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10 Januar 2020

Event Report: Biorizon Forging Ahead with Bio-Aromatics Upscaling

Many promising results have since been achieved in all horizons. Since the start-up in 2013, high-quality facilities have been added in the Flanders-Netherlands region

In Pilotprojekten entstehen sektorübergreifende Lösungen in Bereichen wie Biogas und Power-to-X

Neue SPIN-Partner sind herzlich willkommen - Anzahl der teilnehmenden Unternehmen, Start-ups und Forschungspartner sollen binnen fünf Jahren verdreifacht werden

Recyclable or compostable still an issue: Bioplastics on course

The heated debate about bioplastics is all about the waste phase. Everyone is convinced that bioplastics are not the answer to the plastic soup

Adhoc: The decision has been made: Lenzing joint venture to build dissolving pulp plant in Brazil

Collaboration with Duratix to supply the entire volume of dissolving wood pulp to the Lenzing Group

Specialty Polymer Products: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Itaconix’s Polymers

Illuminating presentation from the company's CEO showed how new economics combined with unique functionality and biobased itaconic acid are creating value

OUTLOOK ’20: Europe fatty acids, fatty alcohols demand diverges on end-market performance

The European fatty acids and fatty alcohols markets face diverging outlooks for 2020

9 Januar 2020

New flagship EU project focused on replacing toxic solvents with renewable alternatives

ReSolute brings together 12 partners from 6 countries and will provide new manufacturing and employment opportunities

VEnvirotech transforms organic wreck into bioplastics

Spanish biotech start-up developed a process for bioplastic production using bacteria

Ein nachhaltiges neues Material zur Kohlendioxidabscheidung

Biobasierter Hybridschaumstoff kann mittels hohem Anteil an CO2-absorbierenden "Zeolithen" optimal Kohlendioxid speichern

Clariant to present six company pitches on Circular Plastics Economy at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering on February 27, 2020

More than 1,000 decision makers, more than 2,000 networking meetings and 50 pitches are expected at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering in Frankfurt

Heizen mit Pyrolyseöl

„Residue2Heat“-Workshop präsentierte Forschungsergebnisse

New packaging material targets single-use plastic waste

As the problem of plastic waste worsens, environment-friendly packaging technologies is gaining traction

Power-to-X: The secret to a 100% renewable energy system?

By turning renewable electricity into fuel, power-to-X could free transport, heating and industrial process from fossil fuels — once costs fall

Collaboration with Neste enables AT-Tuote to launch the world’s first industrial lubricant with nearly 100% bio-based content

This is the world’s first industrial lubricant with nearly 100% bio-based content

Renewable Natural Gas Dominates Cellulosic Biofuels: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Iogen’s Cellulosic Biofuels

Check out this Slide-Guide from Brian Foody’s Iogen presentation at ABLC NEXT in San Francisco

8 Januar 2020

nova Experts introduced: Raj Chinthapalli

Our market opportunities, price forecasts and competitive intelligence analyzer

New BioHub for Europe’s forestry capital

Three organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding on structural changes in forest bioeconomy markets and development of the forest bioeconomy in Russia and China

Ein konkreter Schritt in Richtung der Reduzierung der CO2-Emissionen bei der Zementherstellung auf fast null

Eine EU-finanzierte Initiative konnte in einem Pilot-Zementwerk in Belgien erfolgreich eine Technologie zur Kohlenstoffabscheidung einführen

A concrete step towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions in cement production

An EU-funded initiative has successfully implemented carbon capture technology in a pilot cement plant in Belgium

Studies confirm that Walki Plastiroll´s Bioska films have fast biodegradability

Finnish environment Institute studied a variety of different biodegradable films and materials both in field and laboratory tests

Kaneka completes 5000 t/a PHBH® plant

Company will continue to provide value globally as a solution provider based on the idea that they help make the world healthy

Internationales Power-to-X-Sekretariat in Berlin geplant

Plattform für internationales Power-to-X-Netzwerk will weltweiten Wissensaustausch verbessern, Klimaschutzpotentiale von biobasiertem Ökostrom besser bestimmen und Nachhaltigkeitskriterien für dessen Einsatz entwickeln

CO2 must be captured – and exploited

Researchers will develop a mobile plant that can capture CO2 before it is released into the atmosphere and greenhouse gas will instead be exploited for new products

Senbis realizes pilot field for biodegradable infill

Market launch of Senbis GreenFill is planned for summer 2020, which still gives company the time to evaluate the performance of the material in practical testing

Ice cream packaging wins international packaging competition

The corrugated board ice cream package that won the WorldStar award will replace the plastic and metal packages previously used to sell bulk ice cream

Finnair participates in a feasibility study on power-to-x pilot to advance the development of carbon neutral synthetic fuels

Methanol can be further processed into for example synthetic, emission free transportation fuels

7 Januar 2020

Communication from the Commission: The European Green Deal

New growth strategy aims to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy

Mitteilung der Kommission: Der europäische Grüne Deal

Mit neuer Wachstumsstrategie will die EU zu einer fairen und wohlhabenden Gesellschaft mit einer modernen, ressourceneffizienten und wettbewerbsfähigen Wirtschaft werden

Newsletter des Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme

In der aktuellen Ausgabe steht das indische Biokraftstoffprogramm, Elektrofahrzeuge in den USA und die Entwicklung von Ladestationen, sowie die ‘saubere‘ Schifffahrt und die Ethanolumwandlung in Biokerosin im Mittelpunkt

DNFI – Innovation in Natural Fibres 2019 – Award Ceremony

Biodegradable cotton-jute fabric with a waterproof coating that can substitute for non-biodegradable PVC-coated polyester has been acknowledged

A biodegradable clay material made of tea waste

In collaboration with Yibin University and their tea farm, a Chinese designer developed a pliable, clay-like material using an adhesive made from starch

Global Starch-based bioplastics market by product type and by end-users/application

Global Market Share, Forecast Data, In-Depth Analysis, And Detailed Overview, and Forecast, 2013 - 2026

Globaler ‘Biokunststoffe auf Stärkebasis’ Markt 2019

Biome Bioplastics, Innovia Films, Greenhome, Novamont S.P.A, NatureWorks LLC

From banana to gongura, this weaver uses alternative fibres to create saris

Expert C Sekar has developed 25 natural fibres, including from banana stems

Sasol willing to consider using ‘green hydrogen’ to produce lower-carbon fuels

New demo project to install Fischer-Tropsch assets with “green hydrogen” made from renewable energy and water using electrolysis

Alberta has its economic answer in front of them. Will they see the forest for the trees?

By Jeff Passmore, Founder and Chair of Scaling Up Special to The Digest  

Die Pilz-Revolution

Das Team um die Biotechnologin experimentiert mit verschiedenen, vielseitigen und nützlichen Pilzen

6 Januar 2020

VTT equips laboratory with a bench scale unit from hte

hte supplied a customized four-fold bench scale hydroprocessing unit to VTT, the Finnish VTT Technical Research Center

VTT stattet Labor mit Bench Scale-Anlage von hte aus

hte hat eine maßgeschneiderte Hydroprocessing Vierfach-Anlage im Bench Scale-Maßstab an VTT Technical Research Center in Finnland geliefert

The Novozymes Award 2019 goes to James C. Liao

Novozymes honors Professor James C. Liao for his contributions to science that can help develop fuels and chemicals from renewable resources

Grünes Benzin bereits marktreif

Zwölf Tonnen CO2-neutrales Benzin als klimafreundliche Alternative zu Erdöl und Elektroauto produziert - Politik bremst zugunsten von Elektro-Autos

Transforming cod heads, frames and intestines from waste to value

How the new project 'WaSeaBi' is transforming codling waste into valuable side products

Nachhaltige Polyamidverarbeitung – Prozesshilfsmittel aus dem Bio-Regal

Clariants Licocare RBW-Lösungen sind marktführenden Montanwachsen in Bezug auf diverse technische Aspekte ebenbürtig, teilweise sogar überlegen

Renmatix and Cargill Sign Joint Development Agreement

Cargill and Renmatix explore new technology to make label-friendly, functional food ingredients to meet consumer demand

New Canadian bio-economy report highlights positive impact of hiring newcomers

Following the successful journey from newcomer to biotech talent, the report is a compilation of the data and success stories of both IEPs and biotech employers

FNR legt Statusbericht 2019 der Charta für Holz 2.0 auf

Der Statusbericht 2019 gibt einen Überblick über ausgewählte Aktivitäten der mit der Umsetzung des Charta-Prozesses befassten Arbeitsgruppen

23 Dezember 2019

Bio-based News starts its winter break – we will be back 6 January 2020

A good start to the new year

20 Dezember 2019

“Energy Materials” Topic Sponsor Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Innovations in Battery Research at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering on February 27, 2020

Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen präsentiert als Topic Sponsor „Energy Materials”

Innovationen aus der Batterieforschung beim 4th European Chemistry Partnering

Zurheide macht jetzt Kaffeekapseln aus Holz

Gemeinsam mit Start-up Rezemo wurde die "Zurheide-Kaffee-Kapsel" aus Hobelspänen, eingebettet in eine Matrix aus Pflanzenstärke-Polymer, entwickelt