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30 Mai 2018

Vorbild Natur: Wissenschaftsakademien legen Stellungnahme zur Künstlichen Photosynthese vor

Forscher setzen auf die künstliche Photosynthese. Die Wissenschaftsakademien fordern den Bau von industriellen Testanlagen

The LEGO Group aims for 100% sustainable packaging by 2025

Ambitions include replacing single-use disposable plastics and finding recycled or sustainably sourced bio-based materials for all plastic based packaging

Metsä Group establishes an innovation company and plans to build a demo plant in Äänekoski, Finland for the production of textile fibres

The first concept to be included into Metsä Spring’s portfolio is the new textile fibre production method developed by Metsä Fibre

Verdezyne exit confirmed

Verdezyne’s remaining investors decided to wind the company down

29 Mai 2018

“Future Protein Award” honours the best solutions for the current protein dilemma

Will we be able to supply the growing world population with sufficient protein in the short- and long-term?

„Future Protein Award” kürt die besten Lösungen zum aktuellen Proteindilemma

Alternative Proteinquellen sind der Schlüssel für eine nachhaltige Zukunft der Ernährung von Mensch und Tier

TOP Single-use plastics: New EU rules to reduce marine litter – Comment Michael Carus, Managing Director of the nova-Institut

Why not become innovative and pro-active?

TOP Single-use plastics: New EU rules to reduce marine litter

The Commission's proposals will now go to the European Parliament and Council for adoption

TOP Einwegkunststoffprodukte: neue EU-Vorschriften zur Verringerung der Meeresabfälle – Kommentar Michael Carus, Geschäftsführer des nova-Instituts

Warum nicht innovativ und pro-aktiv werden?

TOP Einwegkunststoffprodukte: neue EU-Vorschriften zur Verringerung der Meeresabfälle

Die Vorschläge der Kommission werden nun dem Europäischen Parlament und dem Rat zur Annahme vorgelegt

Aquafil and Genomatica Collaborate on Project EFFECTIVE to Increase Adoption of Sustainable Materials

A coalition of brands, ingredient manufacturers, technology developers supported by EU’s Horizon 2020 program

EU-Kommission: Verbot von Plastikbesteck geplant

Im Kampf gegen Plastikmüll plant die EU-Kommission ein Verbot von Strohhalmen, Wattestäbchen und Plastikbesteck

What’s for dinner? In the edible tableware era, the answer is your plate

A manufacturing plant in Warsaw is turning out more than 10 million pieces of edible tableware and cutlery a year, made from wheat bran

Biopolymere für selbstheilenden Autoklarlack in der Entwicklung

Kratzer verschwinden dank Biomolekülen und Van der Waals-Kräften - High-Performance erwartet

Stora Enso accelerates growth in renewable materials by co-operating with the startup Sulapac

Stora Enso will licence Sulapac’s materials and technology, and begin the development of fully renewable caps and closures for liquid packages

Windgas in wenigen Jahren preiswerter als Erdgas

Energy Brainpool: Neue Studie zu Kosten von erneuerbarem Wasserstoff

An interview with John Bell, Director at the EU Commission in charge of bioeconomy. “The bioeconomy promises to lead the next rising wave of global economic development”

In this long exclusive interview, he talks about the new strategy on bioeconomy, the EU’s new research and innovation programme, the role of member states and regions and the connection between bioeconomy and society

BASF creates chemistry with innovative pallet maker

The pallet features a hermetically sealed surface, crucial in pharmaceutical and food transportation safety, to protect against insects, bacteria, mold and other harmful organisms

28 Mai 2018

Vegan Leather By Malai Created From Coconut Water to Reduce Food Waste

Innovation and vegan leather are paired frequently in recent years, as ethical fashion rises in popularity among conscious consumers

Methanisierungsanlage in Falkenhagen wird eröffnet – wichtiger Schritt für eine erfolgreiche Energiewende

Europäisches Forschungsprojekt STORE&GO tritt in die nächste Phase ein

Methanation plant in Falkenhagen opens – important step for a successful energy transition

European research project STORE&GO enters next phase

Start-up in Griechenland: Sonnenbrillen aus Seegras

Stravros Tsompanidis, Seegras-Unternehmer aus Patras: Handeln statt rumsitzen und über die Krise klagen

Global wood-based panel market growth slow

According to IndexBox, the shifting of potential market opportunities from developed countries to developing ones has been one of the main global trends in the wood based panel market

Gibt’s das Sackerl auch in Bio? TÜV AUSTRIA liefert die Antwort

Mit der belgischen Marke OK compost ist die Zertifizierung von biologisch abbaubaren Produkten Teil der österreichischen TÜV AUSTRIA Group, die in über 20 Ländern vertreten ist

Suedzucker to step up exports to boost revenues after sugar price slump

Suedzucker, Europe’s largest sugar refiner, said it is suffering from the steep fall in sugar prices in recent months and plans to step up exports to try and compensate

Amyris Sustainable Lubricants Joint Venture Company, Novvi, and Chevron Enter Agreement To Develop and Bring To Market New Renewable Base Oil Technologies

We are very pleased that Chevron and Novvi have expanded our relationship to include base oil development and commercialization

25 Mai 2018

Stora Enso launches biocomposites as a renewable replacement for plastics

Innovative DuraSense enables the use of renewable fibres, such as wood, to substitute for a large portion of fossil-based plastic

Surftech’s algae, bamboo and biobased paddleboard a winner

Company's board won Outside Online’s “Gear of the Year” award and is listed as #1 of the “Best Stand-Up Paddleboards of 2018

Step aside Superman, steel is no competition for this new material

Steel could one day be replaced with specially arranged cellulose fibers

Paper & Biorefinery 2018 – Die Papierindustrie wird zur Leitbranche der Bioökonomie

Disruptive Veränderung birgt große Herausforderungen, bietet aber enorme Chancen

Focus on Renewable Chemicals Expands for Braskem

After 'green PE', Braskem's next major use of a renewable chemical is 'green' MEG - a key component of PET resins

NCGA sees great potential in bio-based chemicals from corn

Nathan Danielson telling about technology and company demands for “sustainable” products including bio-based chemicals, made from corn

Green Chemistry PhD wins Excellence Award

Jesús Esteban Serrano takes 2018 EFCE Chemical Reaction Engineering award

Mülheimer Nachwuchsforscher erhält Preis für „grüne Chemie“

Grüne Verfahren zur Herstellung von Glycerincarbonat und Solketal

Jourova to press for EU-US data sharing deal next week

New legal measures in both the US and the EU give authorities more power to obtain data that is stored in another country if they need it to investigate crimes

24 Mai 2018

Itaconix and AkzoNobel move from the technical evaluation phase to defining a joint marketing effort for Itaconix bio-based chelates

Commercial details remain to be finalised, but both parties target to complete final agreements before the end of 2018

Graanul integriert Bioraffinerie in erstes Pelletwerk

Neue Bioraffinerie soll aus 50.000 Tonnen lokalem Laubholz sauberen Zellulosezucker und hochreines Lignin herstellen

Flo Presents Gea, a New Generation of Coffee Capsules Developed with NatureWorks

The new capsule is the first in the world that combines compostability, oxygen barrier, and an improved taste and aroma experience for the consumer

New report says bioplastics will outpace the economy as a whole

New products and manufacturing technologies are projected to make bioplastics more competitive and dynamic

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Bioplastics & PCR Engineered Compounds

New formulations target more demanding applications in automotive, electronics and more

5 Minutes Wth… Gerald Michael, global business manager at Synvina

The company site in Antwerp, Belgium, has a capacity of 50,000 metric tonnes of PEF bio-plastic

DSM wins patent infringement case against Lallemand related to low-glycerol yeast technology applicable in ethanol production

DSM’s yeast technology for starch conversion provides consistent increased ethanol yields and significantly reduces glycerol production

Riding bacterium to the bank

Sandia researchers tailor E. coli to convert plants into renewable chemicals

23 Mai 2018

Going against the grain: AB InBev adopt circular economy thinking to create new by-products

"These plant-based circular economy nutrients are much more sustainable than traditional sources like animals..."

Biobasierte Verbundwerkstoffe vor Feuer schützen

Flammschutzausrüstung eröffnet natur- und holzfaserverstärkten Kunststoffen neue Einsatzbereiche

Merino and natural fibres could help clothing companies battle scourge of microplastics

New Zealand Merino Company's investing in research and development to see how natural fibres like merino can help avoid microplastics in the oceans

Method for synthesizing a novel polyester with alternating arrangement

Results of a Japanese research make it possible to synthesize syndiotactic polyesters in which L- and D-type monomers are arranged alternately

DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award 2018

Up to 100% bio-based, natural fibre reinforced plastics (NFRP) with low moisture absorption can be developed for application in structural components

The bio-based economy can feed the world and help defeat climate change – UN agency

Maria Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director was speaking at the 2018 Global Bioeconomy Summit last month in Berlin, Germany

Overview of Silk Fibroin Use in Wound Dressings

This review describes recent advances in the development of SF-based wound dressings for skin regeneration