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15 Januar 2018

An interview with Marc Palahí, director of EFI. “We must place the bioeconomy at the core of the EU Industrial, Climate and Sustainability Agenda”

Marc Palahí talks about the next steps which are needed to place the bioeconomy at the core of the EU industrial, climate and sustainability agenda

Mikrobe des Jahres 2018

Lactobacillus – lecker und gesund

12 Januar 2018

New sustainable packaging will allow a longer preservation of food product without metallized materials and modified atmospheres

Project REFUCOAT, coordinated by AIMPLAS, to develop innovative food packaging material based on biopolymers

Kasseler produziert Kuscheltiere aus Plastikflaschen

Malte Niebelschütz versucht, mittels Plastikrecycling die Ozeane zu retten

Sustainable Packaging Coalition elects representatives from McDonald’s, Nestlé USA, and Braskem to Executive Committee

SPC Executive Committee offers big opportunity for big companies to work together, making real progress in advancing sustainable packaging

2017: The year wood construction grew like a weed

Not even fantasy projects going to be discussed, but just the real stuff being built by real architects

Paints and varnishes based on potato starch

Fraunhofer researchers develop metal coating based on renewable raw materials

Farben und Lacke auf Basis von Kartoffelstärke

Fraunhofer Forscher entwickeln Metallbeschichtung auf Basis nachwachsender Rohstoffe

Felda protests EU’s ban on palm oil

It is rather disappointing for Malaysia that the EU Parliament failed to recognise Malaysia’s efforts towards producing certified CSPO for the global market

Ontario Announces 20 Semi-Finalists for Solutions 2030 Challenge

The top eight teams from Phase 1 will be invited to participate in Phase 2 and will be awarded up to $250,000 per team to support costs related to their participation

11 Januar 2018

A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning fashion’s future

Download the report, infographics

Enabling Commercial Scale Biorefineries in Europe

Lignocellulosic feedstock will soon become a key strategic resource for chemical intermediates

Becher aus Bambus: Ökolüge to go

Trinkgefäße aus Bambus gelten als bio. Sie enthalten aber synthetische Kunststoffe wie Melaminharz, Harnstoff-Formaldehyd-Harz oder Polylactate

Thai bioeconomy development plan could be approved by cabinet in early 2018

New policy could attract private sector investment to boost the agri-economy as well as interest in tech companies

Coal Refining Chemical-Looping Systems with CO2 as a Co-Feedstock for Chemicals Syntheses

Results indicate the potential for significant feedstock reduction in large-scale coal to chemical processes

Top 10 Asia Bioeconomy Trends

Here are the top trends in 10 key markets as we have seen them from The Digest’s conning tower

Bacteria Use Multiple Enzymes to Degrade Plant Biomass

Nature demonstrates how bacteria degrade lignin and provides better understanding to make biofuels

10 Januar 2018

Making plastic toys from biomass

Big names looking to enter the bioplastic toy arena, but do parents really understand bioplastics?

Irish Bioeconomy Foundation Receives Enterprise Ireland Funding to Develop a New Bioeconomy Innovation and Piloting Facility

New plant to enable industry, entrepreneurs and researchers to scale technologies for converting Ireland’s natural resources to high value products

Verkehrswende: Heißt die Lösung E-Fuels?

Forscher Michael Sterner erklärt im tagesschau.de-Interview Vor- und Nachteile dieser Antriebstechnik

Europe’s ‘best-kept secret’ – its booming bio-economy

Carlos Moedas: "Private money goes where stability is and where policies are predictable."

In for a Penny, In for a Pound: The Advanced Bioeconomy and all the pivots

Henry Threadgill wins a Pulitzer Prize for his landmark composition

Kartell enters Bio-on to help develop new technologies

Strategic and industrial operation aims to accelerate development of Bio-on technologies and gain a leadership position in the new frontier of organic electronics

Biokunststoffe: IfBB und Anwendungszentrum HOFZET des Fraunhofer WKI entwickeln Material für faire Computermaus in Hannover

Die Wissenschaftler der IfBB-Forschernachwuchsgruppe haben einen Werkstoff auf Basis von Polymilchsäure (PLA) entwickelt, der zu 83 % aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen besteht

9 Januar 2018

China’s Linglong tire company investigates potential of dandelion rubber

Company plans to invest $450 million to set up a company tentatively named Linglong Dandelion Science and Technology Development Company

Engineers create plants that glow

Illumination from nanobionic plants might one day replace some electrical lighting

Pflanzen als biologische Lampen

MIT-Wissenschaftler haben ohne Genmanipulation eine fluoreszierende Wasserkresse entwickelt, deren Lichtabgabe sich ein- und ausschalten lässt

Boosting Ethanol’s Value via CO2 use: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to White Dog Labs

White Dog Labs CEO Bryan Tracy gave this illuminating overview of the technology, the promise and progress to date

Bioökonomie International: Neue Runde

Das Bundesforschungsministerium will internationale Kooperationen in der Bioökonomie vorantreiben. Eine neue Ausschreibung ist gerade gestartet

First-gen biofuels suffer as EU Council announces 2030 targets

Announcement could have significant ramifications for the continent’s biofuels industry, and has already sparked controversy

From Helsinki the bioeconomy stakeholders call for action: “It’s time to deliver!”

Decoupling growth from environmental degradation requires a major shift towards a low-carbon, renewable and resource-efficient society that has a sustainable economy

Biofilms as construction workers

New methods in bionics via the direct use of natural structures

Biofilme als Bauarbeiter

Neue Wege der Bionik durch direkte Verwendung natürlicher Strukturen

8 Januar 2018

Alkol Biotech and BRD, the commercialization partner in the BIOFOREVER Consortium, sign a LOI for sustainable biomass sourcing in Europe

UK based company is able to provide European-grown canes to any biotechnology project in the continent

As You Sow calls out McDonald’s on use of polystyrene

McDonald's still uses polystyrene for packaging applications in overseas markets, where plastic pollution migration into waterways is highest

Wie aus Abfall Kunststoff wird

Mit ihrer Firma Full Cycle Bioplastics stellen Dane Anderson und sein Zwilllingsbruder Jeff aus kompostierbaren Abfällen Biokunststoff her

Notes from Scaleville: the Global Bioenergies, Gevo and Siluria stories

New applications for biotechnology in some ancient and ossified markets such as jet fuel, C3 chemicals and gasoline

Project focus: Maximising the commercial potential of super-strong microfibrillated cellulose

Ambitious flagship project to introduce plant-based cellulose “ten-times as strong as steel” into widespread use

New biofuel facility

The demo facility will be located in Tofte, Norway, and project planning will commence in the winter

Seaweed food packaging could eliminate the need for plastic

Fish and chip packaging made of seaweed and a documentary about council clean-ups are among projects by UNSW design students

22 Dezember 2017

Bio-based News wishes you happy holidays!

Bio-based News starts its winter break – we will be back 8 January 2018

Award winning ceremony of the first DNFI Award to ITA and Fraunhofer-Institute LBF

Prize for project "Reduction of moisture absorption of natural fibres and production of untwisted yarns in structural components"

Verleihung des ersten DNFI Awards an das ITA und das Fraunhofer Institut LBF

Preis für Projekt „Reduzierung der Feuchtigkeitsaufnahme von Naturfasern und Herstellung von ungedrehten Garnen für Strukturbauteile“

Weltgipfel 2018: Visionen der Bioökonomie gesucht

Studierende aus der ganzen Welt sind aufgerufen, für einen Kunstwettbewerb ihre Visionen für die Bioökonomie zu entwerfen

Earth Institute: The Truth About Bioplastics

Bioplastics are often touted as being eco-friendly, but do they live up to the hype?

Bio-based industries in Europe: building on a double-digit growth

Stakeholder Forum in Brussels gave a platform to discuss what has been achieved so far

Heizen mit Pyrolyseöl aus Restbiomasse hat Potenzial

Deutlich geringere Treibhausgasemissionen und Ascherecycling sind möglich

Neste’s growth program for Renewable Products takes a step forward

The decision initiates technical design of the new production line, with the aim of a final investment decision by the end of 2018

BIC Launches New Report to Help Bioeconomy Projects Access Finance

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) has released a new overview of financial instruments available to support European bioeconomy development

21 Dezember 2017

Braskem’s I’m greenTM PE and ProAmpac’s Trinity Packaging Division Bring Carbon Reduction Packaging to Montgomery County DEP and Maryland Environmental Service

Braskem's sugarcane based bioplastic to be used to package over 500,000 bags of Leafgro®, a soil conditioner for sale in lawn and garden retail locations along the U.S. East Coast