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31 Juli 2019

Leaked UN science report warns of clash between bioenergy and food

Models suggest large areas of land are needed for forests and biofuel crops to halt climate change, but this risks worsening hunger, draft tells policymakers

The Competitive Edge: Haldor Topsoe

Haldor Topsoe is the world leader in heterogeneous catalysis and technology licensing

Wälder in Deutschland sind wichtige Kohlenstoffsenke

In deutschen Wäldern wächst mehr Holz nach als genutzt wird / Deutschland ist das holzreichste Land der EU

30 Juli 2019

Potential of Lignin Use in Plastic Recycling: A Random Match

Value the Random Structure of Lignin by Nature

Stora Enso invests in producing bio-based carbon materials for energy storage

Another step on Stora Enso's transformation journey to explore new ways to replace fossil-based, scarce and high-cost materials with renewable alternatives

What to do in an increasingly paperless society? Stora Enso adapts and innovates with 3 big announcements on being ‘fit for the future’

Moving from paper to packaging and other biobased products and more

New coalition working on SAF: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to AFCC

AFCC’s current focus, the appropriations process, and what they are trying to do for the growth of jet biofuels and renewable chemicals

Microphyt raises €28.5 million to develop its portfolio of microalgae-based natural solutions for nutrition and well-being

In nutrition and wellbeing, consumer demand for natural, effective, safe and sustainably produced solutions is booming

29 Juli 2019

IIT Bombay develops indigenous biodegradable bone screw

The researchers are currently in the process of seeking approval from the government

Canada launches new challenge to seek the development of novel bio-based foam insulation

Grant funding of up to (CAN) $1.15 million for projects that develop foam insulation products that are predominantly derived from Canadian forest residue

Phytonix Corporation Unleashes a New Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDU) Technology to Combat Climate Change

New strains of cyanobacteria which use photosynthesis to convert CO2 into carbon negative industrial chemicals and fuels, such as butanol, pentanol and other higher alcohols

Erstmals in der Schweiz erneuerbares Methan mittels Urbakterien hergestellt

Die biologische Methanisierung ist ein wichtiger Baustein im sogenannten Power-to-Gas-Prozess, der in Zukunft für die saisonale Speicherung von überschüssigem erneuerbaren Strom von zentraler Bedeutung sein wird

Neue DUH-Broschüre zeigt Bauprojekte mit nachhaltigen Dämmstoffen

Anhand von sechs Praxisbeispielen dargelegt, wie der Neubau oder die Sanierung von Wohngebäuden unter Verwendung von Dämmstoffen aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen umgesetzt wurde

26 Juli 2019

New figures reveal sustained growth for the European bioeconomy – 2.3 trillion EUR turnover and 18.6 million people employed in 2016

A study conducted in 2016 by nova-Institute on behalf of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) showed for the first time which macroeconomic effects are generated by the bioeconomy e.g. turnover and employment for the years 2008 and 2013

New University and Government Reports Set the Record Straight on Ethanol’s GHG Benefits

These studies add to a large body of existing literature that debunks falsities spread by well-funded opponents about the role ethanol plays in protecting the environment

Resetting the ambition for biotechnology in the EU

As the new European Parliament meets for its inaugural session in Strasbourg, EuropaBio publishes its Biotechnology Industry Manifesto 2019

Startup Saturday: Biodegradable sanitary pads push to get women to ‘breakfree’ of misinformation

Most woman do not know about harmful chemicals that cause rashes and infections, and they do not know that each pad they use is non-biodegradable

A novel concept for bio-fuel production

Catalytic hydro-pyrolysis is a strong candidate for conversion of biomass into liquid fuels for vehicles and airplanes. The technology can be viewed as part of the solution to the renewable energy storage challenge

Der Sauberstoff

Grüner Wasserstoff als Klimaschützer

25 Juli 2019

Avantium CFO Frank Roerink to step down at the end of 2019

This allowsthe company to start looking fora successor

In Germany in 2020 the topic of the annual “Year of Science” is Bioeconomy

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Science announced that in 2020 the topic of the annual “Year of Science” will be Bioeconomy

Palm and soybean oil lose a lot of ground

Chart of the week (28/ 2019)

Palm- und Sojaölpreise verlieren kräftig

Grafik der Woche (KW 28/ 2019)

Topsoe to build demonstration plant to produce cost-competitive CO2-neutral methanol from biogas and green electricity

The technology heats the process using green electricity from wind turbines or solar panels instead of natural gas

24 Juli 2019

Now Available: 2018 Report – Economic Impact of U.S. Biobased Products Industry

Biobased productscontributed $459 billion to the U.S. economy in 2016, a 17% increase from 2014

New Technical Report from IEA Bioenergy

Technical, Economic and Environmental Assessment of Biorefinery Concepts — Developing a Practical Approach for Characterisation

Green Biologics to shut its first commercial bio-based chemicals plant in US

UK-headquartered biotechnology firm Green Biologics has announced that it has failed to secure funding to keep its US facility – which produces bio-based chemicals

Nature’s Fantastic Four

Four amino acids are essential for the efficiency of CO2 binding enzymes

Vier gewinnt

Das Geheimnis effizienter Kohlendioxid-Umwandlung

23 Juli 2019

ArcelorMittal Belgium starts construction on two pioneering projects to further reduce carbon emissions

The two installations represent a total investment of 160 million euros and will avoid approximately 400,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year in the first phase

Yum, yum, CO2 in my tum – NovoNutrients moves forward with CO2 to fish feed plans

NovoNutrients is moving forward towards their goal of transforming industrial waste CO2 into feed, initially for the fast-growing aquaculture sector

NovoNutrients gets $300K from DOE program for CO2 to feed technology

NovoNutrients will partner with the NREL to improve CFD models in order to identify efficient and productive bioreactor designs

The environment in the new CAP

The urgent need for innovation in agriculture, combined with the need for environmental protection, will be the big challenge facing EU policymakers

Die Rolle der Umwelt in der neuen GAP

Der dringende Bedarf an Innovationen in der Landwirtschaft wird eine der wichtigsten und größten Herausforderungen für die zukünftige EU-Politik sein

Quallenschleim als Biofilter für Mikroplastik

Quallen als Ressource: Wissenschaft sieht viele Chancen

22 Juli 2019

CHP with renewable energy

EU research project develops new CHP system for biogenic residuals

KWK nutzt erneuerbare Energie

EU-Forschungsprojekt entwickelt neues KWK-System für biogene Reststoffe

Dress with CO2

Elastic textile fibers made from carbon dioxide

Anziehen mit CO2

Kohlendioxid zur Herstellung von elastischen Textilfasern

Woolworths gets all clear from court on its ‘biodegradable’ forks, plates

Australian supermarktet chain Woolworths has seen off a legal challenge after a federal court judge found that a range of biodegradable plates and cutlery could turn into useable compost within weeks

Covestro works with partners to develop CO2-based elastic textile fibres

German polymer materials manufacturer Covestro has developed a method of producing elastic textile fibres through the partial use of carbon dioxide

19 Juli 2019

Panasonic taps plants to develop green appliances

High production costs a concern in shift away from petroleum-based plastics

Bring it to the reeds and cattails in the practice Paludikulturen

Project developed guidelines for farmers, authorities and policy - field trials on 8 acres

Paludikulturen mit Schilf und Rohrkolben in die Praxis bringen

Projekt erarbeitet Leitlinien für Landwirte, Behörden und Politik – Praxisversuche auf 8 Hektar

Has Europe lost the new biotechnology battle?

The EU’s rules on GMOs risk stifling innovation in biotechnology and could lead to China and the US increasing their patent domination

IRENA: Bioenergy employed 3.18 million people globally in 2018

The solar photovoltaics, bioenergy, hydro, and wind power industries were the biggest employers

18 Juli 2019

Nestlé launches YES! snack bars in recyclable paper wrapper

This launch has unlocked the potential for recyclable paper packaging to be widely used in the confectionery industry

YES!: Neue Premium Snacks von Nestlé in recyclingfähiger Papierverpackung

Die neuen YES! Riegel werden von einer recyclingfähigen Papierverpackung umhüllt, die wie jede Tageszeitung über die Altpapiersammlung wiederverwertet werden kan

EU conference discusses ethical dimensions of transition into bio-economy

Social sustainability and justice in bio-economy were the leading themes as 350 bio-economy experts gathered in Helsinki

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS): Time to inject a new sense of urgency?

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) systems play a key role in the technological efforts to mitigate emissions