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11 Juni 2019

Gold-coated fungi are the new gold diggers

Attaching gold to their strands could offer clues for finding new gold deposits

Bis zu 60% weniger Schadstoffe: Bio-on entwickelt Biopolymer für Zigarettenfilter

Natürliches, biologisch abbaubares Flüssigpolymer kann das in Zigarettenfiltern verwendete Triacetin ersetzen

New cigarette filters block up to 60% of harmful substances thanks to Bio-on biopolymers

Natural and biodegradable polymeric liquid can replace the triacetin used in cigarette filters

Synthetic Version of CBD Treats Seizures in Rats

Synthetic analogue of cannabidiol proves to be cheaper and just as effective as its cannabis-derived cousin

BIC and fifteen industries unite to set out their joint Vision for Europe’s bioeconomy future – a circular bio-society

In this circular bio-society, informed citizens choose a sustainable way of life

Synthetische Kraftstoffe für den Klimaschutz?

Forschungsprojekt NAMOSYN untersucht Kraftstoffalternativen

7 Juni 2019

Limit and guideline values for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in hemp foods

Analysis and evaluation of the opinion of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, BfR) from 8 November 2018 “Tetrahydrocannabinol levels are too high in many hemp-containing foods – health impairments are possible” No. 034/2018

Environmentally friendly alternative to fossil natural gas: methane from biomass

Biobased methane is not only a sustainable energy source, but also opens up new opportunities for temporary storage of renewable energies

Umweltfreundliche Alternative zu fossilem Erdgas: Methan aus Biomasse

Biobasiertes Methan ist nicht nur nachhaltiger Energieträger, sondern eröffnet auch neue Chancen für die Zwischenspeicherung erneuerbarer Energien

Boulder Clean teams up with Braskem for more sustainable packaging

The new, more sustainable Boulder Clean laundry container is made from Braskem's plant-based I'm green Polyethylene bioplastic

Giving credit where credit is due…Certifications and the bioeconomy

Certifications are one way to help gauge transparency, honesty, verification. And there’s been some big news in certifications over the last week

Tansania verbietet Plastiktüten

Herstellern drohe eine Geldstrafe von bis zu einer Milliarde tansanischer Schillinge (etwa 390.000 Euro) oder zwei Jahre Haft

The world’s most beautiful headphones are here, and they’re made of fungus

And other biomaterials such as bacteria and biosynthetic spider silk

Korvaa – Ein finnisches Unternehmen baut biologisch abbaubare Kopfhörer aus Pilzen

Auch Pilzprodukte, bakteriell hergestellte Spinnenseide und Zellulose finden sich in dem neuartigen Biomaterial

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors and Prisma Renewable Composites Collaborate to Bring Plant-Based Lignin Technology to Vehicle Interiors

The agreement includes plans to introduce Prisma’s BioLANTM material to YFAI’s broad customer base for use in various automotive interior applications

6 Juni 2019

TOP Hemp fibre-reinforced plastic, hemp protein powder and hemp face cream are “Hemp Products of the Year 2019”

With more than 410 participants from 49 countries and a sold-out exhibition, the conference has broken all records and is now by far the world's largest event for the industrial use of hemp

Taskforces for SIRA 2030

Set of actions for developing sustainable and competitive bio-based industries in Europe

Massivholz wird Textil

Forscher der Universität Kassel wollen aus Weidenholz Endlosfasern entwickeln und als neuen textilen Werkstoff etablieren

Biomass-based 3D printing, renewable solvents, fermentation-based CBD, coffee waste upcycling, algae-based ink, limestone paper and more

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of May 31st

Diskussion im Klimakabinett: Kohlendioxid verpressen – oder nicht?

"Risikotechnologie" oder "das Grundwasser könne Schaden nehmen" argwöhnen die Gegner - jetzt macht sich Merkel für Carbon Capture and Storage stark

Neste and VTT strengthen their partnership through research investments in Finland

New research infrastructure enables partners to develop cleaner solutions for fuels and chemicals

Meet the green startup shaking up the chemicals industry

DMC Biotechnologies, a US biotechnology company, makes bio-based products using enhanced microbial fermentation

The Growing Wave of Biotech IPOs in China

Reforms within China affecting the biomedical industry, such as the accelerated review and approval of drugs, and the expansion of the reimbursement scheme

5 Juni 2019

BASF, The Estée Lauder Companies, RSPO and Solidaridad partner for Sustainable Palm Project

The project partners are collaborating with the Indonesian government to foster a sustainable palm oil production supply chain in Lampung

BASF, die Estee Lauder Companies und der Roundtable on Sustainable Oil sowie Solidaridad: Partnerschaft für nachhaltige Palmölproduktion

Die Projektpartner arbeiten mit der indonesischen Regierung zusammen, um eine nachhaltige Lieferkette für die Palmölproduktion in Lampung zu fördern

Engineered bacteria could be missing link in energy storage

Electrical energy to be converted into fuels or bioplastics by microbes

Bakterien speichern Wind- und Solarstrom

Elektrische Energie durch Mikroorganismen in Treibstoffe oder Biokunststoff umwandelbar

Lithuanian scientists created bioplastic for food packaging which degrades in a couple of years

KTU Faculty of Chemical Technology researchers have developed a fully-compostable packaging for food products, which disintegrates with the help of microorganisms

EXCLUSIVE: European bio-based sector sets out 2050 vision for a circular bio-society

New report led by the Bio-based Industries Consortium sets out a vision that focuses on four key drivers

Council adopts ban on single-use plastics

Member states have agreed to achieve a 90% collection target for plastic bottles by 2029

Rat beschließt Verbot von Einwegplastik

Als Zielvorgaben für Plastikflaschen haben die Mitgliedstaaten vereinbart, bis 2029, eine Sammelquote von 90 % zu erreichen

4 Juni 2019

Life Cycle Assessment of the LignoLoc® wooden nail

The nails are made from indigenous beech wood and bring a pull-out strength that is higher than steel nails

Ökobilanz des LignoLoc®-Holznagels

Die Nägel sind aus heimischem Buchenholz gefertigt und besitzen eine höhere Ausziehfestigkeit als Stahlnägel

Gove takes action to ban plastic straws, stirrers, and cotton buds

The government confirms a ban on plastic straws, stirrers, and cotton buds to slash plastic waste

Gove ergreift Maßnahmen, um Plastikstrohhalme, Rührer und Wattestäbchen zu verbieten

Die britische Regierung bestätigt ein Verbot von Plastikstrohhalmen, Rührern und Wattestäbchen, Plastikabfälle zu zerschneiden

A new flexible packaging material based on wood fibres

Paptic launched the first full-scale commercial product, Paptic® Tringa for shopping or e-commerce bags

CO2 für regenerative Kraftstoffe effizienter aus der Luft gewinnen

Neue ZSW-Versuchsanlage läuft erfolgreich

From lethal spider toxins to eco-friendly pesticides

Significant funding and effort have been invested in the discovery, study, and development of agrochemical pesticide alternatives

This Mumbai-based startup has rolled out eco-friendly bamboo substitutes in its fight against plastic

Started by four engineers in 2017, Beco manufactures products such as kitchen towels and trash bags made from bamboo pulp and corn starch-derived polymers

FPInnovations and Resolute Inaugurate Thermomechanical Pulp Bio-Refinery in Thunder Bay

TMP-Bio is a patented technology developed by FPInnovations for the commercial production of large quantities of bio-sourced chemicals

3 Juni 2019

Walki Group Oy acquires Plastiroll Oy and broadens its offering of sustainable packaging solutions

With Walki, Plastiroll becomes part of a significant international packaging materials company. This will enable further international growth

Comet Inspires Chemistry for Making Breathable Oxygen on Mars

Caltech reactor could convert CO2 into breathable oxygen for space trips

Besser informieren ist ein Schlüssel für mehr biobasierte Beschaffung

Gemeinschaftsstudie zum öffentlichen und unternehmerischen Einkauf von Biokunststoff-Produkten am Beispiel von GaLaBau-Produkten und Kinderspielzeug

Finland’s ‘bioeconomy’ could provide roadmap for Maine

Finland's top forestry official paints a picture of her country's push to develop a sustainable advanced economy with a natural resource mix that mirrors Maine's own

Lenzing: Lyocell fibers for aquatic farming

Company initiated the project in collaboration with the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI), Chemnitz/Germany, and FIUM GmbH & Co. KG

Designing Biobased Recyclable Polymers for Plastics

The study presents strategies for improving the performance and recyclability of the polymers

New Artificial Photosynthesis Breakthrough Uses Gold to Turn CO2 Into Liquid Fuel

The new process mimics this natural ability via chemical manipulations that create liquid fuel, without requiring chlorophyll

31 Mai 2019

Sustainable PU synthetics for the shoe industry

Combination of water-based textile coating with regenerative fibers

Nachhaltiges Kunstleder für die Schuhindustrie

Kombination aus wässriger Textilbeschichtung mit nachwachsenden Fasern

KLM, SkyNRG and SHV Energy announce project first European plant for sustainable aviation fuel

Europe’s first dedicated production facility for sustainable aviation fuel to be built at Delfzijl