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26 Mai 2020

Huhtamaki donates EUR 3 million to circular economy initiatives

Company aims of creating a circular economy at different levels: acting today, educating for tomorrow and innovating for the future

Deutsche wollen beim Klimaschutz mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen, sich aber nicht persönlich einschränken

Das TechnikRadar 2020 zeigt: Biokunststoff und Biosprit aus Reststoffen finden Zuspruch, Laborfleisch und grüne Gentechnik werden abgelehnt

Plastics recyclers cease production

Recyclates demand impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

Corona: Kunststoff-Recycler stellen die Produktion ein

Mangelnde Recycling-Nachfrage und rekordtiefe Preise für Neuware aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie führen zur Schließung von Kunststoff-Recycling-Betrieben

The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year

Carlsberg and Coca-Cola back pioneering project to make ‘all-plant’ drinks bottles

ASTM approves 7th annex to D7566 sustainable jet fuel specification: HC-HEFA

Annex A7 establishes criteria for the production and use of a type of synthesized paraffinic kerosene from hydrocarbon-hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids

Combining Environmental and Economic Performance for Bioprocess Optimization

Biochemical production faces economic and environmental challenges that need to be overcome to enable a viable and sustainable bioeconomy

NREL Tool Quickly Provides Answers for Chemical Reactions

A new machine-learning tool developed at NREL has significantly speeded up calculating the thermodynamics of chemical reactions

25 Mai 2020

New platform signals commitment of bio-based industries and regions in advancing European bioeconomy

New platform seeks to stimulate new bio-based investments and create new, local value chains

Why The Lycra Company Prioritizes Recycling Over Biodegradability

Company came to this decision by taking a science-based approach to what types of fibers will have the best environmental impact

Bundesweite Online-Aktion pro Biotonne für mehr Klima- und Umweltschutz

Die "Aktion Biotonne Deutschland" setzt sich seit Jahren für mehr organische Küchenabfälle und weniger Plastik in der Biotonne ein und findet damit breitflächige Unterstützung

Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020 – Key findings2020

This data information provided by FRA presents a comprehensive view of the world’s forests and the ways in which the resource is changing

New Contract for a day sailer with attitude

Designed for thrilling, easy, short-handed sailing boosted by green power, this eco-friendly Café Racer is a real game changer. Just unplug, step aboard and go!

Wood Biomass Given All Clear By Europe’s Highest Court

The USIPA today welcomed an order from the European Court of Justice dismissing a case against wood biomass

Harnessing the Power of Enzymes for Tailoring and Valorizing Lignin

This review summarizes how enzymes involved in lignin biosynthesis pathways and microbial enzymes are being harnessed to produce chemicals and materials

22 Mai 2020

BBI JU launches 22 projects to support green recovery of Europe

By developing new bio-based products and increasing resource efficiency, the project consortia will reinforce and support the bio-based industries sector

This eco-friendly and biodegradable toothbrush can be returned to its manufacturer after use

The new Reswirl comes manufactured from a cassava-based PHA that naturally biodegrades in land or water

Zuse-Gemeinschaft gründet Cluster Bioökonomie

Mehr als 15 der insgesamt 75 in der Zuse-Gemeinschaft verbundenen Forschungsinstitute wollen sich für bio-basierte Synergien und Wissenstransfer stark machen

Recycling Technologies’ first site in Europe will be located at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in the Netherlands

New pilot plant for chemical recycling of plastics to enable the creation of value from plastic waste

Naturfasern statt Braunkohle

Im Projekt LaNDER3 setzen die Akteure auf regionale Pflanzen zur Herstellung von Hightech-Verbundstoffen

EU Green Deal and the New Circular Economy Action Plan Should be an Integral Part of the EU COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Open letter on green recovery also calls for a fact-based discussion on proper treatment of residual waste in Europe

NOVA Chemicals and Enerkem Collaborate to Close the Loop on Plastics Recycling

Research Seeks New Way to Reduce Waste to Landfill and Drive Zero Plastic Waste

Procter & Gamble and Cargill collaborate to bring nature-powered innovation, fueling the future for more sustainable products

The collaboration leverages P&G’s award-winning technology and Cargill’s bioindustrial expertise to deliver greener alternatives in the personal care space

20 Mai 2020

Anthesis Partners with CO2 Conversion Technology Provider, Remediiate

Remediiate and Anthesis partner to drive advancements in the conversion of CO2 gases into sustainable food sources

Inside Eastman’s moonshot goal for endlessly circular plastics

Company’s carbon renewal and polyester renewal technologies are forms of chemical recycling, mechanical recycling already is reasonably efficient, creating recycled materials streams that already have proven in many markets

Insekten als Rohstoff und Futterquelle

Innovative, wettbewerbsfähige Produkte aus Insektenmehl sind Ziel des Projekts „Competitive Insect Products“. Insekten liefern nicht nur proteinreiches Tierfutter. Ihre Fette können auch als Rohstoffe für die Industrie dienen

Sulzer launches new Global Bio-based and Renewables application development team

Aim is the conversion of renewable feedstocks into oleo-chemicals, biofuels, bio-chemicals and bio-polymers

“Biodegradable,” a magic word for environmentally-minded consumers, isn’t always a green panacea

Environmentally-conscious shoppers tend to be drawn to such labels, but might not be aware of a critical drawback

Evonik and Beiersdorf Engaging in Joint Research to Turn Carbon Dioxide into Care Products

Its aim is to develop sustainable raw materials for care products, using carbon dioxide (CO2) as the starting material

Evonik und Beiersdorf forschen gemeinsam: Aus Kohlendioxid sollen Pflegeprodukte werden

Ziel ist die Entwicklung nachhaltiger Rohstoffe für Pflegeprodukte, die Kohlendioxid (CO2) als Ausgangsstoff nutzen

Mikrobielle Cyborgs: Bakterien als Stromlieferanten

Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler des KIT entwickeln ein programmierbares, biohybrides Materialsystem, das Bakterien zur Erzeugung von Strom nutzt

19 Mai 2020

TOP New method shows promise for the design of more robust microbial strains in biotechnology

From sourdough starters to biotechnological bugs, micro-organisms make the products society wants and needs. The new European Green Deal is dependent on engineered microbes to make biochemicals to replace oil and synthetic chemicals as building blocks for consumer goods.

Making use of the unique properties of cellulose-based nanomaterials

Experts are manufacturing prototypes by coating or printing nanocellulose on textiles, paper or plastic to enhance the performance of these products in various applications

Nutzung der einzigartigen Eigenschaften von Nanomaterialien auf Zellulosebasis

Experten sind dabei, Prototypen herzustellen, indem sie Textilien, Papier oder Kunststoff mit Nanozellulose beschichten oder bedrucken, um so die Eigenschaften dieser Produkte für verschiedene Anwendungsbereiche zu verbessern

In der Krise langfristig denken und handeln – Jetzt die Transformation hin zu einer nachhaltigen Bioökonomie stärken

Sachverständigenrat appelliert an die bayerische Staatsregierung, die aktuellen Herausforderungen als Momentum für eine nachhaltige Transformation zu verstehen

India: Coir Board signs MoU with IIT Madras to establish CoE for Coir applications

Govt announces financial package to ramp up coir usage

Neste baut Bio-Raffinerie für Fintoil

Beide Firmen wollen damit der steigenden Nachfrage nach raffiniertem Rohmaterial für "grüne" Brennstoffe und andere hochwertige erneuerbare Produkte begegnen

Neste Wins Technology and Engineering Contract for Fintoil’s New Biorefinery

Companies respond to the increasing demand for refined feedstock for renewable fuels and other high-quality renewable products

Stora Enso and Cordenka partner to develop bio-based carbon fiber materials

The co-development is driven by the need for high performance carbon fiber in transportation, construction and power generation

An exclusive interview with Philippe Mengal, Director of BBI JU

“The bio-based sector can be a key contributor to the Europe’s recovery”

18 Mai 2020

TOP Crises need clever minds – The winner of the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020” is a wood fibre-based ready meal tray certified for home composting from Huhtamaki Lurgan (UK/Finland)!

The second place goes to a self-adhesive tape from monta Klebebandwerk (Germany), which consists of 90% renewable raw materials. Third place goes to a functional barrier coating from Fraunhofer ISC (Germany), which is a paper-based and compostable functional barrier coating for food packaging, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

A Glimpse into Real-Time Methanol Synthesis: Dynamic Operation of a Miniplant at Fraunhofer ISE

Examination of the feasibility of a methanol synthesis using renewable electricity and biogenic CO2 from a biorefinery that produces renewable ethanol

Echtzeit-Einblicke in die Methanolsynthese: Dynamischer Betrieb einer Miniplant-Anlage am Fraunhofer ISE

Betrachtung der Machbarkeit einer Methanolsynthese aus erneuerbaren Energien und biogenem CO2 aus einer Bioraffinerie zur Herstellung von erneuerbarem Ethanol

Jac. Vandenberg to Offer Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic Netting

Company uses woodpulp-fibers, spun into a string-like material, then knitted together into a net tube, as new packaging for fresh fruit products

Ecoinno Raises $6M for Compostable Food Packaging Made of Sugar Cane and Bamboo

Company uses a patented technology to make a sustainable packaging material out of pulp from bamboo and sugar cane

Zwei prominente Sprecher für das neue Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie berufen

Dr. Günter von Au von der Clariant AG, und Professor Volker Sieber, Rektor des TUM Campus Straubing, unterstützen das Cluster von nun an mit ihrer Expertise

Hydrogen will be ‘central’ to energy system integration, EU says

Hydrogen will be a “central element” in the Energy System Integration Strategy that the European Commission will present in June

15 Mai 2020

Sustainable biomass: a subject fraught with conflict

New report by PBL, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, looks at the possible role of biomass in the energy transition

NTU scientists develop sustainable way to extract chitin from prawn shells by fermenting it with fruit waste

Researchers team found out that fruit waste contained enough sugar to power the fermentation process that breaks prawn shells down into chitin

Bioraffinerie für den Feldrand: In einem BMBF-Projekt entstehen Katalysatoren aus Reisstroh

Internationales Forscherteam will Reis-Ernteabfälle als Rohstoff für Bioraffinerien zur Umwandlung in hochwertige Produkte nutzen