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19 Juni 2020

German chem group VCI welcomes Berlin’s hydrogen strategy

Germany's Trade Group seeing a decisive step towards the country's shift to renewable energies  

Technologieoffenheit entscheidend für Erfolg: Bei Wasserstoff muss Deutschland ganz vorne mitspielen

Der Verband der Chemischen Industrie (VCI) sieht die Wasserstoffstrategie der Bundesregierung als entscheidenden Schritt für ein Gelingen der Energiewende

Material innovation at Benvic takes the fight directly to COVID 19

All nations are committed to find solutions that can reinforce and support medical procedures, hospitals and health structures

Norsk e-Fuel is planning Europe’s first commercial plant for hydrogen-based renewable aviation fuel in Norway

Leading industry consortium joins forces to make unlimited renewable fuel a reality to achieve climate-neutral transportation

Norsk e-fuel plant die erste kommerzielle Anlage für wasserstoffbasierten erneuerbaren Flugkraftstoff in Norwegen

Führendes Industriekonsortium vereint Kräfte, um klimaneutralen Transport durch die Bereitstellung von erneuerbaren Kraftstoffen zu ermöglichen

Hochleistungs-Extrusion für den Cannabis-Boom

Weltweit größte Thermoformanlage versorgt Gewächshäuser

18 Juni 2020

PHAs on the rise: for the first time, demand outstrips supply

PHAs can be recycled in any possible way, including natural degradation and serve as nutrients or as an energy source to organisms

Post-EEG-Anlagen bieten großes Potenzial für grünen Wasserstoff

Steigende Strombedarfe, u.a. durch wasserstoffbasierte Anwendungen, müssen im Sinne einer intelligenten Sektorenkopplung angemessene Berücksichtigung finden

Australian researchers set record for carbon dioxide capture

Researchers from Monash University and the CSIRO used Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), which resembles a sponge filled with tiny magnets to capture CO2

New Recycled Fibre FinexTM in Stores – Sateri Partners Fashion Brands to Unveil Product

Next-generation cellulosic fibre containing recycled textile waste fibres

Biobasierter Holzschutz aus Phytoextrakten

Pflanzenzellen aus Salbei und Pilzen zur Behandlung von Holzoberflächen

Revolutionizing Tomahawk fuel

Los Alamos scientists are using feedstocks- such as corn bran - to power the Navy’s subsonic cruise missiles

Clean tech and climate policy could cut fossil fuel profits by two thirds

Countries must plan orderly exit from oil, gas and coal

Showtime for Photosynthesis

One of nature’s most important chemical reactions is now being captured in a breakthrough “molecular movie”

Biodiversity on farmland continues to decline despite specific CAP measures

The EU’s decade-long policy effort to reverse the biodiversity loss has not come to fruition

17 Juni 2020

UK associations call on government to ban oxo degradable plastics

As the UK is now in the process of revising legislation on the use of plastic packaging, now is the time to act

Neue Wasserstoffstrategie hilft bei Ausstieg aus Öl und Erdgas – aber ignoriert höhere EU-Klimaziele

Nach Kabinettsbeschluss: Germanwatch begrüßt Priorität für grünen Wasserstoff - Bei verbesserten EU-Klimazielen für 2030 wird jedoch Überarbeitung notwendig

Investing in Nature to Transform the Post COVID-19 Economy

A 10-point Action Plan to create a circular bioeconomy devoted to sustainable wellbeing

Successful demonstration of methanol production

Successful demonstration of conversion of wind power to methanol

Erfolgreiche Demonstration der Herstellung von Methanol

Langzeittest in Stralsund liefert erste Ergebnisse

The Future Of Fuel Source Sustainability With Airlines

How far away are we from commercially viable sustainable aviation fuel?

Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce

Rice University lab’s protein coating extends shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables

Chemical Recycling Won’t Solve The Plastic Crisis As Over 50% Of Carbon Contained Gets Lost

Chemical recycling is an environmental health risk and will not solve the plastic crisis

Biomass can contribute to sector integration in Green Deal

The European Green Deal set a dynamic tone for climate neutrality by 2050 aiming to ensure inclusive transition to a circular, resource-efficient economy

16 Juni 2020

Woodly recycles its cellulose-based plastics with NGR recycling technology

From the recycled Woodly granules, a clear, 20-micrometer thin cast film could be produced in the lab under typical polyolefin processing conditions

Aus Pilzen Häuser bauen

Die Biotechnologin und Künstlerin Vera Mayer ist Leiterin des Fachgebietes Angewandte und Molekulare Mikrobiologie an der TU Berlin

LanzaJet Takes Off!

Innovative Sustainable Fuel Technology and Investment Structure to Accelerate Commercialization, Regional Job Growth, and Carbon reduction

DEM-COM: LanzaJet takes off on non-stop flight to scale

New LanzaTech spin-off launched with investments from Suncor Energy and Mitsui & Co. about $15 million and $10 million, respectively, to establish the new venture

Karliczek: Bioökonomie ist wichtiger Treiber für Wandel zu nachhaltigerem Wirtschaftssystem

BMBF verlängert Wissenschaftsjahr „Bioökonomie“ bis Ende 2021

Laser carved copper catalysts unveil secrets of turning CO2 into fuels

New scientists approach shows understandings to the mechanism of carbon dioxide reduction and how to produce multi-carbon products selectively

FAO vegetable oil price index falls to eight-month low

UFOP Chart of the week (21 2020)

More dope, rope, soap: an upward slope in camelina, hemp, cannabis, soybeans for food, fuels, feed

Nutritionals are of growing importance

Superworms digest plastic, with help from their bacterial sidekicks

Superworms (Zophobas atratus) have a superpower: They can degrade polystyrene plastic

15 Juni 2020

Braskem’s bioplastic recognized at UN event as one of Brazil’s most transformational cases in sustainable development

World's leading producer of of I'm greenTM polyethylene encompasses its entire line of products for the circular economy

Sustainable bio-attributed PVC is a winner

Vynova is using renewable raw materials in place of petrochemicals with no loss of properties

Power-to-X in Deutschland: Diese Projekte laufen zurzeit

Interaktive Karten und Tabellen zeigen bestehende Projekte und Anlagen auf einen Blick

Biogenic CO2 Coalition Urges EPA to Reconsider Year-Long Delay in Helping American Agriculture

The Biogenic CO2 Coalition is a group of leading agricultural organizations fighting for the fair and science-based treatment of annual farm crops by the Environmental Protection Agency

Researchers Take a Cue from Nature to Create Bulletproof Coatings

Engineers Produce Eco-Friendly Polymers Using Material from Shrimp, Mushrooms and Other Organisms

Erster hölzerner Windenergieturm in Schweden errichtet

Svenskt Vindkraftstekniskt Centrum von der Technischen Hochschule Chalmers war Auftraggeber für den Holzturm auf Björkö

The first wooden wind power tower has been erected in Sweden

The Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre at Chalmers is the client for the wooden tower on Björkö

UBC researchers develop biodegradable medical mask for COVID-19

Made in Canada design uses local wood fibres and can be produced in B.C.

Berry Global Announces Innovative Advanced Recycling Technology Project with Mondelēz International

The package contains plastic material recovered using advanced recycling technology from Berry’s partnership with SABIC

12 Juni 2020

Nouryon launches sustainable dispersant for agricultural formulations

Agricultural customers in Asia provided positive feedback on Agrilan 1015 following a limited introduction of the product there, paving the way for a global launch

Woodly: Finnisches Startup-Unternehmen schließt Produktions­kreis­lauf mit Hilfe von NGR

Das Material passt perfekt zu den bestehenden Anlagen von NGR: Aus recyceltem Woodly-Granulat konnte eine klare dünne Flachfolie hergestellt werden

How Finnish bioeconomy pioneers the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) are unlocking the “treasure chest” found in the forests and beyond

Bark can be one of the key building blocks for the Finnish circular bioeconomy

Covestro adds to its portfolio of bio-based products

First partially bio-based polycarbonate film - Comparably good or better properties than standard films

Covestro ergänzt Portfolio biobasierter Produkte

Erste teilweise biobasierte Polycarbonatfolie - Vergleichbar gute oder bessere Eigenschaften wie Standardfolien

GO!PHA #7 – What about recycling of PHA-polymers?

White paper shows that PHAs meet the needs of all known end-of-life options

Nest egg + Renewables help protect Neste in 2020

Even with COVID-19 uncertainty, Neste hits renewables production record

Sugar turns brown al­gae into car­bon sinks

Only highly specialized bacteria can carry out the degradation of brown algae