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13 September 2018

DuPont Expands Kinston, North Carolina, Facility to Meet Growing Global Demand for Sorona® Polymer, Support Circular Economy

DuPont™ Sorona® polymer is made from 37 percent renewable plant-based ingredients

Q&A: DuPont Sorona and the Evolution, and Revolution, of Biomaterials

Interview with Mike Saltzberg, Global Business Director for Biomaterials at DuPont Industrial Biosciences

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of September 5th

Pain-relieving yarns, dissolvable plastic made out of algae, probiotic nutrition from soy waste, squid-inspired smart materials. Illinois okays hemp cultivation

Purdue researchers developing novel biomedical imaging system combining optical, ultrasound technology

Photoacoustic tomography can be used to detect or monitor a myriad of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer

The Digest’s 2018 Guide to Italy in the Advanced Bioeconomy

Italy is the first country in the EU to decide to create a 0.6% advanced biofuels blending mandate by 2018, the first in Europe to set up such a policy to boost demand for next generation fuels

Spinnova attracts new financing and investment

Developing the world’s most sustainable textile fibre, Spinnova will ramp up its pilot factory in Finland this year

LEGO goes sustainable with blocks made from sugarcane

On August 1st it launched its first sustainable LEGO-bricks

12 September 2018

Six innovative companies from four countries are nominated for the “Future Protein Award”

For the first time, the “Future Protein Award” will be awarded during the conference “Revolution in Food and Biomass Production (REFAB)”, 1-2 October 2018, Cologne Germany

Sechs innovative Unternehmen aus vier Ländern für den „Future Protein Award“ nominiert

Der „Future Protein Award“ wird erstmals im Rahmen der neuen Konferenz „Revolution in Food and Biomass Production (REFAB)“, am 1.-2. Oktober 2018 in Köln, verliehen

The Silent Fuel: Methanol for power, fuels and chemistry in a low-carbon economy

From Switzerland comes word of a technology for methanol synthesis plants which capture CO2 from the environment to create renewable methanol fuel

SAVVY: Harnessing the power of seaweed

In the coming decades the world will be facing lots of problems — relating to food, fuel, and plastics. We need a sustainable solution for all these issues

SYNLawn Installed at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s Rocket Launch Viewing Area

USDA Certified bio-based product that uses plant-based polyethylene thatch fibers made from sugarcane polymers in addition to soy polymers used in the turf backing

Startup AlgoteK creates dissolving plastic

According to company CEO and co-founder David Crinnion, their brown algae-based plastic is so environmentally safe that it is edible

Kaneka enhances its biodegradable plastic manufacturing capacity

Kaneka Biodegradable Polymer PHBH is now actively getting applied to fruits and vegetable bags or compost bags in Europe

FNR: Seit 25 Jahren im Dienst der Bioökonomie

Seit einem viertel Jahrhundert begleitet die Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (FNR) das politische Zukunftskonzept einer stärker biobasierten Wirtschaft

When chitin met cellulose

The first challenge is to find effective ways to combine chitin and cellulose, and also to process them

The Slippery Slope of Biolubricants and Biogreases

Although biogreases have been in existence for a long while, they have been unable to fully realize their potential and proper place in the grease market

11 September 2018

Storopack supplying Bio based EN 13432 certified products since 2009

100% renewable, biodegradable and compostable products can be disposed of by industrial composting or garden waste recycling bins

Government Regs and Consumer Awareness Drive Bioplastic Packaging Market

Stringent regulations in terms of reuse and recycling of plastics waste is one of the top drivers of the market in both developing  and developed regions

Experten sehen CO2-Preis bei 40 Euro

Ein aktueller CO2-Preis von mehr als 20 Euro hat Diskussionen darüber entfacht, wie weit es noch nach oben gehen könnte und was das für die Energiewirtschaft insgesamt bedeuten würde

Ökoplast: Kombination von Entwicklung und Fertigung

Die NPC Nature Plastic Compounds von CKT und Ökoplast, Mittweida, eignen sich für verschiedene Anwendungen in vielen Bereichen

Rheinisches Win-Win

Thyssenkrupp forscht daran, Treibhausgase aus dem Hüttenwerk aufzufangen und in Grundstoffe für die Chemieindustrie umzuwandeln

Pöyry awarded Owner’s Engineering Services assignment by Biozin Holding AS for the pre-engineering phase of biozin® production plant in Jordoya, Åmli, Norway

The ambition is to establish more production facilities in Southern Norway

Methane to syngas catalyst: two for the price of one

An improvement to the catalyst that converts methane to syngas could lead to a more economical process

10 September 2018

Japan to subsidize bioplastics development

Commodity manufacturers and groups that are making efforts to replace petroleum-based plastic products with plant-based ones will be supported next fiscal year

VTT is developing microbes that degrade plastic as a solution to marine plastic waste problem

Aim is to design a mobile container where microbes degrade plastic waste to valuable products like fuels or chemicals

Basisbroschüre “Nachwachsende Rohstoffe – Natürliche Alternativen” erschienen

Neue FNR-Publikation beschreibt die mögliche Bandbreite der Nutzung nachwachsender Rohstoffe als wichtigem Bestandteil der Bioökonomie

Interview: The situation with bio-based adhesives is still in flux

Greater heat being generated nowadays in electrics and electronics could be counterbalanced by highly filled adhesives and sealants

Biodegradable pet coffins and body bags the brainchild of young mums

Western Australia's Orchid Valley Pet Co already selling their caskets and body bags all over Australia and New Zealand

Lego Wants to Completely Remake Its Toy Bricks (Without Anyone Noticing)

It is also pushing for the plastic in its toys to come from sources like plant fibers or recycled bottles by 2030

Schutz für die Ozonschicht: Zuckermoleküle binden gefährliche FCKW

Wissenschaftler aus Mainz und Aschaffenburg entwickeln Methode zum Schutz der Ozonschicht vor schädlichem Fluorchlorkohlenwasserstoff Freon 11

Lassen sich Biokunststoffe recyclen?

Positionspapier aus der Reihe »Fraunhofer UMSICHT nimmt Stellung«

7 September 2018

EuropaBio appoints new Secretary General, Healthcare Director and Industrial Biotech Director

Association announcement to confirm the appointments of Bernard Grimm, as Healthcare Director and Agnes Borg as Industrial Biotech Director

Kompostierbare Polymerfolien – Der Beginn einer Verpackungsrevolution

Die neue Materialklasse der bioORMOCER®e bietet Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab vom Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC in Würzburg eine denkbare Lösung

Biocomposites Encourage Innovative Applications

A look at the three winners of the 2017 Innovation Award at the European Conference on Wood and Natural Fiber Composites

Marine Biotechnologie im Fokus

Marine Ressourcen mithilfe biotechnologischer Werkzeuge erforschen und erschließen – das ist Ziel einer neuen Fördermaßnahme des Bundesforschungsministeriums

Only Natural Pet Advances Sustainable Packaging Initiative with Braskem’s Sugarcane Based I’m greenTM Biopolymer

Integration of bioplastic packaging derived from renewable sugarcane directly supports Only Natural Pet's commitments to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction

Biodegradable plastic that goes straight into compost bin could keep Ireland green

Researchers discover biodegradable material that degrades in everyday compost bins

New wood-metal hybrid for lightweight construction

New material mix boasts excellent insulating properties and has a low bending strength

Neuer Hybridwerkstoff aus Holz und Metall für den Leichtbau

Holzschaum und Metallschwamm - diese gegensätzlichen Werkstoffe harmonieren nach Experten des Fraunhofer-Instituts perfekt

6 September 2018

Fashion Development Materials is born, the new Bio-on business unit dedicated to bioplastic materials for fashion and the luxury sector

A dedicated team will develop new materials based on Minerv PHA bioplastics, 100% natural and biodegradable, targeting the fashion and luxury industry

Expert View: Invest-ability of the bio-economy

Product performance, sustainability and customer awareness are driving the demand for new products

Gevo discusses future expansion plans for Luverne plant site

Due to the company’s plans to become profitable, plant site will set the stage for low-carbon isobutanol, low-carbon jet fuel and low-carbon isooctane production

Düngen mit Gärprodukten

Aktuelle Broschüre informiert über Anwendung, Aufbereitung und Vermarktung von Gärprodukten

‘It saved our business': Italy’s farmers turn low into high with cannabis

Hemp cultivation for non-pharmaceutical could help revert desiccation of farm land

Birth of an industrial sugars giant? Sugars in focus in Leaf Resources, Petronas agreement

We hear from Australia and Malaysia that PETRONAS Chemicals Group and Leaf Resources inked a MoU for Leaf’s proposed biorefinery project in Malaysia

Boral could turn sawmill residue into renewable diesel

The Mid North Coast of New South Wales could become home to the world’s first biorefinery turning sawmill residues into renewable diesel and renewable bitumen

5 September 2018

ICT-BIOCHAIN Europe’s first Digital Innovation Hub for Circular Bioeconomy

New EU-project focuses on the development of efficient biomass supply chains for sustainable chemical production in bioeconomy regions across Europe

Deadline for climate action – Act strongly before 2035 to keep warming below 2°C

Humanity may be nearing the point of no return for climate action, according to new study

Genome Editing: Bioökonomierat fordert neues EU-Gentechnikrecht

Deutschland und EU sollen Bio-Innovationen mitgestalten