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2 September 2020

Air bp and Neste to offer increased volume of sustainable aviation ‎fuel in Europe

Air bp and Neste agree to offer a five-fold increase in volume of sustainable aviation fuel

Chemical recycling ‘promising’ for circular economy, EU official says

Dealing with toxic substances contained in old plastic products – or “legacy chemicals” – is seen by many as the next frontier in recycling, if not the Holy Grail

1 September 2020

Designed bacteria produce coral-antibiotic

Sustainable biotechnological production of a natural substance against tuberculosis

Kolibakterien produzieren Korallen-Antibiotikum

Nachhaltige biotechnologische Herstellung eines Naturstoffs gegen Tuberkulose

Biome Technologies plc’s bioplastics division receives order for compostable bioplastic for coffee pods

Largest single order to date for Biome’s heat-stable and compostable bioplastic for coffee pod applications

Is greener aviation set for take-off?

If we are to see green aviation take off in the near future, aviation fuel users can take key actions today to make overall emission levels decline

Seifenblasen aus Holz

Neuer Prozess für die Herstellung von Biotensiden aus Xylose entwickelt

Food peels pure science for new PhD graduate

Young New Zealand researcher has found fruit and vegetable peels can be used to purify water

New Scientific Review Shows Biogenic CO2 Emissions From Agricultural Crops Are De Minimis, Despite EPA’s Decade Long Regulatory Barrier

Science Shows That EPA Should Take Action & Address Long Overdue Issue Harming America’s Heartland

Nanocrystals from recycled wood waste make carbon-fiber composites tougher

Researchers have used a natural plant product to pin and coat carbon nanotubes uniformly onto the carbon-fiber composite

Not all carbon emissions are equal?

Agricultural crop producers in the US have reportedly submitted multiple requests to EPA for clarity on the regulatory treatment of biogenic CO2 emissions

31 August 2020

Fuel from disused tyres

Research from the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country is seeking a solution for used tyres by means of catalytic pyrolysis

Kraftstoff aus ausgedienten Reifen

Forschung sucht nach einer Lösung für Altreifen durch katalytische Pyrolyse

Origin Materials develops furan platform based on Chloromethyl Furfural

Because of the company’s unique process technology, the carbon footprint of the CMF produced is highly negative

Die Plastik­welle stoppen

Untersuchung hat sechs mögliche Szenarien zur Bekämpfung der Plastikverschmutzung der Meere analysiert

Lygos Successfully Validates Novel Fermentation Process for Sustainable and Rare Cannabinoids

After rapid integration of NIH-funded Librede technology, company now focused on scaling to commercial quantities and launching new consumer products

Wood-Plastic-Composites: Ein Sekundärrohstoff mit Startschwierigkeiten

Holz-Polymer-Werkstoffe sind Verbundwerkstoffe von hohem Nutzen - als Sekundärrohstoff hat WPC noch einen schweren Stand

LANXESS launches bio-based prepolymer line Adiprene Green

The new brand Adiprene Green to manufacture highly durable polyurethane (PU) elastomers

LANXESS bringt biobasierte Präpolymer-Produktreihe Adiprene Green auf den Markt

Aus Adiprene Green lassen sich hochbeständige Polyurethan-Elastomere (PU) herstellen

New catalyst efficiently turns carbon dioxide into useful fuels and chemicals

By efficiently converting CO2 into complex hydrocarbon products, a new catalyst could potentially aid in large-scale efforts to recycle excess carbon dioxide

Vom Treibhausgas zu wertvollen Grundchemikalien

Ionische Flüssigkeiten helfen beim Verständnis der elektrokatalytischen Umsetzung von CO2

From greenhouse gas to valuable basic chemicals

Ionic liquids help to understand the electrocatalytic conversion of CO2

28 August 2020

Phillips 66 Plans to Transform San Francisco Refinery into World’s Largest Renewable Fuels Plant

Conversion is expected to reduce the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50%

Phillips 66 plant größte „grüne“ Raffinerie der Welt

Die Umstellung soll die CO2-Emissionen der Raffinerie um 50% senken

UC Connect-PhD scholarship: “CORDENKA® fibre centred product design”

New project aims to develop a wide range of previously unknown possibilities for the use of CORDENKA® fibres and CORDENKA® fibre composites in product design

UC Connect-Promotionsstipendium: “CORDENKA® fibre centred product design”

Neues Projekt zielt darauf ab, eine breite Palette bisher unbekannter Möglichkeiten zur Verwendung von CORDENKA®-Fasern und CORDENKA®-Faserverbundwerkstoffen im Produktdesign zu entwickeln

Birla Cellulose launches Liva with added protection of Antimicrobial fibres, making Care Fashionable

Every viscose staple fibre if woven or knitted into a fabric offers protection to the wearer from bacteria and viruses

Tief durchatmen. Hier kommt FOREST GUM Black Mint

Limited Edition des schwarzen, plastikfreien Wacken-Kaugummis schafft neue Baumbestände in Honduras

All-New Soleic™ Biodegradable Polyurethane Foams Pass a Critical Test

New study shows algae-based polyurethane foam biodegrades in the environment

Bridge2Brands: FCA and Biobridges Call for Innovative Solutions

Are you a solution provider? An innovative expert in the field of biobased materials? Then this call is directed at you

Flavonoids’ presence in sorghum roots may lead to frost-resistant crop

Bruns group has been working on understanding soil microbiomes in various stressed ecosystems

Grangemouth biofuel plant gets green light after altering design plans

A form of biofuel produced from Scotch Whisky will now be created in Grangemouth after Falkirk Council granted planning permission for a new facility

27 August 2020

Antibacterial cellulose – A wound dressing that kills bacteria

Empa research team produced fine membranes from cellulose using electrospinning technology which were spun into a delicate multi-layered, three-dimensional fabric

Antibakterielle Cellulose – Ein Wundverband, der Bakterien abtötet

Empa-Forschungsteam entwickelte feine Membranen aus pflanzlicher Cellulose mittels Electrospinning, welche zu einem dreidimensionalen Gewebe in mehreren Schichten versponnen wurden

Avantium first half 2020 results: losses in Catalysis business, good progress elsewhere

For the company, health and safety of their employees, partners and contractors has been their top priority throughout the coronavirus pandemic

Biogenic Emissions: Credit Where It’s Due

An improved understanding of biogenic emissions from agricultural crops could change the economics of biobased product manufacturing and biofuel production

Neste to supply sustainable aviation fuel to three major U.S. airlines

Several airlines and fuel producers in a groundbreaking agreement to increase the use of sustainable aviation fuel

UBA sieht chemisches Recycling skeptisch

Erwartungen an rohstoffliche Verwertung sind nicht gerechtfertigt

Ralph Lauren Corporation Announces Investment in Leading Sustainable Material Science Startup Natural Fiber Welding

Company looks to expand its use of recycled post-consumer cotton and is integrating zero-waste principles across its business

CO2 Usage in an Old Application, With a New Twist in an Ever-Growing Spiked Beverage Market

With the emergence of Covid-19 there are challenges surrounding the potential growth of hard seltzer and CBD beverages - read here all of which is relevant to specialty drinks

An interview with Cyrille Pauthenier, Ceo of French biotech company Abolis

This exclusive interview with Il Bioeconomista is with Cyrille Pauthenier, Ceo and co-founder of Abolis, an industrial biotech company located in France

Analyse von IN4climate.NRW zeigt: Ausbau von chemischem Kunststoffrecycling bietet viele Chancen für den Klimaschutz

Potenziale der Kreislaufwirtschaft ausbauen

26 August 2020

9th Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals – Call for Papers and Posters

Hybrid event on 23–24 March 2021

Bark – A material with a future

Potsdam Max-Planck-researcher Charlett Wenig has shown the potencial of barks for new biomaterials like colouring stuff and fibres

Baumrinde – Ein Material mit Zukunft

Potsdamer Max-Planck-Forscherin Charlett Wenig hat das Potenzial von Baumrinden für neue Biomaterialien aufgezeigt und daraus Färbstoffe und Fasern entwickelt

The Global Plastics Alliance Announces fourfold increase in Projects to Combat Marine Litter

The global plastics industry continues to move toward more circular systems where resources are used, reused, and recycled to the greatest extent possible

DS Smith to target hard-to-recycle plastic packaging reduction with Hydropol

Thanks to the water-soluble properties of Aquapak’s polymer, Hydropol will result in less contamination in the paper making process

Two More Sateri Mills Confirmed EU-BAT Compliant

This brings the total number of EU-BAT compliant mills to three of five

Sappi: Zellulose-Verbundmaterial für Automobilinterieur

Symbio-Verbundwerkstoffe verbinden die Vorteile von Festigkeit und geringem Gewicht mit der Verarbeitbarkeit von Thermoplasten und bieten eine gute Haptik

Why invest in Concentrating Solar Power?

As the market for utility scale storage accelerates in response to the increasing penetration of intermittent renewables (such as PV and wind), CSP will be increasingly recognised for its most important attribute: low cost thermal storage