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26 April 2017

Butamax prepares for bio-isobutanol commercialization

Butamax will now start the detailed engineering work to add bio-isobutanol capacity to the facility, while continuing to produce ethanol before and after adding this capacity

Chemistry, not biology: The Digest’s Multi-Slide Guide to C5 and C6 sugars

presentation by David Dodds

Farnesene ingredients to be produced in China

Amyris's agreement with Phyto Tech Corp

Clothing industry turns to biotech

The global textile industry reportedly accounts for 17-20% of global industrial water pollution

Growing numbers: Renewable raw materials 2016

Rape, cereals and sugar beet for the manufacture of biofuels were together about 960,000 hectares

Anbauzahlen: Nachwachsende Rohstoffe 2016

Raps, Getreide und Zuckerrüben zur Herstellung von Biokraftstoffen belegten zusammen etwa 960.000 Hektar

25 April 2017

Bio-Shoes: 5 Questions With Reebok Future Head Bill McInnis

Grown from corn, the sustainable plant-based shoes can be composted after use

The first stone is laid: new Bio-on plant to produce bioplastic microbeads for cosmetics

Minerv Bio Cosmetics is 100% biodegradable

Biogranulate für Industriefolien und eine neue Produktklasse

Im Rahmen des BMBF-Projekts „EnzymaCell“ hat TECNARO gemeinsam mit Verbundpartnern thermoplastische Biofolien entwickelt

Residues from Novo Nordisk and Novozymes to be converted into biogas

The four companies have just signed an agreement which, from spring 2018, will carry yet another significant contribution to the Danish production of green energy from biogas

Commercializing biobased chemicals: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Reverdia

Reverdia is dedicated to be the global leader in the market for sustainable succinic acid

Bioeconomy: insect meal as a sustainable aquaculture feed

In order to effectively relieve aquatic ecosystems, fish farming needs to be processed much more sustainable

Bioökonomie: Insektenmehl als nachhaltiges Aquakultur-Futter

Um die Ökosysteme zu entlasten muss die Fischzucht dringend nachhaltiger gestaltet werden

24 April 2017

Continental driving development of dandelion tire forward with new facility

Next steps of the "Taraxagum – tires from dandelion rubber" project now clearly defined

BioQED workshop: platform chemicals BDO and IA and applications

BioQED is on its way to successfully bring products from industrial biotechnology laboratories to the market by scaling up its production to demo plant level

Ahh…Coke refreshes its sustainable packaging strategy

Sustainable packaging sourcing partnerships helps Coca-Cola continue to optimize its PlantBottle packaging

Oilseed crop expected to be larger than previous year

Consequently, production of rapeseed, soybeans and sunflowerseed together would exceed the previous year’s figure by 8.3 per cent or 2.6 million tonnes previous year

Ölsaatenernte EU-28 über Vorjahr erwartet

Damit würde die Erzeugung von Raps, Sojabohnen und Sonnenblumenkernen zusammengerechnet die Vorjahresmenge um 8,3 % bzw. 2,6 Mio. t übersteigen

Düngen mit Asche aus der Verbrennung von Holz und Stroh

Wertvolle Nährstoffe nutzen, Deponiemengen reduzieren – Forschungsverbund lotet Möglichkeiten für Holz-, Stroh- und weitere naturbelassene Biomasse-Aschen aus

21 April 2017

Bio-based Elastomers from Recoverable Methyl Valerolactone

Phase of Development - Proof of concept; demonstrated on laboratory scale

This ‘edible water bottle’ could put an end to plastic packaging

Over  £500,000 raised in a crowdfunding campaign

New route to FDCA: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to MetGen’s chemo-enzymatic process

Chemo-enzymatic process leads to oxidized forms of 5-HMF

From moo to goo: Cooperating microbes convert methane to alternative fuel source

Scientists at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed a new system to convert methane into a deep green, energy-rich, gelatin-like substance

UvA researchers invent novel catalyst to convert carbon dioxide

New catalyst provides a possible means to sustainably utilise CO2

20 April 2017

Is humble yeast the next new wonder product?

Irish researchers at UCC seek to push yeast engineering to a whole new level

Biobased Plastics: What’s New, Who’s Top Cat? The Digests 2017 Multi-Slide Guide

The Digest's review with illuminating slides presented at a webinar on the horizons for Biobased Plastics

TOP Sustainable Polyurethanes and the Bio Economy

Reducing the environmental impact of polymers by replacing fossil derived carbon

Rennovia starts 1,6 HDO pilot production

Rennovia recently announced the successful commissioning of its pilot plant for the production of sugar-based 1,6-hexanediol

Besser als die Natur: Künstlicher Biofilm aus Bayreuth steigert die Stromproduktion mikrobieller Brennstoffzellen

Die Stromerzeugung verläuft zuverlässig und berechenbar, denn die Dichte der Bakterien ist im künstlichen Biofilm von vornherein festgelegt.

Alles in einem gegen CO2

Elementares Bor als effektiver Photothermokatalysator für die Umsetzung von Kohlendioxid

19 April 2017

nova Session “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Markets, Trends and Innovations”

Learn, share and discuss with the word leading bio-based polymer experts

“Bioplastik”: Ländle-Firma Alpla macht aus Pflanzen Plastik

Neue Flaschenproduktion enthält bis zu 30 Prozent Pflanzenanteile von Maisblättern, Getreidehalmen oder Gras

British company develops biodegradable coffee cup made of plant matter

Receptacles from Biome Bioplastics composed from plant starches and cellulose can turn “into water and carbon dioxide within three months”

First-Gen Fuels under siege, hit back with hard data

In the US: looking at ethanol plant impact on crop acreage

ADM’s second Carbon Capture and Storage project starts up

The new project can safely prevent more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually

Biomaterials in adhesives and sealants

Here is a snapshot of the recently held Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) meeting and expo in Atlanta

18 April 2017

TOP The EU’s Sweet 16: 16 of the most fascinating projects under development and in deployment in Europe

Biofuels Digest's survey looking at emerging projects in this series

Bioökonomie: Chancen, Herausforderungen und Konfliktpotentiale

Wie lässt sich ein Rohstoffwandel von fossilen zu biologischen (erneuerbaren) Kohlenstoffquellen erreichen?

Hitachi is selected by Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma for Automated Cell Mass Culture Equipment for Regenerative Medicine using Human iPS Cells

Research equipment for the manufacturing cells used in Parkinson's disease treatment

DLR inaugurates the world’s largest artificial Sun

Independent of weather conditions, the simulator will bring faster progress to solar fuel manufacturing

Sonne auf Knopfdruck – Größte künstliche Sonne der Welt eingeweiht

Die Entwicklung der solaren Treibstoffherstellung schreitet durch die Wetterunabhängigkeit schneller voran

Biokim’s “innovative business model” to build commercial bio-refinery in Adana, Turkey

New plant to produce bio-based Ethylene Oxideas a basis, with further downstream production to various end-products such as MEG and PPL

Born Global makes call for bio-based technologies

Five Phase Born Global Innovation Challenge tailored to the specific market need is launched

13 April 2017

Bioplastics: end the confusion

Bioplastics industry need to give the public more adequately explanation of the difference between biobased and biodegradable

New tool launched to monitor bio-based materials in the chemical industry

AkzoNobel, ABT and EY join forces to encourage more transparent, sustainable chemistry

Finland is taking a leading role in the bioeconomy

Majority of the new business to grow beside the existing businesses of forest, chemical and food industries, agriculture, the construction sector and energy production

Magnetic Wood – Eisenoxid-Nanopartikel in der Holzzellstruktur

Funktionalisiertes Holz für Anwendungen in der Automobilindustrie

Emery Oleochemicals LLC Launches 100% Renewably-Derived Antifogging Agent, LOXIOL® A 4 SPEZIAL, in North America

PVC foods wrapping films providing a safe, renewable and readily biodegradable alternative

Renewable plastic precursor could reduce cellulosic ethanol cost

Madison to create commodity chemicals currently derived from petroleum out of biomass

12 April 2017

The RED II Proposal and Its Impact on the Bio-based Material and CO2 Utilization Sector

nova-Institute analysed the new Commission proposal with a view on the bio-based materials sector and present the most important findings in a paper