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17 April 2018

The Netherlands looking to ban oxo-degradable plastics

Country supports a full ban, rather than the restricted use proposed by the European Commission

Bioplastics industry risks disappointing consumers

Organic - or 'bio' in German does not mean that the packaging material is bioplastic

Engineering eines kunststofffressenden Enzyms

Entdeckung könnte zu einer Recycling-Lösung für Millionen Tonnen von Plastikflaschen führen

Novel NUS technique strengthens building structures using wood waste

By mixing biochar from saw dust with cement, concrete constructions can be made 20 per cent stronger and 50 per cent more watertight

Simplifying hospital waste with bio-based disposables

Disposable hospital cellulose products containing lots of benefits waiting to be used

First car driving with Global Bioenergies’ renewable gasoline

First Audi car to drive at the Montlhéry circuit using over 34% renewable gasoline  

Erstes Auto fährt mit dem erneuerbaren Benzin von Global Bioenergies

Erstes Audi-Fahrzeug, das auf der Montlhéry-Rennstrecke mit über 34 % erneuerbarem Benzin fährt

VIDEO: Audi test drives renewable gasoline derived from bio-isobutene

Audi and Global Bioenergies recently announced a milestone test for a renewable gasoline blend called “e-benzin”

16 April 2018

The Cannabis Opp: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to novel high-value feedstocks for advanced medical applications

Overview of opportunities to develop, cultivate and deploy high-value oils from algae and other green plants

Solar Foods Oy gets two-million euros in startup funding for producing food out of air

Method is based on the research projects of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Lappeenranta University of Technology

Biobasierte bioinspirierte Formänderungsstrukturen mittels generativer Fertigung

Das Institut für Kunststofftechnik (IKT) der Universität Stuttgart forscht an der Entwicklung biobasierter Formänderungsstrukturen

Commission official: ‘We want to improve CAP’s agro-environment architecture’

Farming and cohesion might suffer cuts

XPrize’s Marcius Extavour on how we can turn our CO2 problem into something useful

The US$20 million contest asks competitors to develop technologies that can capture CO2 emissions from operational power plants and convert them into valuable products

RED II Council pressure for double counting renewables must be rejected

Transport is Europe’s biggest climate enemy and the only sector still accelerating its fossil emissions output quicker than climate change programmes can catch up

13 April 2018

Renewables law could lock EU into costly burning technologies

REDII could lock EU member states into expensive and polluting waste-to-energy technologies that contradict the circular economy and climate objectives

Illinois researchers receive $1 million to study bioenergy crops

Biomass cultivars ready to plug into the biofuel supply chain in the United States

BIOPEN: An Open-innovation Platform to strengthen cooperation and joint development of bioindustries and downstream sectors

A knowledge centre, to share information and to collect the insights of the community

Optimierte Eigenschaften: neuer Markt für Biokunststoffe

Polymilchsäure als umweltgerechte und marktfähige Alternative zu Erdöl

Next steps for succinic: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to BioAmber

CEO Rick Eno gave this illuminating overview of the company’s progress and promise at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC

12 April 2018

EU sugar companies struggle to survive as prices plunge post-quotas

At the current price level, there is hardly a sugar company in Europe which can still produce at a break-even

Building Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with Paper Biomass

Researchers at Rensselaer have developed a patented method to use cheap and abundant paper biomass to make lithium-sulfur batteries

Anellotech creates sustainable plastic packaging from plants

Suntory has big plans using the economical sourcing of Anellotech’s made-from-nonfood biomass bioplastic process

Senator Mitch McConnell pushing hard for hemp deregulation

Removing the crop from the controlled substances list and introducing it as an agricultural commodity

BioSolutions to target US for biocomposites growth

11 April 2018

The University of York is to lead on a £5million project to develop the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, the Humber region and the Tees Valley

Funding boost announced for the region’s bioeconomy

EUBP’s policy recommendations to integrate bioplastics in the EU Plastics Strategy

For more information, you can download EUBP’s position paper

Sewage Sludge Leads to Biofuels Breakthrough

JBEI enzyme discovery enables first-time microbial production of an aromatic biofuel

Green Chemistry: developed procedures for the production of bio-based acrylic acid

Mild reaction conditions promise cost savings compared to oil-based technology

Grüne Chemie: Verfahren zur Gewinnung von biobasierter Acrylsäure entwickelt

Milde Reaktionsbedingungen versprechen Kosteneinsparung gegenüber erdölbasierter Technologie

10 April 2018

New type of reactor for biological methanation successfully tested as a flexible energy storage

Trickle-bed reactor of the BTU Cottbus methanisiert either carbon dioxide or raw biogas being boosted with hydrogen - methane formation rate, high product quality, low energy consumption

Neuer Reaktortyp für biologische Methanisierung erfolgreich als flexibler Energiespeicher erprobt

Rieselbettreaktor der BTU Cottbus methanisiert wahlweise Kohlendioxid oder Roh-Biogas mit Wasserstoff – Hohe Produktqualität, geringer Energiebedarf, Methanbildungsrate gesteigert

Biobased Future

Mitteilungsblatt über Biomasse für Energie und Industrie in einer nachhaltigen Wirtschaft

Straw is not waste but co-product, EU farmers tell Commission

Straw has many uses, from fuel to livestock bedding

Sadhguru’s wonderful insight on plastic menace

An insight into the world of plastics and the human responsibility associated with the use of plastics

Bio-leather made from apples – one of the 15 start-ups aiming to change fashion

The unsustainable nature of much of the world’s clothing has been publicised heavily in recent months

9 April 2018

Greenpeace International to not renew FSC membership

Greenpeace no longer has confidence that FSC alone can consistently guarantee enough protection

FSC responses to Greenpeace International statement

Greenpeace International choose not to renew its Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) membership

USDA confirms it won’t regulate CRISPR gene-edited plants like it does GMOs

The USDA has been quietly approving CRISPR-edited products for some time

Secretary Perdue Issues USDA Statement on Plant Breeding Innovation

USDA does not have any plans to regulate plants that could otherwise have been developed through traditional breeding techniques

Benefits of X-ray scanning technology in sawmills

Increase of profitability without having to reduce the wood price paid to forest owners

Bio-Based Products from Microalgae Cultivated in Digestates

Microalgae represent promising sources of fine chemicals and novel ingredients, and this can substantially improve process economics

Assobioplastiche: Misleading Conclusions of the ‘Life Cycle Assessment of Grocery Bags’ Produced by the Danish Environmental Agency

Biodegradable bags are comparable or better in two key indicators - the potential for global warming and the consumption of non-renewable energy resources

Assobioplastiche: Irreführende Schlussfolgerungen der Studie „Life Cycle Assessment of Grocery Bags“ im Auftrag der dänischen Umweltbehörde

Im Verhältnis zum Referenzwert ("eine typische LDPE-Tüte") seien biologisch abbaubare Tüten in zwei Schlüsselindikatoren vergleichbar oder sogar besser

6 April 2018

Europe’s ethanol CEOs besieged by RED II and illusory truths

Europe’s new RED II legislation is a smorgasbord of climate-harming substitutes for domestically sourced conventional ethanol

Klimakiller CO2 soll zum Super-Rohstoff werden

Die Industrie will Kohlendioxid recyceln. Die Vision: CO2 soll Rohöl als neuen Super-Rohstoff ablösen. Deutsche Firmen sind vorn dabei

Copa and Cogeca outline key elements for a successful EU climate and energy policy

Copa and Cogeca call for a stable long-term policy to maximise the potential of crop-based biofuels to decarbonise the transport sector

The best of two worlds – making chemistry more bio-based

In this newsletter we present a short summary of our first webinar “The best of two worlds – making chemistry more bio-based”

BASF Joins the RSB

BASF is engaging in advanced standard setting to support the circular economy

5 April 2018

Researchers use light to turn yeast into biochemical factories

Scientists have recently learned how to use light to control specific groups of neurons to better understand the operation of the brain, a development that has transformed areas of neuroscience

Anellotech Achieves Key Process Technology Operating Milestone

The Bio-TCat Process’s cost-competitive renewable aromatic chemicals are “drop in” replacements for their identical petroleum-derived counterparts