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4 Dezember 2017

IfBB: Neue Ausgabe “Biopolymers facts and statistics” erschienen

„Biopolymers – facts and statistics 2016“ hier kostenlos erhältlich

Braskem’s sugarcane based bioplastic to be used to package Leafgro bags

Trinity Packaging awarded by Maryland's Montgomery County DEP compost facility contractor MES to convert Leafgro packaging to bioplastic

First batch delivered to L’Oréal by Global Bioenergies

Global Bioenergies announced delivery of a first batch of sustainable cosmetic ingredients to L’Oréal

Global Bioenergies liefert die erste Charge an L’Oréal

Global Bioenergies kündigt die Lieferung der ersten Charge eines erneuerbaren kosmetischen Inhaltsstoffs an L’Oréal an

Mossi Ghisolfi is for sale: Versalis, Total and Chinese industrial groups are interested

According to different rumors in Italy, Versalis and various European and Asian industrial groups would be interested in acquiring the Italian chemical company

1 Dezember 2017

UTIA awarded FAA grant to analyze biorefinery supply chains

Alternative jet fuels could grow opportunities in the southeast

Hanf: Die grüne Lösung für unsere Plastiksucht

Legalisierung des Anbaus von Nutzhanf lässt in den USA neue wirtschaftliche Möglichkeiten für diese vielseitige Pflanze entstehen

And the winner is …Maip Srl

Italian company earned the Global Bioplastics Award for a newly developed PHBH-Compound for ABB Light switch covers

Fraunhofer-Institut entwickelt neues Bio-Plastik aus Molke

Neuartige Verpackungsfolie steht nach jahrzehntelanger Forschung kurz vor der Markteinführung

Turning emissions into fuel

MIT-developed method converts carbon dioxide into useful compounds

Pollution to Products!

Efficient use of carbon is driven by carbon recycling technologies

Wie aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen chemische Produkte werden

Transregio InPROMPT wird nach Ersatz für das knapper werdende Rohöl gesucht – Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft fördert das Vorhaben für weitere vier Jahre

30 November 2017

TOP nova Session “Gene Editing, CRISPR/Cas9 and more for the Bio-based Economy“

6 March 2018, Airport Cologne/Bonn

The plastics problem: are natural alternatives doing more harm than good?

Advances in bioplastics mean they have ever more uses in packaging – but do they encourage a disposable culture?

Nachhaltige Textilinnovationen: Handtaschen aus Äpfeln

Neues Schweizer Label happy genie wirbt auf Kickstarter für vegane Mode-Accessoires

Seaweed could fuel 10% of US transportation needs, say scientists

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will develop tools and technology to advance the mass production of seaweed for biofuels and bio-based chemicals

Biomass will provide chemical compounds to elaborate PEF, additives and pharmaceutical ingredients

European project EnzOx2, under the coordination of CSIC, will develop new bio-chemical technologies based on the use of oxidative enzymes

Wie verhalten sich biobasierte Kunststoffe in etablierten Recyclingsystemen?

Vorstellung der Forschungsergebnisse zu PLA-Abfällen im Abfallstrom

Biofuture@COP23: Major countries agree to scale up the low carbon bioeconomy and develop sustainable biofuels targets

IEA / IRENA data finds bioenergy share in global energy mix must double in next decade to reach paris agreement temperature goals

Four-year project to develop an integrated solution for the recovery and conversion of relevant fractions from wastewater to make natural additives and bioplastics

AFTERLIFE, a 4 million € EU project focused on finding an integrated solution for the recovery and conversion of relevant fractions from wastewater

World Bio Markets returns in 2018 to focus on recent developments in the bio-based sector

Bio-based chemicals, bio-fuels and sustainable products

29 November 2017

TOP The Digest’s 2017 Guide to the 20 Top European biorefinery projects

Europe has become a hotspot for deploying advanced bioeconomy

ARLANXEO: Keltan Eco part of the official match ball for Soccer World Cup 2018

Rubber with bio-based ethylene extracted from sugarcane reduces carbon footprint

ARLANXEO: Keltan Eco im offiziellen WM-Fussball 2018

Gummischicht im Spielball von adidas aus biobasiertem EPDM-Kautschuk

New survey by Genomatica and ICIS: renewable chemicals will be in common use in five years

Survey covered topics including overall strategy and actions with regards to sustainable chemicals

Green Dot Blog: What growth in bioplastics industry means for investors and the economy

Large plastic companies have become interested in having a more sustainable option to offer companies and consumers

Efficient Conversion of CO2–H2O into Fuels

Xiamen University (China) researchers have developed an easy and highly efficient strategy for alkane production by using CO2 and solar energy

Congress and Tax Legislation: It is Not Just About Biofuels

Brent Erickson, Head, Industrial & Environmental Section, Biotechnology Innovation Organization, special to The Digest

IfBB bei 12th European Bioplastics Conference mit dabei

Marktzahlen, Anregungen zur Produktkommunikation, Nachhaltigkeitsbewertungen und Hintergründe zu abbaubaren Biokunststoffen im Meer

28 November 2017

TOP Industrial biotech sector calls for an ambitious revision of EU Bioeconomy Strategy

EuropaBio claiming a coherent and holistic policy and financial framework

Bio-Based Ester Polyols Offer High Performance for Flexible Foam Applications

New EMEROX® polyols are produced with a high renewable content

OEKO-TEX® Conducts One-of-a-Kind Consumer Textile Sustainability Study

More than 11,000 consumers around the world voiced opinions about clothing and home textiles

OEKO-TEX® führt einzigartige Konsumenten-Studie zu Nachhaltigkeit bei Textilien durch

Mehr als 11.000 Verbraucher auf der ganzen Welt nahmen zum Thema Kleidung und Heimtextilien Stellung

Borealis joins Together for Sustainability to enhance sustainability in its supply chain

TfS, a chemical industry initiative to assess and improve sustainability practices in the global supply chain

Dual Catalyst for Olefin Production from CO2

Chinese researchers developed a dual catalyst that can selectively produce lower olefins (between two and four carbon atoms) from CO2

Renewable Chemicals Accelerate Advance into Mainstream Chemical Industry

Fourth survey reveals increased importance, action and optimism; Genomatica, Novozymes and BASF rated as the leaders in sustainable technology

TOP EU-Projekt erforscht neue Verwertungsmöglichkeiten von Zucker

Das mit 01. Jänner 2018 startende EU-Projekt CARBAFIN setzt sich zum Ziel, bio-basierte Plattform-Technologien für die Herstellung zucker- modifizierter Produkte im industriellen Maßstab zu etablieren

27 November 2017

TOP Map of 224 European biorefineries published by BIC and nova-Institute

Biorefineries are the heart of the bioeconomy. Here, different types of biomass are fully utilised and transformed into a large variety of chemicals and materials

Injection molders who have made bioplastics work

Modern bioplastics can now run through the injection molding process similarly to traditional petroleum-based plastics

Greener Biomass Utilization

Depolymerization and conversion of biopolymers into useful materials using ionic liquids as reaction systems is a relatively new approach

Speicher für Windenergie: So funktioniert die größte Batterie der Welt

Riesige Salzkavernen in Norddeutschland könnten schon bald Strom aus Windkraftanlagen speichern. Seine Bewährungsprobe im Labor hat das revolutionäre Prinzip bestanden

European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto: The Digest’s Special Guide

Biofuels Digest presentation as special coverage of developments in the EU

Simulation für WPC-Extrusionswerkzeuge

Kooperationsprojekt des SKZ und der Uni Kassel will Extrusionswerkzeuge für Wood Polymer Composites optimieren

“Green Gold” documentary blames EU biofuel lobby for bad policy

The Belgian documentary-maker spoke to EUobserver in a cafe in Brussels, ahead of the preview screening of his film in the city's centre for fine arts Bozar

ThinkForest Seminar: Circular bioeconomy can create a sustainable, renewable society

How we mainstream the implementation of the circular bioeconomy strategy was the focus of seminar organised by European Forest Institute (EFI)

24 November 2017

Ten Innovative Biobased Clothing Items

Clothes made from novel biobased materials are becoming more widespread. Here are ten of our favourites

research*eu RESULTS PACK – Bioplastics: Sustainable materials for building a strong and circular European bio-economy

EU, through its CE Action Plan, is dedicated to stimulating Europe’s transition to a circular economy

research*eu RESULTS PACK – Biokunststoffe: Nachhaltige Materialien für den Aufbau einer starken, zirkulären europäischen Bioökonomie

Aktionsplan der EU soll den Übergang Europas zu einer Kreislaufwirtschaft anregen

New market report forecasts robust growth of the global isosorbide market

Report predicts growth at a CAGR of 8.76% during the period 2017-2021

Klimafreundliche Baustoffe

Eine neue Publikation belegt, dass eine Verringerung der Herstellungsenergie im Neubau wichtiger wäre als weitere Verbrauchsreduktionen