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3 Juli 2018

McDonald’s has replaced plastic with biodegradable alternatives

McDonald's now gives customers wooden cutlery (spoons, stirrers, knives and forks) instead of plastic ones. The plastic cups have been replaced by superior quality paper cups

Novel packaging extends shelf-life of chicken

Peels from four different mango varieties were used for the study

Turning Tobacco Stalks Into Cellulose Nanopaper

Chinese scientists have fabricated cellulose nanopaper with improved tensile strength and water resistance from tobacco stalks

Air Liquide inaugurates a new biomethane production unit near Bordeaux, France

The new biomethane production unit enables the production of biogas from organic matter of farm origin and its purification into biomethane

2 Juli 2018

High-tech strategies for small farmers and organic farming

Get an in-depth look into how innovations can both shape the future of organic farming and support smallholders worldwide

High-Tech-Strategien für Kleinbauern und Ökolandbau

Wie Innovationen sowohl die Zukunft der ökologischen Landwirtschaft mitgestalten, als auch Kleinbauern weltweit unterstützen

nova experts introduced: Tatevik Babayan

Policy, Techno-economic evaluation and Sustainability

Vegan Leather: Modern Meadow Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

Company's collagen-based materials enable new design and performance possibilities

Avantium: Demo-Anlage zur Produktion von Bio-MEG

PET-Ausgangsstoff MEG soll in der Anlage mit dem von Avantium entwickelten Mekong-Verfahren aus Zucker gewonnen werden

The next big home design trend? Bacteria

Outfit the nursery with living wallpaper, bacteria-made diapers, and an algae composter

ARLANXEO at DKT 2018: Synthetic rubber for top performances in sports

Everything’s about sports for Arlanxeo at DKT. The rubber manufacturer will present its wide range of products relating to soccer, running, diving, etc.

ARLANXEO auf der DKT 2018: Synthetischer Kautschuk für Höchstleistungen im Sport

Bei Arlanxeo dreht sich auf der DKT alles rund um den Sport. Der Kautschuk-Hersteller präsentiert sein breites Portfolio rund um Fußball, Laufen, Tauchen etc.

5 Minutes With… Chris Sayner, vice president of corporate sustainability at Croda

Company keeping focus on moving to non-fossil energy largely through in-house initiatives such as biogas from side streams, landfill gas, wind and solar

New enzyme boost could hasten biofuel production

This could lead to cheaper and more environmentally friendly biofuel production and more efficient plastic recycling

29 Juni 2018

TOP Avantium to open pilot biorefinery; sights already set on commercial scale-up

Province of Groningen awards €1.8 million subsidy for pilot plant in Delfzijl

Nanotera Group Launches Powerful Plant Based Surfactants for the Oil Industry

Biotechnology company has introduced line of chemical-free products for enhanced oil recovery processes

High-Performance: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Avantium

Biofuels Digest combined a recent deck from CEO Tom van Aken with an illuminating overview by CCO Zanna McPherson from ABLC 2018

GW Pharma schreibt Geschichte: Cannabis-Medikament erhält grünes Licht

US-Gesundheitsbehörde hat Epidiolex® die Zulassung gegen zwei seltene Formen der Epilepsie erteilt

GW Pharmaceuticals plc and its U.S. Subsidiary Greenwich Biosciences Announce FDA Approval of EPIDIOLEX® (cannabidiol) oral solution – the First Plant-derived Cannabinoid Prescription Medicine

Approval for seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome or Dravet Syndrome, two rare, severe childhood-onset epilepsies

Lecker Strom: Mikroorganismen als Elektronenatmer und Elektronenfresser

Einige Mikroorganismen ernähren sich von Strom oder verwandeln Rohstoffe in Elektrizität. Das wollen sich Forscher zunutze machen

Finland’s Fazer joins eco start-up to further development of wood-based packaging

Collaboration's aim is to make Sulapac material available for all consumers around the world

28 Juni 2018

UNITED CAPS Positioned for Growth in 2018 and Beyond

Extension of R&D facilities, acquisitions, innovative portfolio additions increase value of customer offerings

Domsjö releases Cellulose Ultra, a cleaner cellulose product that can be used in high quality segments

Advantage of Ultra is that it can be used without interference from other products which otherwise is usual

BRAIN AG und CyPlus GmbH entwickeln disruptive Technologien zur biologischen Aufbereitung von Edelmetallerzen

Industrierelevante Edelmetallgewinnung auch nach Scale-Up des biobasierten Verfahrens in den Tonnenmaßstab realisiert

BRAIN AG and CyPlus GmbH develop disruptive technologies for biological processing of precious metal ores

Industrially relevant production of precious metals realized on the metric ton scale, even after scale-up of bio-based method

Avantium begins construction of plant that spells good news for bio-plastics

Demonstration plant to advance the development of a key ingredient for the production of plastics and polyester textiles, derived from renewable sugars

Land ohne Plastik

Im ewigen Eis, im Essen, im Körper: Plastik ist überall. Nun will die EU Verbote. In Ruanda, dem wohl saubersten Land Afrikas, gibt es die seit Jahren. Ein Vorbild?

Closing the Carbon Cycle by Electrochemical Reduction: Upgrading Carbon Dioxide to Engine Fuels

The findings elaborate a new catalytic approach that target the suppression of unwanted C2, rather than just C1, products

27 Juni 2018

Renewable chemicals building the biobased economy

Recent BIO report on the status of the biobased economy shows that progress has reached a tipping point for accelerated growth in the 21st century

Avocados with edible anti-spoilage coating hit US stores

Avocados with Apeel maintain delicious quality and ripeness for much longer, without requiring the use of refrigeration or any preservatives

From jeans to fibres to garment tags: novel recycling for more sustainable fashion

A new recycling method turns garments into biodegradable materials, paving the way for a more eco-friendly fashion industry

Von Jeans über Fasern bis hin zu Preisschildern: Neuartige Recyclingmethode für nachhaltigere Mode

Durch eine neue Recyclingmethode werden Kleidungsstücke zu biologisch abbaubaren Materialien, was den Weg für eine umweltfreundlichere Modeindustrie ebnet

Biofiba working towards industrial hemp pallet production in NSW

Australian company is aiming at a pallet manufacturing facility using the recently legalised material

IKEA and Neste confirm large-scale production of renewable, bio-based polypropylene plastic

Companies are now able to turn waste and residue raw materials, such as used cooking oil or sustainable vegetable oils into polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) plastic

An interview with Andreas Kiesel, University of Hohenheim. “A CO2tax for fossil-based products”

Il Bioeconomista interview with Andreas Kiesel, a reseacher at the University of Hohenheim

Advanced biofuels recognised as a fast-track option for transport decarbonisation – UPM Biofuels welcomes initial agreement on Renewable Energy Directive

UPM started operations at the Lappeenranta Biorefinery at the beginning of 2015

26 Juni 2018

Bioeconomy in the Mountains: An Opportunity for Local Development

30 participants from 19 countries to focus on how bioeconomy can promote local mountain development

Can we engineer life? 1 Gene technology is the key

Emeritus Professor at Wagenigen University, Hans Tramper, reflects on the development of his subject

Das Europäische Patentamt gewährt Pipper Standard, dem Vorreiter in Reinigungstechnologien, drei Patente

Pipper Standard Produkte entstehen durch einen einzigartigen Ananas-Fermentationsprozess, der kraftvolle, natürliche Enzyme und Tenside freisetzt

Clean-tech pioneer Pipper Standard gets three patents by EPO

Pipper Standard products are made from a unique pineapple fermentation process that yields powerful, natural enzymes and biosurfactants

Global Biocomposite Competitive Landscape, Pipeline and Market Analysis 2018

The Report Biocomposite provides information about product categories and a customized business model

Bio-on inaugurates in Italy the first special bioplastics production plant. 100% natural and biodegradable

The first product to come out of the Castel San Pietro Terme plant will be Minerv Bio Cosmetics

Bio-on eröffnet in Italien die erste Anlage zur Herstellung von speziellen Biokunststoffen, die natürlich und zu 100% biologisch abbaubar sind

Das erste Produkt, dass die Pforten der Produktionsanlage in Castel San Pietro Terme verlassen wird, werden die Minerv Bio Cosmetics sein

CRISPR-Based Technologies for Metabolic Engineering in Cyanobacteria

This review highlights studies that have implemented CRISPR-based tools for the metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria

25 Juni 2018

Project WOW! kicks off: waste water is valuable

VITO is proud partner of this project and will focus on the techno-economic feasibility of the new value chains

NFL Joins the Green Sports Alliance as a League Member

Pledges support for environmental sustainability efforts

Neri Oxman and MIT Develop Programmable Biocomposites for Digital Fabrication

Natural ecosystems as inspiration for a material production process that produces no waste

Development of LignoCity to boost new businesses in bioeconomy

New project is being launched to further develop and help startups and small and medium-sized companies develop new green businesses with lignin as a base

EPA Approves Registration of Isobutanol in 16% Blends in Gasoline

Gevo welcome the announcement, as it allows customers and partners a much better product performance

Researchers create artificial leaf that converts carbon dioxide into energy and fuel

The development is being viewed as a credible candidate in tackling global warming and climate change while keeping the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in check