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15 Mai 2020

Biorefinery for the field edge: catalysts made from rice straw in a BMBF project

International researchers team will use the waste of rice-harvests as feedstock for biorefineries to convert them into valuable products

Hafen von Antwerpen: Konsortium treibt Projekt für Power-to-Methanol voran

Geplante Demonstrationsanlage soll 8.000 tpa grünes Methanol produzieren und dabei ebenso viel an Treibhausgasen einsparen  

INOVYN plays role in ambitious ‘Power to Methanol’ project in Antwerp

A planned industrial-scale demonstration unit would produce 8,000tpa of sustainable methanol and would save at least 8,000tpa of CO2 emissions every year

Latvian firm to pursue focus on bio-based glues and resins

Latvijas Finieris sees its main priorities for the coming years into product development and process efficiency

International investor groups call for governments to work towards a sustainable recovery from COVID-19

International investor groups have encouraged global governments to ensure they are planning for a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

Neste’s acquisition of US-based company Mahoney Environmental closed

Neste’s feedstock strategy is focusing on waste and residues growth and the development of new feedstock sources

14 Mai 2020

Neste acquired Count Terminal Rotterdam to strengthen its growth strategy in renewable raw materials supply

Another important step for Neste in the execution of the company's efforts to build a global renewable waste and residue raw material platform

„eFarm“ – ein herausragendes Pilot-Projekt für grünen Wasserstoff

Größtes Prototyp-Projekt Deutschlands soll an der Nordsee den Strom aus fünf regionalen Windparks in grünen Wasserstoff umwandeln

Agriculture: a fully-fledged partner in biobased value chains

BBI, BIC and EC study the participation of primary sectors

Biopromotions and Braskem collaborate on sustainable mask strap

Common aim was to come up with a mask strap that could help avoid irritation for medical professionals

„Deutschlands Biotonnen Versprechen“ – die getrennte Bioabfallsammlung, ein wichtiges, gemeinsames Ziel

Verschwendung von Ressourcen muss aufhören, fordert der Verbund kompostierbare Produkte

Circulate Capital invests in plastic recycling in Asia

“Our goal is to scale our capacity to recycle locally-sourced plastic, to grow our customer base by partnering with international and local manufacturers and to diversify our products to increase our impact and prevent more plastic from ending up in the environment.”

Aemetis Begins Deliveries of Carbon Dioxide under Supply Agreement with new Messer CO2 Plant

Ethanol Plant to Provide About 450 tons of CO2 Daily for use in Food, Beverage and Other Industries; Helps Meet Market Shortage Caused by COVID-19 Crisis

Energy of the future: photosynthetic hydrogen from bacteria

Kiel research team investigates how cyanobacteria can be transformed into hydrogen factories

Energie der Zukunft: Photosynthetischer Wasserstoff aus Bakterien

Kieler Forschungsteam untersucht, wie sich Cyanobakterien in Wasserstoff-Fabriken verwandeln lassen

13 Mai 2020

Bio-based sector offers new opportunities for green growth in EU-13

Read the first three reports in a series of country bioeconomy reports that will cover Central and Eastern Europe

Sustainable Structural Material for Plastic Substitute

Chinese researchers developed an amazing biodegradable alternative

Feste Zellulose soll künftig Plastik ersetzen

Chinesische Forscher entwickeln erstaunliche, biologisch abbaubare Alternative

Group Op de Beeck Materials & Treatment and TripleW Ltd. launch intensive collaboration on the conversion of organic waste into biobased plastics

Both companies focusing on the sustainable, circular valorization of organic waste products

Gras als Rohstoffquelle etablieren

Partner aus Forschung und Industrie wollen Grünschnitt als Rohstoffquelle für Bioraffinerien nutzbar machen, um daraus Basischemikalien, aber auch Elektroden herstellen zu können

Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to ethanol

Influx of CO molecules, provided by silver (Ag) co-catalysts, activates an otherwise-locked mechanistic pathway on Cu which converts CO2 gas to ethanol

Bengal jute faces pest attack threat, warn scientists

Supply-chain disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic setting around 15-20% of the jute crops under threat, scientists estimate

Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative shutting down

The Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative (CSPC) has announced that it’s ceasing operations to mitigate ongoing expenses and costs

User research at BESSY II: How new materials increase the efficiency of direct ethanol fuel cells

In Brazil there is great interest in better fuel cells for ethanol as all the country distributes low-cost ethanol produced in a renewable way from sugar cane

Nutzerforschung an BESSY II: Neue Materialien steigern die Effizienz in Ethanol-Brennstoffzellen

In Brasilien besteht großes Interesse an Brennstoffzellen für Ethanol, das dort kostengünstig aus Zuckerrohr hergestellt werden kann

12 Mai 2020

New materials for capturing CO2 could be used to reduce industrial emissions and as catalysts

The European GRAMOFON Project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, developed an innovative CO2 capture process based on novel nanomaterials and microwave energy

Auf dem Weg zur aquatischen Bioraffinerie

Der Aufbau einer nachhaltigen Bioraffinerie auf Basis von Mikroalgen und Wasserlinsen stand im Fokus eines deutsch-russischen Forschungsverbundes. Dafür wurde ein neuer verfahrenstechnischer Ansatz entwickelt

Size of the eco-plastics market brings new money and talent to Swedish biocomposite maker, Trifilon

Johan Thiel, former CEO of the listed helmet safety company MIPS, joined the Trifilon team on April 29th, replacing Martin Lidstrand

Verpackung aus Heu und Hanf aus Schwedt

Zelfo Technology experimentiert zusammen mit Bio-Lutions an kompostierbaren Naturfaser-Verpackungen, die wiederum aus Agrarresten gewonnen werden

European Bioeconomy Alliance Position on the EU Green Deal

There are significant needs to be supported by investments in education and training that are among the main pillars to further develop the bioeconomy in the EU

An interview with Danilo Porro, President of Italian start-up Galatea Biotech

Galatea has developed a new process to produce PLA from glucose

The running clock of the bioeconomy

The conservation of our environment and our sustainable production of energy and food will continue to be key challenges for the future of the planet

11 Mai 2020

Dow and Doxa Plast join forces to deliver stretch films made with renewable resources

Companies aim to meet the increasing demand for more sustainable solutions from alternative renewable feedstocks

Lucite International and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation increase the pace on a Circular Economy for PMMA with Agilyx Corporation

PMMA is one of the very few plastics that can be chemically de-polymerised and purified to produce a virgin quality monomer (MMA)

Eckpunkte der Waldstrategie 2050

Wissenschaftlicher Beirat für Waldpolitik der Bundesregierung veröffentlicht Stellungnahme

Biofuel for ships

Fraunhofer scientists develop diesel and gasoline sourced from renewables

Biosprit für den Schiffstank

Fraunhofer Wissenschaftler entwickeln Diesel und Benzin aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

RWDC Industries Raise US $133 Million In Series B Funding Round

Harnessing nature to battle the world’s single-use plastics problem, biotech company will accelerate plans to meet increasing demand for better materials to replace plastics for food service, food packaging, consumer goods packaging and other consumer items

World BioEconomy Forum goes virtual – live from Ruka!

The event will deliver the usual high-level content - while providing a unique experience for all bioeconomy stakeholders from around the world

Größtes synthetisches Polysaccharid hergestellt

Der Zugang zu komplexen Kohlehydraten ermöglicht umfassende Untersuchungen der Glykane

8 Mai 2020

‘Artificial leaf’ concept inspires Rice University research into solar-powered fuel production

Water-splitting module a source of perpetual energy

Kraton introduces Revolution rosin ester technology

A major step change for manufacturers looking to achieve light, stable hot-melt formulations with high biobased content

Neue sich selbst bildende Membran zum Schutz unserer Umwelt

Eine neue Klasse sich selbst bildender Membranen zur Trennung von Kohlendioxid aus einem Gasgemisch wurde von Forschern der Universität Newcastle entwickelt

INEOS and PLASTIC ENERGY to collaborate on new advanced plastic recycling facility

Advanced recycling takes waste plastic and re-makes this into new high-quality polymer, replacing raw materials derived from oil-based products

INEOS und PLASTIC ENERGY planen gemeinsamen Bau einer neuen Anlage für modernes Kunststoffrecycling

Bei diesem fortschrittlichen Recycling werden Kunststoffabfälle in neue hochwertige Polymere umgewandelt und damit erdölbasierte Rohstoffe ersetzt

Building a Better, Biobased Cat Litter

Scientists from the US Agricultural Research Service described their use of biochar in litter made of eastern red cedar flakes, whose fibers are highly absorbent

From Food to Fuel – White Dog Labs converts ethanol plant to alternative protein production

Microbiome-based biotechnology company is bringing much-needed opportunity to U.S. ethanol plants and corn farmers

Green Deal will be ‘our motor for the recovery’, von der Leyen says

We should bounce back better from this pandemic

Novel Strategies and Platforms for Industrial Isoprenoid Engineering

This review provides an overview of promising engineering strategies that have proven to be successful for the high-yield production of isoprenoids

7 Mai 2020

Guidance on single-use plastics directive: European Commission to stick to its timeline

Despite the current pandemic, the EC wants to present the final SUPD guidance by July 2020