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14 September 2017

Glasses go ‘BIO’. Partnership between Bio-On and Kering Eyewear

Bio-on and Kering Eyewear join forces to develop new biomaterials

13 September 2017

AkzoNobel and Itaconix to develop bio-based chelates for the detergents industry

The second partnership stemming from a joint development agreement aims to develop innovative bio-based chelates for use in the detergents and cleaners markets

Bio-waste valorisation

Major study says, European Union produces approximately 700 million tons of bio-waste annually

Schallplatten aus Bioplastik pressen

Mit Schallplatten aus dem Biokunststoff PLA will ein Hallenser Designstudent der Musikscheibe zu einem nachhaltigen Comeback verhelfen

Plastic Stretches Towards the New: Top 10 Trendlines in Bioplastics

What’s the promise, who’s making progress? And when, where, how, and costing how much?

GA used as oxygen scavenger in new bio-based packaging

TUM and Fraunhofer researchers developed a multilayer bio-based packaging film for the packaging of food products with high water activity

12 September 2017

BillerudKorsnäs invests in cold chain packaging company Vericool

Aim is to work closely with companies and actively contribute to developing new solutions in the packaging value chain

Stepping up commitment to Caprolactone market by upgrading Capa™ plant in Warrington, UK

The new investment will future proof the production and even further increase security of supply

Bamboo Bikes Beijing: Nachhaltige Mobilität mit natürlichen Konstruktionswerkstoffen

Vor allem junge Chinesen wollen die Situation ändern und investieren in die Entwicklung umweltfreundlicher Mobilitätssysteme

Huskers bring the heat to improve biodegradable plastics

New research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Jiangnan University found that raising and slowly cooling down bio-plastic fibers temperature to greatly improve the resistance to heat and moisture

Fermentation Frontiers: Top 10 Trendlines in industrial biotech fermentation

The targets are diversifying and cellulosics themselves are shifting gears from process to feedstocks

11 September 2017

Effizientere Rohstoffnutzung mit Hilfe von „molekularen Fließbändern“

Künstliche Transporter-Enzymkomplexe steigern Zuckerverwertung in Bäckerhefe

Elopak and Stora Enso launched Pure-Pak cartons made of natural brown paperboard

The new Pure-Pak® carton supports the values of organic products and brings outstanding presence on shelf

Nachwachsende Baustoffe für die Städte der Zukunft

Forscher des KIT präsentieren selbsttragende Struktur aus Pilzmyzelium und Bambus bei der Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

Covestro: Bio-based resin for stable timber construction materials

High flame retardance and protection against weathering thanks to new polyurethane matrix

New molecules, innovation, value

Scientists are proposing a new model for creating, applying and commercializing chemicals made from corn stalks, wood chips and other sources of biomass

8 September 2017

TOP First generation biofuels are just as sustainable as second generation – both show significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions

New study conducts quantitative and qualitative sustainability assessment of biofuels against the background of the EU’s REDII negotiations

TOP Biokraftstoffe der ersten Generation ebenso nachhaltig wie die der zweiten Generation – deutliche Reduktion von Treibhausgasen bei beiden

Neue Studie untersucht Nachhaltigkeit von Biokraftstoffen qualitativ und quantitativ vor dem Hintergrund der EU-Verhandlungen zur Erneuerbare-Energien-Richtlinie (RED II)

ITA researches climate-friendly materials

Projects of RWTH Aachen become a part of KlimaExpo.NRW

ITA erforscht klimafreundliche Werkstoffe

Projekte der RWTH Aachen University werden Teil der KlimaExpo.NRW

Interview — Growing food or fuel on our land?

EEA talked to Irini Maltsoglou, FAO Natural Resources Officer, about biofuel production and agriculture

Mainzer Chemiker stellen Studie über Plastik fressende Raupe in Frage

Sensationelle Berichte über biochemischen Abbau von Polyethylen durch Raupen nicht bestätigt

German scientists question study about plastic-eating caterpillars

Sensational report of biochemical degradation of polyethylene by caterpillars not confirmed

Pilze als Dämmmaterial nutzen

Fraunhofer UMSICHT-Mitarbeiterin Julia Krayer will pilzbasierte Materialien auf dem Markt etablieren

7 September 2017

TOP Nominees for the Innovation Award “Biocomposite of the Year 2017” call attention to new technologies and application fields for biocomposites

The “Biocomposites Conference Cologne” (BCC) will take place on 6 and 7 December 2017 in Cologne, Germany

TOP Nominierte für den Innovationspreis ” Biocomposite of the Year 2017″ zeigen neue Technologien und Anwendungsfelder für Biokomposite auf

Am 6. und 7. Dezember findet in Köln die „Biocomposites Conference Cologne (BCC)” statt

Sukano enables the next generation of drinking straw

Bioplastics additive company works with NatureWorks to create a high-performance, renewable, biobased drinking straw that could revolutionize the market

Die Bioökonomie ist viel mehr als nur eine Kreislaufwirtschaft

Gastbeitrag von Michael Carus, Geschäftsführer des nova-Instituts, beleuchtet den Unterschied von Bioökonomie und Kreislaufwirtschaft

Von der Entzauberung magischer Pilze

Jenaer Naturstoff- und Pilzforscher rekonstruierten erstmals die Biosynthese bewusstseinserweiternder Substanzen aus Pilzen

Solar hydrogen production by artificial leafs

Scientists analysed how a special treatment improves cheap metal oxide photoelectrodes

Solarer Wasserstoff mit „künstlichem Blatt“

Wissenschaftler am HZB-Institut für Solare Brennstoffe arbeiten intensiv daran, diese Materialklasse weiterzuentwickeln

UK government announces sustainable airline fuel from rubbish funding

Transport Minister Jesse Norman said the government is committed to cutting carbon emissions and promoting new environmentally-friendly fuels

6 September 2017

Kempen Insect Valley officially launched

The ‘Insect Pilot Plant’ aims to upscale from lab to a pilot plant for rearing, processing and biorefinery of insects to make the transition to industrial production

A circular economy needs bio-based, renewable materials

An interview with Erik Lindroth, Environment Director Nordics, Tetra Pak

Schimmelpilz macht als Produzent für Biokunststoff bald Karriere

Forscher des Acib wollen Aspergillus Niger als Aconitsäure-Produzenten erforschen

Faurecia turns to hemp to reduce reliance on plastic parts

Company is experimenting with producing injection-molded auto parts that reduce its reliance on plastics

5 September 2017

Kenya imposes world’s strictest ban on single-use plastic bags

Kenya seeking to eradicate scourge of plastic waste with stringent measures

EU funding for Metsä Fibre’s long-term development projects

Long-term development projects aim to prove the commercial viability of new technologies to produce lignin-based products and pulp-based textile fibres, bark as a replacement for coal

Schmidt: “Der Wald der Zukunft muss anpassungsfähig sein”

Neueröffnung des European Forest Institute (EFI) am UN-Campus in Bonn

New bio-based monomers: tuneable polyester properties using branched diols from biomass

Diol monomers, previously little known to polymer chemistry, have been combined with FDCA and TA derivatives to produce a range of novel polyesters

How Sicilian oranges are being made into clothes

New technique is currently being tested at the University of Catania and results are encouraging

4 September 2017

Spinning plant waste into carbon fiber for cars, planes

Washington State researchers report transforming lignin into carbon fiber to produce a lower-cost material strong enough to build car or aircraft parts

DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award 2017

Finalists Chosen – Worldwide Voting Underway

Biobasiertes Harz für stabile Holzbaustoffe

Hoher Flammschutz dank neuer Matrix

EU gefährdet Versorgung mit Pharmaglycerin

Bei Wahlkampfauftritt hat Bundesgesundheitsminister Gröhe jetzt seine Unterstützung zugesagt

BASF and bse Engineering sign development agreement to transform CO2 and excess current into methanol

BASF will provide bse Engineering with custom made catalysts adapted to this new process

BASF und bse Engineering unterzeichnen Entwicklungsvereinbarung für die Umwandlung von CO2 und überschüssigem Strom zu Methanol

BASF wird bse Engineering mit für den neuen Prozess maßgeschneiderten Katalysatoren versorgen

1 September 2017

Going green with plant-based resins

Researchers developed a new plant-based resin that could make airplanes “greener”

innogy präsentiert Alternative zum Öl

Ausflugsschiff MS innogy als erstes Klima-Projekt mit Methanol-Antrieb erfolgreich gestartet

Viscose Speciality Fibres from Kelheim – an answer to a global problem?

New concept to prevent plastic particles pollution by substituting conventional wet wipes made with synthetic fibres, by wet wipes made with Kelheim’s short cut fibre Viloft® and cellulose