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12 Februar 2020

Biologische Kreislaufwirtschaft nach dem Cradle to Cradle® Prinzip

Textilien sind auch ein Hauptverursacher von Mikroplastik in der Umwelt. Mit dem Cradle to Cradle® Prinzip entstehen keine Abfälle, sondern Nährstoffe für zukünftige Generationen

Biological circular economy in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle® principle

Textiles are one of the major sources of microplastics released into the environment. Production based on the Cradle to Cradle® principle prevents waste by turning it into nutrients for future generations

“Kunststoffe des 21. Jahrhunderts” – SKZ identifiziert wichtigen Forschungsbedarf

Zahlreiche Experten trugen zur Klärung der themenbezogenen Fachgebiete bei und erarbeiteten einen gemeinsamen Status Quo

DMC Biotech Completes Successful Pilot of L-alanine

The predictability of the DMC process has been demonstrated from high through put screening to commercially relevant scale

Pflanzenblätter als Verpackungsalternative zu Plastik

Forschung der Uni Bonn über biobasierte Verpackungen zum Schutz leicht verderblicher Lebensmittel in Benin

11 Februar 2020

Negative emissions pioneer Drax announces new CCUS projects during Energy Minister’s visit

New partnership with cleantech company Econic Technologies to explore the potential for using captured carbon dioxide from its biomass power generation

All things considered, wooden pallets are more eco-friendly than plastic pallets

Penn State researchers compared the long-term performance of treated wooden and plastic pallets through a detailed, cradle-to-grave life-cycle assessment

Golden Compound: Pressemitteilung

Unternehmen kritisiert Generalisierung in den "Greenwashing"-Pressemitteilungen der DUH und der Bundesgütegemeinschaft Kompost e.V.

These young entrepreneurs want you to have a blissful and rash-free period. Here’s how

Niveda R and Gowtham S have created Bliss pads, eco-friendly sanitary napkins that are made from kenaf fibres which is a well-known substitute for jute - commonly called Deccan hemp or Java jute

Neuartiges mikrobiologisches Verfahren zum Phosphorrecycling aus Klärschlammasche

Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik hat eine patentierte, umweltfreundliche Methode entwickelt und in den Technikumsmaßstab übertragen - Verfahren kurz vor der Marktreife

Perrier Brings Some Sparkle Into The War On Plastic

Company announced that it would be working with three small startups on three innovative kinds of packaging, will invest up to one million euros in the projects

OceanSafe – a paradigm shift in the textile industry

Textiles Next Generations – 100% biodegradable

OceanSafe – ein Paradigmenwechsel für die Textilindustrie

Textiles Next Generations – 100% biologisch abbaubar

MEGaproject: UPM and its $600M gambit in renewable chemicals

Company chewed through a lengthy evaluation process for a technology partner, and ultimately selected supercritical technology and tapped Renmatix as the partner

USDA: US wood pellet exports reach 6.89 million tons in 2019

The U.S. exported wood pellets to more than a dozen countries in December

Verpackungen aus kompostierbarem Material

Erste Erfolge für Wissenschaftler des Studiengangs Papiertechnik der DHBW Karlsruhe

10 Februar 2020

Novamont – Serbian Government Agreement to Design the Circular Bioeconomy

During the five-year collaboration, Novamont to design a model for the separate collection of urban and agricultural waste, collaboration may be extended to industrial investments

Danimer Scientific and Columbia Packaging Group Partner to Create Home Compostable Produce Bags

Columbia Packaging Group to manufacture home compostable produce bags using film resins made with Danimer Scientific's Nodax™ PHA material

HolzbauPlus: Sonderpreis für Kindertagesstätten

Bauherrenwettbewerb öffnet sich für „nachwachsende Kita“

Parisian Morris columns get new sustainable flax fibre roofs

Mecelec Composites has designed the first mass-produced sustainable flax fibre roofs for 550 Morris columns in Paris

H&M Is Experimenting With Natural Coffee Dyes and “Leather” Made From Wine Waste

Collection follows last year’s push into bio-based materials and a move way from strictly-recycled fibers

Wasserstoff: Altmaier will 2 Milliarden Euro in nicht rein grüne Technik stecken

Das Wirtschaftsministerium will "die Vorreiterrolle deutscher Unternehmen im Bereich der Wasserstofftechnologien" ausbauen und hat auch SUVs im Blick

The largest sustainable aviation fuel offtake deal, ever?

Delta strikes historic SAF contract with Pacific Northwest biofuels venture

‘New GMOs’: Kyriakides gets off on wrong foot with biased consultation

Over the past decade, the biotech industry has made relentless attempts to get genome editing techniques deregulated

Von der Natur für die Creme-Dose: neues Verfahren aus dem LIKAT auf der Basis von Zuckerrohr

Natürliche Inhaltsstoffe für Kosmetika liegen weltweit im Trend

7 Februar 2020

Call for Innovations: Bio-based Material of the Year 2020

13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials, 12-13 May 2020, Cologne, Germany

Greentech pioneer AVA Biochem teams-up with Michelin Group to foster eco-innovation

Collaboration aims to establish the world’s first commercial-scale production plant of 5-HMF, and to ultimately bring novel product applications onto the market

Italy welcomes bioeconomy, kisses agricultural runoff goodbye

Italy has invested heavily in the bioeconomy, primarily in research, also supported by the European Union

Ciao Bioökonomie!

Italien hat stark in die Bioökonomie investiert, vor allem in die Forschung, was auch von der Europäischen Union unterstützt wird

Outotec and Neste introduce 100% bio-based diluent as a new solution for metals extraction

Laboratory studies and pilot trials confirmed the high-level performance of the product for solvent extraction of copper and it also can be used for other base metals

City of São Paulo bans disposable plastics products

Mayor Bruno Covas said that the environmental commitment is an ethical commitment from this generation to future generations

Biotech: Bakterien sollen in Pilotanlage von Evonik Alkohol herstellen

Neue Bakterien verdauen Kohlendioxid zu Sprit. Ist das die Rettung fürs Klima oder wenigstens eine ethisch korrekte Kraftstofffabrik?

Clearing the FOG – Reclaiming advanced biofuel from Fats, Oils and Grease

Reclaiming biofuels from grease trap waste provides a readily available alternative source of energy that reduces dependence upon fossil fuels

The map to the natural product treasure trove

Leibniz-HKI scientists develop a model of the evolution of biosynthetic pathways

Die Karte zur Wirkstoff-Schatzkammer

Jenaer Wissenschaftler entwickeln ein Modell der Evolution von Biosynthesewegen

Vom Klimagas zum Rohstoff

Kohlendioxid steht auf der Liste der klimaschädigenden Emissionen an erster Stelle

6 Februar 2020

New way of recycling plant-based plastics instead of letting them rot in landfill

Chemical recycling method breaks down plastics into their original building blocks, potentially allowing them to be recycled repeatedly without losing quality

Crab-shell and seaweed compounds spin into yarns for sustainable and functional materials

Research team sees great potential for the material to be used for such things as threads for surgical procedures, webs for internal tissue engineering and more

Die Lösung für alles – Das Entstinkungs-Patent

Ein Hamburger Startup hat einen Biorohstoff weiterentwickelt, der als Plastikersatz dienen und die Flut an Mikroplastik eindämmen könnte. Vorher musste ein gravierendes Geruchsproblem gelöst werden

Rhodium photocatalyst does double duty to generate hydrogen

Ohio State-researchers have developed al rhodium catalyst that harvests light and then it is using its energy to create hydrogen gas with an unequaled efficiency

H2 aus Licht und Wasser

Ohio State-Forscher haben Rhodiumkatalysator entwickelt, der bei der Erzeugung von Wasserstoff aus Wasser und Licht einen bisher unerreicht hohen Wirkungsgrad erzielt

A novel environmentally friendly process for depolymerization of hydrolysis lignin using Kraft cooking liquor:

Chemicals recoverable by the Kraft recovery cycle - developed approach could be significantly more cost‐effective if integrated into Kraft pulp mill operations

Who’s the Mystery Date? Green hydrogen for renewable diesel’s stealthy project

Hydrocarbons are of enormous utility and biobased feedstocks generally come up short in the hydrogen department

Microbial Chassis Development for Natural Product Biosynthesis

This review provides theoretical guidance for the rational design and construction of microbial strains to produce natural products

Kickstart: Bioplastics are child’s play

Millennials want better materials for their kids' toys

5 Februar 2020

Kotkamills has signed a significant collaboration agreement with Lavazza Professional

Frontrunner in bringing eco-friendly solutions to the beverage vending sector launch the new KLIX Eco Cup™

Lavazza Professional bringt als erstes Unternehmen den im Altpapier zu entsorgenden KLIX Eco CupTM auf den Markt

Unternehmen zeichnet wegweisendes Joint Venture mit Kotkamills - Klix Eco Cup soll ab Februar 2020 für die Systeme Klix Momentum und Klix Outlook erhältlich sein

IEA Bioenergy: Umfrage zur Nachhaltigkeit von Biomasse-Wertschöpfungsketten

Welche Präferenzen haben Sie bei Lieferketten von Biomasse?

Energy TSOs: ‘We see 300-800 TWh of renewables feeding into electrolysers by 2050’

Working with electrolysers is a technology that is seen by TSOs as an important instrument to enable the transition to economic sustainability

Pro Klimaschutz: XLC setzt bei Verpackung auf Papier statt Plastik

Unternehmen will in Zeiten von Umweltverschmutzung durch Mikroplastik "ein ganz klares Zeichen für den Klimaschutz und die Nachhaltigkeit" setzen