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10 November 2017

Clariant to build flagship cellulosic ethanol plant in Romania: 8-figure sales potential envisioned

New facility will be a flagship site, confirming competitiveness and sustainability of the sunliquid technology at commercial scale

Spider silk microphones

Spider webs could be the basis for better microphones in hearing aids, cell phones and more

Better together: a bacteria community creates biodegradable plastic with sunlight

Cheap plastics abound, and they're a mixed bag – pun intended

Beta Renewables in cellulosic ethanol crisis, as Grupo M&G parent files for restructuring

From Italy comes an industry shocker

Research project involving BRAIN paves the way for low-impact copper production through bio-leaching

Bio-leaching process allows copper to be extracted almost completely from shale deposits

Forschungsprojekt mit Beteiligung der BRAIN AG ermöglicht schonende Kupfergewinnung durch Biolaugung

Biolaugungsverfahren ermöglicht fast vollständige Kupfer-Extraktion aus Schiefervorkommen

9 November 2017

TOP Natural fibre-reinforced plastics: establishment and growth in niche markets

More than 30 compound companies produce over 80,000 tonnes of granulates with wood and natural fibres in Europe 2017 – new producers with major growth plans

TOP Naturfaserverstärkte Kunststoffe: Wachstum und Etablierung in der Nische

Mehr als 30 Compoundeure produzieren über 80.000 t Granulate mit Holz- und Naturfasern in Europa 2017 – große Wachstumspläne bei neuen Produzenten

DuPont and Unifi join together to create eco-friendly cold-weather apparel insulation

Collaboration will give customers the freedom to choose a new type of environmental friendly garment insulation without compromising performance

Biorizon presents virtual reality model of demonstrator for bio-aromatics

Get more detailed information as easily walk through the skid and by clicking on the hot spots

Ecover launches first Ocean Bottle with 50% Ocean Plastic

In 2018, company will introduce 100% recycled plastic to its main washing-up liquid range

DSM reports important progress in use of electricity from renewable resources at its Engineering Plastics facilities in Benelux and India

Engineering Plastics operations are making significant progress in powering their plants with purchased electricity produced from renewable sources

Clariant to build flagship sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol plant in Romania

Mid double-digit million peak sales potential from sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol

Clariant baut sunliquid®-Zellulose-Ethanol-Anlage in Rumänien

Umsatzpotenzial im mittleren zweistelligen Millionenbereich durch sunliquid®-Zellulose-Ethanol

Sustainable acrylic acid process patented by Dioxide Materials

Dioxide Materials was issued a patent for preparing a process for forming acrylic acid that does not use propylene as a feed stock

Do everyday citizens care about renewable gas?

The idea of renewable gas is relatively new and the average European citizen would be forgiven for not knowing what it entails

Using CO2 for microalgae and biofuels: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to MicroBio Engineering’s algae overview

Founder and CEO John Benemann gave this illuminating overview of the utilization of CO2 using microalgae

8 November 2017

Stora Enso invests EUR 94 million to grow in renewable materials

Investments to increase the dissolving pulp production capacity and to enhance the availability of the chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) at Imatra Mills

AMSilk and Interpolymer Announce Production and Distribution Partnership

Interpolymer to take care of the production of the new hybrid polymer emulsion SILKTRAN®5621, manage its worldwide distribution

AMSilk und Interpolymer schließen Produktions- und Vertriebskooperation

Interpolymer wird Produktion und weltweiten Vertrieb der gemeinsam mit AMSilk entwickelten Hybrid-Polymer-Emulsion SILKTRAN®5621 übernehmen

Super cyanobacteria and its sidekick – Power duo produces bioplastic faster and cheaper than ever before

Michigan State University researchers combining spirulina microorganisms with natural bacteria to make a 100% biologically derived and biodegradable bioplastic

TOP Good day for bioenergy, bad day for crop-based biofuels, as European Parliament’s environment committee votes on RED II proposals

MEPs voted to ban the use of biodiesel from all vegetable oils by 2030 and of palm oil biodiesel as early as 2021 under the revised RED

AkzoNobel expands Chemical Island to support growth of Fibria, the world’s leading producer of eucalyptus pulp

AkzoNobel’s Specialty Chemicals business has completed the expansion of a Chemical Island in Brazil to support a major project for Fibria

Governments, international agencies affirm the need to massively increase bioenergy and byproducts to fight climate change

The Summit was held in São Paulo, Brazil with more than 270 delegates from 28 countries coming together to discuss the best ways to face a relevant challenge

Emery Oleochemicals’ Agro Green Business Achieves Certified 100% Biobased Product Label from USDA for EMERION™ Herbicide Products

EMERION™ Herbicide 100% biobased weed control products have been formally recognized by the USDA

7 November 2017

TOP Renaissance in Finnish forest industry investments

Professor Olli Dahl presents a list of all the main investments and their products

… as black as ebony

New Empa spin-off "Swiss Wood Solutions" discovered a way to modify Swiss wood species so they exhibit the properties of endangered tropical wood species such as ebony or grenadilla

… schwarz wie Ebenholz

Neues Empa-Spin-off «Swiss Wood Solutions» hat einen Weg gefunden, Schweizer Hölzer so zu modifizieren, dass sie die Eigenschaften bedrohter Tropenhölzer wie Ebenholz oder Grenadill aufweisen

Bio-Based event looks at a range of sustainable products

London-based Bio-Based World Ltd. organized the Sept. 26-27 Bio-Based Live Americas event in San Diego

Novomer to Open New Innovation Center in Rochester, N.Y.

Expanded Product Development Facility to Meet Growing Demands of Bio-Based Chemicals Business

Brazil’s Biofuel Push Is Threatened by Too Much Cheap Oil

Brazil is positioning itself as a global biofuels ambassador, fighting climate change by spurring demand for ethanol

6 November 2017

Natureworks Case Study

Over the past decade, NatureWorks has been in a growth mode - always involved in advanced research on the production of PLA from residues or second generation feedstocks

Positive result from feasibility study ”Flagship Biorefinery”

Pöyry presented a feasibility study which shows, that an investment in the proposed biorefinery can be profitable and provide positive contributions to a future bioeconomy

Adhesives and composite materials made from Swiss tree bark

Studies conducted by the National Research Programme "Resource Wood" show that tannins extracted from native tree bark can be used to produce adhesives and composite materials

Kleb- und Verbundstoffe aus Schweizer Holzrinde

Aus heimischen Holzrinden kann Tannin für die Herstellung von Kleb- und Verbundstoffen gewonnen werden, zeigen Studien des Nationalen Forschungsprogramms "Ressource Holz"

Concrete policy asks for the revision of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy

European Bioeconomy Alliance calls for the implementation of concrete measures and long-term support for the availability of sustainably produced biomass

European Parliament supports use of biodegradable mulch films

Amendments acknowledge the innovative potential of biodegradable mulch films to provide positive agronomical effects and to help avoid the accumulation of microplastics on fields

Brazilian sugarcane ethanol as an expandable green alternative to crude oil use

This study shows Brazilian sugarcane ethanol could displace up to 13% of global crude oil consumption by 2045

Carbon coating gives biochar its garden-greening power

This improved understanding of biochar’s properties could trigger more widespread commercialization of biochar fertilizers

3 November 2017

Irish Ethanol Europe Renewables works with UN to accelerate shift to low carbon

Climate Ethanol Alliance to bring together bioethanol producers for the promotion of climate action and the accelerated transition of the transport sector towards low carbon

Biomasse ohne Abfall: Hochwertige Erzeugnisse und Anwendungen aus Bioraffinerie-Nebenprodukten

Forschungsverbund untersucht Verfahren zur möglichst vollständigen Verwendung aller Abfallprodukte aus Bioraffinerien

Kanadische Firma plant Anbau von Cannabis in der Lausitz

Mit dem Projekt verbunden wären Investitionen in Millionenhöhe - und hunderte Arbeitsplätze

Building New Moss Factories

New EU project will promote the environmentally friendly production of complex molecules for medicine and industry

Aus der Moosfabrik

Neues EU-Projekt will die umweltfreundliche Produktion komplexer Moleküle für Medizin und Industrie vorantreiben

Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill inaugurated in Äänekoski

With a cost of EUR 1.2 billion, mill is the largest investment in the history of the Finnish forest industry

U.S. to spend $7 million in effort to expand wood markets

Agency’s Wood Innovations program to help projects designed to have a long-term impact on agency-managed and other forest lands

Artificial Metalloenzymes on the Verge of New-to-Nature Metabolism

This report highlights selected recent developments with a particular focus on challenges and opportunities in the in vivo application of ArMs

2 November 2017

Separating methane and CO2 will become more efficient

KU Leuven researchers developed a new membrane that makes the separation process much more effective

UPM moves forward in sustainable biochemicals business

New, planned industrial scale biorefinery would convert wood into bio-monoethylene glycol (bMEG), bio-monopropylene glycol (bMPG) and lignin up to 150,000 metric tons per year

UPM will Geschäft mit nachhaltigen Biochemikalien weiterentwickeln

Neue geplante Bioraffinerie soll in industriellem Maßstab Holz in jährlich bis zu 150.000 Tonnen Bio-Monoethylenglycol (bMEG), Bio-Monopropylenglycol (bMPG) und Lignin umwandeln