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30 August 2019

Planned biorefinery first step to ‘Biopolis’

With big investments in biological research to industrial manufacturing and creation of innovative products, Thailand becoming a hub for biotechnology in Southeast Asia

No Carbon Left Behind: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to LanzaTech

The CEO of LanzaTech gave this ‘Carbon Smart’ overview of how LanzaTech is recycling carbon from industrial off gas biomass and more at ABLC 2019

Antiseptic resistance in bacteria could lead to next-gen plastics

Australian-UK researchers identify ancient protein pumps that make bacteria tough to treat – but could be key to new green polymers

29 August 2019

Biodegradable alternative to replace microplastics in cosmetics and toiletries

Bath project seeking to commercialise plant-based beads for cosmetics receives major funding

Chirurgisches Nahtmaterial aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Projektkonsortium forscht an der Bio-Faser der Zukunft

Braskem partners with renowned French consortium specializing in bioproduction and bioscience

The collaboration will focus on Research & Development for new renewable solutions

Sustainable Compounding: Blown film manufacturer from Benin switches to biodegradable products with help from Coperion

New law forced the company Asahel Benin Sarl. to completely convert its production

Nachhaltiges Compoundieren: Blasfolienhersteller aus Benin stellt mithilfe von Coperion auf bioabbaubare Produkte um

Neue Gesetzgebung zwang Asahel Benin Sarl. dazu, seine Produktion komplett umzustellen

University of Minnesota receives $20M grant for sustainable plastics research

Researchers used microbial engineering to develop an inexpensive, sustainable pathway for commercially viable flexible foams usable in everyday items

Sustainability comes into fashion

Innovative concept by Elissa Brunato in cooperation with researchers from RISE to explore the use of cellulosics in new roles as a bio iridescent cellulose nanocrystal sequin

A R&D project led by VTT to create a sustainable basis for the circular economy of textiles

A two-year R&D project will gather more than 20 companies and research partners together to create a sustainable basis for the circular economy of textiles

Gevo enters into purchase and sale agreement for sustainable aviation fuel to supply Air TOTAL International

With the finalization of this new supply contract, Gevo will initially supply Air Total sustainable aviation fuel from its facility in Silsbee Texas

nova-Institute is looking for a new Head of Sustainability Department (m/f/d)

Location Hürth, permanent full-time position (40 hours/week)

28 August 2019

AMR says global bioplastics market will reach $68.57 billion by 2024

While Europe is expected to maintain its lead status, AsiaPacific is expected to register the largest growth rate with a CAGR of 20.4% through 2024

Linolsäure aus pflanzlichen Ölen als neue Quelle für biobasierte Polymerintermediate

Die TH Köln entwickelt Zwischenprodukte aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen für die Polymerindustrie

Catalysts for climate protection

Fraunhofer Scientists together with industrial partners aiming to optimize promising katalytic methods for the use of CO2 until readiness for marketing

Labor statt Wal-Darm – Duftstoff Ambrein erstmals natürlich erzeugt

Forscher entdecken durch neuen Stoffwechselweg in der Hefe Pichia pastoris eine natürliche Möglichkeit zur Biosynthese

Thailand promotes promise as bioplastics base

Due to the Thai Government approved tax breaks for purchasing compostable bioplastic-based packaging, various stakeholders are establishing a composting infrastructure

Avantium First Half 2019 Results

"Company is progressing its technologies towards commercialization"

Can Plastic Go Green?

Researchers at TalTech in Estonia push to produce biodegradable packaging from cellulose

Land is a Critical Resource, IPCC report says

Keeping global warming to well below 2ºC can be achieved only by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors including land and food

SoCalGas and Electrochaea Announce Commissioning of New Biomethanation Reactor System Pilot Project

Innovative project with U.S. Department of Energy's NREL converts renewable electricity into renewable methane for storage in existing natural gas pipelines

27 August 2019

Karl-Heinz Bußbach sees a future for bioplastics

VDMA interview with a key industry player in the run-up to the K 2019 in Düsseldorf in October

Scientist Creates Bioplastic from Mango Peels and Seaweed

Recent graduate of the University of San Carlos developed a mango-seaweed blend that is as robust as flexible, with the mechanical strength of conventional plastic

Bottled water brand mixes RPET and bioplastic

Coca-Cola is aiming to mix their plant-based plastic with recycled PET in a 1-to-1 ratio to create a “HybridBottle”

Insolulight: Robuste LED-Beleuchtung mit Biokunststoff

Neuartiger, kaum zerstörbarer Biokunststoff scheint für eine Verwendung vor allem für Lichtkörper im öffentlichen Bereich hervorragend geeignet zu sein

Research: ‘Nanowood’ membrane is 20% more efficient, finds study

Wood shows promise as sustainable membrane material

Sustainable personal care: Moving away from palm oil is ‘not the solution’

Croda’s research and technology director spoke about the importance of sustainable palm oil in the personal care industry

A biobased and biodegradable material made from pine needles

Less pine needles mean that forest fires spread less easily, and on the other, the project provides a sustainable alternative to oil-based plastic

Eye imaging technology provides opportunities in biotechnology

Optical coherence tomography, an imaging technology commonly used in medical imaging of eye, was applied in a novel way in her study

U.S. Ag Volatility Affects Novozymes: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Novozyme’s First Half of 2019

Check out this ‘Hot off the Press’ presentation about Novozymes

26 August 2019

Coloring the “Circular Economy”

No doubt that color will continue to play a key role in the packaging world. But the selection of the right colorants will be crucial

Polymer “Snow” Captures Carbon Dioxide

CSIRO and Curtin University researchers have developed a new form of PEI which has a high CO2 uptake

Luftfahrtbranche will CO2-Emissionen in Deutschland auf null drücken

Luftverkehrsteuer soll für die Förderung alternativer Kraftstoffe genutzt werden

Thyme essential oil in corn starch particles combats Aedes aegypti larvae

A system created in Brazil using cheap, biodegradable materials permits controlled release of larvicide and can be used in small amounts of water

Ayas Renewables to select final site for biodiesel conversion plant

New facility will use the company’s patented vapour-phase process in collaboration with the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council

Simcon: Biocomposites realitätsgetreu simulieren

Neue Simulationssoftware ermöglicht genaue Vorhersage resultierender Bauteil- und Prozesseigenschaften in allen Entwicklungsschritten von Formteil und Spritzgießwerkzeug

Mineral oil groups ramp up HVO production in the EU

In view of alternative feedstock options, UFOP has urged the EU to step up certification and documentation requirements

Eastman: Wear it out

Cellulose fibers are making a comeback as consumers ditch synthetics

Green Cell Foam Meets Safe and Reliable Packaging Needs

The company based in Toronto will be the first meat delivery service to introduce the advanced shipping material to Canada for its farm-to-door meat subscription boxes

New IPCC report due 8 August to thoroughly examine link between global warming, land use

Double of India's landmass needs to be devoted to biofuels, carbon capture & storage to cap warming at 1.5-deg C

23 August 2019

Strongest natural material ever found

Iron-bearing mineral found in common limpets showed a strength higher than that of spider silk

Liva announces entry in saree category

New-age fabric from Birla Group gets launched at the Kolkata Fashion Expo

Rising CO2, climate change projected to reduce availability of nutrients worldwide

New research suggest that climate change could slow progress on improvements in global nutrition by simply making key nutrients less available

CLT and Wood Construction Products Help Combat Anti-Forestry Narrative

There are myriad structural, cost and environmental benefits to using cross laminated and other mass timber products in suitable construction projects

Doppelte Netzwerkpower für erneuerbare Kohlenstoffquellen

Fusion der Netzwerke „UseCO2“ und „Waste2Value“ will das Treibhausgas CO2 aus Industrieprozessen oder aus der Atmosphäre entfernen und nutzbar machen

Reduce, Recycle, Replace: SÜDPACK takes 3-pronged approach to sustainability

German Company SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG will unveil a range of solutions tailored to today’s packaging concerns

CMBlu stellt Bundesverkehrsminister Scheuer Organic-Flow-Batterie vor

Lignin statt Lithium: Organische Energiespeicher aus Alzenau

Fuel Ethylene, has its time come?

In our look this week at Carbon Re-Use, we’ll look at this alternative for ethanol producers

Novo Holdings Invests $72 Million in Sustainable Products Leader LanzaTech

Additionally, the investment in LanzaTech marks Novo Holdings’ fourth investment within the growth equity area this year