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9 März 2017

Elephant Paper – Papier aus Elefantendung

Unternehmen Maximus verwendet von Elefanten ausgeschiedenes Gras als Primärfaser für die Papierherstellung

Biokits with Do-It-Yourself genetic engineering could involve a criminal act

German declaration brings evident legal uncertainties surrounding the use of DIY-bio in the home

8 März 2017

Sofinnova Partners Raises €106 Million in a First Closing of Its Industrial Biotech Fund

The fund, dedicated to renewable chemistry, follows a series of 9 investments in the sector since 2009

Sofinnova Partners erzielt 106 Mio. Euro beim ersten Zeichnungsschluss für seinen Industrial Biotech-Fond

Dieser auf den Bereich nachhaltige Chemie ausgerichtete Fond bildet die Fortsetzung einer Serie von 9 Investitionen in den Sektor seit 2009

Total Corbion PLA formally starts up operations

The two partners form a Joint Venture in bioplastics

High-performance Bioplastics in Valencia

More than 170 experts presented their developments and discussed the challenges and trends on biodegradable plastics

Bios Urn: Nach dem Tod als Baum erblühen

Eine schöne Idee, nach dem Leben als Baum zu erblühen. Mit der Bios Urn kann man genau das. Die Urne erhält Samen, die nach der Beisetzung zum Baum werden.

Published today! Issue #5 of Bio-Based World Quarterly

“Consumers have a lot of power in making brands change behaviour.”

Danone and Nestlé Waters Launch NaturALL Bottle Alliance with California Startup to Develop 100% Bio-Based Bottles

R&D Partnership to Accelerate Food and Beverage Industry Breakthrough - First New Bottles to Reach Store Shelves in 2020

7 März 2017

Biologicals and BMPS: A Modern Digester’s Blueprint for Success

Ensuring a digester has the right bacteria to work in conjecture with methanogens can lead to higher-than-anticipated yields and a more profitable operation

Bio-on and Sadam Group: Project launches for sustainable low-cost production of levulinic acid, for the green chemical industry

Co-products from the sugar industry will be used as raw materials

Thermochrome Bio-Pigmente aus Potsdam-Golm

Fraunhofer IAP forscht an der Entwicklung biobasierter thermochromer Kunststoffe

Green chemistry from the mussel foot

The byssus threads of the common mussel are produced by a combination of self-assembly processes and biologically active steps

Grüne Chemie aus dem Muschelfuß

Die Byssusfäden der Miesmuschel entstehen in einer Kombination von selbstorganisierter und biologisch regulierter Bioproduktion

Synthetic Biology in the Driving Seat of the Bioeconomy

Discussion about the importance of this industry to the bioeconomy and two of its key factors

The Biobased Economy: Measuring Growth and Impacts

BIO's new paper: Congress should create a clear path forward for Farm Bill energy programs with mandatory funding

6 März 2017

Separating Gases with Graphene

Single-layer graphene has defined pore sizes in the nanometer range and has been suggested as a material for gas separation

Umweltbewusst genießen: Biologisch-abbaubare Kaffee-Kapsel von Velibre

Bremer Unternehmen bietet fünf fair-gehandelte Sorten für jeden Geschmack an

Boost for Biobased Products and Anaerobic Digestion following European Committee Vote

Separate collection decision opens up the opportunity for compostable plastic bags for bio-waste to become widespread

Hemp cultivation for industrial use one step closer in South Australia

Federal Government moved to loosen importation laws around medical cannabis, allowing it to be more easily accessible

Oxo-degradable plastics increasingly under fire in Europe

European Bioplastics claim that it is important to clearly differentiate between different concepts

Total Corbion PLA launched its operations to produce and market Poly Lactic Acid polymers

Corbion’s existing lactide plant has been transferred into Total Corbion PLA

Lebensdauer von Terrassendielen

Göttinger Wissenschaftler untersuchen Alterung von Holz-Kunststoff-Verbundwerkstoffen

3 März 2017

European Bioplastics: Survey on the perception of bio-based plastics – We want to hear what you think!

Results will help to provide better insights and new impulses to shape and drive the future of the bioplastics industry

Textilfasern mit Insektenchitin stärken

Neuartiges Biopolymer soll zunächst zur Beschichtung von Materialien bei der Herstellung von Arbeitskleidung eingesetzt werden

Danimer Scientific and PepsiCo to Collaborate on Biodegradable Resins

Agreement will enable expanded production of Danimer Scientific’s Nodax™ PHA

Danimer Scientific und PepsiCo arbeiten bei biologisch abbaubaren Harzen zusammen

Vereinbarung ermöglicht erweiterte Produktion von Danimer Scientifics NodaxTM PHA

New use for paper industry’s sludge and fly ash in plastics

Side streams probably could replace up to 50% of oil-based polypropylene, used as raw material in plastic composites

EU climate laws ‘cost paper recyclers 40% of their profits’

Sylvain Lhôte (CEPI) said that EU climate and energy policy had placed a huge burden on his sector

Novozymes launches advanced enzymes to increase ethanol yields and plant profits

New trehalase products convert sugar that would otherwise be wasted. An average 100MGY corn ethanol plant can make up to $1 million in additional revenue

2 März 2017

Brand Perspectives on Biomaterials

Sustainability Consult is inviting retailers and manufacturers to share their survey on brand perceptions

Die TOP 3 der GreenTec Awards – PAPACKS® ist nominiert!

Umweltfreundliche 3D-Verpackung aus Faserguss punktet bei der Jury

Scottish farmers body calls for rethink over distillery biomass plants

Livestock farmers concerned about government's intentions to produce renewable energy from by-products of the distilling industry

Power-to-Gas: Electrochaea is awarded patent on super single-celled organisms for biomethane production

Energy storage by microorganisms

Power-to-Gas: Electrochaea erhält Patent auf Super-Einzeller für Biomethanproduktion

Energie speichern durch Mikroorganismen

Bioplastics Bulletin member portrait: AIMPLAS

José Antonio Costa, Managing Director, shares some information about the non-profit research association

Schmidt Fund awards go to projects with transformative potential

This year's selected proposals are outstanding in terms of the quality of the science and engineering as well the potential to benefit humanity

1 März 2017

New Bio-Flex Blends for home compostable films and packaging

Home compostable, low gauge and still tear resistant, as well as up to 40% biobased – the new FKuR Bio-Flex Compounds fulfill the strict requirements of the French Energy Transition Law

Bioökonomie: Rat diskutiert neue Forschungsempfehlungen mit Staatssekretär Dr. Aeikens

Forschungsstrategie für eine biobasierte Wirtschaft sollte gesamtes Spektrum biologischer Ressourcen erfassen

Loaded terms in the bioeconomy

It is up to Parliamentarians and the member states to change the course the Commission has embarked on

Nanoparticles of rare metal and light convert carbon dioxide into fuel

Newly discovered chemical reaction could use natural sunlight to reduce growing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and lead to the development of alternative energies

The pile-on for bionylon: ADM, Rennovia, JM accelerate the chase

License agreement to provide catalyst and process technology for catalytic production of bio-based glucaric acid

A global corporate market for low-carb fuels: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Below50

Below50 is a game-changing collaboration designed to grow a global corporate market for the best-of-breed sustainable low-carbon transport fuels (LCTFs)

Helm signs off-take ethyl acetate supply with Greenyug

The production facility is going to be located next to Archer Daniels Midland’s (ADM) corn processing plant in Columbus

28 Februar 2017

U.S. Airforce: Langley 1 of 4 bases to test bio-based grease

If the bio-based grease proves to be just as capable as the current grease being used, it will be substituted and used Air Force-wide

Whole crop valorisation

Industry aims at using the whole crop, among others by valorisation of what used to be called waste streams

Neue Kohlenstoffquellen gesucht

Die Bioökonomie macht langsame Fortschritte. Doch um alle Bedürfnisse zu befriedigen, braucht es neben Kohlenstoff auch jede Menge Wasserstoff – bereitgestellt von erneuerbaren Energiequellen

Haltermann Carless signs Letter of Intent with GEVO for Commercial Supply of Next-Generation Biofuels and Bio-Based Chemical Products

Letter of Intent contemplates the parties negotiating and entering into a definitive off-take agreement

Exponential growth forecast for the biostimulants market driven by an increasing food demand, according to Smithers Viscient

New report shows that evolution is happening in the whole value chain of the biostimulants industry

New addition to Evonik’s product range: an eco-friendly substitute for microplastics in cosmetics

SIPERNAT® 11 PC as a new functional additive for cosmetics