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29 Oktober 2018

Zukunftsforum: Vom Braunkohle-Revier zum Bioökonomie-Revier – Erfolgschance für die nachhaltige Gestaltung des Strukturwandels im Rheinischen Revier

20. November 2018, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften

Microplastics detected in humans for the first time

In all volunteers microplastics was detected in the stool, on average 20 microplastics particles per 10 grams of stool

Erstmals Mikroplastik im Menschen nachgewiesen

Bei allen Probanden wurde Mikroplastik im Stuhl entdeckt, im Mittel 20 Mikroplastik-Teilchen pro 10 Gramm Stuhl

Patient recruitment for first-in-human trial of Liqoseal now started

New, self-adhesive dura sealant patch to encourage regeneration of the dura and to degrade naturally and safely within the body

PHYCO2 Algae Production and Carbon Emissions Reduction Pilot Program with MSU Reach New Milestones

Conversion process transforms CO2 to algae, which then can be used for a multitude of products

Tallest Wood Building in Western Hemisphere

New Land unveils ambitious plan to build 21-story wood apartment building

Save The Environment And Your Company By Transporting Bioplastics

Changing out petroplastics to bioplastics from a van is extremely easy and can even save you money

EU bioeconomy strategy and IPCC – planets apart

The latest report from the IPCC indicates that biofuels will need to rise 260% by 2030 and 750% by 2050 in order to contain global warming below 1.5°C

Generalversammlung des Forums Nachhaltiges Palmöl

Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär Michael Stübgen: "Ziel ist 100 Prozent nachhaltig erzeugtes Palmöl"

Red-hued yeasts hold clues to producing better biofuels

A compound that has scientists seeing red may hold the key to engineering yeasts that produce better biofuels

26 Oktober 2018

Bio4Products biomass study published: Virtual Pyrolysis Plant Locations in Europe

Availability and quality at four potential sites

The Case for Making Cities Out of Wood

Canadian JV to start building Quayside place completely from wood

Feeding 10 billion people by 2050 within planetary limits may be achievable

But it requires a global shift towards healthy and more plant-based diets, halving food loss and waste, say researchers

Neue Studie zu Ökodämmstoffen

Natürliche Dämmstoffe könnten polystyrolbasierten Materialien bald den Rang ablaufen

Covestro covers it all – From $1.7B investment in MDI and first thermoplastic polyurethane based on CO2 technology to biobased aniline…

Nice to hear about the big multinational companies using their big bucks and global power to make amazing transformations to support the bioeconomy

Plastic Oceans: MEPs back EU ban on polluting throwaway plastics by 2021

Single-use cutlery, cotton buds, straws and stirrers to be banned - MEPs added oxo-plastics, certain polystyrenes

Banned plastics: European Parliament’s list grows longer

The ENVI committee wants to ban polystyrene takeaway packaging

EU emphasises ‘ecological limitations’ of new bioeconomy plan

The EU’s new bioeconomy strategy will contribute to addressing global challenges such as rising population and climate change

Mikroplastik in Kosmetik

Die Studie schafft eine wissenschaftliche Grundlage für die öffentliche Diskussion über Mikroplastik

25 Oktober 2018

A biofuel ‘automatically’ generating heat

Breakthrough in autothermal pyrolysis

Thyssenkrupp: Erste PLA-Anlage für Cofco in China nimmt Betrieb auf

Anlage produziert alle gängigen PLA-Typen für die Herstellung umweltfreundlicher Verpackungen, Fasern, Textilien und technischer Kunststoffe

BASF, Avantium in Synvina dispute

Companies are said to be discussing possibilities for an amicable settlement to differences of opinion

Covestro receives MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2018: First biobased coating hardener for lightfast polyurethane coatings

Pioneer for alternative raw materials

Covestro erhält MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2018: Erster biobasierter Lackhärter für lichtechte Polyurethanlacke

Pionier für alternative Rohstoffe

BIOrescue: New bio-based products set the scene for a sustainable and circular economy

Opportunities arising from the bio-based industry sector and discover the cutting-edge products and processes that will shape the Spanish bioeconomy of tomorrow

Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) and Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE) Team up for synergy of actions

BBI JU and SPIRE are demonstrating the added-value of the two initiatives at three levels

Fat profits: Asian traders cash in as Europe thirsts for waste oils

Once surreptitiously dumped down drains in the dead of night, Asia’s used cooking oil is fast becoming one of the most sought-after commodities in Europe - as a feedstock for biodiesel

Reaktiver Zucker nach mehr als 100 Jahren Suche nachgewiesen

Erstmals Spezies beobachtet, die der Nobelpreisträger Emil Fischer 1893 vorhersagte

Gutachten zur Behandlung biologisch abbaubarer Kunststoffe

In Deutschland und in Europa besteht ein kleiner, jedoch stetig wachsender Markt für biologisch abbaubare Kunststoffe

24 Oktober 2018

Harvesting solar fuels through a bacterium’s unusual appetite for gold

Researchers have found a novel way to entice CO2-hungry bacteria into being even more productive

Metsä Group and Itochu establish a joint venture that builds an industrial demo plant to produce wood-based textile fibres

The new technology to be studied and further developed in the demo project is based on direct dissolution using a novel solvent for the pulp dissolution stage

Bioökonomierat begrüßt neue EU-Strategie

Neue Strategie verspricht, die dringend notwendigen Innovationen für nachhaltige Agrarsysteme, Forstwirtschaft und Konsum hervorzubringen

Boosting the circular bioeconomy helps to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving our Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 requires a major overhaul in mindsets and behaviour, and new industrial partnerships

Evonetix named Best Synthetic Biology Company at OBN Awards

Prestigious business award granted in recognition of novel gene synthesis technology

Stora Enso’s lignin wins ‘Best Product Innovation’ at the ICIS Innovation Awards

Judges recognised the impressive potential of Stora Enso’s versatile and renewable bio-based solution

Novamont starts up again in Patrica, ensuring Jobs and Development

The plant originated from reconversion of the former Mossi & Ghisolfi plant, which manufactured PET

Neste and Air BP enter into innovative industry collaboration to support sustainable aviation fuel supply chain development

One goal of the cooperation will be complementary efforts to bring a co-branded sustainable aviation fuel to market at airports across Air BP’s global network

Stora Enso awarded as Finland’s most startup-friendly company

Stora Enso runs two startup programmes which have produced good results in business development

23 Oktober 2018

First coffee capsule compostable at home

Organically based synthetic material with sunflower seed shells protects fossil resources

Erste heimkompostierbare Kaffeekapsel

Biobasierter Kunststoff mit Sonnenblumenschalen schont fossile Ressourcen

Covestro at the 2018 SEPAWA Conference in Berlin: Biobased film former for perfect hairstyling

Baycusan® eco E 1000 achieves the high level of synthetic products

Covestro auf dem SEPAWA Kongress 2018 in Berlin: Biobasierter Filmbildner für perfektes Hairstyling

Baycusan® eco E 1000 erreicht das hohe Niveau synthetischer Produkte

BIC Welcomes Updated European Bioeconomy Strategy as a Necessary Step Towards Reducing Global GHG Emissions

Consortium especially welcome the focus on scaling-up the bio-based sectors by supporting innovation and unlocking investments and markets

New GM canola varieties on way

TruFlex technology has been designed to eventually phase out Bayer’s Roundup Ready counterpart

The 40 Hottest Technologies of 2018 – as voting gets underway, the nominees in depth

All through this month, Digest subscribers have been voting on the 40 Hottest Transformative Technologies in the Advanced Bioeconomy

Artificial enzymes convert solar energy into hydrogen gas

The enzymes can utilize the cell’s own energy, and thereby enable hydrogen gas to be produced from solar energy

VIDEO: Meet Nouryon and the New DuPont

The new Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) and the new DuPont have been proactive in the renewable chemicals market

Strategies for Engineering Natural Product Biosynthesis in Fungi

This review briefly describes examples of the engineering of fungal NP biosynthesis at the global, pathway, and enzyme level using in vivo and in vitro approaches

22 Oktober 2018

Kaneka and VITO join forces to create bio-based and better quality polymers

Collaboration is part of an ambitious VLAIO [Flemish agency for innovation and enterprise] project worth 2.5 million euros

Frost & Sullivan verleiht Auszeichnung an Bio-on für die beste Innovation in der Kosmetikbranche

Mikrokügelchen aus Biokunststoff stellen "nachhaltige Alternative zu synthetischen Polymeren dar, und zwar nicht nur bei Kosmetikprodukten"