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22 März 2018

Bioeconomy: Textbook from University of Hohenheim Gives Guidelines for Education

Open Source or Hardcover: “Bioeconomy – Shaping the Transition to a Sustainable, Biobased Economy” from students and professors at the University of Hohenheim

Bioökonomie: Lehrbuch der Uni Hohenheim gibt Richtlinien für die Ausbildung

Open Source oder Hardcover: „Bioeconomy – Shaping the Transition to a Sustainable, Biobased Economy“ der Universität Hohenheim von Studierenden und Professoren

New Molecule Can Kill Five Types of Deadly Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Research collaboration developed a synthetic makromolecule with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity

Neste delivers first batch of 100% renewable propane to European market

SHV Energy to market and sell the product to its customers across Europe as BioLPG

UPM Biofuels enters the bioplastics market with new partners

Choosing the right packaging solution can make a big difference

Better solvents = better biomass conversion for biofuels and bioproducts

Better use of solvents could improve the economics of biorefineries

21 März 2018

Bio-on launches a new use for its 100% natural and biodegradable PHAs bioplastic

Company has developed an innovative technology for the controlled release of Urea fertilisers

Bioeconomy execs bullish on 2018, 74% of companies expect revenue growth, 62 percent expect jobs increase, 48% seeking finance

Findings were among the highlights of the 2018 Bioenergy Business Outlook Survey

Microplastics in rivers: The University of Bayreuth provides basis for new study from five German states

Majority of particles analysed were made of polyethylene and polypropylene - higher concentrations tend to be found in small and medium-sized tributaries

Mikroplastik in Flüssen: Uni Bayreuth liefert Grundlage für neue Studie aus fünf Bundesländern

Großteil der analysierten Partikel bestehen aus Polyethylen und Polypropylen - höhere Konzentrationen vor allem in kleineren und mittleren Nebengewässern

Chemicals in lavender and tea tree oil appear to be hormone disruptors

So-called essential oils that have become popular as alternatives for medical treatment, personal hygiene and cleaning products, as well as aromatherapy

NCGA highlights corn-based chemicals R&Ds

Six new technologies towards green chemistry have been awarded at the first “Consider Corn Challenge“

Consider Corn Challenge shines a light on corn’s growing potential in bio-economy

Scientists and start-up companies answered the global call to bring forth their best ideas focused on the conversion of corn into bio-renewable chemicals

Key Milestone reached in the Audi – Global Bioenergies partnership

Renewable gasoline components were produced and shipped to Audi

Wichtiger Meilenstein in der Partnerschaft Audi – Global Bioenergies erreicht

Erneuerbare Benzinkomponenten wurden produziert und an Audi geliefert.

20 März 2018

Sustainability and moralism, keep them apart

Connection is just a relic from the environmental movement of the 1970s

Total Corbion PLA announces successful start-up of pilot plant in Rayong, Thailand

Company is gearing up to become a world scale producer of PLA

Grazer Forscher finden ein Enzym, das Bioplastik zerlegen kann

Ökologisch und "grün" ist am Bioplastik nicht viel. Auch in der Entsorgung werden die Sackerln aus Bioplastik zunehmend zum Problem

Altfett mit Enzymen veredeln

Im Verbundprojekt „ZeroCarbFP“ wollen Forscher aus kohlenstoffreichen Quellen wie Altfett hochwertige Schmierstoffe entwickeln

Modern Meadow Partners with Evonik to Grow Fermentation Processes to Commercial Scale

The biofabrication company will be joining forces with Evonik, a leader in microbial fermentation, as it prepares for commercial scale production of its bioleather materials

Crack that Whip! Modern Meadow, Evonik partner to take vegan leather to world-scale

Evonik to optimize Modern Meadow’s fermentation strains and bring collagen protein biofabrication to commercial scale  

Taiwan’s single-use plastics ban aims to cut waste over time

If completely enacted, it would be one of the world's toughest policies aimed at single-use plastics

International Women’s Day: Women in Science and Food and Agriculture

In honor of today being International Women’s Day I’d like to profile a few of the influential women working at the intersection of science and food and agriculture

19 März 2018

RED II: Wood you believe Europe may turn its bio economy into ash?

State-supported funding schemes risk distorting raw material markets, pulling the plug on Europe’s bio economy ambitions, warns Sylvain Lhôte

Forscher entwickeln Plastikflaschen aus Zucker

Forscher aus Wisconsin entwickeln Verfahren, um Fruchtzucker in eine Schlüsselsubstanz für Bio-PET umzuwandeln

Neuer Mechanismus zur CO2-Entfernung: Climeworks wird erstmals von Kunden beauftragt, CO2 dauerhaft aus der Atmosphäre zu entfernen

Mit dieser Lösung können Climeworks-Kunden ihre unvermeidbaren Emissionen rückgängig machen, um CO2-Neutralität zu erreichen

Climeworks contracts mark first time a company is commissioned to permanently remove CO2 directly from atmosphere

Customers can now reverse the effect of unavoidable emissions and achieve carbon neutrality

5 Innovations That Could Help Make Fast Fashion More Sustainable

From dissolving fabric to clothes made from algae, the winners of this year’s Global Change award are trying to plot a new way forward

Hasbro Marks the Next Step in Its Sustainable Packaging Journey and Adopts Bio-Based Plastic Packaging Material

Company will use bioPET plastic made with 30 percent plant-based material derived from agricultural by-products

EU Bioeconomy 2.0– Cultivating a home grown success

An innovation-driven bioeconomy, with increased sustainability as its end goal, will provide renewability, circularity and multi-functionality


The aim of the project was to collect information on the subject of landscape conservation and to provide them a broad network


Ziel des Projektes war es, Informationen zum Thema Landschaftspflege zu sammeln und diese einem breiten Netzwerk zur Verfügung zu stellen

16 März 2018

Hot drink cups: recycle or digest?

Wageningen UR and TNO conducted a life cycle assessment study for the Dutch Government to compare two end-of-life routes after separate collection

Meet ‘For The Better Good’, the NZ social enterprise making bottles from plants

Today Luke Upton catches up with Jayden Klinac, Founder of For The Better Good to talk about inspiration, business applications and what makes them quintessentially Kiwi

Bio concrete and other construction materials from local resources

Development of innovative kinds of concrete is needed, but with up to 93% lower CO

Bioaktive Substanzen aus den Abfällen von Zitrusfrüchten gewinnen

Stipendiatin der Humboldt-Stiftung forscht an der Jacobs University

Gaining bioactive compounds out of Citrus fruit waste

Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation researches at Jacobs University

ADVANCEFUEL – Die ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Plattform

ADVANCEFUEL Projekt untersucht flüssige, erneuerbare Kraftstoffe aus lignocellulosehaltiger Biomasse sowie erneuerbarem H2 und CO2

BioCannDo: AllThings.Bio presents videos and second slideshow to bio-based products

AllThings.Bio with a series of short Social Media Videos and the second AllThings.Bio slideshowanswers these and other questions

BioCannDo: AllThings.Bio präsentiert Videos und zweite Slideshow zu biobasierten Produkten

Diese und weitere Fragen beantwortet AllThings.Bio mit einer Reihe von kurzen Social Media Videos und der zweiten AllThings.Bio Slideshow

Being “Renewable raw materials in purchasing” 3: Office – equipment, material, design

t offers a lot of bio-based product alternatives that are innovative, climate contracted, and multiple suitable office and its environment for the workplace

Handlungsleitfaden „Nachwachsende Rohstoffe im Einkauf“ 3: Büro – Einrichtung, Material, Gestaltung

Es bietet für den Arbeitsplatz Büro und sein Umfeld eine Menge biobasierter Produktalternativen, die innovativ, klimavertraglich und mehrfach verwendbar sind

15 März 2018

Shortlist Announced: Bio-Based World News Innovation Awards 2018

Winners will be announced on Tuesday 20th March at World Bio Markets 2018 in Amsterdam

Komplettanlage made in Germany: Gesamtwirkungsgrad von 95 Prozent

Anlagen von H-Tec Systems werden auf der Energy Storage in Düsseldorf präsentiert

Zaha Hadid Architects joins Open Source Wood

Pioneering open innovation project aimed at facilitating knowledge sharing and growth in modular wood construction

Braskem to supply green plastic to the LEGO Group

Made from sugarcane, the green polyethylene will be used in the Danish company's 'botanical' elements range in 2018

Airgas to Build Two Production Facilities in California

The expansion of the existing air separation unit in Etiwanda, CA will increase available supply of industrial gases to customers throughout Southern California

Bio composites

The leaflet summarizes the most important information and data related to NFC and WPC


Die Broschüre fasst die wichtigsten Daten rund um NFK und WPC zusammen

14 März 2018

Wood Stronger Than Most Metals

University of Maryland research previously made a range of emerging technologies out of nanocellulose related materials