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11 Juni 2018

Global meeting place of the hemp industry in Cologne

EIHA-Conference to present and discuss the latest developments from all areas of the hemp industry

Buoyant prices fuel current wool cycle

IWTO market intelligence committee chairman Chris Wilcox speaking at the 87th IWTO annual congress in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Fazer beginning cooperation with Sulapac

The aim is to develop new responsible packaging solutions for foodstuffs

Polymer researchers discover path to sustainable and biodegradable polyesters

As useful as polyolefins are in society, they continue to multiply as trash in the environment

Forschung an biodegradierbarer Elektronik gewinnt Wettbewerb „Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen“

Mit der Forschung an biodegradierbarer Elektronik wurde das Fraunhofer Verbundprojekt bioElektron unter der Federführung des Fraunhofer FEP als einer der 100 Orte im Land der Ideen 2018 ausgezeichnet

8 Juni 2018

TOP IKEA and Neste take a significant step towards a fossil-free future

First large-scale production of renewable, bio-based polypropylene plastic globally

Ingenza embarks on collaborative project to recycle CO2

Scottish JV aims to reduce the waste carbon dioxide generated by industrial biotech manufacturing applications

In der Not zusammenhalten: Auf ungünstigen Standorten gute Ergebnisse mit Mischanbau von Energiepflanzen und Leguminosen

Forscherteam der Universität Rostock hat den Mischanbau von Mais bzw. Sorghum mit verschiedenen Leguminosen im Vergleich zum Reinanbau erprobt

Invitation to the inauguration ceremony of the Bio-on production plant

Innovative plant will produce micro bioplastics for cosmetics

Organic is not a good hallmark of quality – this is why

The organic concept is popular and that testifies to today’s prevailing anti-technological mood. But technology has moved on

50 shades of green: Europe’s farm reforms explained

Deep budget cuts and an untested plan to let national governments take the reins are causing jitters across the bloc

AGRIMAX: from Agricultural and Food-processing Waste to Bioproducts

How can we use agricultural and food-processing waste to create useful products for a sustainable Europe?

The ten green chemicals driving a disruptive new industry in Britain

New report highlights how Britain can become a world leader in bio-based chemicals

Ground-breaking bio-based dry cleaning solvent to be produced by Green Biologics and Kreussler Chemicals

World-wide patented SOLVONK4 is the first and only bio-based solvent in the dry cleaning industry

7 Juni 2018

Trialling a new fibre-based ready meal packaging

New material Durapulp is a bio-composite, a mixture of cellulose and GMO-free polylactic acid (PLA), feels like cardboard and is made of fiber

DIN CERTCO: Biodegradable mulch films for use in agriculture and horticulture

Release of the standard EN 17033:2018 Plastics - Requirements and test methods

DIN CERTCO: Biologisch abbaubare Mulchfolien für den Einsatz in Landwirtschaft und Gartenbau

Veröffentlichung der Norm DIN EN 17033:2018-03

This plastic bag is 100% biodegradable

Businesses, policy makers, and investors too, need to make clear commitments and collaborate towards a circular economy for plastics

Scotts® Turf Builder® with Root-TrientsT Raises the Bar in Lawn and Garden Sustainability with Braskem’s Bio-Based I’m greenTM Polyethylene Packaging

Integration of bioplastic packaging material derived from renewable sugarcane directly supports Scotts' commitments to environmental sustainability

Ruka to become the “Davos for the Bioeconomy”

Mark Rushton, forest products media consultant, is interviewing some of the key speakers and panellists at the World BioEconomy Forum

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada Invests in GreenMantra Technologies Ltd.

GMT has systematically increased its portfolio over time by continually adjusting their patented thermo-catalytic depolymerization process

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada Approves Investment in Low Carbon Intensity Biodiesel Company, Benefuel

Benefuel is a renewable energy company that utilizes their patented ENSEL® catalyst technology to produce a low carbon intensity biodiesel

6 Juni 2018

Less input, more output and lower environmental footprint

How precision farming and digitalisation revolutionise agriculture worldwide

Weniger Input, mehr Output und geringere Umweltbelastung

Wie Präzisionslandwirtschaft und Digitalisierung die Landwirtschaft weltweit revolutionieren

EUBA urges to discuss bio-based feedstock in the context of the EU Plastics Strategy

To read the full list of potential measures at EU and national level, have a look at EUBA’s full discussion paper

Bio-based houses are seducing Latin America

The use of natural materials is growing rapidly in Argentina and other South American countries. Technical progress and policy implementation seem to go hand in hand

Sustainable superfood in sustainable and safe packaging

Sustainable folding carton made of Metsä Board’s fresh fibre board – for a natural, sustainable and consistent product presentation

Achema 2018: Bierbrauen – Braurückstände sollen nachhaltige Verwendung finden

Forscherteams aus Kaiserslautern wollen in einem europäischen Projekt herausfinden, wie Brauerei-Trester als Chemie-Rohstoff oder für die Pharmazie genutzt werden kann

New trial sees people given ‘environmentally-friendly’ casts after breaking limbs

Wooden cast is a comfortable alternative to a fibreglass cast for holding broken wrist bones in place

Turning rice straws into packaging materials avoids environmental hazards

Philippine project intends to develop packaging materials for specialty rice and food commodities following an environment-friendly process protocol

French farmers threaten to block refineries over palm oil imports

French farmers who grow local oilseed crops like rapeseed that are also used to make biodiesel see cheaper palm oil imports as unfair competition

Making efficient use of biomass

Using wood on an industrial scale offers a great opportunity to replace crude oil and natural gas

Biomasse effizient nutzen

Die industrielle Nutzung von Holz bietet große Chancen, Erdöl und Erdgas zu ersetzen

5 Juni 2018

PPCB and EcoSikh Join Hands to Promote Compostable Bags Pan Punjab

Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib Takes the Lead

Bio homes to tackle housing emergency

A new sustainable initiative in Bristol, in the UK, uses bio-based materials to face the need for additional and affordable housing supply: bio homes

Ananasleder und Auberginen-Aal

Schuhe von Hugo Boss, die Hot Dogs bei Ikea, Steaks von Tesco – alles wird tierfrei. Ein Überblick über aktuelle Entwicklungen des veganen Lifestyles

KRAIBURG TPE: Making bio-based TPEs using a modular system

KRAIBURG TPE is starting an ambitious campaign to develop custom-engineered thermoplastic elastomers containing variable proportions of renewable raw materials

Kraiburg TPE: Biobasierte TPE aus dem Baukasten

KRAIBURG TPE startet ambitionierte Initiative für maßgeschneiderte Thermoplastische Elastomere mit variablem Anteil nachwachsender Rohstoffe

Australia company keen on fabrics made from microbial cellulose derived from coconut waste

Company announced MoU with Indonesian food producer to develop a commercial scale factory and supply chain solution for cellulose production

Getha Bedding: Better quality and healthier sleep solution

Malaysian bedding firm touts cellulose sheets

Neste to acquire the share majority of the Dutch animal fat trader IH Demeter B.V.

The new company is planned to be called Neste Demeter B.V.

Industrie bietet Absatz für Spezialsorten

Züchtung eröffnet Stärkekartoffeln neue Einsatzmöglichkeiten

4 Juni 2018

The nova-Institut is expanding its range of information

Mailing lists with new topics

Das nova-Institut erweitert sein Informationsangebot

Mailinglisten mit erweitereten Optionen und Themengebieten

nova Session on technology of the future: Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)

10:00 - 16:00 h, 18 September 2018, Airport Cologne/Bonn

nova experts introduced: Christopher vom Berg

Sustainability, Economy, Policy

Perstorp AB and 3D4Makers sign a Joint Venture agreement to form ElogioAM, a 3D Printing materials company

Collaboration to bring new material solutions in order to advance the additive manufacturing industry

Entwurf zur Reduzierung von Einweg-Kunstoffprodukten bleibt bei nachhaltigen Alternativen vage

EUBP wird mit EU-Institutionen und relevanten Akteuren zusammenarbeiten, um sicherzustellen, dass biobasierte Kunststoffe als nachhaltige und verfügbare Alternativen anerkannt werden

Directive on the reduction of single-use plastic products remains vague on sustainable alternatives

EUBP to closely working together with institutions and all relevant stakeholders to ensure that bio-based plastics are recognised as sustainable and available alternatives

Klöckner: “Nachwuchstüftler forschen an unseren Lebensgrundlagen”

Projekt "FleckProtec - Gelenkschutz aus Speisestärke" überzeugte in diesem Jahr die Jury