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7 November 2018

Effiziente elektrochemische Zellen für die CO2-Konversion

Forschung liefert eine neue Strategie zur Abtrennung von CO2 und deren Umwandlung in chemische Rohstoffe

REI, Microsoft Rallying Companies to Support Washington’s Proposed Carbon Fee

If passed, I-1631 would enact a carbon emissions fee of $15 per metric ton of carbon, starting in 2020

ASU team unravels key mysteries of spider silk

Scientists at ASU are celebrating their recent success on the path to understanding what makes the fiber that spiders spin

Lösbare Verbindungstechnik für WPC

Mit dem Werkstoff Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) wollen Forscher der TU Chemnitz neue technische Anwendungsbereiche erschließen

6 November 2018

Factsheets and slideshow on bio-based insulation materials and the Bioeconomy

The key messages can serve as a basis for communication activities and they have been designed for sharing

Alternative Aviation Fuels: A Sustainable Future is Taking Off

RSB publishes report on the future of alternative aviation fuels

Nylonstrümpfe aus Chinaschilf: Bioraffinerie stellt Chemierohstoffe her

Bioraffinerie-Projekt der Uni Hohenheim und des KIT kann ab November mit Produktion von HMF im industriellen Maßstab starten

CHINAPLAS to highlight Circular Economy

Achieving sustainable development is a major Chinese economic and social development strategy

Verpackungen aus Biokunststoffen wirklich so umweltverträglich?

Die Fraunhofer-Projektgruppe IWKS hat sich mit Biokunststoffen als nachhaltige Alternative zu konventionellen Kunststoffen befasst

Pyromaniax Unbound

There’s some evidence mounting around the world about the cost of other catalytic pyrolysis reactors and systems, via the disclosures in academic literature. What’s the state of play?

R1,1 billion gas to fuel green energy plant for Middelburg

A gas to fuel green energy plants to the value of R1,1 billion will be built in Middelburg next year, anchoring the town as South Africa’s flagship commercial ethanol production region

Biologisch abbaubares Plastik

Forschungsprojekt der TH Nürnberg generiert eine Alternative für herkömmliche Kunststoffe

5 November 2018

Global Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Market to witness a CAGR of 16.2% during 2018-2024

The expanding use of cross laminated timber for residential construction in North America is projected to spur regional growth over the next few years

Are Hemp Homes Our Homes Of The Future?

Use of hemp construction materials negates the use of glues, formaldehyde and sealants, ensures fire-retardant properties and is allergy friendly

Hans-Josef Fell zum EU-Parlamentsbeschluss: Die verheerende Plastikverseuchung wird damit nicht gelöst

Biokunststoffe aus Pflanzenmaterial können Bedingungen der Abfallfreiheit erfüllen

The European Bioeconomy Network

Main goal of the European Bioeconomy Network is to maximise the efforts, increasing the knowledge sharing, coordination of joint activities and events and more

Keep warm with first ever biodegradable synthetic insulation

PrimaLoft Bio fibers technology does not change the performance, nor look or feel of the garment and is expected to be available to consumers in fall 2020

Reduction of single-use plastics needs to tie in with circular economy actions and consumption realities in Europe

European Bioplastics fully supports the transition from a linear to a circular economy and emphasize bioplastics as more sustainable solutions for a range of products

Beschränkung von Einwegkunststoffen muss kreislaufwirtschaftliche Bemühungen und Konsumrealität in Europa reflektieren

European Bioplastics unterstützt Übergang von einer linearen zu einer kreisläufigen Wirtschaft und hebt Biokunststoffe als nachhaltige Lösungen hervor

IIHA invests Rs 1100 cr for hemp cultivation in U’khand

With an aim to enhance connectivity, manpower and industrial development through hemp cultivation and its organized industrial production in Uttarakhand, the Association emphasizes benefit of hemp in other industries

Emerging Fuels Technology licenses FT process to Red Rock Biofuels

Through a proprietary integration of existing technologies, IR1 makes the long-commercialized Fischer-Tropsch process economic at the biomass scale

2 November 2018

Wood sponge soaks up oil from water (video)

Researchers made the highly porous structured wood sponge with a hydrophobic coating that attracted oil, but not water

Cortec® Packages EcoAir® Biobased CLP in Environmentally Friendly Spray Cans

EcoAir® Biobased CLP contains 89% USDA certified biobased content and provides excellent penetrating, lubricating, and rust preventing action

Novamont: Neue Biopolyester-Kapazitäten in Italien

Kapazitäten des Mater-Biopolymer Origo-Bi konnten damit von 120.000 Tonnen auf nunmehr 150.000 Tonnen im Jahr gesteigert werden

Bio-on grants bioplastic technology license to Russian group TAIF for production in Russia. 17.6 million Euro agreement

This agreement will see the Russian Federation's first PHAs production plant (in Republic of Tatarstan) with Bio-on technology

World hunger has risen for three straight years, and climate change is a cause

Situation is worsening in South America, Central Asia and most regions of Africa - one in 3 women worldwide are affected with anemia

POLYWOOD plans for massive growth

Indiana-based company, which uses recycled HDPE as its raw material, will add up to 20 extrusion lines at the new Roxboro facility

Minister Launches BEACON Bioeconomy SFI Research Centre and National Pilot Biorefining Facility

€28 million in total invested in BEACON and National Bioeconomy Campus

CCUS is essential to reach net-zero emissions

The report concludes that CCUS constitutes an essential part of the lowest-cost route to achieving net-zero emissions

An exclusive interview with David Sudolsky, CEO Anellotech. “The future of the chemical industry is in the bioeconomy”

The company based in New York develops a technology platform for producing petrochemicals and transportation fuels from renewable non-food biomass

31 Oktober 2018

New Partnership Aims to Make Payments More Sustainable

Mastercard, Gemalto, Giesecke+Devrient and IDEMIA Commit to Develop Environmentally Friendly Cards

Bio-plastic JV Synvina under threat over dispute about investment deadline

"We are determined to purse the commercialisation of FDCA and PEF - with or without BASF."

Plastic Oceans: MEPs back EU ban on throwaway plastics by 2021

MEPs added oxo-plastics and certain polystyrenes

Wegwerfprodukte aus Plastik: Parlament stimmt für Verbot ab 2021

Abgeordnete weiten Verbot auf oxo-abbaubare Materialien und bestimmte Styropore aus

Nature Energy to utilise excess CO2 in biogas agreement

Company's biogas plant to be completed at the beginning of 2019 and Strandmøllen’s CO2 plant will deliver it’s first supply of CO2 during the summer of 2019

Ancient enzymes the catalysts for discoveries

University of Queensland research team found ancestral enzyme could deal with high temperatures and lasted about 100 times longer at ambient temperatures

Renewable gas can be scaled up and reduce costs in decarbonising the EU energy system

‘Renewable gas’ scenario combines biomethane and green hydrogen with increasing quantities of renewable electricity

thyssenkrupp commissions first commercial bioplastics plant for COFCO in China

PLAneo® technology from thyssenkrupp lowers CO2 emissions and reduces use of fossil raw materials

thyssenkrupp nimmt erste Biokunststoff-Anlage für COFCO in China in Betrieb

PLAneo® Technologie von thyssenkrupp reduziert CO2-Emissionen und spart fossile Rohstoffe ein

EU palm oil strategy risks investment in Africa

The EU’s actions on palm oil risk trade and investment in Africa, writes Thompson Ayodele

30 Oktober 2018

Gasunie, TenneT and Thyssengas reveal detailed, green ‘sector coupling’ plans using power-to-gas technology

Largest of its kind in Germany power-to-gas pilot plant to be built in Lower Saxony

Gasunie, TenneT und Thyssengas steigen in konkrete Planung für grüne Sektorkopplung mit Power-to-Gas ein

In Niedersachsen soll die bis dato größte deutsche Power-to-Gas-Pilotanlage mit 100 Megawatt entstehen

Microsoft Genomics will work with Cambridge-based Eagle Genomics to scale up its artificial intelligence platform for microbiome research

Microsoft Genomics will work with Cambridge-based Eagle Genomics to scale up its artificial intelligence platform for microbiome research

BioGreen padding polymer

Padding is an alternative to down filling or petroleum-based filling material and has outstanding performances

In Hafencity: bald höchstes Holzhochhaus Deutschlands

Immobilien-Unternehmen plant Turm mit 19 Geschossen – DBU fördert mit 492.000 Euro

New Technology Advances Lead Anellotech to Announce Commercial Plant Engineering Plans

Company to scaling-up design and engineering in JV with Axens and IFPEN

Forestry 101: How current forest practices impact the future for the better

Sustainable forestry practices are complex and require patience, foresight and close attention to the entire landscape

The updated EU bioeconomy strategy. An interview with Marc Palahí, director EFI

Marc Palahí, director at the European Forest Institute, talks with Il Bioeconomista

Promoting bio-based products to consumers

A bioeconomy uses renewable resources and helps society meet current environmental challenges so consumers need to be aware of the benefits of bio-based products

Biobasierte Produkte sollen Verbraucher begeistern

Die Bioökonomie setzt auf erneuerbare Ressourcen und soll ökologische Lösungen auf gesellschaftlicher Basis forcieren, etwa, indem Verbraucher besser über die Vorteile von biobasierten Produkten informiert werden