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23 Februar 2017

‘We could make that!’ — chance meeting leads to creation of antibiotic spider silk

University of Nottingham researchers developed technique to produce chemically functionalised spider silk for medical devices

New biodegradable bioplastics to increase crop yields

Climate-KIC project collaboration using padded plastics with active components made from natural materials

ADM enters glucaric acid production

The licensed process combines the efficiency and selectivity of heterogeneous catalytic process technology with the use of renewable feedstocks

22 Februar 2017

Kelheim Fibres breaks new ground in innovation management

Viscose fibre expert practices open innovation - competition for new ideas on the subject "100% cellulose fibres"

Kelheim Fibres geht neue Wege im Innovationsmanagement

Open Innovation beim Faserspezialisten - Ideenwettbewerb zum Thema „100% Cellulosefasern neu gedacht“

Viele Besucher in der Lebenswelt Bioökonomie

Neues Standkonzept bei der Grünen Woche hat viele Neugierige angezogen

Makin’ hydrocarbons: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Catalytic Upgrading of Thermochemical Intermediates

Here’s the basic recipe, according to a research team led by David Dayton at RTI International

Versalis–Genomatica biobutadiene awarded in Hannover

1,3 bio-BDE technology representing a significant milestone for the rubber industry

A bio-based coating has created a greener way to paint trains

Covestro, Lankwitzer, Newag JV delivered a bio-based resin which is more effective than current coatings

Compostable Capsule Retains Coffee Quality

The compostable capsule retains comparable strength and durability to one made from conventional capsule materials to ensure efficient filling and sealing

21 Februar 2017

TOP Bio-based polymers worldwide: Ongoing growth despite difficult market environment

In 2016: 6.6 Million tonnes production capacity, 2% share of all polymers, €13 billion turnover, durable applications are dominating

TOP Bio-basierte Polymere weltweit – Wachstum trotz schwierigem Marktumfeld

In 2016: Produktionskapazität 6,6 Mio. t, 2 % Anteil am Polymer-Gesamtmarkt, 13 Mrd. € Umsatz, dauerhafte Anwendungen dominieren

Norner goes green. 2,5 MEUR grant to research on green packaging for the future

Looking for circular solutions: Norwegians fund green packaging project

Hemp Production – Alberta’s Newest Cash Crop

Drayton Valley aims to leverage its already established facility to manufacture and process hemp, one of Alberta’s most efficiently grown crop

Official Verification: All Standard Lenzing Fibers Are Derived 100 Percent from Nature

USDA Biobased certification extended to Lenzing Viscose® and Lenzing Modal®

Offizieller Nachweis: Alle Standardfasern der Lenzing Gruppe stammen zu 100 Prozent aus der Natur

USDA Biobased Auszeichnung nun auch für Lenzing Viscose® und Lenzing Modal®

BIC General Assembly: Growing Membership Deepens Bioeconomy Cooperation

16 new Full members and 22 new Associate members representing a strong European cooperation on the bioeconomy

Italy’s Sun Consortium Switches To Bioplastic Bags

All participants of the SUN consortium will stock the biodegradable and compostable Mater-Bi bags

How much biomass grows in the savannah?

Geographers at Jena University use satellite and terrestrial data to calculate aboveground biomass in South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Wie viel Biomasse wächst in der Savanne?

Geographen der Uni Jena erfassen mit Satelliten- und terrestrischen Daten die oberirdische Biomasse im Krüger-Nationalpark in Südafrika

20 Februar 2017

Jungbunzlauer and Green Biologics Partner on Bio-Based Plasticizers

Renewable Tributyl Citrate and Acetyl Tributyl Citrate is Focus of Collaboration

Lösungsansätze der Bioökonomie zur Begegnung der großen globalen Herausforderungen

Mehr als 190 Länder verabschiedeten im Jahr 2015 die Agenda 2030 mit umfassenden Zielen für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung

A Guide To The $13.4 Billion Biodesign Industry

Biodesign is a quickly growing field, and it will rely on designers as much as scientists. Here's our guide to what you need to know

Government’s analysis, assessment and research: Bioeconomy promotion needs regulations and research but also people

Finnish research project studied how the operating environment for bioeconomy should be developed

Reverse Combustion and its prospects

There are more than a dozen technologies somewhere in development with a dizzying array of acronyms

Integrated Photobioelectrochemical Systems: A Paradigm Shift in Artificial Photosynthesis

These photobioelectrochemical systems have important implications for biotechnological research communities

17 Februar 2017

Reactive lignin for reducing the environmental impacts of wood products

Innovative replacement for toxic phenol compounds in wood adhesives offering new business opportunities to many industrial players

Ethische Perspektiven der Bioökonomie

DNWE startet Artikelserie mit Beiträgen namhafter Wissenschaftler, Unternehmensvertreter und Journalisten im Webmagazin forum-wirtschaftsethik.de

Biodegradable Bioplastics Continue to Evolve

Root vegetables, shrimp shells, proprietary starch formulations and natural fibers are among the emerging global bioplastics

Rhapynal for a better environment – innovative, biobased and sustainable

Innovative biosurfactant offers virtually unlimited possibilities for application in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and many other sectors

Mit Rhapynal zu einer besseren Umwelt – innovativ, biobasiert und nachhaltig

Neuartiges Biotensid bietet von der Landwirtschaft bis hin zur Pharmaindustrie nahezu unbegrenzte Einsatzmöglichkeiten

Evonik expands its range of RSPO-certified ingredients for the cosmetics industry

Customers in the cosmetics industry now have available more than 50 certified palm-oil based raw materials

EU Ecolabel introduces tougher chemical limits for wood flooring

VOCs, formaldehyde and PVC limited under new revisions

Researchers invent process to produce renewable car tires from trees, grass

The car tires produced from biomass that includes trees and grasses would be identical to existing car tires with the same chemical makeup, color, shape, and performance

16 Februar 2017

Innovation Legislation Seeks Boost in Illinois’ Bio-based Economy

Senate Bill 1656 provides incentives to Illinois businesses to produce and sell new renewable products made from biomass and other renewable sources

Kann Bioplastik eine Alternative sein?

IfBB-Experte Simon McGowan im Interview zu einem viel diskutierten Thema

Universität Würzburg: Ein „Facebook“ für die Nachhaltigkeit

Ein Forschungsprojekt des Lehrstuhls für Industriebetriebslehre bringt Anbieter nachhaltiger Produkte und die Einkäufer der öffentlichen Hand zusammen

Tiny house builder branches out his hemp-crete business

Dion Lefebvre working on facility to mass-produce hempcrete blocks

AkzoNobel collaborates with Itaconix to “explore opportunities” for bio-based polymers

Collaboration aiming hopefully to develop bio-based chemistry on a large scale

Just One Word. Plastics: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Avantium

Before the “quirt period” Cone of Silence descended, CEO Tom Van Aken gave this illuminating overview of the company’s technology, progress and prospects

Avantium goes IPO: aims for €100 million in Amsterdam, Brussels Float

Here’s our 10-minute version of the filing, slightly re-organized to make sense to Earthlings instead of aliens from the Planet Prospectus

15 Februar 2017

European Circular Economy Action Plan – How fared its first year?

It has been just over a year since the European Commission announced its Action Plan on the Circular Economy. A lot has been proposed in the months since

Studenten entwickeln Elektroauto mit Naturfaser-Monocoque

Gesamtes Fahrzeugkonzept basiert auf einer ultrasteifen, hauptsächlich aus Naturfasern bestehenden Fahrgastzelle

Magic bullets: US Army pursues ‘biodegradable’ ammunition

The traditional function of bullets is killing, but a new design could have the opposite effect

5 minutes with… Julia Schifter, Business Development Director at TIPA

"Novel solutions that seemed futuristic yesterday are already becoming today’s reality."

Kooperation von Newag, Lankwitzer Lackfabrik und Covestro: Erster biobasierter Eisenbahnlack im Test

Weichenstellung für nachhaltigere Mobilität auf der Schiene

Collaboration between Newag, Lankwitzer Lackfabrik and Covestro: First biobased railcar coating tested

Setting the course for more sustainable mobility on the railways

Dutch biomass sugar partnership formed

More cellulosic sugar partnerships are taking place, and this one is in Europe

Vom Zellstoff zum Formteil – Fraunhofer PAZ entwickelt neue Technologie für faserverstärkte Kunststoffe

Gemeinsam mit Partnern wird eine Technologieplattform zur Herstellung hochwertiger Zellstoff-Compounds entwickelt

14 Februar 2017

BioFoam: The first CO2 neutral foam in the world

BioFoam® is a fully bio-based particle foam made from renewable resources