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8 August 2017

Adhesives Companies are increasingly focusing on bio-renewal Adhesives

Manufacturers aim is to establish bio-based adhesives as an equivalent replacement for mineral oil-based solutions

Water soluble film by Mondi reduces packaging waste and improves end consumer safety

Beside to reducing overall packaging waste, the films are also considered to be biodegradable, non-toxic and non-inhibitory

BMBF: Biomasse statt Erdöl

"Technologie-Initiative Bioraffinerien" des BMBF geht an den Start - Wanka: "Bioraffinerien sind Innovationstreiber einer zukünftigen biobasierten Wirtschaft"

PURCELL – cellulose to replace plastics

Scientists developed an innovative material made from pure cellulose for a huge range of applications

PURCELL – Cellulose ersetzt Kunststoff

Wissenschaftler entwickeln neuartigen Werkstoff aus reiner Cellulose für zahlreiche Anwendungen

Biochar could clear the air in more ways than one

Rice University study suggests health, economic benefits of capturing agricultural nitric oxide

Fungi that Evolved to Eat Wood Offer New Biomass Conversion Tool

UMass Amherst microbiologists, international team show fungal deconstruction of wood

7 August 2017

Braskem Green Plastic comes to organic coffee packaging

Collaboration in Minas Gerais to supply the Green Plastic entitled I'm greenTM for the production of organic coffee packaging

Making clothes from milk

It is possible to turn dairy waste into a surprising new material: fibres that can be spun and woven and used to make clothing and other textiles

Zirkuläre Wirtschaft: Das neue Wirtschaftsmodell für die chemische Industrie?

Fraunhofer UMSICHT erstellte im Auftrag des VCI NRW eine Studie zur zirkulären Nutzung anhand von drei Stoffströmen

Verdezyne Groundbreaking Ceremony in Malaysia Commemorates Initiation Of The World’s First Biobased DDDA Plant

VerdePalm Plant to Use Sustainable Palm-based Materials to Manufacture Components of FerroShield™ Dibasic Acid Mixture for Superior Corrosion Inhibitio

#BIOWC17 – A Revolution in Biobased Products

Programming on the new developments in biobased products and packaging was a highlight

Technology could transform microalgae into bio-based chemicals to increase biofeedstock, reduce landfill waste

The most common current processes to extract biochemicals from algae often degrade a large portion of the cell contents and are energy intensive

4 August 2017

Global Bio-Based Chemicals Market Forecast 2017-2025

Key findings, market, regional and competitive insights by Inkwood Research

Klimastiftung Schweiz: Ein Zusatzleben für Abfallberge

Klimafreundlichen Biokunststoff hat die Zürcher Firma FluidSolids bereits erfolgreich entwickelt, nun tüftelt man an Kunststoffrezepturen aus Pflanzenabfällen

Bio-based xylitol lowers production costs

New process from S2G BioChem aims to produce xylitol utilizing byproducts from pulp-and-paper plants and biorefineries as feedstock

Biobasierte Stadt

Wie kann sie aussehen, die Stadt von morgen? Welche biobasierten Innovationen gibt es bereits? Woran wird getüftelt? Dieses Dossier gibt einen Überblick

Praj-Gevo Joint Development Agreement to Enter Commercialization Phase

The goal of these agreements was for Praj to adapt Gevo’s isobutanol technology to using non-corn based sugars and lignocellulose feedstocks

Study on photoprotection may benefit biofuel feedstock yield

Study reveals the mechanisms of a protein that helps moss and green algae defend against too much light

3 August 2017

Can developers find a bio-based solution for injection moulded food packaging?

New research project aiming to produce thin walled transparent food wrap and bio-based plastics that are affordable

8 Millionen Tonnen gebrauchtes Holz könnten wiederverwendet werden

Diese beeindruckende Menge Altholz fällt jährlich in Deutschland zu Recyclingzwecken an

Rudolf J. Koopmans: Er macht aus Milch Plastik

Plastik ist praktisch, aber eine Belastung für die Umwelt. In Fribourg tüfteln Forscher jetzt an einem biologisch abbaubaren Kunststoff

Hitting a new high – Hemp industry and innovations continue to grow like weeds

Vermont’s latest statistics on state’s hemp industry’s growth made Biofuels Digest wonder what is it about hemp that is so hip?

An interview with Tatjana Schwabe, CLIB2021. “Clusters can bring the right people together”

Tatjana Schwabe talks about the role of clusters in supporting the European bioeconomy

Biofuel potential in Southeast Asia: Raising food yields, reducing food waste and utilising residues

Biofuel potential in Southeast Asia offers detailed estimates of biomass resource potential for Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

2 August 2017

European Commission launches Knowledge Centre to provide scientific evidence on bioeconomy

Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre marks an important step in bringing the different policy areas of the bioeconomy closer together

Expertengespräch Biokunststoffe – Nachfrage und Angebot

Das Institut für Biokunststoffe und Bioverbundwerkstoffe und die Fachzeitschrift PLASTVERARBEITER luden zum Expertengespräch ein

60 Million Households Produce Natural Fibres: Production Reached 30 Million Tons in 2016

World production of all fibres is estimated to have exceeded 100 million metric tons for the first time in 2016

Hanfbeton: Die Zukunft auf dem Bau?

Nutzhanf als Baumaterial sollte in Deutschland bald wettbewerbsfähig werden, um im internationalen Wettbewerb bestehen zu können

Krystal Gabel will challenge Gov. Pete Ricketts in Nebraska Primary

Gabel's platform includes to make Nebraska the primary producer and manufacturer of hemp biofuel and biodiesel

Power-to-Liquid: 200 Liter Sprit aus Solarstrom und dem Kohlenstoffdioxid der Umgebungsluft

Kompaktanlage produziert ersten synthetischen Kraftstoff aus Sonnenenergie und dem Kohlenstoffdioxid der Luft

1 August 2017

Issue 64 of the research*eu results magazine – The grand plan for carbon capture

The latest research*eu results magazine is now available in free, accessible PDF.

Kunststoff aus Zucker und Stärke – in Serie

Die beiden Gründer der Biokunststoff-Firma Tecnaro im Interview mit Bild der Wissenschaft

The 10 Strangest Bioeconomy Storylines of All Time

No. 10: About a 3D-printed, biobased cabin available for rent in Amsterdam

„European Joint Undertaking on Bio-Based Industries (BBI)“ fördert Konsortium „PEFerence“.

Förderung soll innovative Wertschöpfungskette von bio-basierten Rohstoffen bis zu Chemikalien und Materialien auf Basis von Polyethylenfuranoat (PEF) etablieren helfen

Microbeads ban: Government to outlaw microplastics in cosmetic products

Any kind of 'rinse-off' personal care and cosmetic products are affected, but not 'leave-on' make-up or sunscreen after industry complaints about the cost

Cellulosic Biofuels Can Benefit the Environment If Managed Correctly

Cellulosic biofuels are routinely factored into future climate mitigation scenarios because of their potential to displace petroleum use and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions

31 Juli 2017

TOP Power-to-Liquid – Sprit aus Solarenergie und CO2

Zum ersten Mal wurden 200 Liter Kraftstoff aus Sonnenenergie und dem Kohlenstoffdioxid der Umgebungsluft in einer marktreifen Pilotanlage hergestellt

PolyBioSkin develops biopolymers for high-demand skin-contact applications

Kick-off meeting in Spain to discuss how new generation bio-based polymers can help advance sustainable alternatives in sanitary, cosmetic, and biomedical fields

Biopolymere aus Resten der Holzverarbeitung

Neues BMEL-Projekt nutzt Terpene aus der Holzverarbeitung um biobasierte Polyamide herzustellen

Seattle startup raises $12M to ‘rewrite the software of life’ (with a little help from the technology behind beer)

Biology company Arzeda spent the last nine years developing the technology to build custom proteins and other molecules

Biofuel for conventional diesel engines created

Researchers have developed a method for producing a petroleum diesel-like fuel from conventional biodiesel at low temperatures

Forscher stellen Biokraftstoff für konventionelle Dieselmotoren her

Forscher haben ein Verfahren entwickelt, mit dem sie aus konventionellem Biodiesel bei niedrigeren Temperaturen einen petrodiesel-ähnlichen Kraftstoff herstellen

REG Celebrates Completion of Upgrade Project at Emden Biorefinery

REG invested 2.5 million € for the installation of a new biodiesel distillation column and a thermal oil heater

28 Juli 2017

Making the right choices – where are biofuels headed in Europe?

"Sustainable First and Second Generation Bioethanol for Europe – Opportunities for People, Planet and Profit ", international conference, 26 September 2017, Brussels

PlastiCircle – Improvement of the plastic packaging waste chain from a circular economy approach

EU-project aims to develop and implement a holistic process to increase recycling rates of packaging waste in Europe

Neue biobasierte Brücken im Rotterdamer Hafen halten bestimmt 100 Jahre

InfraCore's weltweit patentiertes Verfahren erlaubt das Verbauen von Kunststoffkompositen in Brückenkonstruktionen

New biobased bridges in port of Rotterdam will last at least 100 years

InfraCore's patented technology allows to building polymer composites in bridge constructions

Biokunststoff: Zitrusfrüchte statt Chemie

Katalanische Forscher arbeiten an Bioplastik aus Zitronen, Orangen oder Pomeranzen

How enzymes produce hydrogen

For years, researchers had assumed that a highly unstable intermediate state had to exist in the reaction. No one was able to verify this. Until now