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25 Januar 2019

Iranian researchers invent nano-mulch to cope with dust storms

Nano-mulch improves soil resistance to erosion, increases its fertility and is biodegradable

Global Bioenergies Welcomes France’s Decision to Increase Biofuel Mandates

Biofuel players will thus be able to continue building plants and creating jobs in rural environments while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation

Top 10 Bioeconomy Markets and Predictions for 2019

As the sunset of 2018 gives way to the dawn of 2019, once again roll the dice as we list the Digest’s 10 Top Advanced Bioeconomy Markets & Predictions for 2019

24 Januar 2019

Feeding the World in 2050: Biobased Solutions for a Growing Population

Several companies have developed technologies to convert renewable biomass into more environmentally-friendly proteins

Kein Kunststoff mehr im Ozean?

Neue nachhaltige Technologie, die von TAU-Forschern entwickelt wurde, könnte die Welt von ihrem schlimmsten Schadstoff befreien

Biohydrogen: the next green alternative fuel

Biohydrogen production using organic wastes and requires less energy input compared to thermochemical and electrolysis processes

Zahnbürsten aus Zuckerrohr: Firma forscht mit Biokunststoff

Gemeinsam mit dem Fraunhofer-Institut sucht ein vogtländisches Unternehmen nach Alternativen zu Plastik

Indochine Bio Plastiques (ICBP) received compostability certification from DIN CERTCO

Company successfully certified their ICBP Granulate according to the compostability standards EN 13432 and ASTM D 6400

Are we fast enough for change: a global view of design and timber

Timber can play an increased role in the fundamental change necessary for a sustainable future

An interview with Jürgen Eck CEO BRAIN AG, the Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEO 2018

In this exclusive interview, the Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEO 2018 voted by our readers, talks about his company, the bioeconomy and the concept of innovation

Vision 2040 of the European Forest-based Sector launched in Vienna

Conference aimed to show that the forest-based sector is a leading actor in and enabler of a circular bioeconomy

23 Januar 2019

Neste is not using palm oil as a raw material for renewable aviation fuel

Company utilises a diverse portfolio of raw materials with an ever expanding focus on waste and residue as sources of feedstock for their renewable products

Eco-friendly phone cases to channel your inner Attenborough

GQ searches for the most stylish eco-friendly phone cases, which are gentle on the earth but tough enough to keep your handset safe

Advanced BioCarbon 3D develops engineering grade wood-based 3D printer filament

Company is currently scaling production to begin sales in the first quarter of 2019

Faltbare Feldbetten aus Wellpappe

Mit Einweg-Feldbetten aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen will Diplom-Ingenieur Sven Grasselt-Gille Abfallberge aus Notunterkünften vermeiden helfen

Green catalysts with Earth-abundant metals accelerate production of bio-based plastic

Tokyo Tech researchers found manganese dioxide by itself as catalyst for oxidizing HMF

Rio gets a pilot plant to explore energy from waste

New Rio de Janeiro technology is able to extract 100 to 150 cubic meters of biogas per processed tonne, with 50% - 60% of methane concentration

Raw materials ‘megatrends’ point to looming supply risks in Europe

Is the world on track for a repeat of the resource boom seen in the early 21st century?

22 Januar 2019

TOP Carbon, concrete, cotton – BASF has it covered

Four projects and commitment to R&D that furthers sustainability, lowers emissions, and improves efficiencies show they are serious about improving

Kräuterverpackung: Vollständig biologisch abbaubar und recyclingfähig

Bio Kepos 3 wurde speziell für aromatische Bio-Kräuter entwickelt und besteht aus drei umweltfreundlichen Komponenten

Dutch Company Unveils World’s First Prefab House Built Entirely of Cannabis

Hemp homes are said to be durable and affordable, as well as earthquake-resistant

Scheufelen GmbH: Eigenkapitalerhöhung wegen Graspapier

Süddeutsche Firma nutzt Graspapier als vollwertige Alternative für aus herkömmlichem Plastik hergestellte Artikel wie Mulchfolien, Becher oder Einweggeschirr

Increased preference of Bio-based Products to Augment Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES) Market

Rise in unrefined petroleum costs, trailed by the rise in petrochemicals costs paving the way for Methyl ester sulfonates (MES) extracted from coconut oil and palm oil

Advances in taking mass timber mainstream

International Code Council (ICC) has announced code change proposals that would represent another large step in that direction

Stora Enso and FSC® join forces in a strategic partnership

Stora Enso and the FSC have signed an international partnership agreement establishing a long-term strategic collaboration to develop and promote sustainable forestry

Treibstoff für klimaneutrales Fliegen

Verbundprojekt „PowerFuel“ bereitet am KIT Markteinführung von synthetischem Kerosin auserneuerbarem Strom und Kohlendioxid aus der Luft vor

21 Januar 2019

Using bacteria to produce fluorinated products sustainably

New EU-funded project, SinFonia, will come up with a more sustainable alternative to the current production of fluorinated products

Scientists engineer shortcut for photosynthetic glitch, boost crop growth 40%

International research project is engineering crops to photosynthesize more efficiently to sustainably increase worldwide food productivity

Porsche Releases First Race Car Made of Hemp: 718 Cayman GT4

New Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport featuring natural-fiber body parts

FNR und KIWUH laden auf die Internationale Grüne Woche 2019 ein

Schaufenster Bioökonomie wieder geöffnet – Erstmals dabei: Die Wald- und Holzexperten vom neu gegründeten KIWUH

From Life Cycle Impact Assessments to Bio-Based Synthetics

How Kathmandu is Reshaping Outdoor Eco Apparel

Bioplastics: the solution to India’s plastic pollution woes?

For ensuring greater adoption of the biodegradable variant, manufacturers say a major policy push is needed from government to help make it more affordable

Bacterial protein could help find materials for your next smartphone

A newly discovered protein could help detect, target and collect from the environment the rare-earth metals used in smartphones

The vanished mirror image

Photochemical deracemization of chiral compounds achieved

Das verschwundene Spiegelbild

Photochemische Deracemisierung chiraler Verbindungen gelungen

50 Prozent Recyclingmaterial: neue Zielmarke für PET-Flaschen

Gütegemeinschaft will Wertstoffkreislauf weiter schließen

18 Januar 2019

CAP Reform, an opportunity to enhance hemp varieties

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), currently on the table of the European Parliament, is an opportunity for hemp producers to increase the tetrahydrocannabinol content of varieties grown in Europe

European Industrial Hemp Association asked by European Commission to advise on traditional or novel food status of hemp extracts

EIHA would like to reiterate its position on hemp extracts

Canadian BioProducts Industry Strives to Increase Investor Interest

Report to follow on the Investment Readiness Survey of Canadian BioProducts

Organico – Biologischer Verbundwerkstoff aus Kalk, Kasein und Hanf

Verbundwerkstoffe aus rein biologischen bzw. nachwachsenden Rohstoffen entwickelt Designer Philipp Hainke im Projekt Organico

TheCircularLab creates a plastic from plant waste that can be recycled, composted and can biodegrade in a marine environment

New sustainable plastic is just one example of how packaging will be in the future

Kompetenz- und Informationszentrum Wald und Holz nimmt seine Arbeit auf

Dem neu geschaffenen KIWUH obliegen Fach- und Verbraucherinformationen rund um die Themen Wald, nachhaltige Forstwirtschaft und Holzverwendung

Rowan Minkley and Robert Nicoll recycle potato peelings into MDF substitute

New composite material is made from potato skins, bamboo, recycled wood or beer hops and a biodegradable binding agent

OMCs to set up units to manufacture sanitary napkins in Odisha

Ujjwala Sanitary Napkins Initiative will be launched as a CSR initiative, as state government launched a programme for free distribution to school going girls

Carbon Capturing: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide ABLC Guide to Carbon Engineering

Geoffrey Holmes, Business Development lead from Carbon Engineering gave this illuminating overview of their Direct Air Capture technology and their Air to Fuels at ABLC Global 2018 in San Francisco

Researcher: ‘The greatest bottlenecks can be expected for lithium and cobalt’

The economic transition will require new grid infrastructure, new distribution models and, perhaps most importantly, more raw materials

17 Januar 2019

‘Royal COSUN Biobased Products’ introduced 100% bio-based rheology modifier, developed during PULP2VALUE demonstration project, for various consumer applications such as liquid laundry products

Sugar beet pulp accounts for approx. 13 million tonnes in Europe and is a major residual stream from the sugar industry

The top ten bio-economy stories of 2018… revealed!

Some major breakthroughs and announcements and a glut of brands have been turned to bio-based and seek to make their products more sustainable

Bio-on and Rivoira give life to Zeropack the new sustainable and biodegradable products for the packaging of the fruit and vegetable

New technology involves the use of agricultural wastes as a carbon source for the production of bioplastic, fully organic and 100% biodegradable

Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids – Or, How Plants Build up Terpenoids in the Cells

Scientists have begun to explore ways how to use microorganisms to act as biosynthesizers of cannabinoids