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10 September 2018

Schutz für die Ozonschicht: Zuckermoleküle binden gefährliche FCKW

Wissenschaftler aus Mainz und Aschaffenburg entwickeln Methode zum Schutz der Ozonschicht vor schädlichem Fluorchlorkohlenwasserstoff Freon 11

Lassen sich Biokunststoffe recyclen?

Positionspapier aus der Reihe »Fraunhofer UMSICHT nimmt Stellung«

7 September 2018

EuropaBio appoints new Secretary General, Healthcare Director and Industrial Biotech Director

Association announcement to confirm the appointments of Bernard Grimm, as Healthcare Director and Agnes Borg as Industrial Biotech Director

Kompostierbare Polymerfolien – Der Beginn einer Verpackungsrevolution

Die neue Materialklasse der bioORMOCER®e bietet Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab vom Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC in Würzburg eine denkbare Lösung

Biocomposites Encourage Innovative Applications

A look at the three winners of the 2017 Innovation Award at the European Conference on Wood and Natural Fiber Composites

Marine Biotechnologie im Fokus

Marine Ressourcen mithilfe biotechnologischer Werkzeuge erforschen und erschließen – das ist Ziel einer neuen Fördermaßnahme des Bundesforschungsministeriums

Only Natural Pet Advances Sustainable Packaging Initiative with Braskem’s Sugarcane Based I’m greenTM Biopolymer

Integration of bioplastic packaging derived from renewable sugarcane directly supports Only Natural Pet's commitments to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction

Biodegradable plastic that goes straight into compost bin could keep Ireland green

Researchers discover biodegradable material that degrades in everyday compost bins

New wood-metal hybrid for lightweight construction

New material mix boasts excellent insulating properties and has a low bending strength

Neuer Hybridwerkstoff aus Holz und Metall für den Leichtbau

Holzschaum und Metallschwamm - diese gegensätzlichen Werkstoffe harmonieren nach Experten des Fraunhofer-Instituts perfekt

6 September 2018

Fashion Development Materials is born, the new Bio-on business unit dedicated to bioplastic materials for fashion and the luxury sector

A dedicated team will develop new materials based on Minerv PHA bioplastics, 100% natural and biodegradable, targeting the fashion and luxury industry

Expert View: Invest-ability of the bio-economy

Product performance, sustainability and customer awareness are driving the demand for new products

Gevo discusses future expansion plans for Luverne plant site

Due to the company’s plans to become profitable, plant site will set the stage for low-carbon isobutanol, low-carbon jet fuel and low-carbon isooctane production

Düngen mit Gärprodukten

Aktuelle Broschüre informiert über Anwendung, Aufbereitung und Vermarktung von Gärprodukten

‘It saved our business': Italy’s farmers turn low into high with cannabis

Hemp cultivation for non-pharmaceutical could help revert desiccation of farm land

Birth of an industrial sugars giant? Sugars in focus in Leaf Resources, Petronas agreement

We hear from Australia and Malaysia that PETRONAS Chemicals Group and Leaf Resources inked a MoU for Leaf’s proposed biorefinery project in Malaysia

Boral could turn sawmill residue into renewable diesel

The Mid North Coast of New South Wales could become home to the world’s first biorefinery turning sawmill residues into renewable diesel and renewable bitumen

5 September 2018

ICT-BIOCHAIN Europe’s first Digital Innovation Hub for Circular Bioeconomy

New EU-project focuses on the development of efficient biomass supply chains for sustainable chemical production in bioeconomy regions across Europe

Deadline for climate action – Act strongly before 2035 to keep warming below 2°C

Humanity may be nearing the point of no return for climate action, according to new study

Genome Editing: Bioökonomierat fordert neues EU-Gentechnikrecht

Deutschland und EU sollen Bio-Innovationen mitgestalten

Kentucky: McConnell Secures Hemp Victory in Farm Bill

McConnell emphasizes importance of hemp in farm bill - Congress is set to legalize

8 Unusual Materials Used In Car Exteriors

When carbon fiber just isn't exotic enough

Climeworks raises CHF 30.5M (USD 30.8M) to commercialize carbon dioxide removal technology

Swiss-based Climeworks AG will use funds to further industrialize its technology and strengthen its market lead within the direct air capture industry

Climeworks erhält 30.5 Mio. CHF (26,8 Mio. Euro) Eigenkapital zur Kommerzialisierung der Direct Air Capture Technologie

Schweizer Climeworks AG möchte frisches Kapital zur weiteren Industrialisierung ihrer Technologie nutzen und ihre führende Position in der DAC-Industrie ausbauen

How the forest copes with the summer heat

Trees try to protect themselves from extreme drought with various measures such as, for instance, premature leaf shedding

Wie der Wald mit dem Hitzesommer zurechtkommt

Mit verschiedenen Massnahmen wie dem vorzeitigen Abwerfen der Blätter versuchen Bäume, sich vor extremer Trockenheit zu schützen

4 September 2018

A transparent and thermally stable polyamide – 100 percent biobased

Fraunhofer researchers are using new catalytic processes to convert 3-carene into building blocks for biobased plastics

Transparentes und hitzestabiles Polyamid – 100 Prozent biobasiert

Mit neuen katalytischen Verfahren setzen Fraunhofer-Forscher 3-Caren zu Bausteinen für biobasierte Kunststoffe um

Integrating circular economy and bioeconomy would improve sustainability in Europe

New EEA report shows that the policy agendas would benefit from stronger links in product and infrastructure design and collaboration throughout the value chain

Das Original ist zurück – der Bio-Strohhalm

Bayerisches Start-Up verhilft Abfallprodukten aus der biologischen Landwirtschaft zu neuem Wert

futureTEX forscht: Hanf im Flugzeugbau und Ufos aus Textilbeton

Start für futureTEX-Rollout am 6. September 2018 - bis 2030 soll das modernste textilindustrielle Wertschöpfungsnetzwerk Europas entstehen

good natured Products continues growth streak

Released figures showing that revenues increased, compared to the comparative periods in the previous year

Report: Single-use plastic packaging must adapt to survive

Recycling and sustainability are here to stay, and the plastics industry must adapt in order to survive

Genomatica and the new road to bioeconomy innovation

We’ll commence in the country where Genomatica process technology is on view, at scale — that’s Italy

3 September 2018

Fraunhofer CSP develops smart water filter systems

Goal of the research project is to create a database to allow the pollution of lakes and rivers to be analyzed and subsequently reduced

Smarte Filteranlagen zum Nachweis von Mikroplastik im Wasser

Fraunhofer CSP entwickelte Filtersystem für eine bessere Datenanalyse von Mikroplastik in Gewässern

This alternative film for fields actually biodegrades

Biodegradable films could be a more eco-friendly alternative to the thin polyethylene films common in agriculture in many countries

BP setzt weltweit erstmals “grünen Wasserstoff” zur Kraftstoffherstellung ein

Audi liefert "grünen Wasserstoff" aus Power to Gas-Anlage in Werlte - Pilotphase für 30 Tage geplant

Natural Fibers Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Forecast Analysis Report By Segment, By Product, By Application, By Region – Gobal Forecast

Global Natural Fibers market is valued at million US$ in 2017 and will reach million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of during 2018-2025.

Start Ups: Gute Geschäfte mit der Müllvermeidung

Wie regionale Unternehmen sich mit ökologischen Lösungswegen gegen die steigenden Verpackungs-Müllberge einsetzen

Converting wind power for storage purposes

Power-to-Gas plant at Energiepark Mainz with positive interim results

Windstrom zum Speichern umwandeln

Power-to-Gas-Anlage im Energiepark Mainz mit erfolgreicher Zwischenbilanz

A Vision for Teaching the Values of Synthetic Biology

Educating the next generation of synthetic biologists means teaching its values as well as its processes

31 August 2018

Aalto University and VTT launch a major innovation ecosystem aimed at doubling the value of forest industry

Aim is to develop materials from renewable resources in order to safeguard a sustainable future

European Bioplastics: Challenging misconceptions and building platforms

PackagingInsights speaks exclusively to Hasso von Pogrell, Managing Director of European Bioplastics (EUBP), about the message his organization is working to promote

TMR publishes new report on the Bio Based Construction Polymers Market

Recent breakthroughs in the technology have shifted the focus of consumers towards biobased polymers made from bacterial fermentation

San Francisco refuses bioplastic straws

By next year at this time, all straws in SF will be made from paper, bamboo, wood, metal or fiber

Foods of the future

Researchers investigate acceptability and taste of microalgae as an ingredient

Lebensmittel der Zukunft

Wissenschaftler erforschen Akzeptanz und Geschmack von Mikroalgen als Zutat

Spit-activated biobased batteries, glow-in-the-dark trees, kombucha clothes, biobased root canals, breakthroughs in degradable plastics, straws: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of August 29th

Here are the top innovations in the advanced bioeconomy for the week of August 29th