World’s Largest 3D-Printer Spit Out a 25-Foot Boat

…and how this is really about using wood to replace metal

Cellulose car, fermentation for fragrances, world’s 1st solar hydrogen electrolysis facility, green tea leather alternative, hydrogen from CO2 and more

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of November 7th

Novamont Starts Construction of a Demo Plant for the Production of Furandicarboxylic Acid

A 10 million-euro investment with the support of Invitalia

Nachhaltiger 3D-Druck dank Kunststoff aus Cellulose

Meyer-Galow-Preis für Wirtschaftschemie 2019 geht an Roland Bayer

13 November 2019

MonoSol announces expansions to serve growing global customer base

Need for environmentally friendly solutions is growing at a rapid rate as companies across the globe take on the challenge to make everyday products safer and more sustainable

How to capture and use atmospheric CO2

A new study quantifies the potential and costs of the ten most important applications, e.g. in industry, construction, and agriculture

Wie sich CO2 aus der Atmosphäre einfangen und nutzen lässt

Neue Studie beziffert Potenziale und Kosten der zehn wichtigsten Verwendungen, unter anderem in der Industrie, am Bau und in der Landwirtschaft

Wood-based yarn captures hormones from wastewater

Researchers collaboration converted cellulose yarn into a material that can capture hormones and other pharmaceutical substances effectively

Nationale Wasserstoffstrategie: Bedarf an grünem und blauem Wasserstoff aus dem In- und Ausland

Vier deutsche Minister haben gemeinsam ein Papier als Diskussionsbeitrag veröffentlicht

Hempcorp’s 10,000 Acre Plantation

Company's new product chain will vary from health foods, cosmetics, textiles, FMCGs, pharmaceuticals, cannabis-medicines, construction materials, bioplastics and biofuels

Kunststoff aus Kohlendioxid: Neues Material entpuppt sich als idealer CO2-Fänger

Japanisch-chinesische Forschergruppe entwickelte eine der umweltfreundlichsten Methoden zur Kohlenstoffbindung

Scientists create ‘artificial leaf’ that turns carbon dioxide into fuel

The new technology was inspired by the way plants use energy from sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into food

Europe looking more to palm oil for fatty acids as tallow supplies shrink

ICIS reports that a growing shortage in Europe of fatty acids usually produced from tallow has the market looking to source palm oil as feedstock instead

12 November 2019

NextChem awarded contract to build new bio-lubricants plant

Maire Tecnimont has already invested approximately €50 million in the last 5 years in more than 70 innovation projects around the circular economy

Naturally! Of course. How nature never stops surprising us

Nature is not a passive object. It can resist our manipulations. New findings launched by Alle Bruggink and Diederik van der Hoeven

Kabinett beschließt Plastiktüten-Verbot

Auch sogenannte 'Bioplastik'tüten sollen verboten werden, weil diese Kunststoffe nicht unbedingt umweltfreundlicher seien als Kunststoffe aus fossilen Rohstoffen

From fossil to renewable fuels: Interview with Hélène Lepaumier

Leiden University SUNRISE project aim at a circular production of high-value chemicals using renewable electricity sources and waste carbon dioxide from industrial processes

Biobasierte Bindemittel für Lithium-Ionen-Batterien entwickelt

Binder-Härter-Systeme auf Epoxidbasis – Geeignet als Klebstoff auch für andere Bereiche

This Biotech Turns Seafood Waste into Packaging Using Microbes

Start-up CuanTec processes chitin into chitosan, a biodegradable material that could replace plastic in applications such as food packaging

POSCO engineers to launch byproduct gas venture firm

After 'CarbonEn' is registered as a company in 2021, they will take 360 tons of CO2 from POSCO Finex mills every day and process it into liquefied carbonic acid

Biotechnological Advances in the Design of Algae-Based Biosensors

Algae-based biosensors have demonstrated potential for sensitive, sustainable, and multiplexed detection of analytes of agroenvironmental and security interest

Increased global biodiesel production to lengthen glycerine markets in 2020

An increase in global biodiesel production is likely to further lengthen the world's glycerine supply glut in 2020 as higher biodiesel mandates increase the supply of crude glycerine by-product

11 November 2019

Creating A Green Solution For Bioplastics Logistics Security

Bioplastics is a growing sector that has its own security questions - through new plastic technologies, businesses are finding ways to create assurance over their security situation

Avantium partners with R&F Chemical to market high-value PEF applications in Korea

Under this collaboration, Avantium expects to enter this market for high-value applications such as electronics and smart packaging

Treibstoff aus CO2 und Ökostrom: Versuchsanlage in Karlsruhe geht in Betrieb

"Grünen" Treibstoff aus Strom und Luft soll die weltweit erste Versuchsanlage in Karlsruhe liefern. Die Produktionsmenge ist zunächst sehr begrenzt

A Dutch consortium led by Vertoro has been granted €1.2 million to investigate the potential of crude lignin oil as a platform for sustainable chemicals and materials

New project to focus on the further development of an interregional campus eco-system and for the conversion of biomass residues to crude lignin oil

Materialkennwert für NawaRo-Baustoffe: Forschung räumt Hemmschuh aus dem Weg

Ein aus zwölf Teilvorhaben bestehendes Verbundprojekt soll vom BMEL mit Mitteln aus dem 'Förderprogramm nachwachsende Rohstoffe' unterstützt werden

Turning wood into pharmaceutical ingredients

"From Wood to Tetrahydro-2-benzazepines in Three Waste-Free Steps: Modular Synthesis of Biologically Active Lignin-Derived Scaffolds"

Researchers Create 3D Printed Bacterial Cellulose Material for Wound Healing

UFABC researchers group using nanoskin membranes since 2015 for wound healing treatment with successful results in diabetic ulcers