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23 Oktober 2019

Air Liquide partners with ArcelorMittal in pilot project to capture and recycle carbon

In this project, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction will provide a technology solution that purifies the offgas coming from the blast furnace

22 Oktober 2019

Borealis and Neste begin strategic co-operation to accelerate circularity and bioeconomy in plastics

Borealis to produce renewable polypropylene using Neste’s renewable propane by end of 2019

Borealis setzt auf nachwachsende Rohstoffe

Zusammenarbeit mit Neste ermöglicht Erzeugung von biobasiertem Polypropylen

Biosynthetic® Technologies and Sea-Land Chemical Company Reach Distribution Agreement for Biosynthetic Base Oils for North America

Companies to deliver the highest quality biobased lubricants that will allow to meet the needs of environmentally aware customers

Global Plastics Flow Study

Avoiding Environmental Littering, Pushing Forward with a Circular Economy – Plastics Industry Creates Transparency for Global Plastic Flows

Transparenz zu weltweiten Kunststoffströmen

Die Global Plastics Flow Studie gibt einen transparenten Überblick zu den weltweiten Kunststoffströmen. Die Ergebnisse wurden auf der K 2019 vorgestellt

Negative-emission fuel agreement

Velocys’ Bayou Fuels project set to produce negative emission fuels after signing CCUS agreement with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures

Will Future Cars Have CO2-Negative Carbon Fiber? – Technologue

CO2-eating algae yields earth-friendly cars

Graanul Invest flagship plant received the cornerstone

Graanul Invest laid the cornerstone for wood processing flagship plant, thus marking the start of new biomaterials business line

Novamont increases MATER-BI® production to 150,000 tonnes

The increased production capacity (+36%) to be provided by the plant in Patrica, Lazio

21 Oktober 2019

Carlsberg issues latest Green Fibre Bottle update

Two new research prototypes of the Green Fibre Bottle unveiled - Several big players joined the Pacobo® paper bottle community for advanced development

Carlsberg präsentiert neueste Entwicklungen bei der „Green Fibre Bottle“

Zwei neue Forschungsprototypen vorgestellt - Mehrere große Unternehmen haben sich der Paper Bottle Company angeschlossen, um die Flasche zu entwickeln

Novamont Named Winner of the 2019 Innovation in Bioplastics Award

Plastics Industry Association recognizing Novamont's years of work in the development of sustainable polymers, within the Mater-Bi family of bioplastic polymers

Biobasierte Kunststoffe auf der Kunststoffmesse K 2019

Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe stellt die Ergebnisse aus aktuellen Forschungsprojekten rund um biobasierte Kunststoffe vor

Spinnova and Bergans of Norway to develop sustainable outdoor gear

After successfully starting its test facility production line, Spinnova focuses on end product development with partnering brands

ADM Joins Forces with LG Chem to Develop Sustainable Technology for Superabsorbent Polymers Used in Diapers

Companies will work jointly towards economically viable commercial production of a 100% biobased acrylic acid using ingredients from ADM corn processing

Adhesives remain a high-growth area for bio-based chemicals developments

Research, development and commercialisation of various bio-based adhesive technologies

‘Bring it on,’ EU MP says of trade fight over palm biofuel phase-out

The two Southeast Asian countries supply 85 percent of the world’s palm oil, and have denounced the EU policy as discriminatory

18 Oktober 2019

SECOS launches New Certified Home Compostable Biopolymer Resin

This new grade of Compostable Biopolymer will complement the Company’s existing compostable resin range and opens significant new opportunities

UFOP-“Biodiesel” Assessment Report 2018/19 published

New comprehensive report on European biofuel policy published

Neuer BHKW-Brennstoff: Wasserstoffbasierte Speicherkette geschlossen

Hochmoderner Haßfurter Elektrolyseur wandelt überschüssigen Strom aus Windenergie- und Solaranlagen in erneuerbaren Wasserstoff um

Stora Enso introduces a renewable paperboard tube for cosmetics packaging to replace plastic

Company is also developing biocomposite materials to replace the plastic cap and shoulder of the tube in the future

Biokunststoffe aus Tier- und Lebensmittelresten

Abfallfette als Erdöl-Alternative

SKYRE Applies Technology Originally Developed for NASA and U.S. Navy to Help Stem Global CO2 Crisis

The CO2RENEW™ enables businesses and manufacturers to convert CO2 waste into streams of economic value

From Environmental Bane to Future Raw Material

Jülich and Aachen scientists to konvert by new technologies climate-damaging greenhouse gases to a useful sustainable feedstock

Vom Klimakiller zum Rohstoff der Zukunft

Jülicher und Aachener Wissenschaftler wollen das klimaschädliche CO2 mithilfe neuer Technologien als nachhaltigen Rohstoff nutzbar machen

A new strategy for the synthesis of complex natural products

Chemists from the University of Basel have succeeded in synthesizing two complex natural products from the group of dithiodiketopiperazines (DTPs)

Eine neue Strategie für die Synthese komplexer Naturstoffe

Chemiker der Universität Basel haben erfolgreich zwei komplexe Naturstoffe aus der Klasse der sogenannten Dithioketopiperazine (DTPs) hergestellt

17 Oktober 2019

Greenhouse gas-neutral chemistry is technically feasible

Study on potential and prerequisites for major CO2 reduction of the industry

Eine treibhausgasneutrale Chemie ist technologisch möglich

Neue VCI-Studie analysiert Potenzial und Voraussetzungen für starke CO2-Minderung der Branche

Glenlivet Capsule Collection – Whisky-Cocktails in Kapseln

Die schottische Brennerei präsentiert eine etwas andere Cocktail-Idee - Seetang-basierte Umhüllung kann einfach mitverzehrt werden

Biodegradable whisky pods cause ‘a bit of a stir’

A capsule-packaged whisky cocktail from The Glenlivet, concocted as part of London Cocktail Week, is making a splash

The Ocean Cleanup Successfully Catches Plastic in Great Pacific Garbage Patch

System 001/B Captures Plastics in All Size Classes – from Microplastics to Ghost Nets

PHA aus dem Berliner Bioreaktor – Biologisch abbaubarer Biokunststoff aus Abfallfetten

Sogenannte Knallgasbakterien sollen künftig den biologisch abbaubaren Kunststoff PHA produzieren – für unter 2 Euro pro Kilogramm

High-impact bio-based initiative for a circular Europe

Institutional public-private partnerships are needed to ensure the full deployment of the bioeconomy in Europe

Let’s Fill Our Cities With Taller, Wooden Buildings

Trees are some of our best allies in solving the climate crisis

Neste to open an office for its growing Renewable Aviation business and launch Neste MY Renewable Diesel in the Netherlands

Neste is now launching Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ to climate-conscious fleet customers

16 Oktober 2019

Ceramic technologies for highly efficient power-to-X processes

Fraunhofer IKTS-researchers in Dresden have developed reactors based on ceramics, which use CO2 and water vapor to produce raw materials for the chemical industry

Keramische Technologien für hocheffiziente Power-to-X-Prozesse

Wissenschaftler des Fraunhofer IKTS haben keramikbasierte Reaktoren entwickelt, mit denen aus CO2 und Wasserdampf Grundstoffe für die chemische Industrie herstellbar sind

Sirmax moving into bioplastics

Synergies between Sirmax and Microtec will promote the development of biobased materials for the traditional automotive and home appliance sectors of Sirmax

FKuR auf der K2019: Mehrwegbecher aus biobasierten Thermoplasten für nachhaltigen Kaffeegenuss

Unternehmen vermarktet auf der K2019 ein praktisches und attraktives Give-away, das eindrucksvoll zeigt, wie sich Einweg- durch Mehrwegprodukte ersetzen lassen

FKuR at K2019: Sustainable reusable cups made from biobased plastics

Company merchandise practical and attractive give-away for K2019 that impressively shows how single use products can be replaced by reusable products

LWB-Steinl: Biofibre-Streugranulat schützt Betonstein-Oberflächen

Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit von Biofibre und BPB ist ein Bio-Polyester-Naturfaser-Compound mit einem Biogen-Anteil von mehr als 95 Prozent

Italy’s Bio-on slashes 2019 sales forecast, blames U.S. hedge fund

Company have to cut its full-year sales forecast from external customers to 20 million euros, compared with previous guidance for overall revenue of 78 million

Evolved by Nature aims to make supermaterial producers out of silkworms, and Chanel’s a backer

Activated Silk technology to replace harsh finishing agents - from nylon to cotton to polyester. They can be produced more sustainably and recycled more safely

Researcher: Biobased, biodegradable polymers may not be as eco-friendly as you think

Just because a product is biobased doesn't make it biodegradable

15 Oktober 2019

World First Products made from Recycled Pollution Reduce Emissions and Keep Carbon in the Ground!

LanzaTech’s vision of a new carbon economy runs on the principle that carbon should be kept in a closed loop material cycle

World’s first combined 2G ethanol and crude lignin oil biorefinery inches closer to reality

New bio-refinery at Villaralto, in Cordoba Province, Andalusia will produce second generation ethanol alongside so-called crude lignin oil

Lower CO2 emissions on the horizon for cement

Preliminary test runs at a Belgium cement plant successfully demonstrate innovative carbon capture technology

Der Zementherstellung blühen geringere CO2-Emissionen

Erste Testläufe in einem belgischen Zementwerk zeigen die Vorzüge einer innovativen Technologie zur Kohlenstoffabscheidung auf