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28 April 2020

Microbes And Global Climate Change

According to projections of several researchers, the effects of global warming are going to be substantial and the chain of events, generally not good

BOTTLE: Bio-Optimized Technologies to keep Thermoplastics out of Landfills and the Environment

Newly founded BOTTLE Consortium to develop new processes and polymeric materials that are recyclable-by-design

Biodegradability of microcapsules

To what extent are modified biobased microcapsules still biodegradable? A team of researchers at the Fraunhofer IAP is focusing on this question

Bioabbaubarkeit von Mikrokapseln

Inwieweit sind die modifizierten biobasierten Mikrokapseln noch bioabbaubar? Dieser Frage widmet sich ein Forscher-Team des Fraunhofer IAP

27 April 2020

nova experts introduced: Matthias Stratmann

New head of sustainability department

TÜV AUSTRIA comments on the judgment of the Düsseldorf Regional Court

Using the OK compost HOME label is in line with the jurisdiction of the German Federal Court of Justice

Evonik achieves major biotech breakthrough with a new animal-free and fermentation-based collagen platform

The recombinant technology will, for the first time, provide pharmaceutical, medical, cell culture and tissue engineering markets

EIHA veröffentlicht Hanf Manifest: Hanf als Wegweiser in eine nachhaltige Wirtschaft

Hanf liefert neben optimaler Ernährung viele Lösungen für ökologisch wertvolle Produkte - von Textilien über Biokunststoffe bis zu Kosmetika und Baumaterialien

European Industrial Hemp Organisation Publish Manifesto For Post COVID-19 Agricultural Sector

Beside optimized nutrition is hemp supplying many solutions for ecologic valuable products - as beyond textiles to bioplastics, cosmetics or building materials  

Cabamix: Neue, biologisch abbaubare Masterbatches aus Calcium­car­bo­nat und einer Mischung aus biologisch abbaubaren Polymeren

Neue Produktlinie verbessert laut Anbieter Reißfestigkeit und Dehnbarkeit des neuen Materials

From Biobased Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) to Algae and Fermentation: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Corbion’s Food, Health and Planet Solutions

Get the details on the latest milestones from Corbion on their journey like getting their biobased PLA commercialized and leveraging algae fermentation

Gras als Rohstoff

Unter dem Titel „GreenToGreen“ arbeitet ein Konsortium daran, organische Stoffströme für neue Verfahren und Produkte zu erschließen

24 April 2020

Plastic-like packaging material made from completely renewable raw materials by VTT

New bio-based plastic developed from cellulose and fatty acids

Sustainability is crucial for success, says Lux Research

The belittled sustainability was supposed to be a hype that would go away. A marketing tool. But the tide has turned

‘Exciting’ anti-cancer compound discovered in the humble willow

More than a century after giving the world aspirin, another potential drug has been found in willows – this time with anti-cancer properties

Chemiebaustein Milchsäure aus Reiskleie gewinnen

Potsdamer Leibniz-Forscher loteten die optimalen Prozessparameter für die biotechnische Milchsäureherstellung aus dem Reststoff Reiskleie aus

Compostable Coffee Capsules Deliver Espresso

Own brand and private-label products in 100% bio-based coffee capsules, engineered to meet the unique requirements of European espresso machines

Biotechnological Potential for Microplastic Waste

This article emphasizes the role of biotechnology in addressing the issue of microplastic waste

Industry calls for 10% ‘renewable gas’ target in Europe

The study describes potential gas decarbonisation pathways until 2050

23 April 2020

Research Team Engineers a Better Plastic-Degrading Enzyme

NREL-, University of Portsmouth-scientists discover enzyme which breaks down PET plastics in hours

The Essential Connection Between Food Waste and Compostable Products

A reminder for everyone to keep the essential connection between compostable products and food waste top of mind when assessing the value of compostable products

Neue Klebstoff-Generation: Klebstoffe aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen mit Zusatzfunktionen

Verbundpartner beabsichtigen die Entwicklung von – nach Gebrauchsende – spaltbaren Klebstoffen, um ein Recycling der geklebten Teile zu ermöglichen

Five years of PaperWise: the ongoing revolution in the paper industry

Since five years ago, the company has converted more than nine million kilos of agricultural waste into paper and board for packaging

Fünf Jahre PaperWise: Die Revolution der Papierindustrie ist unaufhaltsam

Seit fünf Jahren hat das Unternehmen rund 9 Millionen Kilogramm Agrarabfälle in Papier und Karton für Drucksachen und Verpackungen konvertiert

Project in Morocco combines hemp and solar to go totally off grid

Spain-based Cannabric ground-breaking eco-building in Morocco combines a hemp construction with a high-tech solar energy system

Fifty Shades of Blue: How Blue Biotechnology is Shaping the Bioeconomy

The bioeconomy is a new paradigm for the sustainable development of society

“The bioeconomy gives us new tools and opportunities to exploit this chaotic time”

An interview with Tony Duncan, CEO Circa Group

22 April 2020

Carbon fibers from renewable materials

AKK research prize awarded to Dr. Manuel Clauss from the University of Stuttgart

Carbonfasern aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

AKK-Forschungspreis für Dr. Manuel Clauss von der Universität Stuttgart

EU renewable ethanol producers inform Commission of market challenges during COVID-19

Dramatic shift in demand and possibility of imports could threaten European industry

Biobasierte Kunststoffe als innovative Materialien für hochwertige Lebensmittelverpackungen

Neue Ansätze für verbesserte Barriereeigenschaften und Recyclingfähigkeit

From weeds to wealth – Researchers discover simple method to make valuable levulinic acid and cement additive from hemp waste

Results from two studies show the way to opportunities to upgrade hemp waste by making valuable chemicals and materials

UBA veröffentlicht Leitsätze für die Kreislaufwirtschaft

Neun Leitsätze sollen ein gemeinsames Verständnis für die Kreislaufwirtschaft, deren zentrale Begriffe, Ziele, Maßstäbe und die wichtigsten Handlungsansätze schaffen

Scientists Propose New Strategy for CO2 Electrochemical Reduction

A research team of the CAS proposed a new strategy for improving the catalytic activity of transition metal catalysts for CO2 electrocatalytic reduction

Solar seen claiming up to 60% of EU power mix by 2050

A fully renewable energy system could be reached by 2050 under a “moderate scenario” and even by 2040 in a “leadership scenario”

21 April 2020

TOP Only one established event on bio-based economy was neither cancelled nor postponed: The “13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” will be held ONLINE this year on 12–14 May 2020 – final programme available online

44 speakers from leading companies have confirmed their presentations. Topics of the online conference are circular economy, renewable carbon, chemical recycling and latest investments in biorefineries. Information on technologies, markets and policy will be provided for bio-based building blocks and polymers. One special focus is on lignin utilisation, another on fine chemicals for pharma, cosmetics, body care & specialities.

MULTIPLHY – Green hydrogen for Renewable products refinery in rotterdam

CEA, Neste, Paul Wurth, ENGIE and Sunfire announce a project-partnership to build and operate the world’s first multi-megawatt scale high-temperature electrolyser for highly efficient hydrogen production

MULTIPLHY – Grüner Wasserstoff für Raffinerie erneuerbarer Produkte in Rotterdam

CEA, Neste, Paul Wurth, ENGIE und Sunfire haben eine Projektpartnerschaft zum Bau und Betrieb des weltweit ersten Multi-Megawatt Hochtemperatur-Elektrolyseurs zur hocheffizienten Wasserstoffproduktion angekündigt

Amyris Launches Leading Hand Sanitizer and Receives Initial Positive Result for Vaccine Adjuvant

The Synthetic Biology Leader Steps Out to Help Fight COVID-19

Grüne Plattformchemikalien aus Biogasanlagen

Buttersäure kann Mehrwert liefern

Carbios Clearing the Bottleneck – Enzymatic recycling tech hits 90% depolymerization in 10 hours

First company to successfully combine the two scientific worlds of enzymology and plastics

Industrielle Power-to-Gas-Anlage im Megawattmaßstab am Hochrhein arbeitet zuverlässig

Grünen Wasserstoff für die Mobilität wirtschaftlicher erzeugen

UPM Raflatac and SABIC first to bring PP label material with recycled content to market

Now available globally, this label material uses SABIC’s groundbreaking TRUCIRCLE™ solutions for certified circular PP products

Material–Microbe Interfaces for Solar-Driven CO2 Bioelectrosynthesis

This review discusses various approaches to improve the electron uptake by microbes at the bioinorganic interface

20 April 2020

Gasum delivers biogas to cleantech company Forchem

The liquefied biogas has been received at the Forchem reception terminal, vaporized and used in the company’s production processes

smartpolymer produziert bioaktive Faser für Schutzmasken

Laut Hersteller wirkt die Faser antibakteriell und fungizid, wodurch Atemschutzmasken vergleichsweise länger getragen und mehrfach verwendet werden können

The Latest Developments on Powering Our World with Grass, Twigs, and Other Green Waste

Can converting food and other wastes to biofuel be a transition technology to ease our dependence on fossil fuels and into a bioeconomy?

Hanf – Baustoff der Zukunft

Hanffasern werden schon seit vielen Jahren in Deutschland als Dämmstoff genutzt, aber bis heute wissen die wenigsten, dass man mit Hanf auch massiv bauen kann

Biohybrid battery harvests energy from electric bacteria

KIT researchers have created a “biohybrid” system built around a hydrogel that can support microbes while effectively collecting their energy

Panda poo, ants and slugs could be key to the green fuel of tomorrow

A new research project at Aarhus University will exploit millions of years of evolution to develop sustainable biofuels