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11 August 2020

Carbiolice links up with Barbier to launch new PLA-based biodegradable mulch film

New additive called Evanesto enables PLA to biodegrade at ambient temperatures, considerably speeding up the biodegradation process of the PLA at the end of life

Total Corbion donates PLA Luminy for the production of 3D printed face shields

Twelve large scale 3D printers have been used to print the full frame and closed top face shields in an artists studio

Sustainable HVO Fuel for Asphalt Equipment from BAM

BAM reduces CO2 emissions through its asphalt processing teams by up to 89%

‘Not all biomass is carbon neutral’, industry admits

Leading industry figures acknowledge that not all biomass brings benefits to the climate

10 August 2020

BioTHOP ‘EU Life Project’

We’ll take the lot! Upcycling bio & synthetic Hops harvest residuals

BioTHOP ‘EU-Life Projekt’

Wir nehmen alles! Upcycling von biologischem und synthetischem Hopfen - Ernterückstände

Nextchem and LanzaTech Sign an agreement to promote circular ethanol production

NextChem's #CircularDistrict model is enhanced with a new dimension: in addition to hydrogen and methanol derived from the chemical conversion of plasmix and non-recyclable dry waste, it will now be possible to obtain ethanol, an important chemical for sustainable fuels and disinfectant production

Coperion supports RenCom in production of durable biomaterial

New extruder technology has been developed to produce the innovative, lignin-based biomaterial named "Renol"

Coperion: Extrusionssystem für schwedische RenCom zur Produktion von ligninbasiertem Biowerkstoff

Neues Extrudersystem wurde eigens für die Herstellung des innovativen, ligninbasierten Werkstoffs "Renol" entwickelt

Finally! A Recyclable Moisture Barrier Coating for the Food Packaging Industry

Cortec® Corporation has pioneered EcoShield® Barrier Coating, an environmentally friendly alternative to polyethylene and wax paper coatings

Dairy waste is being turned into bioplastics and plant food

Ireland: Finding sustainable uses for dairy waste is increasingly important as demand for milk grows

Scientists from Russia and Germany to Develop New Biotechnology Using Algae

Researchers completed an international joint project to create a resource and CO2-neutral energy closed-loop technology from microalgae

Plaintiffs appeal EU court ruling on wood biomass

USIPA stressed that wood biomass is currently the EU’s largest single source of renewable energy

7 August 2020

What the oil crash means for bioplastics

The majority are happy to pay 5% extra for a green product, but this drops rapidly if the price difference grows any further

Innovative Werkstoffe: Abbaubare Biopolymere für 3D-Druck und Mikro-Spritzguss

Kooperationsprojekt untersucht das Verhalten diverser Naturfasern im 3D-Druckprozess

Report: EU wood pellet demand expected to increase in 2020

According to the report, the EU currently produces approximately 30 percent of world pellet production, but accounts for 50 percent of global consumption

14 MSEK to produce forest based materials that will replace fossil-based plastics

Swedish firm receives funding boost to develop lignin-to-plastic technology

Katherina Reiche übernimmt Vorsitz beim Wasserstoffrat der Bundesregierung

UNIPER-Chef: Deutschland kann Vorreiter bei Wasserstoff werden

Bottle Up to launch in WHSmith stores across the UK

Brand aims to aid the widespread international single-use plastic crisis by stocking Bottle Up in popular destinations across Europe

Mastercard Leads the Payments Industry Forward to a More Sustainable Future

Directory of Sustainable Card Materials and Vendors Now Available. 60+ Financial Institutions have Issued Cards Made from Recyclable, Bio-Sourced, Chlorine-Free, Degradable and Ocean Plastics

Neste delivers sustainable aviation fuel to San Francisco International Airport – first company to deliver it via pipeline

Neste is the first company to deliver sustainable aviation fuel to SFO using existing multi-product pipeline infrastructure.

Agriculture Leaders Urge EPA To Allow Public Comment on CO2 Emissions from Annual Crops

Biogenic CO2 Coalition Urges EPA to Consider Public Comments on Removing Roadblock to Rural Economy

6 August 2020

Wool Industry Releases First Full Wool LCA

First Full Wool LCA Reveals Importance of Use Phase

Schaufenster Bioökonomie: Bakterien sollen Waschmittel und mehr aus Holz produzieren

Nahrungs- & Waschmittel, Arzneien & Pflanzenschutz: Uni Hohenheim will nachhaltige Produktion umweltfreundlicher Biotenside im künftigen Laubholz-Technikum erproben

“B-Corp” certification for Novamont, making it also a “Benefit Corporation”

With a score of 104, Novamont has become part of a global movement that is rewriting the way of doing business in the world

A new ‘OK Compost’ certified label material for thermal applications from Avery Dennison

Innovative material uses a new facestock/adhesive combination to ensure a robust and practical material that needs no special storage conditions

ifeu-Studie warnt vor Nebenwirkungen synthetischer PtX-Brennstoffe

Aktuelle Studie für das Umweltbundesamt (UBA) hat untersucht, ob die Herstellung dieser synthetischen Energieträger der Umwelt schadet

Converting waste into a usable resource

Three partners in the 3-year EU-funded NOMAD Project to find a cost-effective and mobile solution to creating earth-kind bio-fertilisers

The EU chemical industry: an EU Recovery Plan aligned with the European Green Deal goals is our opportunity to create a more resilient Europe

CEFIC launches bio-based chemicals sector group

Agile BioFoundry Selects New Projects to Accelerate Biomanufacturing

Each of the ABF Directed Funding Opportunity awardees will be invited to collaborate with National Lab research facilities to conduct their proposed research

Team led by Odia scientist Dr Sanjib Kumar Karmee develops pilot scale pyrolysis technology for producing biofuel from wastes

The Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute has designed and developed a new pyrolysis plant to produce biofuels from saw dust and agro residues

5 August 2020

Chemical Recycling legislation should take a precautionary approach to ensure prevention measures remain at the core of the EU’s Circular Economy promises

Janek Vahk blogs about the new joint statement on chemical recycling from the Rethink Plastic alliance, ECOS, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH), European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Zero Waste Europe

Breakthrough packaging partnership puts women in rural Africa at the forefront of materials innovation

Ethical packaging for ethical skincare

PalmFil – Potenzial der Dattelpalmfaser neu entdeckt

PalmFil-Konsortium entwickelt die weltweit ersten Hochleistungsfasern und Verstärkungen aus den Nebenprodukten des Beschneidens von Dattelpalmen

A consortium develops first textile palm fibers and reinforcements

PalmFil is the world’s first textile fibers and reinforcements extracted from the byproducts of pruning of date palms

UBA: Neues Hintergrundpapier „Chemisches Recycling“ von Kunststoffabfällen

Ist das Chemische Recycling eine Alternative oder Ergänzung zur werkstofflichen Verwertung von Kunststoffabfällen?

TechnipFMC’s Hummingbird® Ethylene Technology Selected by LanzaTech for LanzaJet Sustainable Aviation Fuel Biorefinery

New, sustainable technologies will be deployed in a LanzaJet first commercial demonstration scale integrated biorefinery to produce 10 million gallons per year of SAF and renewable diesel from sustainable ethanol sources

Dutch agency advises the Netherlands to phase out bioenergy

In its new GAIN report, SER recommends that biomass to be used for the highest value applications possible and comply with clear sustainability requirements

Takeaways: 10 Big Bioeconomy Trendlines at ABLC for fuels, chemicals, materials, food and feed

Here are the Top 10 Trendlines we saw and heard from the 8000+ delegates and viewers at ABLC 2020

Renewable hydrogen: a strategic opportunity for global green recovery

The EU is accelerating the build-up of its renewable power capacity, particularly from off-shore wind

4 August 2020

TOP Renewable Carbon Initiative will be launched in September and the support is already strong!

Nearly ten renowned companies have already signed or will sign for the core advisory board. Moreover,  90 experts from industry, science and politics are convinced of the strategy and support the initiative as personal supporter. We are looking for the next 10 to have a strong basis on 100 experts supporting our initiative! The first 100 personal supporter will be shown with their photo and name on our "poster of supporters" launched in September! Take your chance!

TOP Survey collecting evidence about the use of and knowledge about renewable carbon in products/materials

Survey runs until mid of September

Nine companies have started “Ship Carbon Recycling WG” of Japan’s CCR Study Group

- Cross-industry initiatives for zero-emission ship fuels through methanation technology -

Bambus-Pedelec im Test: Graswurzelbewegung

Bambus statt Stahl: Das Kieler Start-up "my Boo" lässt seine Fahrradrahmen in Ghana bauen. Und unterstützt so den Bau von Schulen

Mondi supports youth start-up that turns food waste into compostable plastic

Big Player is partnering with One Young World for a second consecutive year as a sponsor of Lead2030

German Associations Demand Removal of Regulatory Hurdles to Achieve the EU’s Climate Targets

Electrochaea supports the demands of the German Energy Storage Systems Association (BVES) for regulatory changes to strengthen the role of energy storage companies. Those are substantial to reach the EU’s climate goals

Energiespeicher: „Deutschland darf sich nicht selbst im Weg stehen“

Electrochaea unterstützt Forderungen des Bundesverbands Energiespeicher nach Abbau regulatorischer Hemmnisse

Reliance and BP launch ‘Jio-bp’ partnership

New Indian fuels & mobility joint venture begins operations

Aerion Supersonic and Carbon Engineering join forces to deliver carbon neutral supersonic travel

The companies will power Aerion’s AS2 supersonic business jet, the world’s first carbon neutral supersonic commercial aircraft

Bespoke Catalysts for Power-to-X

Using a synchrotron, scientists of KIT watch a power-to-X catalyst at work