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25 Januar 2017

Researchers develop environmentally friendly, soy air filter

The research could lead to better air purifiers, particularly in regions of the world that suffer from very poor air quality

24 Januar 2017

The Core of the Bioeconomy: New Developments in Bio-based Building Blocks and Platform Chemicals

International Conference on Bio-based Materials, 10-11 May, Cologne, Germany

Das Herzstück der Bioökonomie: Neue Entwicklungen bei bio-basierten Building-Blocks und Plattformchemikalien

International Conference on Bio-based Materials am 10.-11. Mai in Köln

Lesaffre inaugurate a new drying facility in Alabama and celebrate the launch of Leaf’s new bioengineered yeast for ethanol production

First yeast drying facility in the United States

High time? German MPs legalize medical marijuana for severely ill

Patients should be able to obtain dried cannabis and cannabis extracts of controlled quality in pharmacies

Bundestag lässt Cannabis-Arzneimittel für schwerkranke Patienten zu

Künftig sollen getrocknete Cannabis-Blüten und Cannabis-Extrakte in kontrollierter Qualität auf Rezept in Apotheken erhältlich sein

Industry endorses plan to recycle 70% of plastic packaging globally

New report outlines how a solution could be reached

VCs Invest $5.8 Billion in Bio-based Chemicals, as Focus Shifts to Disruptive Synthetic Biology

This year, synthetic biology startups have raised 53% of all VC funding in bio-based materials and chemicals, says Lux Research

Estonian investors plan to build a €1 billion biorefinery

Largest ever industry investment in Estonia to become the most modern biorefinery in Europe

Tiny plants with huge potential

Jena University scientists investigate potential of duckweed

Entengrütze: Kleine Pflanzen, große Chancen

Wissenschaftler der Universität Jena erforschen das Potenzial von Wasserlinsen

Catalysis in Renewable Chemicals: Noteworthy Developments, 2015 – 2016

The most noteworthy items in catalytic biotechnology are presented

23 Januar 2017

Research identifies potential of CO2 reuse in Flanders

With carbon capture and utilisation (CCU), the carbon cycle is closed and CO2 is no longer a waste stream

Stora Enso: Neue Produktionslinie für Bio-Verbundwerkstoffe in Schweden

Produktionsaufnahme ist für das erste Quartal 2018 vorgesehen, die Produktionskapazität wird bei rund 15.000 Tonnen pro Jahr liegen

Green Dot Bioplastics introduces new biodegradable plastic for horticultural applications

Green Dot Bioplastics has developed a new biodegradable biocomposite for horticultural applications made from reclaimed biobased feedstocks

Surf and Earth: How prawn shopping bags could save the planet

Engineering research team developed chitosan-based biodegradable plastics

New path to ethylene via ethanol: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Technip’s Hummingbird tech

Technip’s Paul Langston gave this comprehensive overview of the technology and the company

Report says global biobased PET market may hit $13.1 billion by 2023

Bio polyethylene terephthalate weighs lower in comparison to their fossil fuel counterparts

Institut für Energieverfahrenstechnik arbeitet an neuen strombasierten Synthese-Kraftstoffen

Zukünftig soll das Premium-Synthesebenzin OTTO-R 2025 nicht mehr aus fossilen Energieträgern, sondern aus „grünem“ Methanol entstehen

20 Januar 2017

TOP Bio-based economy and climate change

New report on important links, pitfalls and opportunities

USDA announces $2.9 million available for biorefinery research

This research to help integrated biorefineries reduce costs and improve performance

Granula: Farbmasterbatches zur Einfärbung von Biokunststoffen

Neue Technologien für Masterbatches mit biologischen Farben und abbaubaren Additiven für Spritzguss- und Extrusionsanwendungen

Zelfo Technology eröffnet Produktions- und Forschungsstätte für bearbeitete Naturfasern

Unternehmen engagiert sich in der Entwicklung und Herstellung von Faserzusätzen für die Verpackungsindustrie mit direkten Anwendungen im Liner- und Flutingbereich

Zelfo Technology Engineers a Future in Micro-Fibrillated Cellulose (MFC) for Paper and Packaging

Company is developing and producing packaging based fibre additives with applications in the liner and fluting sectors

Firma aus dem Münsterland rüstet Apple Stores aus

Platten aus Raps, Mais, Leinöl und Quarz

From waste CO2 to everyday products: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Liquid Light technology

Former CEO Kyle Teamey gave this overview of the technology at ABLC

Biodegradation of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and Their Derivatives

The biodegradation of carbon nanomaterials by microbes and enzymes is now of great importance

19 Januar 2017

Stora Enso invests in biocomposite granules in Hylte, Sweden

Production is scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2018 with annual capacity at about 15,000 tonnes per year

Bundeswettbewerb HolzbauPlus – anspruchsvolle Projekte ausgezeichnet

Vorbildliche nachhaltige Lösungen beim Bauen und Sanieren mit nachwachsenden Baustoffen ausgezeichnet

Nachwachsende Rohstoffe im Autobau – Jute statt Plastik

Große Konzerne forschen zunehmend an ökologischen Lösungen

Paris bans non-bio plastic bags in supermarkets

Only compostable biosourced bags as well as paper and cotton bags for primary packaging are going to be allowed

KnipBio closes Series B round for its Single Cell Protein:

What’s SCP and why is it becoming the hottest development target around?

China takes aim at corn glut with plastics, livestock feed push

The document offers an insight into the government's thinking and illustrates the depth of concern about the country's large stockpile of ageing corn

LanzaTech Awarded $4M from DOE for Low Carbon Jet & Diesel Demonstration Facility

LanzaTech is currently building its first commercial ethanol facilities using waste gases

18 Januar 2017

Scientists make plastic from Christmas trees

University of Bath researchers developed renewable plastic from a chemical called pinene found in pine needles

Dual-purpose biofuel crops could extend production, increase profits

Recent Illinois study shows that it is cost effective to retrofit ethanol plants where it makes sense

India’s double first in climate battle

World's first £3m industrial plant to capture CO2 emissions and using it to make valuable chemicals

Amber Waves of Gain: BioAmber, CJ CheilJedang to launch Asian JV for bio-succinic

Some Digest's editors background views

Global Biodegradable Polymers Market 2017-2021

According to Technavio analysts latest report, the global biodegradable polymers market can look forward to growth at a CAGR of 21.1% over the next five years

Bubble Trouble: No more shampoo goo, via a nifty biobased chemical technology

A new chemical process to combine fatty acids from soybeans or coconut and sugar-derived rings from corn to make a renewable soap molecule called Oleo-Furan-Surfactant

Microalgae create green fuel, reduce food insecurity

ICMM could reduce fossil fuel use by supplying liquid hydrocarbon biofuels for the aviation and cargo shipping industries

17 Januar 2017

Global Bioenergies plans to acquire Dutch start-up Syngip B.V.

Company has set the diversification of feedstocks usable in its isobutene process as its new R&D frontier

Global Bioenergies plant die Übernahme des niederländischen Startups Syngip BV

Neues F&E-Ziel besteht in der Diversifikation der für das Isobutenverfahren verwendbaren Ressourcen

Global Bioenergies to acquire gas fermentation start-up Syngip

Some Digest editor's backstories and stakeholder statements about this acquisition

UK bioeconomy supports over 5 million jobs. An interview with Margaret Smallwood, CEO BioVale

How is the bioeconomy in UK developing after Brexit and what means the election of Donald Trump as US President?

The AirCarbon methane-to-plastics technology: The Digest’s 20-16 Multi-Slide Guide to Newlight Technologies

Company using greenhouse gas-to-plastic bioconversion technology to produce plastics from air and methane

Why Farmers Grow GMOs

Survey found that farmers believe biotechnology helps them raise crops more efficiently and to lessen their environmental footprint

Solegear Announces Acquisition of LINDAR’s Bioplastic Division

Latest U.S. Acquisition Accelerates Bioplastic Packaging Market Share Growth

BioAmber Inc. announces $7 million underwritten offering of common stock and concurrent $8.9 million registered direct offering of warrants

BioAmber intends to use the net proceeds of the underwritten offering and the registered offering of warrants for working capital and other general corporate purposes

16 Januar 2017

TOP Avantium Acquires Liquid Light

Unrivaled electro-catalysis technology to convert CO2 to sustainable chemicals