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1 Februar 2019

Samsung Electronics to Replace Plastic Packaging with Sustainable Materials

Under the company’s sustainability policy, Samsung plans to minimize and replace packaging with environmentally sustainable materials

Quest fulfilled? Holy Grail found? 40% crop yield increase really possible?

University of Illinois and USDA researchers found transgenic tobacco plants were ∼40% more productive than wild-type tobacco plants

Plant-Based Innovator Renmatix Joins with The Ingredient House to Bring Better Making, Better Baking Cost-Advantaged Ingredients to the Leading U.S. Bakers

Early targets include the $400M cost-in-use egg replacement market for baked goods in the U.S., with plant ingredient Simple Cellulose

Technique identifies electricity-producing bacteria

Microbes screened with a new microfluidic process might be used in power generation or environmental cleanup

31 Januar 2019

Developing standards for bio-based industries

What are the current EU standards or other related issues that hamper the growth of bio-based products?

Nestlé and Danimer Scientific to Develop Biodegradable Water Bottle

Nestlé and Danimer Scientific will collaborate to design and manufacture bio-based resins for Nestlé’s water business using Danimer Scientific’s PHA polymer Nodax™

Neues Hochhaus soll Leuchtturm-Projekt für Holzbau werden

Vorhaben wird von der Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) mit 330.700 Euro gefördert

WOW! Exploiting the potential of sewage

Enter WOW!, a project designed to ensure that no waste is wasted

Bauer Hubert und das neue Auto

11. Folge der beliebten Kinderbuchserie erscheint pünktlich zur Grünen Woche

Sustainable plastics – If we want a sustainable future, it will be driven by companies

If the plastics economy can be completely transformed, then the new circular economy starts to take over and almost roll forward on its own

Forest-based biomass industry: Where are we today and where are going tomorrow?

8th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference took place on 23-25 October and was hosted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Sustainable formulations for cosmetic products

Baycusan® eco E 1000: a new biobased film former

Total says French palm oil curb threatens biofuel facility

French lawmakers last month voted to remove palm oil from the country’s biofuel scheme as of 2020

30 Januar 2019

TOP Hemp becomes the world’s billion-dollar business – worldwide largest conference on industrial hemp in June 2019 in Cologne (Germany)

Join the global meeting place of the fast growing hemp industry in Cologne on 5 - 6 June at the “16th EIHA Hemp Conference”. For the second time, participants will vote for the “Hemp Product of the Year”

TOP Hanf wird zum Milliardengeschäft – weltweit größte Konferenz zu Industriehanf im Juni 2019 in Köln

Besuchen Sie den globalen Treffpunkt der schnell wachsenden Hanfindustrie vom 5. bis 6. Juni in Köln auf der „16. EIHA Hemp Conference“. Zum zweiten Mal wählen die Teilnehmer das „Hanfprodukt des Jahres“

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories’ Spider Silk Technology Successfully Delivered to Vietnam

Monumental Breakthrough for Large Scale Commercialization of Spider Silk

Why 2019 may be a promising year for PHA

A lot of Manufacturers and suppliers have already invested considerable resources in developing eco-friendly alternatives to petrochemical plastics

VTT develops a new sustainable way to turn forestry waste into transport fuels and chemicals

New approach uses gasification to turn biomass into intermediate products like liquid hydrocarbons, methanol or methane

Warum Bioplastik meist gar nicht so “bio” ist

Für Verbraucher nur schwer unterscheidbar: "Kompostierbar" heisst nicht gleich "bio"

Slide down the slopes with ski boots made with castor oil and carbon

Bindings, shell and cuff are made from the innovative and eco-compatible Pebax Rnew Bio-based material, a polymer obtained from castor oil plants

Innovative businessman drinks from a cup of success

South African company uses 3D printing technology to manufacture drinking cups with biodegradable aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources

The Algae’s Third Eye

Scientists at the Universities of Würzburg and Bielefeld in Germany have discovered an unusual new light sensor in green algae

Das dritte Auge der Algen

Einen ungewöhnlichen neuen Lichtsensor haben Wissenschaftler aus Würzburg und Bielefeld in Grünalgen entdeckt

Organic Electronics: Bio-on presents Eloxel, to develop the use of bioplastics in the electronics sector at his side Kartell, strategic parnter

For this activity Bio-on granted to ELOXEL SpA an exclusive license with a value of Euro 6.500.000,00

29 Januar 2019

Further step towards CO2-free steel production – ammonia from steel mill gases

Conversion into ammonia represents a further milestone in the Carbon2Chem project

Weiterer Schritt zur CO2-freien Stahlproduktion – Ammoniak aus Hüttengasen

Ammoniakproduktion ist ein weiterer Meilenstein im Rahmen des Projekts Carbon2Chem

The Alliance Launches Today

Global corporations join newly launched Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Once an ambitious producer, Turkey again looks to join industrial hemp cultivators club

Turkish government will take steps to increase cannabis production, which is currently allowed in 19 provinces in the country

Biomassenutzung nachhaltig steigern

Die nachhaltige Intensivierung von Biomasseproduktion steht im Fokus der dritten Ausschreibung des europäischen Netzwerkes ERA-NET Cofund FACCE SURPLUS

Nouryon signs deal with Itaconix for bio-based polymers for the detergents market

First supply agreement resulting from a joint development agreement signed by the companies in 2017

Rice plants engineered to be better at photosynthesis make more rice

Bioengineering improvement of rice, a staple food crop worldwide, has high practical importance

“Flipped” Metal Oxide Cage Can Sort CO2 from CO

A Japanese research team led by Kanazawa University studied host-guest interactions in vanadate clusters

State of the Renewable Chemicals Industry

My key takeaway for 2018 is that the renewable chemicals industry definitely continues to struggle especially when it comes to financing the commercialization phase of their projects

28 Januar 2019

Covestro at Cosmetagora: Sustainable formulations for cosmetic products

Baycusan® eco E 1000: a new biobased film former

Covestro auf der Cosmetagora: Nachhaltige Formulierungen für Kosmetikprodukte

Baycusan® eco E 1000: ein neuer biobasierter Filmbildner

Promising bioplastic derived from “poo molecule”

A new, fossil-free bioplastic is emerging. According to lab experiments, it is more durable than both regular plastic and other bioplastics

RED II – Small steps in the ongoing struggle to put bioenergy on a sustainable path

Final version of the Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (RED II) was published

Eine Bioraffinerie für den Bauernhof

Hohenheimer Chemikerin will eine Bioraffinerie auf dem Bauernhof etablieren, um vor Ort aus pflanzlichen Rohstoffen Basischemikalien zu gewinnen

Mexico: National University Experts Create Biodegradable Lenses

Mexico's UNAM experts have developed contact lenses to treat inflammatory diseases

Why It’s Time to Make the Switch to Compostable Band-Aids

Two Australian companies are now selling biodegradable bandages as a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bandages

Sulzer helps turn carbon emissions into biofuels at the ArcelorMittal Gent plant

Sulzer was appointed on the basis of its extensive expertise, in-depth knowledge and manufacturing capabilities for the processing industries

Christmas trees to paint and sweeteners, newly discovered protein, hemp beard oils, potato waste fiberboard, biobased outdoor apparel and cosmetics, and more: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of January 10th

The pace of bioeconomy invention and change continues at a frenetic pace. Here are the top innovations for the week of January 10th

25 Januar 2019

Bio-based Solvent Produces Highest-quality Graphene Ink Ever Reported

Report about Cyrene® shows "near-ideal physical properties for graphite exfoliation and the production of graphene dispersions"

FNR übernimmt die Projektträgerschaft für den Waldklimafonds

FNR löst die Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (BLE) als bisherigen Projektträger für den Waldklimafonds ab

Integrated CO2 Capture and Conversion into Valuable Hydrocarbons

Novel multifunctional catalyst consisting of Fe2O3 encapsulated in K2CO3 can capture and simultaneously transform CO2 into olefins

c-LEcta announces two long-term industry collaborations

Agreement aims at the development and commercialization of an enzymatic process for the production of a fine chemical for the pharmaceutical industry

c-LEcta gibt den Abschluss von zwei langfristigen Industrie-Kooperationen bekannt

Entwicklung und Kommerzialisierung eines enzymatischen Verfahrens zur Herstellung einer Feinchemikalie für die pharmazeutische Industrie

South Korea: Samyang aims to build isosorbide factory for eco-friendly plastic

Food and chemical conglomerate plans to produce about 10,000 tons of isosorbide

Iranian researchers invent nano-mulch to cope with dust storms

Nano-mulch improves soil resistance to erosion, increases its fertility and is biodegradable

Global Bioenergies Welcomes France’s Decision to Increase Biofuel Mandates

Biofuel players will thus be able to continue building plants and creating jobs in rural environments while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation