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16 September 2019

Neun Wasserstoffregionen stehen fest

BMVI will diese neun Regionen dabei unterstützen, ein passendes Wasserstoffkonzept zu entwickeln und ein Netzwerk wichtiger Akteure zur Umsetzung aufzubauen

Clariant successfully concludes testing of energy crop miscanthus at Straubing plant for GRACE project

About 30 tons of miscanthus were processed at Clariant’s pre-commercial plant in Straubing, Germany

Clariant testet erfolgreich die Energiepflanze Miscanthus in der Straubinger Anlage für das GRACE Projekt

Rund 30 Tonnen Miscanthus-Gras wurden in Clariants vorkommerzieller Anlage in Straubing verarbeitet

Extracting clean fuel from sunlight

Researchers at ASU’s are exploring new technologies that could pave the way to clean, sustainable energy to help meet daunting global demand

13 September 2019

Making sustainable polymers from fragrant molecules

Terpenes, found in the essential oils of a wide variety of plants can be used to produce resins to replace plastics made from petrochemicals

Der Umwelt zuliebe: Bioplastik aus Lignin

Forschungsteam von LignoPure will aus Lignin im industriellen Maßstab Kunststofflösungen für seine Kunden entwickeln und selbst produzieren

UFOP: Biodiesel exports rose sharply

Chart of the week (36 / 2019)

Weltweit erste selbstformend erzeugte Holzkonstruktion

Der 14 Meter hohe Urbach Turm ist die erste Anwendung einer tragenden Holzkonstruktion aus gekrümmten und selbstformend hergestellten Holzbauteilen

Project focus: How BBI JU has built the model for the successful expansion of Europe’s growing bioeconomy

To ensure that the bioeconomy delivers the environmental and commercial benefits, connections have to be built across industries and geographies

Total Corbion PLA at K: showcasing biobased innovations

Company will be showcasing a number of partner applications based on PLA to illustrate the range of possibilities offered by this versatile biopolymer

New Neste commercial fueling sites now open in Northern and Central California

The new cardlock stations join the first location in San Leandro, California, which opened in March 2019

The Advanced Bioeconomy Report Q2 2019 Earnings: The Year of Living Endangeredly

In hand we now have the latest earnings reports from what you might call the 8 Pathfinders

12 September 2019

TOP Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) is picking up speed. Leading conference on carbon dioxide as feedstock for fuels, chemicals and polymers calls for presentations

8th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers”, 24-25 March 2020

Climeworks AG and Antecy B.V. are joining forces & thereby boosting technology portfolio

The two DAC companies have been discussing a collaboration since mid-2018 and in April 2019, an agreement was reached to join forces and fully merge teams

FKuR at FachPack 2019: Bioplastic packaging compatible with the environment

Terralene® rPP compounds containing recycled material expand product portfolio

FKuR auf der FachPack 2019: Umweltgerechtes Verpacken mit Biokunststoffen

Terralene® rPP Compounds mit Rezyklatanteil erweitern Portfolio

Bio-on wins award, opens plant for public visits

As 'hottest start-up' in the bioplastics industry, a world champion in the making and as the most technologically advanced and innovative PHA company, wrote Bioplastics News

Schaum für die Wunde

EMPA-Forscher haben einen Kurkuma-basierten Wundschaum entwickelt, der Narbenbildung vorbeugen und die Wundheilung beschleunigen soll

Scars: gone with the foam

EMPA researchers have developed a yellow ginger tumeric-based foam that is supposed to prevent excessive scarring and help wounds to heal quickly

Braskem and Ledesma launch 100% sustainable notebooks in Argentina

New +Bio line features notebooks with cover and back cover produced with Green Polyethylene made from sugarcane and paper made from sugarcane bagasse

Living Ink is Successfully Commercializing Its Algae-Based Ink

Colorado-based company is partnering with printers who understand the importance of reducing environmental impact and differentiating from competitors

Linde beteiligt sich an Schweizer Joint Venture für grünen Wasserstoff

Linde hat eine zehnprozentige Beteiligung an der Hydrospider AG in der Schweiz erworben, einem Joint Venture der H2 Energy AG und des Energieunternehmens Alpiq

11 September 2019

High time? Hemp bioplastics make an entrance

Growing demand for sustainable products encouraged company Hemp, Inc. to enter their third natural product venture with DrillWall™ and Spill-Be-Gone™ for the oil industry

Hamburg will weltgrößte Wasserstoff-Elektrolyse in den Hafen holen

Die Energiewende braucht Stromspeicher. Der Hamburger Wirtschaftssenator will die Wasserstoff-Wirtschaft in Deutschland einen Schritt voranbringen

Bioplastics reduce CO2 emissions

Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Endres from Leibniz-University to be interviewed today by VDMA, focusing and analyzing about bioplastics

Biokunststoffe bringen eine CO2-Einsparung

Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Endres ist der heutige Gesprächspartner des VDMA zum Thema Biokunststoffe und beleuchtet diese dezidiert

Huntsman: Flexibility of foam solutions at Foam Expo Europe

Company will highlight the wide range of innovative polyurethane-based foam solutions, focusing specifically on mobility, comfort and construction applications

Ekel auf dem Teller? Insekten als alternative Ernährungsform

Initiative "MikroKosmos Berlin" will Vorurteile abbauen und erklärt, wie man die Insekten zubereitet

Praj’s propriety technology to be used in USA’s first bagasse based ethanol bio refinery

US based domain specialists had visited Praj’s 2G integrated bio-refinery demonstration plant and Praj Matrix, the R&D center in Pune to study ‘enfinity’ technology

A new way to make valuable chemicals

Research creates process that advances the field of carbon utilization

Dangerous wild grass will be used in batteries

Scientists from NUST MISIS have turned hogweed into a material for a supercapacitor

10 September 2019

DASANI® Takes Steps to Reduce Plastic Waste Through Increased Use of Recycled Materials, Expanded Package Innovation

Company debuts HybridBottle, made partly from plants and recycled material

Muschel-Superkleber für die Medizin

Berliner Biotechnologen haben ein Haftprotein aus Muscheln weiterentwickelt und gewinnen die Substanz mit Hilfe von umprogrammierten Bakterien

BioLogiQ Appoints Steven Sherman as President & COO

Steve brings over 20 years of successful global experience in the development, commercialization, and scale-up of disruptive products and technologies

Millionenförderung für die Bioökonomie im Rheinischen Revier

Das Rheinische Revier wird zum „BioökonomieREVIER“. Das BMBF unterstützt die Modellregion zunächst mit knapp 4 Mio. Euro

Stora Enso: Bio-based carbon materials for batteries

Interview with with Lauri Lehtonen, Head of Innovation, Biomaterials, about this exciting innovation to replace fossil-based and mined raw materials with renewable solutions

Finland Makes Batteries from Trees. Can Maine?

Stora Enso has recently made an exciting and innovative new investment that could one day come to Maine

Labeling Compostable Products and Packaging

The threat of contamination is often cited as a major factor by composters for not accepting certified products and packaging

Künstliche Inseln zur Wasserstoff-Herstellung?

Norddeutsche Länder ziehen beim Thema Wasserstoff an einem Strang

9 September 2019

Avantium awarded €6 million EU grant to accelerate its technologies

Company will lead a 4-year research programme 'IMPRESS' consortium containing ten industry and academic organisations across Europe

DOMETIC Launches World’s First Bio-Material Cooler

New container's surface is flecked with hemp fibers, making each unit unique and the biocomposite is fully recyclable

Viscose Speciality Fibres from Kelheim: Biobased High-Tech Materials at COMPOSITES EUROPE

Fibres from wood-pulp have been tested and certified as a compostable material and at the end of their life span they are completely biodegradable

Viskosespezialfasern aus Kelheim: Biobasierte High-Tech Werkstoffe auf der COMPOSITES EUROPE

Fasern aus Holz-Zellstoff sind als kompostierbarer Werkstoff nachgewiesen und werden am Ende ihrer Lebensdauer vollständig biologisch abgebaut

PET bottle consumption on the rise, new research finds

New Wood Mackenzie report on the EU’s single use plastics directive shows increasing PET bottle consumption in Europe of around 140 units per person, per year

Pakistani Scientist Claims To Generate Bio-plastic With Mango Kernel

With some more advancement the plastic could be used to make carrier bags, could be melted in the ground and could be liquified under hot water

Mimicking the diving bell spider to improve carbon conversion into fuels

A team of researchers found a way to improve the conversion of CO2 into fuels by mimicking the behavior of the diving bell spider

Scientists Discover Key Factors in How Some Algae Harness Solar Energy

Rutgers-led research could help lead to more efficient and affordable algal biofuels

6 September 2019

This summer has been catastrophic for the world’s forests

The Brazilian Amazon rainforest is not the only one to experience an upsurge in fires compared to 2018

NC Partnering Newsletter 8/2019

Setting up a biorefinery

LENZING™ fibers are fully biodegradable in water, soil and compost

Biodegradable materials such as wood-based fibers are the best alternative to single-use plastics