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4 Juli 2017

TOP Commercialisation Updates On Bio-Based Building Blocks

Commercialisation and development of novel bio-based building blocks are discussed in detail in nova-Institute's new trend report

TOP Aktuellste Marktdaten zu bio-basierten Building-Blocks

Die Entwicklung und Vermarktung neuer bio-basierter Building-Blocks werden in einem neuen Trendreport des nova-Instituts umfassend diskutiert

Bioplastics: the project Bread4PLA selected as one of the two best LIFE in the category of Environment of the 25 years of the programme

Recovery of wastes from bakery to result in new packages to be used in the same sector

Trend: Naturfasern in der Automobilindustrie

Besonders die Hanffaser ist für den Bau von Karosserieteilen geeignet

The bioeconomy – buzzword or future concept?

Research project at the University of Freiburg combines forestry know-how with political science methodology in order to sound out the bioeconomy

Die Bioökonomie – Modewort oder Zukunftskonzept?

Forschungsprojekt der Universität Freiburg verbindet forstliches Know-how mit politikwissenschaftlicher Methodik, um der Bioökonomie auf den Zahn zu fühlen

Aux Farms, Citoyens! France’s Bioeconomy Plan is a stirring call to action on jobs, climate, innovation

Digested version not only as summary of activities in France, but as a model of what a cogent national strategy can look like

S2G BioChem Announces Build of Advanced BioRefinery in Sarnia, Ontario

Production of Xylitol to Begin in 2018

Holzhäuser bei grauer Energie im grünen Bereich

Über den gesamten Produktlebenszyklus betrachtet sind Holzhäuser deutlich klima- und umweltfreundlicher

3 Juli 2017

German chemical company Evonik will build a second plant in Blair

New Plant will make the fatty acids from marine algae to be used by the salmon aquaculture industry

Nachhaltiges Fischfutter: DSM und Evonik produzieren Omega-3-Fettsäuren in Nebraska

Jährliche Kapazität soll anfangs rund 15% der Nachfrage nach EPA und DHA in der Lachszucht-Industrie decken

bio-nawa®: Biologisch nachwachsend im Internet

Einfach und schnell können Verbraucher und Einkäufer Waren aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen im Internet-Shop erwerben

CIRC-PACK: Towards a greener plastic lifecycle

Project to bringing considerable benefits in line with EU strategic objectives

DuPont Wins 2017 European Bio-Based Materials Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan

Award Recognizes Company for Commercial Innovation in Biomaterials Space

G7 Environment: all grades of Novamont MATER-BI bioplastic will be 40% to 100% bio-based by end of 2017

Novamont is bringing forward the targets of Italy and France on bio-based content in fruit and vegetable bags

Novamont-Umweltgipfel: Sämtliche Typen des Biokunststoffs MATER-BI enthalten Künftig über 40% nachwachsende Rohstoffe

Unternehmen nimmt verpflichtende Vorgaben Italiens und Frankreichs für den Einsatz von nachwachsenden Rohstoffen in bestimmten Produkten bereits vorweg

„Resource Innovators 2017“ gekürt

Auszeichnung von fünf Start-ups auf Berliner Rohstoffgipfel / Ideen zur Einsparung von Erdöl in der Chemieindustrie/ Signal für mehr Gründergeist und Kooperation

CO2-neutraler Wasserstoff aus Biomasse

Wie man aus Biomasse Wasserstoff herstellen kann, untersuchen TU Wien und voestalpine in einem gemeinsamen Forschungsprojekt

30 Juni 2017

Stena Line introduces biodegradable bags on board

Big ferry company aims to phase out all plastics over the next year

Schülerin beim „Jugend gründet“ Bundesfinale mit ALTANA Sonderpreis Chemie ausgezeichnet

Geschäftsidee SweetPower® ist eine Lithium-Ionen-Batterie, bei der Erdöl oder Graphit durch Zuckerrübenmaterial ersetzt wird

Explosive new ICCT report says “offsets” will dominate “alternative fuels” in aviation

“Bulk of aviation emissions reductions will be achieved through carbon offsets,” not fuels, writes ICCT

University of Minnesota: Biorenewable Alternative to Polyacrylates

By using bio-renewable materials, this method offers potential sustainable alternatives

Norway’s Statkraft to make biofuel from wood chips and other waste

Company's "hydro thermal liquefaction" process turns wood and organic waste into a second-generation biofuel that is carbon neutral

European Bioplastics elects new Board – François de Bie confirmed as Chairman

Clear vote of confidence affirmed the strategic direction set by the previous Board

European Bioplastics wählt neuen Vorstand – François de Bie im Amt des Vorsitzenden bestätigt

Klares Votum zum dritten Mal in Folge bekräftigte die strategische Ausrichtung des Verbandes

Ecofys study on Crude Tall Oil markets and availability: sufficient supply for advanced biofuels, biomaterials and energy usage

The study brings necessary information into the debate concerning raw material availability for various end-uses such as advanced biofuels and biomaterials

Amyris Partners with Queensland on Biofutures Acceleration Program in Next Step Toward Planned Development of Biorefinery

Plans call for developing a new production plant with support from local partners to produce Amyris’s sugar cane-based ingredient called farnesene

29 Juni 2017

nova’s experts introduced: Dr Ángel Puente

Life Cycle Assessments, Sustainability, Chemistry

New business opportunities for the industry

Project ProNanoCell's aim was to develop new green composite materials from the forest sector

This Startup Wants To Turn America’s Yard Waste Into A Petroleum Substitute

Alliance Bio-Products plans to open a new plant that will turn yard waste into a replacement for petroleum

From sun to pump: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Direct Photosynthetic Production of Biodiesel

BETO: Production of Biodiesel by Decoupled Cyanobacteria at the 2017 DOE Project Peer Review

Metsä Wood launches Open Source Wood Initiative

A pioneering open innovation project to accelerate growth in large scale wood construction

Metsä Wood bringt ‚Open Source Wood‘ auf den Weg

Ein bahnbrechendes Open-Innovation-Projekt, das das Wachstum im groß angelegten Holzbau beschleunigen soll

Thailand Creates Technology That Decomposes Plastic Bags in Weeks

With a new eco-friendly push, Thailand is turning the heads of environmentalists and investors alike

Stanford discovery could lead to sustainable source of the fuel additive ethanol

Most fuel additive ethanol used in the U.S. is made from corn, new research reveals that copper can turn carbon dioxide into ethanol without using corn or other plants

Turkish researcher awarded grant to study electrodeionization for biofuels

Humeyra Ulusoy-Erol has been selected to receive an AAUW International Doctoral Fellowship from the American Association of University Women

28 Juni 2017

Europe, Flanders, the Province of East-Flanders and the City of Ghent invest €9,36 million in the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Investment will be used to build up new research infrastructure specifically for gas fermentation and Down-Stream Processing

Rettenmaier & Söhne: Pflanzliche Verdicker für Kosmetika entwickelt

Gute technische Eigenschaften, bei Temperaturstabilität und Haptik noch Verbesserungsbedarf

Beleaf Chair – Sitzmöbel aus Laub und einem biobasierten Bindemittel

Kreativer slowakischer Designer ertüftelt bachtenswerte Entwicklung aus Laub und Bio-Harz

Nordson receives Plastpol Poland Innovation Award for Xaloy® MPX Wear Coating Technology for plasticating screws

Xaloy MPX thermal spray coating is made up of particles only 5 microns in diameter

Nordson releases PLA screw and barrel package

The new Xaloy PLA screw and barrel package from Nordson eliminates guesswork and minimizes start-up complications for molders and extrusion processor

Lenzing: EcoVero™ fibers – new industry standard in eco-friendly viscose

Achieving low environmental impact requires developing eco-friendly raw materials and a sustainable manufacturing process

NatureWorks launches Performance Chemicals Division

Vercet™ lactide-based chemistries offering will be more or less customized to provide solutions rather than just drop-ins

Eastman makes China the global launch for new bioplastic

Eastman Chemical Co. launched a new bioplastic material at the Chinaplas trade show that's made 50 percent from trees from sustainably managed forests

27 Juni 2017

BIC Announces New SIRA Roadmap to Develop Europe’s Bioeconomy

Updated SIRA addresses the technological and innovation challenges facing the bio-based industries

Polyamid aus Rizinusöl

Bio-Fed ergänzt Portfolio um biobasierte PA 6.10-Compounds auf Basis von Sebacinsäure

Emery Oleochemicals Announces New High-Performance Plasticizer, EDENOL® DOZ

Response to market demand for more readily available azelaic acid-derived plasticizers specifically designed for PVC and synthetic rubber applications

Shell Homage – BioComposites mit Schalen von Eiern, Nüssen und Kakaobohnen

Ägyptische Designerin produziert Möbel und Alltagsgegenstände aus selbst entwickelten biobasierten Verbundwerkstoffen

Innovation in the European Bioeconomy: 15 million euro project optimizes value chains for miscanthus and hemp

EU project with 22 partners from science, agriculture, and industry - new varieties, cultivation on unused areas, biomass value chains, life cycle assessment, and knowledge transfer

Von der Biomasse zum Produkt: Uni Hohenheim leitet Bioökonomie-Projekt über 15 Mio. Euro

EU-Projekt mit 22 Partnern aus Wissenschaft, Landwirtschaft und Industrie - Neue Sorten, Anbau auf ungenutzten Flächen, Ökobilanz und Wissens-Transfer