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12 April 2017

Der Kommissionsvorschlag zur Neufassung der Erneuerbare-Energien-Richtlinie (RED II): Auswirkungen auf bio-basierte Werkstoffe und CO2-Nutzung

Das nova-Institut hat den neuen RED II-Vorschlag der Kommission analysiert und präsentiert die wichtigsten Ergebnisse in einem Paper

University of Minnesota Researchers Develop Safer, More Effective Molecule

OFS molecule is showing great promise in cleaning applications and has the potential to be used in paints, personal care products and more

China Refines its Cotton Policy

World cotton production is forecast to grow by 1% to 23.1 million tons in 2017/18

Lego making slow but steady progress towards 2030 sustainable materials goal

First 100% sustainable Lego brick prototypes have now been produced

Wohntextilien und Kleinmöbel aus Kiefernnadeln

Designer entdecken pflanzliche Abfallstoffe als Ressource

EVOLVA: an Interview with CEO Neil Goldsmith

Evolva’s CEO Neil Goldsmith kindly agreed to walk us through the company’s history, goals, and philosophy

USDA Data Show Cropland Reductions

Significant disagreement between USDA county-level data and the satellite data used by Wright et al. raises important questions and concerns about the validity of NWF study’s findings

11 April 2017

Biosuccinium® S Grade Approved 100% Natural By ECOCERT

This new grade of bio-succinic acid will enable high-quality bio-based personal care products such as body cleansers, shampoos and soaps

Biodegradable Planters Built From 3D-Printed Wood

The sleek pots from Minimum Design are made using recycled wood

Magnetic Wood:Eisenoxid-Nanopartikel in der Holzzellstruktur

Das magnetische Holz ist eher etwas für kleinere Anwendungen

An interview with Marc Palahi, director of EFI: An ambitious bioeconomy strategy is needed

In this exclusive interview, Marc Palahi talks about bioeconomy and circular economy, Brexit and Donald Trump, the role of mass media and much more

Seaweed: From superfood to superconductor

Researchers have made a seaweed-derived material to help boost the performance of superconductors, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells

10 April 2017

Sustainable furniture coating for sustainable living: New biobased hardener proved successful in waterborne coating

Collaboration of RiFRA Milano, Sirca and Covestro

Nachwachsende Rohstoffe effektiv nutzen

DECHEMA-Preis für Regina Palkovits von der RWTH Aachen

Internationale Investoren entdecken deutsche Biotechs

Eine Studie zeigt, dass die Branche voran kommt und auch von ausländischen Risikokapitalgebern aufmerksam verfolgt wird

New Urban Biocycles scoping paper launched by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

This new scoping paper focuses on the significant volume of organic waste flowing through urban environments

So bauen Grünalgen ihre Enzyme zusammen

Die Enzyme, auch Hydrogenasen genannt, sind für die biotechnologische Erzeugung des potenziellen Energieträgers interessant

7 April 2017

China to start building UCO aviation biofuel facility next year

30,000 metric ton aviation biofuel production facility using used cooking oil as feedstock

BP and DuPont Joint Venture, Butamax®, Announces Next Step in Commercialization of Bio-Isobutanol with Acquisition of Ethanol Facility in Kansas

Bio-isobutanol offers both a valuable option for growing the renewable content of gasoline and a lower carbon alternative to fossil-derived isobutanol in existing chemical applications

Zuckerrübenschnitzel: der neue Rohstoff für Werkstoffe?

Projekt "WeRümA" entwickelt Applikationen, bei denen Zuckerrübenschnitzel in Verbundwerkstoffen eingesetzt werden können

Neste shows leading transparency with its site on crude palm oil supply chain

The data covers the entire supply chain, i.e. all companies, mills, and estates that supplied Neste with crude palm oil in 2016

GFBiochemicals and American Process join forces to create a world-class integrated biorefinery

The U.S. company and GFBiochemicals will be cornerstone members of a consortium to develop the biorefinery by repurposing an old industrial site

6 April 2017

MEPs call for clampdown on imports of unsustainable palm oil and use in biofuel

Resolution was approved by 640 votes to 18, with 28 abstentions

MEPs: Industry ‘self-regulation’ failed to prevent deforestation

Environmentalist NGOs said the resolution was in the right direction, while the ethanol industry grabbed the chance to reiterate its demand for a “balanced policy solution”

Biomaterials for the regeneration of bone and cartilage tissues from apple waste

Biocompatible materials from waste of the agri-food industry, specifically from the apple pomace resulting from the juice production

Industrial sugars from waste: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Comet Biorefining

Comet’s development has provided increasing shape to the development of an biobased industrial cluster in the Sarnia region of Ontario

5 April 2017

Water filter from wood offers portable, eco-friendly purification in emergencies

What can the forests of Scandinavia possibly offer to migrants in faraway refugee camps? Clean water may be one thing

Wasserfilter auf Basis von Holzzellulose

Polyelektrolyt-modifizierte Zellulosefasern ziehen Bakterien und Viren aus dem Wasser

A Gibbs Free Energy-Based Assessment of Microbial Electrocatalysis

The thermodynamics of the processes (input versus output) are rarely studied because the calculations are regarded as too difficult

Forest Wool – Wohntextilien und Kleinmöbel aus Kiefernnadeln

Designer entdecken pflanzliche Abfallstoffe als Ressource

4 April 2017

Nanocomposites, precision materials

Nanocomposites add considerably to the range of materials to mankind’s disposition

Nordic bioeconomy for sustainable change

New strategy will take into account the Nordic countries’ different national approaches to the bioeconomy and encourage co-operation

Chemiker entwickeln Verfahren zur Herstellung von Naturstoffen

Ergebnisse eröffnen Möglichkeiten für Chemiker und Biologen, die Stoffe nachhaltig und in großen Mengen für die Forschung herzustellen

IK critical of oxo-degradable plastics

Fragmentation of products made of "oxo-degradable plastics" can exacerbate the current problem concerning the entry of "micro-plastics" into waterways and seas

Lightweight bioplastics eyed for future vehicles

A Japanese scientist finds a solution to lowheat resistance with a polyimide

Bacteria produce polymers and intermediate products

Biotechnologically produced building blocks for chemistry and biodegradable synthetics

Bakterien produzieren Bio-Kunststoffe und Zwischenprodukte

Biotechnologisch erzeugte Bausteine für Chemie und biologisch abbaubare Kunststoffe

3 April 2017

Sappi Biotech partners with CellMark to increase global sales reach of Sappi’s Hansa lignin products

Partnership aiming to include a joint social investment initiative to benefit rural communities in South Africa

Welche Produkte stehen für eine biobasierte Wirtschaft zur Verfügung?

FNR beauftragt Marktstudie im Auftrag des BMEL

A Footballer Wants to Turn the World Green

GFBiochemicals founder Mathieu Flamini to build a biorefinery in the U.S. to produce fossil-free plastics and solvents

Collaboration between Audi, BASF and Covestro: New clearcoat with biobased hardener for automotive manufacturing

Test bodies successfully coated under realistic production conditions - Audi Q2 exhibit is a highlight of the European Coatings Show

Kooperation von Audi, BASF und Covestro: Neuer Klarlack mit biobasiertem Härter für die Automobilproduktion

Erfolgreiche Lackierung von Testkarossen unter seriennahen Bedingungen - Audi Q2 Exponat ist ein Highlight auf der European Coatings Show

Green chemistry is key to reducing waste and improving sustainability

Industry is rapidly improving and provideing the backdrop for the emergence of green chemistry

Nutrition and Energy from Methane: The Digest’s 2017 Muti-Slide Guide to Calysta

Calysta’s Lori Giver gave this illuminating overview of Calysta’s promise and progress at ABLC 2017 in Washington

31 März 2017

TOP Bio-based polymers – a revolutionary change

The comprehensive trend report presents latest developments, producers, drivers and lessons learnt especially for PHA, PLA, PUR/TPU, PA and polymers based on furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) and succinic acid (SA)

TOP Bio-basierte Polymere – eine Revolution

Der umfassende Trendreport präsentiert die aktuellsten Entwicklungen, Produzenten, Treiber und „lessons learnt“, insbesondere für PHA, PLA, PUR/TPU, PA und Polymere, die auf Furandicarboxylsäure (FDCA) und Bernsteinsäure (SA) basieren

DENSO Using Plant-derived Plastics in Its Products

Developing environmentally friendly and highly functional materials

Lignin – a natural resource with huge potential

Baden-Württemberg research consortium is specifically focused on exploring the potential of this natural polymer

Lignin – ein Rohstoff mit viel Potenzial

Forschungsverbund in Baden-Württemberg widmet sich intensiv dem Potenzial des natürlichen Polymers

Auf der Suche nach Regeln für eine nachhaltige Bioökonomie

Thesen zur Regulierung aus ethischer Sicht