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3 Dezember 2019

Dänemark: Erste kommerzielle Bioraffinerie für Pflanzenprotein soll in Betrieb gehen

In Dänemark wird bald die erste kommerzielle Bioraffinerie zur Gewinnung von Pflanzenprotein die Arbeit aufnehmen

Power-to-Gas in Deutschland – Produktion und Planung

Interaktive Übersichtskarte enthält neben der geografischen Verteilung der Projekte auch Angaben zu Betreibern, genutzten Prozessen und Technologien

SoCalGas and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Announce U.S. Department of Energy Funding of Carbon Capture Project

Companies collaboration aims to advance the development of a process called Integrated CO2 Capture and Conversion to Methanol (ICCCM)

Biotech breakthrough turns waste biomass into high value chemicals

The new breakthrough demonstrates that high-value chemicals can be produced directly from waste biomass in a single ‘one-pot’ process

Leftover grain from breweries could be converted into fuel for homes

Using just 1kg of the grain, Dr Ahmed Osman has been able to create enough activated carbon to spread across 100 football pitches

2 Dezember 2019

Resolve-project develops bio-based alternatives for hazardous solvents

New solvent molecules proved to have better performance than their fossil counterparts

World First in CCS Reaches 3Mt Milestone

Capture plant has also performed with successive improved reliability and a steady increase to the daily CO2 capture rate

Kanada: Erstmals überspringt eine CCS-Anlage die Marke von 3 Millionen Tonnen bei der CO2-Speicherung

Beleg für Realisierbarkeit der CCS-Technologie erbracht

Metsä Board joins 4evergreen – a new alliance promoting fibre-based packaging in circular economy

4evergreen was created as a forum to engage and connect industry members from across the fibre-based packaging value chain

Bundesumweltministerin Schulze startet Dialogprozess zum Thema PtX und kündigt weitere Aktivitäten an

Schulze: "PtX wird wichtige Technologie für Klimaschutz und Wirtschaftsstandort Deutschland"

Cooperation among Govts on biodiesel mandates can sustain CPO price rise

Governments could coordinate allocation increases under the biodiesel mandates, says palm oil expert Dr James Fry

Lärmschutzwände aus Holz mit der besten CO2-Bilanz

Lärmschutzwände aus Holz haben eine deutlich bessere CO2- und Energiebilanz als Lärmschutzwände aus Beton. Das belegt eine neue Studie aus der Schweiz

Research shows old newspapers can be used to grow carbon nanotubes

The research team discovered that the large surface area of newspapers provided an unlikely but ideal way to chemically grow carbon nanotubes

Manus Bio Facility to Produce Next-Generation Natural Ingredients

Manus Bio has now updated the plant’s infrastructure to manufacture its target products

29 November 2019

‘Doing More With Lignin’

Project will utilize existing infrastructure for biobased chemistry at 3 locations in the south of the Netherlands

Nachhaltige und biobasierte Epoxidharze

Seit 10 Jahren produziert Sicomin markt- und anwenderfreundliche Epoxidharzsysteme, die sich als Alternative zu oleochemisch basierten Systemen optimal einsetzen lassen

Sumo seaweed-fibre nappies offer healthy and sustainable alternative

While inventors primary concern was to provide an alternative to disposable diapers, indeed 'Sumo's advances over standard cloth nappies have earned its several awards

Destabilisierung macht Holz stabiler: Das Holz-Paradoxon

Forscher der EMPA und ETH Zürich entwickeln innovativen Hightech-Werkstoff aus Holz, aus welchem sie das Lignin entfernt haben

The push to develop more bioplastics continues, despite dubious benefits

There seems to be a huge contest to see who can make plastic - specifically bioplastics - out of the weirdest stuff

Neue Einblicke beim Forum Holzbau Urban in Köln

Am 23. und 24. Oktober 2019 fand der 12. Europäische Kongress Effizientes Bauen mit Holz im urbanen Raum statt

Europe Bioplastics & Biopolymers Market Report (2014-2024)

Market Size, Share, Price, Trend and Forecast

An exclusive interview with John Bell, Director Healthy Planet at EU Commission: “Europe needs an ambitious ‘Green Innovation Deal’”

In this exclusive interview, John Bell talks about the EU Updated Bioeconomy Strategy one year later its presentation in Brussels

German farmers will ‘have to declare bankrupcy’ if CAP direct payments are capped

Agriculture has become a tough business and not only for small or organic farms

Weniger Direktzahlungen für Landwirte? „Dann müsste ich sofort Insolvenz anmelden“

Die Landwirtschaft ist ein hartes Geschäft geworden, nicht nur für kleine oder ökologische Betriebe

28 November 2019

Sappi joins Cepi in the 4evergreen alliance to boost the contribution of fibre-based packaging in a circular economy

Aims of the new alliance are to increase awareness about the benefits of fibre-based packaging materials and call for the development of optimised collection systems

Ministerin Scharrenbach: Land fördert nur noch Kunstrasenplätze ohne Kunststoffgranulate

Nur umweltfreundliche Alternativen – etwa Kork oder Quarzsand - sollen noch erlaubt sein

This Bioplastic Made From Fish Scales Just Won the James Dyson Award

British product designer Lucy Hughes has invented a biodegradable plastic made from fish offcuts

The vegan revolution: why the latest ‘meat’ is made entirely from thin air

A US startup claims it can convert CO2 into nutrients. Could innovations such as this and 3D-printed steaks provide a sustainable food future?

Fleischersatz aus der Luft?

Kalifornisches Start-up Air Protein hat eine neue Idee entwickelt, nämlich vegetarischen Fleischersatz aus Luft herzustellen

U of T Engineering and Caltech collaborate on pathway to carbon-neutral plastics

Researchers developed new and improved system for efficiently converting CO2, water, and renewable energy into ethylene

Spanish Researchers Produce Straws Made of Bacterial Bioplastic

Although bioplastics such as PHA are more expensive than conventional plastics, European markets might increasingly welcome them

Novel Biocatalytic System Turns Waste Biomass into Value-Added Chemicals

Their findings have been published in Nature Communications on November 12, 2019

The Magic Behind the Molecules and Materials: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Checkerspot’s Synthetic Biology

Charles Dimmler from Checkerspot shared this illuminating presentation at ABLC NEXT in San Francisco that shares the magic behind the molecules and materials

27 November 2019

The natureplus Criteria Commission launches new guidelines for the assessment of the ecological footprint and for straw blow-in insulation materials

A cross-sectional guideline is intended to replace the previous guideline values for eco-indicators (cradle to gate) in all product guidelines

Power-to-Gas-Technologie: Weltweit größte biologische Power-to-Gas-Anlage speist Biomethan in dänisches Erdgasnetz ein

Gasqualität übersteigt die Anforderungen für Netzeinspeisung in Deutschland und Kalifornien

Biocomposites in the automotive industry: potential applications and benefits

Biocomposite materials are positioned to become a potential solution for some challenges in the automotive industry

Materials manufacturer launches strategic program: Covestro plans to promote circular economy

Seeing plastic waste as a valuable resource / Alternative raw materials to break away from crude oil / Fostering recycling through innovative processes

Werkstoffhersteller setzt strategisches Programm auf: Covestro will Kreislaufwirtschaft vorantreiben

Kunststoff-Abfall als wertvolle Ressource sehen / Mit alternativen Rohstoffen Abkehr vom Erdöl einleiten / Recycling fördern durch innovative Verfahren

Chiara Tommencioni Pisapia uses moths to transform unwanted clothing into “precious” bio-waste material

London-based Italian designer to explore the potential for farming moths' larvae and using them to digest keratin-based fibres

Global Natural Fiber Composites (NFC) Market Trends, Applications, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast: 2018 to 2027

New report offers in-depth insights, revenue details, and other vital information regarding the target market

LanzaTech Moves Forward on Sustainable Aviation Scale Up in the USA and Japan

LanzaTech’s process can use any source of sustainable ethanol for jet fuel production, including ethanol made from recycled pollution

More focus needed on food waste in the creation of a circular economy

Whilst the focus is often on plastic, the circular economy of food waste is also an area with enormous potential to create a positive environmental and social impact

26 November 2019

Chemists create new route to PHAs: naturally degradable bioplastics

New Colorado State University study demonstrating a chemical catalysis path for making an existing class of biomaterials - even more commercially viable and structurally diverse

Tetra Pak becomes the first company in the food and beverage industry to offer packaging made with fully traceable plant-based polymers

Using as first the Bonsucro standards for sustainable sugar cane shows another reinforcement of the company’s commitment to drive ethical and responsible business

Forest-Based Industries Vision 2050

European Forest-Based Industries to present their vision of the European society in 2050 and the essential role that they can play, delivering on the carbon neutrality goal

Österreich: Förderung der Holznutzung für Wirtschaft und Klima essentiell

Österreichische Holzindustrie fordert verstärkte Holznutzung, um der Klimakrise zu begegnen und den wichtigen Wirtschaftszweig in ländlichen Regionen zu stärken

Breaking CO2 faster, cheaper, and more efficiently

University of Connecticut researchers created an electrochemical cell catalyst to convert CO2 into fuels

Neuer “Wunder-Kat” erzeugt Sprit aus CO2

Wissenschaftler der University of Connecticut entwickeln billigeres und effektiveres Verfahren

EU’s increased demand for low-carbon liquid fuels can be met sustainably, study shows

More countries could adopt higher ethanol fuel blends without exceeding the existing cap on crop-based biofuels

An exclusive interview with Alex Michine, CEO of MetGen. “Building consumer awareness is key for the expansion of the European bioeconomy”

In this exclusive interview with Il Bioeconomista, the CEO, Alex Michine, talks about the achievements and the next steps of the company