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6 September 2019

LENZING™ Fasern sind vollständig biologisch abbaubar in Wasser, Erde und Kompost

Biologisch abbaubare Materialien wie holzbasierte Fasern sind die beste Alternative zu Einwegplastik

The evolution of cannabis investing, according to Mary Dimou from Canopy Rivers

Private investment markets are increasingly tuning into the industry, bolstered by a relaxing regulatory environment and the 2018 Farm Bill

Polymers: Linoleic acid derived from vegetable oils to replace crude oil

TH Cologne researchers developing bio-based polymer intermediates from renewable resources

Europastaatssekretär Mark Weinmeister besucht Projekt zur Verwertung von Biomasse

Uni Kassel: Forscher verwandeln Gras in Kohle

New Catalysts, Improved Genetic Tools Bring New Opportunities: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to ORNL’s Biomass to Bioproducts

Brian Davison, Chief Scientist for Biotechnology at ORNL, gave this knowledge-filled presentation at ABLC 2019 in Washington, D.C.

Microorganisms build the best fuel efficient hydrogen cells

Hydrogen metabolism is one of the oldest forms of energy production for life and one of the most intensely studied because of its significance in evolution

5 September 2019

TOP In the future, we will use more plastics – and why this is good news

Michael Carus, CEO nova-Institute, in interview with editor Svenja Geerken, Bio-based News

TOP In Zukunft werden wir mehr Kunststoffe nutzen – und warum dies eine gute Nachricht ist

Michael Carus, CEO nova-Institut, im Interview mit Redakteurin Svenja Geerken, Bio-based News

TOP Open Letter to the JRC

How can the environmental effects of bio-based polymers be compared with those of petrochemical polymers on equal footing?

EU Rural Review 28 ‘Bioeconomy’

New publication looks at the major role played by the new EU Bioeconomy Strategy as well as the importance of local and regional actors

Farmfood: Nutzen, was übrig bleibt

Start-ups zeigen, dass sich aus Nebenprodukten des Agrar- und Lebensmittel-Bereichs neue Geschäftsmodelle entwickeln lassen

This T-Shirt Is Made From Algae And 100% Biodegradable In 12 Weeks

Vollebak took environmental clothing to a new level with the creation of a plant and algae t-shirt made entirely from algae, pulped eucalyptus and beech grown in bioreactors

Coral Reefs Can Be Recreated With The Help Of 3D Printing Technology, Claim Scientists

Israel researchers aim on rebuilding artificial coral reef systems and prevent degradation with use of polyactic acid

“Smarte Verpackungen – weniger Müll!” – Nachhaltige Ideen gesucht!

Ideenwettbewerb für nachhaltige Verpackungen startet

Converting waste gas into high value flavours and fragrances

Collaboration of researchers to establish a unique manufacturing facility and biosynthetic platform to produce a range of specialty chemicals

For GW Pharma CEO Justin Gover, The CBD Trend Started 20 Years Ago

Justin Gover, CEO of British drugmaker GW Pharmaceuticals in a conversation with Biocom president and CEO Joe Panetta

From Lignin to Value: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to MetGen’s Enzymes

Alex Michine, CEO of MetGen gave this enlightening overview of MetGen’s ‘how’, the Sweetwoods project and its integrated biorefinery flagship, and more at ABLC 2019

All-in-one: Re­cently dis­covered mi­crobe de­grades oil to gas

Mi­cro­scopy sug­gests that the re­cently dis­covered mi­crobe Meth­an­ol­i­paria pro­duces meth­ane from crude oil all by them­selves

Al­les in ei­ner Zel­le: Die Mi­kro­be, die Öl in Gas um­wan­delt

Neue Bil­der aus dem Mi­kro­skop deu­ten dar­auf hin, dass die kürz­lich ent­deck­ten Mi­kro­ben Me­tha­no­lip­a­ria Me­than aus Roh­öl er­zeu­gen kön­nen – und zwar ohne frem­de Hil­fe

4 September 2019

UPM Raflatac responds to the growing need for renewable packaging materials by unveiling industry’s first wood-based film material

A 100 percent wood-based solution originating from sustainably managed forests

New LEGO Treehouse set contains highest number sustainable bricks ever

Challenging build, the exclusive set, made up of more than 3000 elements, is one of the largest LEGO IDEAS sets to date

Bio-Composites – eine (nach)wachsende Alternative

Im Baugewerbe und der Automobilindustrie längst etabliert, wachsen Bio-Composites in erst kürzlich erschlossenen Märkten besonders stark

First Devan R-Vital CBD-infused textiles hit the market

Devan Chemicals has launched its new CBD (Cannabidiol) fabric treatment, as part of its R-Vital range of microencapsulated active ingredients

Reste als Rohstoff

„Bio-Lutions“ verarbeitet Fasern von Tomatenpflanzen, Bananenstämmen, Reisstroh und Zuckerrohrblättern zu Lebensmittel-Verpackungen und Einweggeschirr

DOE funds plant genomics and microbes projects

Most projects are collaborations involving researchers from several institutions; many include one or more DOE national laboratories as partners

Plans submitted for the first waste to jet fuel plant in the UK and Europe

Application comes as British Airways calls for a dedicated Office for Sustainable Aviation

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of August 21st

Cellulose microbeads, sequins and eyeware, 3D printed sandals and menswear, biobased adhesives, and more

Zentrum für strombasierte Brennstoffe soll nach Cottbus kommen

In Cottbus soll für die nachhaltige Erzeugung und Nutzung solcher Stoffe ein Kompetenzzentrum entstehen

3 September 2019

Growing application areas for biocomposites

Dr. Asta Partanen from the nova-Institute explains, why usual plastics getting more and more replaced by biocomposites with wood or natural fibres

Einsatzgebiete von Biocomposites wachsen

Dr. Asta Partanen vom nova-Institut erklärt, warum herkömmliche Kunststoffe zunehmend durch Biokomposite mit Holz- oder Naturfaseranteil ersetzt werden

Edible seaweed-based packaging gets boost from Innovate UK

Innovative capsules, called Oohos, are made from a material called Notpla™ based on seaweed extract and offer a way to deliver drinks under 100ml in a plastic-free form

Applying sustainability to save the Amazon Rainforest

Large-scale agriculture has experienced sizeable expansion and becomes the newest driver of deforestation in the Amazon region

TOP Biologisch abbaubare Mulchfolien

BASF bietet mit ecovio M 2351 einen zertifizierten, im Boden biologisch abbaubaren Kunststoff für Mulchfolien an

If we really want to sequester more carbon, agriculture can’t be made the enemy, says microbial input startup Locus

IPCC report highlights that farmers are in our first lines of defense in the battle to put more carbon back in the ground

Kaneka Wins Japan Bioindustry Award 2019 for Seawater Biodegradable Bioplastics

PHBH materials decompose not only on soil, but also in seawater (90% within 6 months at 30°C) and have obtained the “OK Biodegradable Marine” certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA

Wits green chemists find a way to turn cashew nut shells into sunscreen

Team is working on techniques to produce useful compounds from wood and fast growing non-edible plant waste, through a chemical process named xylochemistry

How do Power-to-X technologies work?

Behind Power-to-X (PtX or P2X) are various energy conversion technologies that can be used to store power surpluses from renewable energy sources

Wie funktioniert Power-to-X?

Hinter PtX oder P2X stecken verschiedene Technologien, die eben diese temporären Stromüberschüsse aus erneuerbaren Quellen speichern können

2 September 2019

Beyond food: the role of animals in the bioeconomy

The bioeconomy may be dominated by plant-based processes, but animals also have key roles to play

Arbiom presses ahead with commercialisation of wood-to-food product after it receives successful results from aquaculture trials

New yeast single-cell protein called SylPro is produced using wood-derived media in fermentation and processed to a viable replacement for fish meal or plant protein

Making the fish feed we need from the scrap wood we don’t: Aquaculture Trials of Arbiom’s SylPro show real promise

Wood to Feed: A new tech from Arbiom everyone's going talking about

New PHA platform reaches membership milestone

Organization announced it will publish a series of white papers to inform policy makers and other stakeholders about the benefits and potential of PHAs

Kunststoff aus Pflanzen

Wichtige Grundchemikalie Anilin lässt sich aus Pflanzen statt aus Erdöl herstellen – merkliche Reduktion der CO₂-Emissionen im Produktionsprozess möglich

Sicomin launches SR Greenpoxy 28 – the new bioresin for HP-RTM processing

Replacement for petroleum based materials is available with immediate effect in the industrial quantities typically required by Automotive OEM’s

Forschung hautnah: Carbon-Dünger lässt Mais wachsen

Projekt PYREG untersucht zusammen mit Bingener Forschern umweltfreundliche und wirtschaftlich sinnvolle Recycling-Dünger aus Gülle, Mist und Gärresten

Neste introduces a new IMO2020-compliant low-sulphur marine fuel

The Neste Marine™ 0.5, containing maximum 0.5% sulphur, will be introduced to the market during Q4/2019

DBFZ project develops value chain based on insect biomass

The research project "Competitive Insect Products (CIP)" aims to further develop the implementation of high-quality, bio-based alternative products based on insect biomass

Vorhaben des DBFZ erarbeitet Wertschöpfungskette auf Basis von Insektenbiomasse

Im Forschungsvorhaben „Competitive Insect Products (CIP)“ wird angestrebt, die Umsetzung hochwertiger, bio-basierter Alternativprodukte auf Basis von Insektenbiomasse weiter zu entwickeln

30 August 2019

Glitter that won’t hurt the environment

Futamura's NatureFlex offers outstanding technical performance in transparent, coloured, metallised and matt films, made from responsibly sourced wood pulp

Sulapac: the startup making biodegradable, plastic-free beauty packaging a reality

Company announced this year, that its Universal Recipe material can be used with existing injection molding infrastructure