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6 März 2020

No such thing as a drop-in – how Circa developed a novel bio-based solvent

Tony Duncan, CEO and co-founder of Circa Group, Special to The Digest

5 März 2020

Joint development with Toyota Boshoku Corporation: Covestro provides sustainable solution for new concept car Toyota “LQ”

New polyurethane composite concept with kenaf fibers - 30 percent lighter than conventional material

Gemeinsame Entwicklung mit der Toyota Boshoku Corporation: Covestro bietet nachhaltige Lösung für neues Konzeptauto Toyota „LQ“

Neues Polyurethan-Verbundwerkstoff-Konzept mit Kenaf-Fasern - 30 Prozent leichter als konventionelles Material

Green ammonia could slash emissions from farming – and power ships of the future

We need to develop a comprehensive portfolio of ways of turning ammonia back into power when and where we need it

245.000 Hektar Baumbestand zerstört: Schäden in deutschen Wäldern massiver als angenommen

"Wir sind seit zwei Jahren im Krisenmodus - das Schlimmste steht noch bevor", so Ulrich Dohle vom Bund Deutscher Forstleute

Moulding the future of an advanced bioeconomy

New Biofuture Platform's study to map out the current status of the bioeconomy and challenges ahead

Russischer Löwenzahn als Kautschuklieferant: Züchtung zur Ertragssteigerung wird fortgesetzt

Forschungsverbund TAKOWIND geht in die 2. Verlängerung

Invasive green crab at Keji seaside could soon become biodegradable plastic

Invasive green crabs that have caused major problems for native species could, ironically, be the latest solution to reducing plastic pollution in the ocean  

USDA Rural Development, BioPreferred Program and more

The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to USDA’s Bioproducts to Market Efforts

Metsä Spring and Valmet announce collaboration to develop a new wood-based product as alternative to fossil-based materials

The joint project focuses on fine-tuning properties of the new environmentally-friendly material

Saci, die Biofabrik

UDE leitet Projekt zu Mikroorganismen

4 März 2020

Avantium sells bioaromatics patent portfolio to TNO

These technologies lie outside Avantium’s strategic focus and will now be further developed by TNO

Arkema is committed to keeping global warming well below 2°C

Group has now set a new strategic environmental objective: to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 38% in 2030 compared to 2015

Researchers have developed a bioplastic that protects against UV radiation

New, environmentally friendly bioplastic is suitable for protecting products from direct sunlight

„Grünes“ Plastik schützt vor UV-Strahlung

Forscher entwickeln Bio-Kunststoff, der herkömmlichen UV-Schutz ersetzen könnte

The combination of plant-based particles and water forms an ‘eco’ super-glue

Researchers demonstrated that plant-derived cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) can form an adhesive that fully integrates the concepts of sustainability, performance, and cost

Lässt sich Biogas in kleinen Anlagen direkt in Biomethan umsetzen?

Power-to-Gas als Flexibilisierungskonzept auch für landwirtschaftliche Biogasanlagen

Birla Carbon and GranBio Technologies Introduce Breakthrough Innovation In Nanocellulose Dispersion Composite (NDCTM) Masterbatch

For Tire and Technical Rubber Goods Applications

Project that uses waste from pea processing to clean water receives funding boost

“Often discarded and considered as waste, unavoidable food supply chain waste such as pea waste is a treasure trove of useful chemicals that can be utilised in many applications that impact global grand challenges.”

Russian scientists found an effective way to obtain fuel for hydrogen engines

The scientists that have found the more effective material for catalysts production also offered the most efficient way of using it

USDA Rural Development, BioPreferred Program and more: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to USDA’s Bioproducts to Market Efforts

Check out William Orts, Research Leader of Bioproducts at USDA, presentation from ABLC NEXT in San Francisco

3 März 2020

Georgia-Pacific and Bast Fibre Technologies Inc. Enter into Global Licensing Deal for Nonwoven Sustainable Fibre Applications

Under licence from Georgia-Pacific, BFTi will develop, process and market the next generation of sustainable nonwoven fibres

Georgia-Pacific und Bast Fibre Technologies Inc. schließen globalen Lizenzvertrag für nachhaltige Fasern für Vliesstoffanwendungen ab

BFTi soll unter Lizenz von Georgia-Pacific die nächste Generation nachhaltiger Vliesstoff-Fasern entwickeln, verarbeiten und vermarkten

Take Five: Bio-based businesses aiming to stimulate positive environmental change via successful partnerships

More and more companies are increasingly working together to develop renewable and circular solutions

Arzneipflanzen: Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgruppe gegründet

BMEL fördert Nachwuchsforscher am Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI)

Isothane in CO2-based polyols development

Watch the video to see how they're made!

Ganzheitliche Bewertung von Dämmstoffalternativen

ifeu & natureplus vergleichen im Forschungsprojekt 'Ganzheitliche Bewertung von verschiedenen Dämmstoffalternativen' Dämmstoffe hinsichtlich ihrer Umweltwirkungen im ganzen Lebenszyklus

Bicycle bottle from VAUDE runs on Dryflex Green TPE

With the ‘Bike Bottle Organic’, VAUDE has produced their first bicycle bottle developed entirely from biobased plastics

Optimizing Co-Product Production: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Alkaline-Oxidative Pretreatment of Woody Biomass

Eric L. Hegg from Michigan State University, shared the latest research developments on how they are optimizing their two-stage alkaline-oxidative deconstruction process

Japanese company Toray is going to start mass production of biopolyester jointly with Virent

Toray developed what is being described as the world’s first 100% plant-based polyester jointly with Virent

Plant-based PEF Plan to Commercialization: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Avantium’s Renewable Polymers

PEF is one of the most interesting plant-based polymers right now and Avantium is looking to PEF for the future of packaging

2 März 2020

TOP BioSinn – products for which biodegradation makes sense!

When does biodegradation makes ecological sense? Are there already suitable materials for such applications? What are the conditions in market economy?

Nonwoven industry’s response to the Eunomia study on the plastics definition under the Directive (EU) on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment

European Commission’s DG ENV is currently working on guidelines on single use plastic products. This document will be published by 3 July 2020

Vynova: Neues „bio-attributed“ PVC

Neues PVC-Portfolio wird unter Verwendung von erneuerbarem Ethylen hergestellt

French initiative on low carbon construction

New French public buildings must be made 50% from wood or other sustainable materials, Minister says

Stellungnahme zum EU-Klimaschutzgesetz

natureplus fordert Vorgaben für nachhaltigere Bauprodukte und Kreislauf-gerechte Bauweisen

Circularity is the ‘North Star’ guiding Covestro’s long-term strategic course

CEO Markus Steilemann gives an overview on the company's global strategic program to implement circular economy in all corporate divisions

5 Minutes With…David Lips from Spiber

Bio Market Insights’ Liz Gyekye caught up with David Lips, R&D and business development researcher at Spiber

Indonesia prepares for battle in Switzerland

The political message seems to be that if the EU adopts aggressive trade restricting measures, then Indonesia is willing to do so as well

Straw is a scarce commodity and not waste

UFOP Chart of the week (08/ 2020)

Stroh ist ein knapper Wertstoff und kein Abfall

UFOP Grafik der Woche (KW 08/ 2020)

28 Februar 2020

TOP Södra first in the world with fossil-free biomethanol

Södra decided to invest in a biomethanol production facility in 2017 and shows company's commitment towards a circular economy, resource-efficiency and being fossil-fuel free

Compostable plastics break down in less than 22 days in real life industrial composting

New study shows that the tested objects have the same disintegration and degradation rate as regular biowaste or are even faster

Praxistest: Kompostierbare Kunststoffe zersetzen sich bei der industriellen Kompostierung in weniger als 22 Tagen

Neue Studie zeigt auf, dass die getesteten Produkte die gleiche oder sogar schnellere Zersetzungs- und Abbaurate wie normaler Bioabfall aufweisen

IEA Bioenergy publishes a new report on the potential for advanced biofuels cost reduction

Based on information gathered from industry and other sources the report confirms that there is a gap between the cost of the advanced biofuels and current fuel prices

„Grüne“ Reststoffe ersetzen Rohöl: Demonstrator der LXP Group für disruptive Biomasse-Wertschöpfung in Betrieb

Innovation für Kreislaufwirtschaft und CO2-neutrale Produktion von Kraftstoffen, Energie und chemischen Grundstoffen in der industriellen Umsetzung

President of Indonesia Inaugurates Country’s Largest Integrated Viscose Rayon Production Facility

New plant is injecting a boost for the country’s textile sector and the Indonesian Government’s industrial 4.0 development strategy

Windkraft gibt Gas

Erstes H2-Forum in Bad Vilbel offenbarte weltweit einzigartiges Konzept einer Offshore-Plattform zur Herstellung von grünem Wasserstoff aus Windkraft

Al Ain water to produce plant-based compostable bottle

New bottle to be available in hotels and airports by May

Trump’s agriculture department announces 30% biofuel goal for 2050

The biofuel goal is part of a new department-wide sustainability initiative aiming to boost farm production by 40%