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20 November 2017

How to build better silk

Reconstituted silk can be several times stronger than the natural fiber and made in different forms

Antifouling Agent from Biosynthesized Acrylate Monomers

Zwitterionic Acrylate Monomers from Biosynthetic Pathway

Biowerkstoff auf Zellulose – Basis für mehrere „Produktleben“

Mikropartikel werden zu Fischfutter

17 November 2017

EMS-GRIVORY to Introduce Green Partnership with API at Hong Kong Optical Fair

Companies Meet Growing Customer Demand for Innovative and Sustainable Eyewear Solutions

New BioAmber CEO outlines near-term priorities to enable growth

Company now owns 100 percent of the Sarnia, Ontario, production facility

DuPont, Corbion, and Synvina pilot furan-based polymers made from sugar but must confront PET’s dominance

Companies are piloting new supply chains based on the sugar-derived furan ring

Lab-grown leather and spider silk are the future of your wardrobe

Burgeoning startups are hacking cells to create ‘unnatural’ and ‘smart’ clothing

Gevo announces strategic review, reduces staff at Luverne plant

Company said isobutanol production during the quarter was focused on producing sufficient volumes to provide enough inventory to support market and customers in the future

VTT to develop new enzymes found in India’s wildfire-prone areas for biorefineries

An EU and nationally funded project led by VTT is looking to study whether they are capable of breaking down agricultural waste better than commercial enzymes

Advanced Bioeconomy Horizons: The 5 Top R&D Trends Right Now

Catalytic reaction rates, microcrystalline cellulose, cyanobacteria working in teams, vertical farming, vegan products & markets

16 November 2017

TOP European biocomposite production reached 410,000 tonnes in 2017. Yearly growth rate is 3% – highest growth rate of 30% in new application fields

There is considerable interest in biocomposites from various parts of the industry

TOP Die europäische Biokomposit-Produktion erreichte 2017 410.000 Tonnen. Jährliche Wachstumsrate von 3 % – höchste Wachstumsrate von 30 % in neuen Anwendungsfeldern

Das Interesse an Biokompositen aus verschiedenen Bereichen der Industrie ist groß

Bio-based chemicals one step closer to commercial breakthrough

Braskem and Haldor Topsoe partner to validate the MOSAIK™ sugar-to-biochemicals solution for production of MEG (monoethylene glycol) in a demonstration plant

MEG(a)VENTURE: Braskem, Haldor Topsoe chase down biobased MEG in new commercial deal

New partnership accelerates the development of the MOSAIK solution that forms the basis for a growing portfolio of bio-based chemicals

Online toolbox for bio-based procurement to make buyers’ lives easier

Toolbox is designed to assist public buyers considering alternatives to plastics produced from fossil fuel based materials

Der Online-Werkzeugkoffer, der das Leben von Beschaffern vereinfacht

InnProBio-Projekt verfolgt das Ziel, die öffentliche Beschaffung von biobasierten Produkten und Dienstleitungen zu erleichtern

#WhatBrandsWant Reveals Barriers and Drivers to Brand Investment in Biomaterials

New report investigating the brand-biomaterials relationship, reveal a growing commitment towards renewable materials

Synthetic Biology-enabled Manufacturing: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Visolis

CEO Deepak Dugar gave this illuminating overview of the state of the technology at ABLC Next in San Francisco

Kohlendioxid als Rohstoff nutzen

Kohlendioxid ist weitgehend als klimaschädliches Abgas bekannt – Die immer wiederkehrende Frage ist, ob man dieses Gas auch als Rohstoff nutzen könnte

15 November 2017

Developments on the PHA Bioplastics front continue to advance

Contribution of two EU-companies in form of patented, unique industrial know-how gives Hydal Corporation big potential to succeed in the worldwide market expansion

Innovatives Verfahren zur Aufbereitung von Raps: Effizienter, wirtschaftlicher und hochwertigere Produkte

11 Partner entwickeln in ‚EthaNa‘ neues Extraktionsverfahren für Raps mit Alkohol

Genomatica wins ICIS Innovation Award for GENO BGTM process

Also reveals they will market their biobased butylene glycol as a branded ingredient for cosmetics and personal care

Caravelas Sugar presents new Green Plastic packaging

Braskem's renewable raw material is used for the first time in this segment

Altholzentsorgung: Terrassendielen aus Windrädern

Bisher wird das meiste Altholz verbrannt. Dabei gibt es interessante Alternativen der Nutzung – Milchsäuregewinnung zum Beispiel

Building blocks for less: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Rennovia

Company is developing processes for the production of biobased glucaric acid, adipic acid, and other important building blocks for a wide range of functional materials

EU palm oil policies are undermining Europe’s goals in South-East Asia

This op-ed by Malaysia’s Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong explains why the EU’s palm oil policies can prove to be dangerous

Flammschutz für naturfaserverstärkte Kunststoffe

Ein guter Flammschutz wurde nach erfolgreicher Verkapselung des festen Flammschutzmittels erzielt, aber gleichzeitig kam es auch zu einer Schädigung der Fasern

14 November 2017

New TAPP water filter to be made from biodegradable PLA

Barcelona company is combatting the problem with the taste of tap water in a sustainable manner

Over 150 organisations back call to ban oxo-degradable plastic packaging

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative has published a statement calling for a ban on oxo-degradable plastic packaging.

BioCannDo präsentiert AllThings. Bio Slideshow zu biobasierten Produkten

EU-Projekt will Wahrnehmung und Bewusstsein für biobasierte Lösungen bei den Konsumenten stärken

Die Energiewende gelingt nur mit einer Bepreisung fossiler THG-Emissionen

Fachverband Holzenergie FVH fordert mehr Mut, Entschlossenheit und Durchsetzungskraft im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel

Biomass is key for realising climate goals and implementing elements of circular economy

Amount and diversity of biomass determine great potential for use not only in the production of electric energy but also for heating, transport, as biofuel-components

DowDuPont to exit cellulosic biofuels business

Company annonces long-term interest to find a strategic buyer for their technology including the Nevada, IA biorefinery

Sabah chooses new palm oil certification to cater to Europe’s needs

SABAH’s move for a full compliance of the Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) by 2025 is to ensure the survival of the sector

Altbausanierung mit nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Das umfangreiche und sehr detaillierte Standardwerk „Altbausanierung mit nachwachsenden Rohstoffen“ liegt nun in der unveränderten 3. Auflage vor

Biomasse produzieren, Recht auf Nahrung wahren: Projekt „Food Security Standard“

Im seit Mai 2017 laufenden Vorhaben geht es nun darum, diese Kriterien in regulär laufende Zertifizierungsprozesse zu integrieren und zu erproben

13 November 2017

Circular clothing: the next step in sustainable fashion

Metabolic communications intern Hanna Dijkstra looks at the dirty secret of the fashion industry

Growfun opts for bioplastic from Rodenburg Biopolymers

Company produces biodegradable horticultural pots made from starch-waste obtained from the potato industry

Treibhausgase beim Mais- und Rapsanbau realistisch bewerten und einsparen

Forschungsteams wollten herausfinden, ob die in Deutschland üblichen Anbauverfahren im Rahmen von Klimaschutzvereinbarungen und Ökobilanzen realistisch bewertet werden

In dieser Box könnte die Zukunft der CO2-Abscheidung stecken

ExxonMobil und FuelCell Energy erforschen vielversprechendes Potenzial kapazitätsstarker Brennstoffzellen, CO2-Emissionen abzuscheiden

Agroforestry: An increasingly popular solution for a hot, hungry world

Indigenous agroforestry technique is now gaining popularity with farmers everywhere

Affordable, drop-in hydrocarbons from wood: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to CRI/GTI’s IH2 process

GTI experts invented, tested, and patented IH2 technology and are providing ongoing commercialization support

POET-DSM achieves cellulosic biofuel breakthrough

New pretreatment system clears path for increased cellulosic production

USDA Invests in Research on Next Generation of Agricultural Technology

The USDA's NIFA today announced 17 grants for research on the next generation of agricultural technologies and systems

New method makes bioethanol from waste – in existing plants

It is possible to produce bioethanol from agricultural and industrial waste in existing plants in a socioeconomically sustainable way

10 November 2017

Plaxx nabs Best Recycled Plastic Product of the Year award

Award gives the plastics recycling industry the opportunity to demonstrate commitment to the environment and saving of resources using recycled materials

Neue Rohstoffe für umweltverträgliche Schmierstoffe

Neues BMBF-Projekt entwickelt biobasierte Alternative für Verdickungs- und Bindemittel in Schmierstoff-Anwendungen

Breakthroughs: This startup is creating biodegradable fabric from methane-eating bacteria

Mango Materials is exploring several models for commercializing its technology

Clariant to build flagship cellulosic ethanol plant in Romania: 8-figure sales potential envisioned

New facility will be a flagship site, confirming competitiveness and sustainability of the sunliquid technology at commercial scale

Spider silk microphones

Spider webs could be the basis for better microphones in hearing aids, cell phones and more