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16 Mai 2018

BIO Showcases 100 Companies in New Renewable Chemical Platforms Report

Brent Erickson, Executive Vice President, BIO; head, Industrial & Environmental Section – Special to The Digest

Neste’s Interim Report for January-March 2018

Excellent start for the year with all-time high quarterly profit

15 Mai 2018

Sweetwater and Graanul Announce First Commercial Biorefinery

Collaboration aiming to build a commercial-scale integrated biorefinery that will produce clean cellulosic sugars and highly pure lignin from local hardwood

NPE2018: The Plastics Show Kicks Off Record-Breaking Show in Orlando

The largest NPE ever officially kicked off on May 07, 2018

good natured signs significant commercial agreement with leading US packaging provider

Agreement covers plant-based packaging solutions for both food and general merchandise markets

Kaidi erhält Genehmigungen für Bioraffinerie in Kemi

Genehmigungen mit Auflagen schaffen endlich die Voraussetzung für den Bau der von Kaidi Finland geplanten Bioraffinerie

Husker researchers explore ways to repurpose grape waste

It's no secret that grapes are the primary ingredient in wine, but what happens to the parts of the grape that don't go into that bottle of Merlot?

Braskem begins operation in Boston to strengthen its Renewable Chemicals strategy

Braskem expands strategy for the future of renewable chemicals

Bio-Botanica Inc. Partners with Genomatica to Create New Extract Line Made with Brontide Butylene Glycol

New botanical extract line helps personal care manufacturers meet growing consumer demand for natural products

14 Mai 2018

Ontario Helping to Create Jobs and Support Agri-food Sector in Sarnia

Province Partnering with Comet Biorefining to Support More Than 200 Jobs in Sarnia

Metsä Group launches a prefeasibility study on renewal of Kemi pulp mill

Prefeasibility study to examine in particular the availability of wood raw material and the potential of Kemi's industrial infrastructure and logistic connections

Metsä Fibre prüft Umbau des Zellstoffwerks Kemi

Machbarkeitsstudie will sich besonders mit Fragen zur Holzversorgung, der Logistik und der industriellen Infrastruktur in Kemi befassen

BioAmber Announces Filing for Stay of Proceedings on Creditors

PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. to monitor and assist the company as the appointed trustee in its restructuring effort

BioAmber files for Bankruptcy

Filings will impose an automatic stay of proceedings to protect the company, its subsidiaries and their assets from creditors

Zahnpasta mit Buchenholz-Cellulose

Biologisch abbaubarer Ersatz für Mikroplastik

“Naturally” Innovative

Our work in 'naturals' is also a classic example of our ability to execute quickly with lean innovation principles

L’Oréal’s paper bottle is easy on the earth but tough in the shower

Packaging technology has created a water-resistant paper bottle shell

11 Mai 2018

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Granted Long Sought License for Business Operations in Vietnam; Prepares for Grand Opening

Issuance of License seen as the most significant commercial event in the biotechnology Company’s development of spider silk based materials

EU kämpft gegen Plastik: Steuern so stumpf wie Plastikmesser

Die EU-Kommission will Strafsteuern auf Kunststoffe, die nicht recycelt werden. So könnte das Budget erhöht werden. Einfach ist das nicht

Bango Klangverteiler – Carbonspinne macht Lautsprecher aus Pappkartons möglich

Neuartiges Faserverbundsystem aus Carbon kann aus fast jedem Objekt ein Musikinstrument machen

Arizona researchers find biobased solution for safer melons

Scientists using essential oils, plant-based extracts, and spice powers to reduce or eradicate harmful, foodborne bacteria

Young Pakistan’s scientists use natural resources to giving birth crucial inventions

Why orange peels are used to repel off mosquitoes with no harmful effects on the human body

Tetra Pak to develop paper straws for its portion-size carton packages​

Straws play an integral functional role on portion packages, but if not disposed of properly, they then become p​art of the plastics waste problem

​Tetra Pak entwickelt Papiertrinkhalme für Portionsverpackungen

Es wird daran gearbeitet, einen Papiertrinkhalm zu entwickeln, der sich für den Einsatz mit Portionsverpackungen eignet

Ireland increases crop-based biofuel transport share, provides ‘business certainty’

The “biofuel obligation rate” was initially set at 4% and has gradually increased to the current rate of 8% (by volume)

9 Mai 2018

SWEETWOODS Consortium brings together 9 European bio-innovation oriented stakeholders

The project receives major EU funding to establish a first-of-a-kind wood fractionation Flagship plant to create new industrial value-chains using sustainable hardwood as a resource

Minerv Supertoys bioplastic for toys to be showcased at “BioPlastics: Biobased Re-Invention of Plastics” in New York

"Consumers must be aware because some companies, even the biggest ones, are producing bioplastic that is not truly sustainable."

Schallabsorbierende Akustiklösungen mit Reet

Naturbelassene Materialien finden Einzug in den Ladenbau

Edinburgh inventor creates biodegradable water bottle to fight plastic problem

Crowd-funding looking for backers to help get this vision off the ground

Renewable fiber maker wins chance to present at GC3 showcase

Tandem Repeat will present its protein-based biopolymer technology for making tough, stretchable thermoplastic fibers

A Microbial Breakthrough Could Make This Mess The Future Of Fuel

Thanks to advancements in biofuel, we finally may find a way to keep our hunger for oil-based energy alive while ensuring we keep the environment safe

USDA Biobased Economy Report Indicates Potential for Rural Prosperity with Renewable Chemicals

The report measures substantial economic growth, job creation, and household income for the agricultural sector from biofuel and bioenergy production

8 Mai 2018

ITA on the Hannover Messe at the booth of the BMWi in hall 2 C28

Using natural fibres represents an ecological alternative to resource-intensive reinforcing materials such as glass fibres

ITA auf der Hannover Messe auf dem BMWi-Stand in Halle 2 C28

Naturfasern stellen eine ökologische Alternative zu ressourcenintensiven Verstärkungsfasern wie z.B. Glasfasern dar

To Meet Emission Reductions Objectives in Transport, Sustainable Renewable Fuels are an Important Part of the Solution

Methanol Institute appeals to the negotiating parties to recognise the importance of all sustainable renewable fuels in reducing emissions in transportation

Weducer: Coffee-to-go Becher aus Kaffeesatz

Unternehmen Kaffeeform wurde für seinen "Becher aus Kaffeesatz" für den Red Dot Award "Best of the Best 2018" ausgezeichnet

Waldumbau für China?

Sägeindustrie beklagt steigenden Export von Buchen und Eichen

Start-ups recognised for adoption of green chemistry

Announcement of 10 innovative start-up companies at GC3’s 3rd Annual Networking Event

Air Liquide doubles its biomethane production capacity

Over the course of the last four years, the Group has decided around 100 million euros in investments in biomethane production

Microbial Production of l-Serine from Renewable Feedstocks

This review details the current status of microbial production of l-serine from renewable feedstocks

7 Mai 2018

DuPont Industrial Biosciences & Archer Daniels Midland Company Open Groundbreaking Biobased Pilot Facility in Illinois

Companies Launch World’s First Manufacturing Facility Producing Furan Dicarboxylic Methyl Ester, the Next Step in Commercializing New Biobased Materials, Including Next-Generation Packaging Solutions

Full stereocomplex PLA technology now commercially available from Total Corbion PLA

Breakthrough in PLA temperature resistance unlocks a range of new application possibilities and provides biobased replacements

Secos launches new Malaysian plant

Starting already by June, the new plant will produce up to 12,000 metric tons of bioplastics a year

Secos Group: Australischer Kunststoffhersteller plant neues Werk für Biokunststoffe in Malaysia

Bereits ab Juni ist die Produktion von jährlich bis zu 12.000 Tonnen Biokunststoffen geplant

How plastic-eating bacteria actually work – a chemist explains

Scientists recently discovered a strain of bacteria that can literally eat plastic and could help create more environmentally friendly recycling

Schutz von Ressourcen und Gewässern: EU erwägt Verbot von Plastikgeschirr

Die EU-Kommission will vorschlagen, Geschirr aus Kunststoff zu untersagen. Das deutsche Umweltministerium findet das gut

Vegatronic 6000 Sanitary Design: USDA-compliant bag maker

Ilapak offers bagging equipment that can run new compostable film

Administrator Pruitt Promotes Environmental Stewardship with Forestry Leaders and Students in Georgia

This policy will provide certainty to rural communities and the forest industry while supporting economic growth

4 Mai 2018

Tender: Executive office of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

New office to taking up its work on 1 October 2018 and, after a transition period, taking over the full management of EIHA

Turning Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) from duty into opportunity

Targets of the EIA procedure is to engage local people to a project and receive general acceptance