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13 Juni 2017

KaiCell Fibers biorefinery venture in Paltamo

New innovative concept on several levels

From Carbon Dioxide to Ethanol

Synthesis of ethanol via hydrogenation of CO2 is an effective way to eliminate and use the environmentally harmful gas

Makin’ Money in Muddy Waters with a Magic Molecule

Wisconsin researcher converts biomass into three viable products, in one step

Kunststoff ist nicht umsonst so erfolgreich

Projekt Plast X will das Risiko durch Kunststoffe und mögliche Alternativen erforschen

UPM Biofuels gains the world’s first RSB certification for wood-based liquid biofuels

UPM Biofuels uses crude tall oil to produce both biofuels and biomaterials

How sustainable are biodegradable and plant-based plastics?

The scope of the world’s plastic problem goes beyond straining Earth’s finite resources; it is also a waste management issue

12 Juni 2017

Metsä Group softwood pulp to be used in LG’s loudspeakers

Aqvacomp’s new production facility will be starting up at the Rauma pulp mill in autumn

LIFE Best 25 Years Award für Bread4PLA

100% biologisch abbaubaren Kunststofffolie unter Verwendung von Abfallprodukten aus der Backwarenindustrie

CORDURA® Brand and DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Launch New Eco-Efficient Textiles at Techtextil

Designers of apparel, footwear and gear will now have access to innovative durable performance fabrics that incorporate plant-based materials

Special BIC FLASH: Study on Access-to-Finance -Conditions for Investments in Bio-Based Industries

EIB and the EC are expected to announce further steps towards access-to-finance solutions for innovators in the Bioeconomy and Circular Economy sectors

Natural alternatives to rubber: The Digest’s Multi-Slide Guide to novel, US-based rubber-producing crops

The world rubber demand is expected to grow from 12 million tons in 2014 to 30 million tons by 2030

3D printer inks from the woods

Printed 3D structures based on cellulose nanocrystals

3D-Druckertinte aus dem Wald

Gedruckte 3D-Strukturen aus Cellulose-Nanokristallen

9 Juni 2017

SuperBIO: funding for companies in your cluster active in biobased innovations

This project is open to any SME active in the biobased economy in the EU and H2020 associated countries

TOP Climeworks launches world’s first commercial plant to capture CO2 from air

Pure captured CO2 gas can at once be sold to customers in all key markets

TOP Climeworks wäscht CO2 aus der Luft

Direct Air Capture Verfahren der Gebrüder Meier inzwischen kommerziell verfügbar

Carbon dioxide from flue gas v. Concentrated by-product chemical sources; and the impact of distribution costs on economic feasibility

Advanced Cryogenics CEO giving the Digest a special overview about developing economies

How the forestry sector can add $120 billion to global GDP

Nature's "oldest climate technology," providing carbon capture and storage services

Kamille, Melisse und Baldrian erfolgreicher anbauen

Zwischenstand im umfangreichen Demonstrationsprojekt Arzneipflanzen (KAMEL) des BMEL – Arzneipflanzentagung am 20./21. Juni in Schweinfurt

VIDEO: Croda prepares for bio-EO surfactants production

Croda explains why the company is venturing into the ECO project especially in bio-surfactants

Alternative Nutzung von Biogasanlagen – Wachse aus Biogas für die Kosmetikindustrie

Biowachse eröffnen vor allem in der Naturkosmetikbranche lukrative Anwendungsmöglichkeiten

8 Juni 2017

TOP Covestro achieves a breakthrough in research – Key chemical now derived from plants

Biomass as new raw material for aniline production - completely new process jointly developed with partners

TOP Covestro gelingt wissenschaftlicher Durchbruch – Wichtige Chemikalie jetzt aus Pflanzen

Biomasse als neuer Rohstoff zur Produktion von Anilin - komplett neues Verfahren mit Partnern entwickelt

Former U.S. Department of Energy Official Joins CO2 Sciences Board

Dr. Williams will be a key voice and adviser in the organization’s mission throughout the world

Verarbeitungsdaten zu Biokunststoffen auf breite Plattform gestellt

Alle Ergebnisse in spezieller Datenbank erfasst - Zusammenfassung im "Leitfaden zur Verarbeitung von Biokunststoffen“ veröffentlicht

European PET Bottle Platform says existing recovery systems can handle PEF

Interim approval constitutes a major step towards integration of packaging from Synvina’s PEF in the circular economy

Researcher: Ford wants more bio-based materials in its cars

Ford says it is the first automaker to formulate and test new foam and plastic components using carbon dioxide as feedstock

Eine Alternative zu klassischem Rohöl?

Blue Crude aus Ökostrom, Luft und Wasser kann Erdöl in chemischer Industrie sowie Mobilität ersetzen

7 Juni 2017

Bio-Resin for Surfboards: Sicomin and NOTOX Form A Sustainable Synergy

Sicomin’s GreenPoxy® 56 used to manufacture the entire range of NOTOX greenOne® surfboards

Jugend forscht prämiert „Chemisches Cellulose-Tuning“

Sonderpreis „Nachwachsende Rohstoffe“ des Bundeslandwirtschaftsministers geht an Jonas Winkler aus Bitterfeld

Bioplastics to produce fabrics with advanced properties

FIBFAB project has been initiated to successfully launch and industrialize the production of biodegradable and sustainable polylactic acid (PLA) based fabrics

Wichtiger Meilenstein der Kreislaufwirtschaft in Deutschland

MMLogistik interviewte IK-Sprecherin Mara Hancker zur Verpackungswirtschaft in Deutschland

Research focuses on reclaiming strip-mine sites for biofuel crop production

Switchgrass can be condensed into fuel pellets for heating and it can be used to make ethanol

Carbon Concentration in Algae: Reducing CO2 From Exhaust Gas

Mechanisms for carbon concentration in algae are complex

6 Juni 2017

Braskem, Sealed Air and Naturepedic partner to bring renewable foam polyethylene to the market

Partnership to create a new-to-world formula for renewable polyethylene foam

Active packaging: wastes from the fishing sector and MSW to have a second life as plastics, barrier packages, edible coatings and flame-retardant additives

European project's DAFIA key objectives is to obtain new plastic materials from natural resources

Dafia: Zweites Leben für Fischabfälle

EU-Projekt entwickelt essbare Verpackungen

USDA bioenergy programs gutted in 2018 Trump Budget: The Digest’s 7-Minute Guide

Rural Business Service to shut down; BCAP, REAP, loan guarantees gone; food stamps, crop insurance slashed.

New biocomposite made from 90 percent renewable feedstock delivers on strength and durability

Green Dot's new line of biocomposites combining natural fibres and Braskem’s I’m Green Polyethylene

Cargill strengthens its bio-industrial offerings with acquisition of BioBased Technologies’ polyols product lines

Acquisition expands biobased product options for existing customers, facilitates entry into new markets

How gold can recycle biofuel waste into useful additive

Gold catalysts can enter into chemical reactions with other substances at room temperature

2 Juni 2017

Green plastics from citrus fruit peels and sugar

VTT developed a process to convert pectin biochemically to an aldaric acid, which can be converted to monomers for bio-based polyesters and polyamides

Naturfasergefüllte Kunststoffe

Wie die Sonnenblumenkernschalen in Kleiderbügel kommen

Finnish circular economy — wood turns to diesel and perfume

Company's goal is to reach a stage where no waste from its sites must be taken to landfills or has to be burned

SFI Fiber Sourcing Standard Recognized as a Verification Mechanism for PEFC Chain of Custody Certification

Requirements concerning controversial sources at a global level, while promoting the responsible procurement of wood fibre

PEF to be integrated in European PET recycling

PEF has been touted with having improved barrier properties for gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen which leads to a longer shelf life of packaged products

The bioplastic produced by Synvina is recyclable in the European bottle recycling market

Major step towards integration of packaging from Synvina’s PEF in the circular economy

Synvina erhält vorläufige Genehmigung von „European PET Bottle Plattform“: PEF in Kreislaufwirtschaft integrierbar

Wichtiger Schritt zur Integration von PEF-Verpackungen von Synvina in Kreislaufwirtschaft

1 Juni 2017

UMaine to launch 100-hour continuous operation campaign of new Biomass to Bioproducts Pilot Plant

Partnership between UMaine and Biofine Technology to creating diesel and jet fuels entirely from biomass

Bioökonomierat lädt Bundesländer-Vertreter zum Austausch ein

Die Bioökonomie wird vermehrt von Bund und Ländern getragen