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22 Oktober 2020

Verpackungsabfälle aus Kunststoff: Die EU muss mehr recyceln, um ihre Ziele zu erreichen

Ausmaß der Herausforderungen für die Mitgliedstaaten ist nicht zu unterschätzen

SOL Group invests with CropEnergies €15 million in the recovery of biogenic CO2 by alcoholic fermentation in Belgium

From 2021 up to 65,000 tonnes of biogenic CO2 of the highest purity will be captured annually

Biobasierte Additive für Kunststoffe

Studie zeigt Stand, Potenziale und Forschungsbedarf auf

Research to develop more efficient methods of recycling composite materials

Results of a new project will run into new affordable composite thermoplastic products made from recycled materials

Schwarz Gruppe testet chemisches Recycling

Im Rahmen eines Pilotprojektes mit SABIC sollen aus chemisch recycelten gemischten Kunststoffabfällen neue Verpackungen für Karotten hergestellt werden

Chemport Europe presents Saccharide Agenda for the Northern Netherlands

“Saccharide offers opportunities for chemistry and agriculture”

Global Acrylic Acid Derivatives Market Overview

Competitions Analysis by Manufacturers and Forecast to 2026

The construction of UPM’s innovative biochemicals facility starts in Germany

The biorefinery investment of EUR 550 million is a major milestone in UPM’s strategic transformation

Bio-Kunststoffe aus Holz: UPM beginnt mit dem Bau einer weltweit einzigartigen Bioraffinerie in Leuna

Insgesamt 550 Millionen Euro investiert UPM in den Bau der Bioraffinerie

Chevron Phillips Chemical successfully completes first U.S. commercial scale production of circular polyethylene from recycled mixed-waste plastics

Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem) today announced success in its first commercial scale production of polyethylene using advanced recycling technology

21 Oktober 2020

nova-Experts introduced: Pauline Ruiz (M. Sc.)

Polymer science, Life Cycle Assessment and sustainable chemistry

Newlight Technologies Completes $45MM Series F Expansion Finance Round

Single-use plastic demand is on the rise, driven by the world's need for products that promote hygiene and convenience

Lactips builds its future with a new plant in the Gier Valley

Redevelopment and extension of a former regional industrial site to bring it into line with ecological standards

CO2 als Rohstoff: Geförderte Versuchsanlage in Betrieb

Das Rheticus-Projekt beweist, wie die Power-to-X Idee erfolgreich in die Praxis umgesetzt werden kann

Coca-Cola in Western Europe transitions to 100% recycled plastic (rPET) bottles in two more markets

Transition to 100% rPET confirmed the Netherlands and in Norway - important transition from use of new virgin oil-based plastic in PET bottles towards a local closed-loop recycling system

DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award 2020: Dr. Noureddine Abidi Wins 2020 Award

“Production of bioplastic films from low-quality cotton fibers”

Messer baut neue CO2-Rückgewinnungsanlage in Frankreich

Neues Werk soll Messer's CO2-Quellen weiter diversifizieren und so eine zuverlässige Gasversorgung der Kundschaft gewährleisten

Messer to build CO2-recovery unit at Vertex Bioenergy site in France

The new plant is part of Messer’s long-term strategy to continue to diversify its CO2 sourcing and to ensure a reliable gas supply

Why the search for the perfect vegan leather starts on the forest floor

One of the biggest challenges with fungi-derived leather is making a uniform "mat" with consistent thickness, appearance and color, while to balance durability with biodegradability

Canada to ban single-use plastics such as bags, straws by end of 2021

Canada plans to ban plastic checkout bags and straws along with four other single-use plastic consumer items that are hard to recycle

Braskem sets plastic sales record for Brazil in September

The increased sales mark a recovery from the sharp declines in plastic demand that hit the country in April and May

20 Oktober 2020

Danimer Scientific, a Next Generation Bioplastics Company, to Become a Public Company

High-growth industry leader with blue chip customer contracts demonstrating large-scale demand for PHA-based biodegradable plastics

Danimer Scientific: Biokunststoffproduzent fusioniert mit Live Oak

Aufstrebender Industrieführer beweist die großflächige Nachfrage nach PHA-basierten bioabbaubaren Kunststoffen mit Blue Chip-Kundenaufträgen

Wärtsilä to supply a major LNG/bioLNG production plant for CO2-neutral transport fuels

The Cologne-located plant will liquefy gas from the natural gas grid to produce carbon-neutral LNG. It will have a capacity of approximately 100,000 tons per year

Second Life für Plastikmüll

GoPlastikNeutral will Pyrolyse-Wiederverwertung vorantreiben

Röchling Automotive puts sustainable organic plastic on the market

First company to apply a polylactide-based biopolymer into the automotive sector  

Röchling Automotive bringt nachhaltigen Biokunststoff auf den Markt

Erstes Unternehmen auf dem Markt, welches ein patentiertes Polylactid-basiertes Biopolymer im Autobau einsetzt

Perstorp introducing world’s first renewable Oxo products

With 2-EHA Pro and Valeric Acid Pro there is now a renewable alternative to help users lower their carbon footprint

Amen grows carbon-negative mycelium packaging to ship its candles

New, innovative packaging was created by Grown.bio, based on a process developed by US company Ecovative

‘World first’ tea capsules made using SABIC’S TRUCIRCLE™ solution for certified circular polypropylene

The launch represented an innovative use of recycled, transparent plastic capsules, representing an exciting step towards a more sustainable future with products which are easier to recycle

The World’s First Vegan Cactus Leather Boxing Gloves Are Here

Boxing apparel company Sanabul partners with Desserto to debut the world’s first cactus leather boxing gloves

19 Oktober 2020

TOP For the first time the innovation award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year” will be granted at the “2nd International Conference on Cellulose Fibres”, 2–3 February 2021, Cologne (Germany)

The conference will be held as hybrid event – as physical meeting in which an online audience also participates

TOP Green Deal: Commission adopts new Chemicals Strategy towards a toxic-free environment

The production of chemicals is the fourth major industry sector of the EU, directly employing around 1,2 million people

TOP Grüner Deal: Kommission verabschiedet neue Chemikalienstrategie für eine schadstofffreie Umwelt

Die Chemikalienproduktion ist der viertgrößte Industriezweig in der EU, in dem rund 1,2 Mio. Menschen direkt beschäftigt sind

From grapevine waste to a sustainable building material

Grapevine prunings are an abundant source of agricultural crop waste that are now being turned into recycled building materials

Die grüne Verpackungsalternative

Biokunststofftool und Sonderthemenheft der Öko-Hersteller zu biobasierten Kunststoffen

Building a guilt-free disposable water bottle: It’s not easy

Estimated break down time of new biodegradable bottle varies based on where it ends up, says Alex Totterman, founder of bottled water company Cove in Culver City

Techkonzerne investieren Milliarden in umstrittene CO2-Abscheidung

Trotz des Corona-Knicks bei den CO2-Emissionen gibt es keine Kehrtwende beim Klimaschutz. US-Konzerne und die Internationale Energieagentur werben nun für die teure CO2-Abscheidungstechnik

Renewable Energy Group Announces Planned Expansion of Geismar Renewable Diesel Plant to 340 Million Gallons Per Year

New project to provide broad economic and environmental benefits from renewable fuels production

Monster on the Big Muddy: REG Geismar to expand renewable hydrocarbon production to 340 million gallons

Construction should begin in mid to late 2021 with target mechanical completion date in late 2023

Spotlight on chemical recycling: Offering a solution towards a circular economy

Chemical Recycling Europe and its members provide a solution to make plastics circular with developing a new range of recycling methods

Eastman introduces Tritan™ Renew for sustainability without compromise

Sustainable materials provider previews new-generation Tritan copolyester

R&D solution: new hope for multi-layer materials

Researchers are developing a new recycling method for multi-layered plastic materials within the EU-funded project ENZPLAST2

Dunkin’ Tests Biodegradable Straws at Select Stores Across the U.S.

About 250 Dunkin’ restaurants in select markets throughout the U.S. have begun testing a new biodegradable straw

Dutch Zeeland premieres with first stretch of road paved with bio-asphalt

Next Friday the first stretch of road will be constructed in Vlissingen with asphalt that uses plant-based material called lignin to replace petroleum-based bitumen

16 Oktober 2020

Eastman makes the promise of sustainability a reality with Naia™ Renew

Conscious fashion fiber producer launches new traceable, transparent circular portfolio

Neste on a journey to a carbon neutral future

Neste´s purpose is to create a healthier planet for our children. The company is committed to reduce their customers' climate emissions by 20 million tons annually by 2030, and to reach carbon neutral production by 2035

TECNARO Chefs Helmut Nägele und Jürgen Pfitzer in den Senat der Wirtschaft Deutschland und den „Senate of Economy Europe“ berufen

TECNARO zählt heute mit seinen ökologischen Werkstoffgruppen ARBOFORM®, ARBOBLEND® und ARBOFILL® zu den führenden Unternehmen der immer schneller wachsenden globalen Biokunststoffbranche

Nobel Prize for Genome Editing Pioneers

Read our statement on the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 for Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna

The first ever bio-based HMPE fiber available via FibrXL

FibrXL takes its responsibility towards a sustainable future