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11 Januar 2019

Coca-Cola packt CO2 aus der Atmosphäre ins Mineralwasser

Eine Schweizer Anlage fängt Kohlendioxid aus der Luft und Coca-Cola will mit dem so gewonnenen Gas eine Wassermarke umweltfreundlicher machen

Indirect additional global warming impacts from processes attributing to direct global warming and example of permafrost melting

Contribution article by Ville Uusitalo, Assistant Professor at the LUT-University and Annamari Enström, Senior Researcher, LCA at Neste Corporation

A new study from MIT Sloan School finds consumers are willing to pay a premium for supply chain visibility

Research has implications for how firms message their efforts to target customers

The BioIncredibles 2: iMicrobes is using methane to produce chemicals, and Mikey the Microbe Likes It

The achievement of a major proof of concept is the news, in the case of Industrial Microbes - the ability to convert methane into multiple products

Recyclingkunststoffe: Nachfragelücke in Europa bei fünf Millionen Tonnen

Die Kommission hat nach eigenen Angaben bis Ende September von 65 Verbänden und Einzelunternehmen freiwillige Selbstverpflichtungen erhalten

Agilyx and AmSty Announce Joint Venture

The Agilyx process converts used polystyrene products back into their original liquid form, styrene monomer

10 Januar 2019

University lands £1.1m award to investigate plastics waste

UK researchers work on developing a new range of biodegradable plastics

Leaf validates fully integrated GlycellTM process & secures R&D financing package

GlycellTM technology package has now been validated in a pilot facility for the first time as an integrated process

Member portrait: POLIFILM

Expert in PE solutions and leading manufacturer of extrusion and protective films serves its international customers with a huge range of applications

Study analyses contribution of wood products to climate change mitigation

Limitations and important research gaps should be covered as impact of wood products is only one component in climate change mitigation

Improved catalyst can speed up conversion of industrial biomass into biofuel

Researchers at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) have developed a fast, environment-friendly method to convert industrial biomass into biodiesel

Verband für Dämmstoffe aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen gegründet

Der bisherige "VHD" erweitert sich zum "vdnr"

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak and Veolia partner to get all beverage carton components recycled

The average beverage carton comprises around 75% paperboard, 20% plastic and 5% aluminium foil

Through International Support, U.S. Has Opportunity to Align Own Agencies on Precision Biotech

The non-binding statement presents several principles that each country agrees to follow in order to create an international system that is harmonized on how to regulate products of precision biotechnology, including gene editing

9 Januar 2019

Single-use plastics directive fails to acknowledge potential of biodegradable plastics

Member States should envisage the possibility to create limited, efficient exemptions for innovative compostable plastic products that facilitate organic recycling

Soybean oil driving Purdue technology to improve roadways

Environmental Concrete Products uses engineering sealant technology to protect and prolong the life of new and existing concrete

TBM Announces the Concept Model of Alternatives to Single-use Plastic Bags at COP 24

Products made from a limestone-based material is close to launching LIMEX and Plax bags as alternatives to single-use plastic bags

The BAMCO consortium: eight industry stakeholders, companies and research laboratories are pooling their expertise to develop biosourced composites using bamboo fibres

Innovation to possibly reduce the environmental footprint of aircraft, as well as delivering benefits that extend well beyond the aerospace industry

Ressourcen-Wende gefordert

Das 4. European Resources Forum (ERF) des UBA in Berlin versuchte mehr Aufmerksamkeit für ein vernachlässigtes Thema der Umweltpolitik zu erreichen

Avantium: BASF steigt aus JV Synvina aus

Niederländer werden Anteile von BASF an dem Joint Venture übernehmen und damit die vollständige Kontrolle über Synvina erlangen

BASF pulling out of bioplastics JV

Upon BASF’s exit, Avantium will acquire the German company’s equity interest in the JV and Synvina will continue its operations as a fully Avantium-owned company

Six leading universities launch the “European Bioeconomy University” initiative

“European Bioeconomy University” – that is the title under which the six strongest European universities in the area of the bioeconomy will team up to work towards a common goal

Albis focuses on materials for recycling, health care, lighting

Albis Plastic GmbH took aim at recycling, health care and lighting markets at Fakuma 2018  

8 Januar 2019

TOP In-depth psychological market research finds surprising insights into consumers’ mindset towards bio-based products

Deep-seated opinions, prejudices and contexts

TOP Tiefenpsychologische Marktforschung kommt zu überraschenden Erkenntnissen über die Haltung von Verbrauchern zu bio-basierten Produkten

Fest verwurzelte Ansichten, Vorurteile und Kontexte

TOP Single-use plastics: Commission welcomes ambitious agreement on new rules to reduce marine litter

Europe's businesses and consumers to be ahead as a world leader in producing and using sustainable alternatives

TOP Einwegkunststoffprodukte: Kommission begrüßt ehrgeizige Einigung über neue Vorschriften zur Reduzierung von Abfällen im Meer

Verbraucherinnen und Verbraucher in Europa sollen zu weltweiten Spitzenreitern bei der Herstellung und Nutzung nachhaltiger Alternativen werden

Controversial assumptions of study by University of Bonn create misleading interpretation of bioplastics’ environmental impact

Amounted renewable feedstock for the production of bioplastics shows that there is no competition between the renewable feedstock for food or feed

Sulapac, the multi-awarded Finnish start-up, welcomes Chanel as an investor

Company has developed an innovative material which responds to consumers’ growing desire to find environmentally friendly products or packaging

Riva Alva – Erstes plastikfreies Wasser-Filter-System

Bioganische Wasserfilter-Revolution: Block-Aktivkohle-Kartuschen auf Holzbasis vermeiden Plastik und liefern quellreines Leitungswasser

Biodegradable Lubricants – Selection, Application, and Maintenance

Biodegradable lubricants have become extremely important to support the demands of environmental protection

UC San Diego Awarded $2 Million to Advance Algae-based Renewable Polymers

Department of Energy funds ‘bio-economy’ project for novel manufacturing of algae-based biopolymers

Ikea parent invests in Austrian recycling specialist NGR

The process, claimed by NGR to produce food-grade materials, can mix and recycle different forms of PET waste

Rohstoffwende jetzt: Führende deutsche Recyclingunternehmen fordern Nationalen Rat Recycling

Trotz hoher Sammelquoten wird in Deutschland zu wenig recycelt

7 Januar 2019

Global Biodegradable Packaging Market Size & Share

Segmented by Material Type, Application and Region - Growth, Trends and Forecast (2018 - 2023)

UK to launch call for evidence on development of standards for bio-based and biodegradable plastics

Government has acknowledged the bio-based industry as a growing sector and that new packaging types could help reduce the environmental impact of plastics

BASF notifies Avantium of its exit from Synvina

Companies still discussing terms and conditions of an exit - Avantium continues to disagree with BASF’s interpretation of the joint venture agreement

Wie die europäische Bioökonomie durch „Big Data“-Technologien unterstützt werden kann

Eine Pilotinitiative ebnete den Weg für eine neue Lösung für eine nachhaltige Forstwirtschaft. Diese ist Teil einer Reihe von Aktivitäten, bei denen massive Datenströme über Sensoren sowie luft- und satellitengestützte Bilder gehandhabt werden

How to support the European bioeconomy with Big Data technologies

A pilot initiative has offered a new solution for sustainable forestry. It’s part of a series of activities that handle massive data flows collected through sensors and aerial and satellite imagery

Bochemie: Tschechen planen Biopolymeranlage zur Herstellung von Kunststoffen aus altem Frittenfett

Weltweit einzigartige Hydal Technologie ermöglicht Herstellung von Polyoxyalkanoaten aus gebrauchten Lebensmittelfetten

Chemisches Recycling von Kunststoffabfällen

Von Plastikmüll zu neuen chemischen Produkten

DSD will Kunststoffrecycling verbessern

Geplant ist laut DSD, zwei große Linien für die Sortierung und das Recycling von HDPE und PP aus Mischabfallströmen aus der haushaltsnahen Wertstofferfassung zu bauen

24 Dezember 2018

Bio-based News starts its winter break – we will be back 7 January 2018

A good start to the new year

21 Dezember 2018

Biodegradable, edible film kills pathogens on seafood

Antimicrobial compounds may control the growth of foodborne pathogens on seafood, according to PennState researchers

Bioklebstoff auf Basis nachwachsender Rohstoffe

Forscher von Fraunhofer UMSICHT haben gemeinsam mit Partnern aus Wissenschaft und Industrie einen neuartigen Haftschmelzklebstoff auf Pflanzenbasis entwickelt

Australian company Nanollose creates clothing from coconut-based waste

Biomaterial technology firm Nanollose has created a garment produced from the company’s “tree-free” rayon fibre

Öffentliches Bauen & Sanieren mit Baustoffen aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Neues Themenheft der FNR bietet Informationen und Anregungen für die Ausschreibung klimaneutraler Baumaßnahmen

RSB Assembly Approves Groundbreaking Standard for Advanced Products

For the first time, products from recycled carbon and non-biogenic waste will be able to carry real and credible sustainability claims

Fast Pyrolysis Technology: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide ABLC Guide to Biomass Technology Group

Bert van de Beld from BTG gave this illuminating overview of their fast pyrolysis technology and commercial scale demo plant

Technology helps push industry greener

Environmentalists slam plastics for polluting the oceans, but the public may not understand that most ocean plastics come from Asian countries like China and Indonesia