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26 August 2020

From old jeans to new t-shirt

An efficient way of recycling cotton clothes

Neues T-Shirt aus alter Jeans

Kleidung aus Baumwolle effizient recyceln

Disposed PPE could be turned into biofuel, shows new COVID-19 study

The research shows how billions of items of disposable PPE can be converted from its polypropylene (plastic) state into biofuels

25 August 2020

BioSinn – products for which biodegradation makes sense

3rd expert workshop (online event), 22 October 2020, 1 pm–4 pm

SECOS Secures Significant Supply Contract

The contract is for the supply of compostable pet waste bags made from Cardia™ proprietary biopolymer resins

Tarkett: Neue Kollektion des Vinylbodens iQ Natural

Non-Food Biomasse ersetzt fossile Rohstoffe

iQ Natural: Closing the loop on PVC with bio-attributed materials

World’s first floor with bio-attributed vinyl - BIOVYNTM is substituting 100% of fossil feedstock by renewable biomass

Chevron Announces First 100% Renewable Base Oil Production

Novvi LLC Reaches Significant Milestone

Bio-Fed: Bioabbaubare Feuchtigkeits-Absorptionskissen

Die biologisch abbaubaren PADECO-Absorber der polnischen Pomona Company sorgen dafür, dass Flüssigkeiten gleich in der Verpackung aufgefangen werden    

Bamboozle Redefines Reusable Tableware While Thriving During a Pandemic

Company developed a new material, Astrik, a mix of 15 percent bamboo and 85 percent polylactic acid

The inside track on Futurity, the New Zealand biorefinery pioneers with a fresh approach to extracting new value from pine

First-of-its-kind commercial biorefinery in New Zealand to break down pine trees into ‘building block’ components for platform chemicals to create bio-materials

Evaluation tool for recyclable packaging

Fraunhofer UMSICHT tests Henkel's extended evaluation tool for recyclable packaging

Neues Bewertungstool für kreislauffähige Verpackungen

Fraunhofer UMSICHT prüft erweitertes Bewertungstool von Henkel für kreislauffähige Verpackungen

Meet the woman making cycling even more sustainable in Ghana

Bernice Dapaah launched Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative as a way to create local jobs and promote low-carbon transport

24 August 2020

RSB launches new research, engagement in the Chinese SAF Market

With a domestic aviation market that is predicted to be the world’s largest by 2028, China will be key to unlocking global sustainability in aviation

Nur nicht die Haftung verlieren! Optimierung von nachhaltigen biobasierten Verbundwerkstoffen

Forscherteam des Bionik-Innovations-Centrums an der Hochschule Bremen veröffentlicht eine umfassende Übersichtsarbeit

RIL devising plan to become clean energy company in 15 years: BofA Securities

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani on 15 July had said RIL aims to become net carbon zero by 2035. RIL is committed to embracing new technologies to convert its carbon dioxide emissions into useful products and chemicals

Taghleef Industries introduces new brand reLIFE™

A New Range of Recycled Polypropylene Solutions

Neue Ideen für Spirulina-Algen: Medizin für Fische und bessere Extraktion des blauen Farbstoffs

Forscher entwickeln neue Wertschöpfungskette mit Ankopplung an Biogasanlagen

Some WHO cannabis recommendations draw strong opposition at recent UN meeting

CBD recommendations had almost no vocal supporters during the meeting but cannabis companies hoping to capitalize on this possible international change

German study shows benefit of using compostable biowaste bags for quality of compost

Composts from eight different biowaste treatment plants were examined to identify film plastics and especially compostable film particles

Nano-Sponges of Solid Acid Transforms Carbon Dioxide to Fuel and Plastic Waste to Chemicals

The primary cause of climate change is atmospheric CO2, whose levels are rising every day  

NuKoS: Kohlendioxid und Schlacken nutzen

Mit Kohlendioxid werden Schlacken zu höherwertigen Produkten

21 August 2020

EU Promotes Greater Global Responsibility on Plastic Waste – But Not for Internal Market

Green Groups Denounce Europe's "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Policy

Einladung: Forum Biobasierte Kunststoffe – Kurz- und Langzeitanwendungen

FNR lädt zur Vorstellung der Ergebnisse aus zwei Studien ein

New Science Behind Algae-based Flip-flops

Biodegradable shoes meet commercial standards for products needed to help eradicate tons of plastic waste

Turning carbon dioxide into liquid fuel

New electrocatalyst efficiently converts carbon dioxide into ethanol

Umwandlung von Kohlendioxid in flüssigen Kraftstoff

Neuer Elektrokatalysator wandelt Kohlendioxid effizient in Ethanol um

Carbon-Optimized Bioeconomy: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to ARPA-E’s Carbon Programs

David Babson, Program Director at the DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy answers important questions in this illuminating slide guide

Footwear Giant To Launch Vegan Leather Sneakers Made From Wine Waste

The plant-based sneakers also feature mesh made from recycled PET bottles and an algae-based EVA sole

Tandem catalytic system efficiently converts carbon dioxide to methanol

Encapsulating multiple molecular catalysts in nanoporous metal-organic frameworks central to efficient transformation

CEFIC launches bio-based chemicals sector group

The group represents companies using feedstocks based on biomass as their raw materials to produce chemicals

20 August 2020

Caterpillars of the wax moth love eating plastic: Fraunhofer LBF investigates degradation process

Fraunhofer LBF followed the path of the plastic through a caterpillar and made important contributions to clarifying some unanswered questions

Rohholzhandel: Rahmenvereinbarung aktualisiert

FNR gibt aktualisierte Broschüre und Sortiermerkblätter heraus

Your Car Is More Plastic Than You Know. This Company May Soon Be Brewing Its Parts With Biology

A new partnership aims to brew the raw materials needed for greener bioplastics

This New, Plastic-Free Cling Wrap Breaks Down Quicker Than Orange Peel

Great Wrap is a plant-based alternative to the handy kitchen staple – and it can go straight into your home compost system or green-waste bin when you’re done with it

W.AG: Neue Kofferlösungen aus umweltfreundlichen Werkstoffen

Koffer und Boxen der neuen Materiallinie "Organicline" bestehen nach Anbieterangaben zu bis zu 93 Prozent aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

PEF as a multilayer barrier technology: a sustainable way to enable long shelf life in PET bottles

Performance of PET/PEF/PET multilayer bottles

Converting Mixed Plastics into Valuable Chemicals: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Anellotech’s Renewable Chemicals

From how they got here to where they are going, check out Anellotech’s latest slide guide

Neste’s Half-Year Financial Report for January-June 2020

Despite the market turbulence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Neste's performance was solid during the second quarter

IBioIC launches bid to increase industrial biotech businesses by 100 in three years

Innovation body's Bioeconomy Cluster Builder aims to help firms unlock £8 million funding

19 August 2020

Survey: Americans Embrace Sustainability Despite COVID-19 Upheaval

56% of Americans want brands and government to prioritize sustainability even amid health and economic turmoil

Batterie aus Holzresten

Eine bayerische Firma tüftelt an einem Stromspeicher, dessen Elektrolyt aus dem Holzinhaltsstoff Lignin besteht. Er wäre ökologischer als Lithium-Ionen

Towards a future with bioplastics

Plastic products manufacturer Rompa Group to show the world how it can contribute to a cleaner environment by reusing the own waste

Danimer Scientific Receives U.S. Department of Energy Grant to Support Bioplastic Production

Nearly $5.7 million in support to conduct research and development projects within the biomanufacturing industry

Levi’s® bringt zirkuläre Hose

Kooperation mit re:newcell

The Story Behind the Most Sustainable Levi’s® Ever

Unique collaboration between Wellthread™ and re:newcell marks a significant milestone in the fashion industry’s transition to circularity

Teller, Besteck, To-go-Becher: Einweg-Plastik wird verboten

Trinkhalme, Rührstäbchen für den Kaffee, Einweg-Geschirr aus konventionellem Plastik und aus "Bioplastik" sowie To-go-Becher und Einweg-Behälter aus Styropor sollen verboten werden. Das hat das Bundeskabinett heute beschlossen

Germany bans range of single-use plastics including straws and cotton buds

Germany is stepping up measures to get in line with European Union guidelines to ban single-use plastics by 2021

NanoCELL – Nanocellulose as great hope for environmentally friendly packaging

Nanoscale cellulose: An alternative to plastics?