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1 September 2017

Solarenergie: Bald Artenschutz für Kohlekraftwerke?

Solarboom auf dem Weltmarkt noch stärker als erwartet. Druck auf Preise lässt wegen der hohen Nachfrage nach

Plattform-Chemikalien aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

17 Millionen Euro Förderung durch Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

31 August 2017

SuperBIO: only 10 applications for new value chains left

Hurry up to take advantage of SuperBIO’s funded innovation services

Get the Scoop on the Latest Innovations That Are Helping To Expand the Bioeconomy with BETO’s New Tech Blog

Stay up to date with the latest news and perspectives on the growing U.S. bioeconomy

Synthetische Kraftstoffe: Treibhausgas wird Rohstoff

Der Traum von einem klimaneutralen Verbrennungsmotor lässt sich mithilfe von synthetischen Kraftstoffen - sogenannten eFuels - bald in die Realität umsetzen

DuPont’s Next Big Idea Could Be Huge for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola's PlantBottle packaging contains 30% renewable materials. DuPont sees an opportunity to make it 100%

So könnte die europäische Chemieindustrie bis 2050 klimaneutral werden

Die Chemiebranche klimaneutral zu machen und gleichzeitig ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit innerhalb einer vollständigen Kreislaufwirtschaft in Europa zu erhalten, ist eine wesentliche Herausforderung

Researchers Use Lignin to Create Carbon Fiber for Cars and Planes

Their work will be showcased at the 254th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

30 August 2017

India To Be A Biotech Hot Spot

Indian biotech industry have created a notable bio-economy valued at $35 billion

Mit Faserverpackungen die Welt erobern

Hamburger Start-up Bio-lutions verarbeitet Agrarreste zu biologisch abbaubaren Fasergussformen

Klebstoff aus dem Meer leistet Erste Hilfe

„Nachrichten aus der Chemie“ beschreiben, wie die Meereichel ihren Klebstoff herstellt und welche Eigenschaften er hat

Environmentally responsible sealant films that do the job

Plastic Suppliers: Launch of EarthFirst UL, a bio-based sealant web to lower the cost of sealant films used in flexible packaging

DuPont and ADM win 2017 Innovation in Bioplastics Award

The two companies developed a method to produce furan dicarboxylic methyl ester (FDME)

29 August 2017

TOP Methanol and Bio-economy: Now and the Future

The continued growth of the methanol economies provides significant opportunities for investment in novel production methods

Wie die Kartoffel die (Wohn-)Welt verändern kann

Aus Kartoffeln lässt sich vieles machen – sogar Regenmäntel

Waste in space? No such thing.

American Chemical Society researchers have presented a paper about how to make long space trips feasible

Chitosan, a sleeping giant waiting to be woken

In the last three years, science has gone on and discovered many new applications

UC San Diego researchers create epidermal biofuel cell to power electronics from sweat

The biofuel cells generate 10 times more power per surface area than any existing wearable biofuel cells

28 August 2017

Billionaire builds superyacht to clean up plastic soup

Research Expedition Vessel will be ready to sail by 2020 and to be managed by World Wildlife Fund Norway

New review of processes for extraction & use of valuable compounds from by-products of crops

New strategies for processing added value from these wastes are needed to reduce the environmental burden and provide new income streams

GMI Research: Bioplastics and Biopolymers Market – Global Forecast to 2021

Bio-based and bio-degradable packaging are the major factors boosting the growth prospects of the bioplastics and biopolymers market

Süßstoff Stevia: Der Siegeszug der Zucker-Alternative

Um den Zucker-Ersatz ist ein Milliardengeschäft entstanden. Forscher sehen aber noch Verbesserungspotenzial

Floreon seeks new collaborative partners

Floreon are seeking new collaborative partners from around the globe, to demonstrate and take to market specific applications

25 August 2017

How a bacterium can live on methanol

ETH Zurich researchers identified all the genes required by a bacterium to use methanol by plants as a food source

Wie ein Bakterium von Methanol leben kann

Forscher der ETH Zürich identifizieren Gene eines Bakteriums, das sich von pflanzlichem Methanol ernährt

PLA bioplastics from Bonsucro certified sugarcane now available from Total Corbion PLA

Company will offer a range of PLA resins to be promoted within the existing, commercial Luminy® PLA resin portfolio

Saphium: Bio-Plastik-Startup finanziert Forschung mit Bakterien-Verkauf

Hinter dem steirischen Startup Saphium stehen fünf Jungforscher. Ihre Mikroorganismen sollen Bio-Plastik herstellen

Metsä Group started up its bioproduct mill

Pulp deliveries from the new mill to customers will begin in early September 2017

24 August 2017

Citruspack project, a combination of circular economy and packaging, starts at Aitiip facilities

Aim of the project is to demonstrate that sustainability and efficiency can be applied to agricultural and industrial practices

Mango Materials selected for Phase II STTR NASA award

Membrane bioreactor system to produce a biopolymer from methane gas that is applicable in outer space environments

„Capsula Mundi“ verwandelt deinen Körper nach dem Tod in einen Baum

Baum statt Grabstein: Die Urnen und Särge von Capsula Mundi entspringen einem radikal neuen Konzept von Beerdigung und Gedenken. Sie sind biologisch abbaubar und wo sie begraben werden, soll hinterher ein Wald wachsen

Major study says “Cut cellulosic ethanol out”, RFA says “No Way Jose”

Iowa State University researchers stated, that we increase ethanol production but decrease biodiesel and totally eliminate cellulosic ethanol in future mandates

23 August 2017

Let’s talk sugar: Advanced enzymes increase ethanol yields, plant profits

Trehalase products, developed from proven technology and easily implementable, convert sugar that would otherwise be wasted

Mit Sonnenlicht, Kohlendioxid und organischen Nährstoffen: Nachhaltige Biofarbstoffe und Proteine industriell aus Algenbiomasse gewinnen

Forschungsverbund will in Sachsen-Anhalt die Gewinnung von Farbstoffen und Proteinen aus Mikroalgen im Industriemaßstab erproben

3D printable resin: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to melt-stable engineered lignin thermoplastic

A novel family of commercial-ready, lignin-based 3D-printable composites

Value Days at the Landfill: The Digest 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to unlocking polylactic acid from waste biogas

NatureWorks’s Ken Williams presented this illuminating update at DOE Peer Review on progress to date

22 August 2017

Carbon Conversion: A new additive helps researchers more selectively convert CO2 to multicarbon fuels

The reaction was highly selective for the more desirable fuels that contain multiple carbons—such as ethylene, ethanol, and propanol

Good shoes take you good places – the rise of bio-based footwear

Bio-based, biodegradable and recycled footwear can now help you to reduce your environmental footprint

DuPont accelerating in bioplastics for packaging and more

Company's commitment to innovative biomaterials aims to revolutionize the materials’ landscape

MetGen, Sweetwater unlocking lignin – the roughest, toughest, ornieri’st material that ever bushwhack’d a pioneer in the Valley of Death

For all of your questions about the advanced bioeconomy there’s just the one answer and that is “lignin”

POET Biorefining – Marion breaks ground on 80 million-gallon expansion

Hundreds of farmers, area leaders join POET CEO in commemorating start of construction, new jobs, new grain demand

21 August 2017

Algae cultivation technique could advance biofuels

Researchers developed a unique biofilm reactor that recycles gasses and uses less water and lower light than typical reactors

Plant-produced polio vaccines could help eradicate age old disease

Plants have been used to produce a new vaccine against poliovirus in what is hoped to be a major step towards global eradication of the disease

Fragrant Moss: a Product of Synbio and a Symbol for the Future

Three flavours: patchouli, linalool and geranium

BioAmber announces record revenues for the second quarter 2017 and purchase of Mitsui equity stake in Sarnia Joint Venture

BioAmber entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Mitsui & Co., Ltd.'s entire minority equity position in the Sarnia manufacturing joint venture

18 August 2017

Genomatica introduces next process technology

A new biobased process technology to make a naturally sourced 1,3-butylene glycol

Genomatica goes big with Bio-BG

Why GENO BG is BIG news

Lightweight bioplastic carrier bags a top EU priority

The popular issue of lightweight carrier bags is seeing the first consequence of the EU Plastic Bags Directive

Fate of So-Called Biodegradable Polymers in Seawater and Freshwater

A systematic study comparing degradation of different polymers under same conditions

Nachhaltigkeit: Forscher der Uni Halle entwickeln Milchkapsel, die sich selbst auflöst

Milch ohne Plastik- oder Pappverpackung: Eine Milchkapsel mit einer löslichen Hülle haben Forscher der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) entwickelt