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10 Juli 2017

Special für Bio-based News-Leser: “Materialien mit Zukunft” – Beilage im Handelsblatt

40 % Rabatt für unsere Leser bis zum 14. Juli

Project for the construction of a PDO/BA production plant on the Carling Saint-Avold platform (Moselle)

Agreement with TOTAL Développement Régional (TDR) and TechnipFMC to carry out the preliminary engineering studies

Biobasierte Mode macht Textilindustrie nachhaltiger

Bioökonomierat ruft anlässlich der Berliner Modewoche zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit in der Modeszene und einem bewussteren Konsumverhalten auf

BASF: Sustainable manufacture of palm oil is possible

Factories at Gebze (Turkey) and Dahej (India) received Supply Chain Certificate of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Conversion of loblolly pine into BTX progresses with Anellotech’s first successful performance test at pilot plant

"This operating milestone is the outcome of three years of collaborative design, project management, construction, and start-up work."

DuPont and Bock Announce Strategic Partnership, Expanding Biogas Enzymes Distribution Footprint

DuPont intends to provide its OPTIMASH® AD-100 enzyme biotechnology to Bock for distribution of the biogas enzymes to customers across the United Kingdom

Fuel and chemicals from plant waste

How practical and environmentally friendly it would be if fuel could simply be manufactured from plant waste

Benzin und Chemikalien aus Pflanzenresten

Wie praktisch und umweltfreundlich es doch wäre, wenn man Treibstoff ganz einfach aus Pflanzenresten herstellen könnte

7 Juli 2017

Bioeconomy: Tomorrow’s bio-products are made in Finland

Finnish forests has proved to be an incredibly versatile source of raw material for new bio-products

Triodos: die erste Bank, die ihre Kreditkarte auf Bio-Kunststoff umstellt

Deine nächste Kreditkarte könnte aus Polymilchsäure bestehen, denn jetzt will die erste Bank weg vom fossilen Plastik. Bei Millionen von Plastikkarten eine gute Idee

Genomatica delivers on plant performance guarantees

Novamont confirms Bottrighe plant meets performance parameters

Tasty Energy Treats You Can Make From Brownies

Hydrocarbon oils from Botryococcus braunii algae to be researched as a renewable fuel source

Marine Litter – Time to clean up our act

Brand owners, converters and the fishing sector are coming together to recycle plastic waste from the sea. Are we finally ready to take responsibility for the mess we created?

From Coal-fired CO2: The Digest’s Multi-Slide Guide to capturing flue gas via microalgae

Tryg Lundquist, CTO of MBE gave this illuminating overview of the project at the recent DOE workshop on algae-based carbon capture technologies

Conducting Shell for Bacteria

Coating of individual bacterial cells with an electron-conducting polymer provides for a high-performance anode for microbial fuel-cell application

Elektrisch leitende Hülle für Bakterien

Wenn die stromerzeugenden Bakterienzellen mit einem leitfähigen Polymer beschichtet werden steigt die Leistung von mikrobiellen Brennstoffzellen erheblich

6 Juli 2017

New BIC position paper “The BBI JU – An Institutional PPP supporting the Bioeconomy Strategy

Position paper describes the current and future impacts and helps creating new markets for bio-based products

Drohnen pflanzen bis zu 100.000 Bäume pro Tag

High-Tech-Drohnen als Förster: Ein neuartiges Drohnensystem hilft beim Kampf gegen das Waldsterben

Inside story: Synvina – the joint venture of BASF and Avantium

BASF veteran Patrick Schiffers giving an exclusive insight into this partnership

Recommendations towards the EU Plastics Strategy regarding bioplastics

Covered issues showing the complexity of EU Roadmap initiative and the need to incorporate the entire value chain from feedstock to waste management

N-butanol and beyond: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Green Biologics

CEO Sean Sutcliffe gave this illuminating overview of the company’s progress and promise at ABLC 2017 in Washington DC

Start-up of Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill to begin in August 2017

The new wastewater treatment plant has already started up with wastewater from the Äänekoski integrated mill site

Capturing CO2: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Algae-based CO2 sequestration

A selection of key slides on Carbon Capture and Sequestion with relation to algae-based technologies  

nova talk: bio-based materials in laboratory scientific instruments

Interview with Tine Zlebnik and Dieter Grotholtmann, ECHO, d.o.o LAT-Labor- und Analysen-Technik GmbH

5 Juli 2017

TU Munich: Bio-fuel from waste

Zeolite catalysts pave the road to decentral chemical processes

TU München: Biosprit aus Abfällen

Zeolith-Katalysatoren ebnen den Weg für dezentrale chemische Prozesse

BIO Applauds Bipartisan Introduction of Renewable Chemicals Tax Credit

New legislation will help U.S. companies capture their fair share of worldwide growth in renewable chemical production

EU increases its commitment to funding the circular economy and bioeconomy sectors

New study giving recommendations to address funding gaps and specific needs of project promoters in the bioeconomy sector

In search of lowest cost hydrocarbons: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Global Bioenergies

CEO Marc Delcourt gave this illuminating overview of the company’s progress and promise at ABLC 2017 in Washington DC

Things to do with lignin: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Upgrading Biorefinery Waste to chemicals and hydrogen

The hope? To generate additional biorefinery revenue stream and reduce the cost of biofuels to be competitive with petroleum fuels

Faces of the Bioeconomy: 4 Minutes with Marcel van Berkel

An Interview with Marcel van Berkel

4 Juli 2017

TOP Commercialisation Updates On Bio-Based Building Blocks

Commercialisation and development of novel bio-based building blocks are discussed in detail in nova-Institute's new trend report

TOP Aktuellste Marktdaten zu bio-basierten Building-Blocks

Die Entwicklung und Vermarktung neuer bio-basierter Building-Blocks werden in einem neuen Trendreport des nova-Instituts umfassend diskutiert

Bioplastics: the project Bread4PLA selected as one of the two best LIFE in the category of Environment of the 25 years of the programme

Recovery of wastes from bakery to result in new packages to be used in the same sector

Trend: Naturfasern in der Automobilindustrie

Besonders die Hanffaser ist für den Bau von Karosserieteilen geeignet

The bioeconomy – buzzword or future concept?

Research project at the University of Freiburg combines forestry know-how with political science methodology in order to sound out the bioeconomy

Die Bioökonomie – Modewort oder Zukunftskonzept?

Forschungsprojekt der Universität Freiburg verbindet forstliches Know-how mit politikwissenschaftlicher Methodik, um der Bioökonomie auf den Zahn zu fühlen

Aux Farms, Citoyens! France’s Bioeconomy Plan is a stirring call to action on jobs, climate, innovation

Digested version not only as summary of activities in France, but as a model of what a cogent national strategy can look like

S2G BioChem Announces Build of Advanced BioRefinery in Sarnia, Ontario

Production of Xylitol to Begin in 2018

Holzhäuser bei grauer Energie im grünen Bereich

Über den gesamten Produktlebenszyklus betrachtet sind Holzhäuser deutlich klima- und umweltfreundlicher

3 Juli 2017

German chemical company Evonik will build a second plant in Blair

New Plant will make the fatty acids from marine algae to be used by the salmon aquaculture industry

Nachhaltiges Fischfutter: DSM und Evonik produzieren Omega-3-Fettsäuren in Nebraska

Jährliche Kapazität soll anfangs rund 15% der Nachfrage nach EPA und DHA in der Lachszucht-Industrie decken

bio-nawa®: Biologisch nachwachsend im Internet

Einfach und schnell können Verbraucher und Einkäufer Waren aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen im Internet-Shop erwerben

CIRC-PACK: Towards a greener plastic lifecycle

Project to bringing considerable benefits in line with EU strategic objectives

DuPont Wins 2017 European Bio-Based Materials Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan

Award Recognizes Company for Commercial Innovation in Biomaterials Space

G7 Environment: all grades of Novamont MATER-BI bioplastic will be 40% to 100% bio-based by end of 2017

Novamont is bringing forward the targets of Italy and France on bio-based content in fruit and vegetable bags

Novamont-Umweltgipfel: Sämtliche Typen des Biokunststoffs MATER-BI enthalten Künftig über 40% nachwachsende Rohstoffe

Unternehmen nimmt verpflichtende Vorgaben Italiens und Frankreichs für den Einsatz von nachwachsenden Rohstoffen in bestimmten Produkten bereits vorweg

„Resource Innovators 2017“ gekürt

Auszeichnung von fünf Start-ups auf Berliner Rohstoffgipfel / Ideen zur Einsparung von Erdöl in der Chemieindustrie/ Signal für mehr Gründergeist und Kooperation

CO2-neutraler Wasserstoff aus Biomasse

Wie man aus Biomasse Wasserstoff herstellen kann, untersuchen TU Wien und voestalpine in einem gemeinsamen Forschungsprojekt

30 Juni 2017

Stena Line introduces biodegradable bags on board

Big ferry company aims to phase out all plastics over the next year