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18 Dezember 2017

Monomer Recovery from Biobased Polyurethane

Innovative technique uses renewable and degradable MVL, to create a bio-based PMVL polyol

Preise, Unsicherheiten und mangelnde Kommunikation behindern biobasierte Produkte im öffentlichen Einkauf

Universität Würzburg befragte Beschaffer und Anbieter – Neue Onlineplattform zur biobasierten Beschaffung auf www.VuBN.de gibt Hilfestellung

The UK’s Industrial Strategy has graduated from green to white paper, has the situation changed for the bioeconomy?

After a consultation period, the government have updated the policy proposals, which will form the basis of subsequent policy decisions

5 Minutes With… Craig Windram, CEO of Abengoa North America

Nevada project will eventually produce 10 million gallons of fuel annually for use in the aviation industry

World bioeconomy stakeholders meet in Helsinki to move the bioeconomy from niche to norm

More than 400 participants are in Helsinki to discuss how investment can bring speed and scale to the European Bioeconomy

Celtic Renewables to build whisky residue biofuel plant at Grangemouth

Celtic Renewables has developed this groundbreaking process for biobutanol which is set to revolutionise sustainable transport

15 Dezember 2017

Bio-On and AkzoNobel continue their collaborative relationship

Aim of the collaboration is to continue to investigate the use of biodegradable and bio-based polymers as components in fouling control coatings

Bio-On und AkzoNobel wollen weiterhin zusammenarbeiten

Ziel der Zusammenarbeit ist es, die Verwendung der biologisch abbaubaren, biobasierten Polymere in Bewuchskontrollbeschichtungen weiter zu erforschen

Mitsubishi Chemical Develops New Grade for Large Automotive Exterior Components

Bio-based Engineering Plastic DURABIOTM  adopted for Front Grill of “Mazda CX-5”

Geht es auch ohne Öl?

BMBF will „Technologie-Initiative Bioraffinerien“ mit bis zu 15 Mio. EUR fördern

ArcelorMittal gets nod from World Economic Forum for integrating circular economy principles into its business model

Corporation is finding ways to make transformational changes to the way it does busines

Cascade utilisation is also positive for wood

Exergy Analysis Confirms Advantages of Closed-Loop Recycling of Wood

Kaskadennutzung auch bei Holz positiv

Exergieanalyse bestätigt Vorteile der Kreislaufwirtschaft von Holz

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis für bio-elektrochemische Brennstoffzelle

Verbundprojekt mit Partnern aus Forschung und Industrie entwickeln Baustein einer energieerzeugenden Abwasserbehandlungsanlage

14 Dezember 2017

Published today! Issue #8 of Bio-Based World Quarterly

"It’s a great example of what can be done when we start to reimagine waste as an untapped resource”

Young farmers and the lack of large-scale agricultural innovation projects

This focus area lies at a somewhat greater distance from direct bio-based developments, but nevertheless will be impacted by the bio-based economy

Österreich: Biokunststoffe als nachhaltige Zukunftslösung?

Stakeholderdialog Biobased Industry widmete sich dieses Jahr schwerpunktmäßig dem Kunststoff

Braskem Strikes Up New Partnerships to Take Sustainable Packaging to the Next Level

Series of new partnerships paving the way to make bio-based packaging the mainstream choice for the personal care and consumer goods industries

An implementation plan for CCS and CCU in Europe

EU now needs to put in place a long-term policy framework that incentivises this low-carbon technology in Europe, writes Graeme Sweeney

How chemical products are produced from renewable raw materials

Transregio InPROMPT is looking for a replacement for the increasingly scarce resource of crude oil

Mild treatment of biomass yields valuable building blocks for green fuels and products

ECN has developed a mild fractionation process, FabiolaTM , which has a large potential for improving the cost-effective pretreatment of biomass

13 Dezember 2017

Five bio-based Christmas gifts that won’t cost the earth

Bio-Based World News come up with some of our favourite bio-based and sustainable products

Auf Expansionskurs: Biokunststoff Zertifizierung ab sofort Teil der TÜV AUSTRIA Group

Ausbau des Produktzertifizierungs-Service, das biobasierte, biologisch abbaubare und kompostierbare Produkte kennzeichnet, ist in Planung

TÜV AUSTRIA Group acquires OK Compost label from Vinçotte

Plans are underway to expand the product certification service, which labels bio-based, biodegradable and compostable products

The teenager inventor who could change the way the world fights climate change

Energy fascinated student was awarded his first patent at 18 and he has his own company now, Innovator Energy

Award to Circular textile paper project

New paper manufacturing concept where the raw material is largely made up of low value fibres from textile recycling plants

Ausgezeichnetes Papier-Projekt im Bereich textiler Kreislaufwirtschaft

Konzept beruht auf der Verwertung von minderwertigen Fasern aus Anlagen zum Recycling von Textilien

CO2 Value Europe: A new association dedicated to the utilisation of CO2

43 leading industrial and research stakeholders will cooperate to implement solutions to convert CO2 into valuable products

Bacteria can breakdown biodiesel waste into useful products

Researchers used a mixed bacterial culture to ferment crude bio-glycerol under aerobic conditions

iGEM team’s poop-to-plastic concept wins international gold medal

UCalgary student project converts human waste into useful bioplastic items for deep-space missions

12 Dezember 2017

Report of Biorizon’s Annual Event 2017: from the lab to piloting

€10m Euro deal signed to accelerate bio-aromatic development

Dutch designers convert algae into bioplastic for 3D printing

Algae polymer could eventually entirely replacing plastics made from fossil fuels like oil

RU prof ‘discovers shinier, stronger’ golden fibre

Bangladesh researcher developed high quality natural fibres from everwhere-plant with help of yet unknown microorganisms

The material that built the modern world is also destroying it. Here’s a fix

Cement industry is currently responsible for about 5% of global CO2 emissions - 1 kg of cement releases more than 0.5 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Sarnia-based BioAmber exploring process to make nylon from sugar

Company successful developed way to turn corn syrup into succinic acid, which is used in everything from plastics to paint and food to footwear

Novamont verdoppelt die Produktion von Biopolyestern

Verbesserung der technischen, wirtschaftlichen und ökologischen Eigenschaften der kompostierbaren Biokunststoffe MATER-Bi® geplant

LanzaTech, Novozymes, Amyris, DSM, Enerkem, POET, BASF, Genomatica and Avantium among early Hot 50 voting leaders

The Digest released the early-voting totals from Subscriber Voting — which do not yet include Invited International Selector votes

11 Dezember 2017

The role of chemistry in the reduction of plastic waste

Development and introduction of biodegradable plastics is no more than a cheap excuse from industry to delay circular design and application

Promising biobased alternatives to polar aprotic solvents

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research carried out a broad scan of new and marketable biobased chemicals

Textiles: water-repellent thanks to fungal proteins

Scientists at the Fraunhofer IGB and the Hohenstein Group are researching an environmentally friendly and sustainable method

Textilien: wasserabweisend dank Pilzproteinen

Wissenschaftler des Fraunhofer IGB und der Hohenstein Group forschen an einer umweltfreundlichen und nachhaltigen Methode

Grüne Chemie: Polyurethane mit Synthesebausteinen aus Lignin

Forscher entwickeln im Projekt „Lignoplast“ Verfahren und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten für verschiedene Lignintypen bis zum Pilotmaßstab

Marine Litter: Novamont presents the findings of its scientific research at the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi (Kenya)

High rates of marine biodegradation for all MATER-BI bioplastics

Next generation solvent contributes to next generation biofuel production from biomass

In this study, a novel carboxylate-type liquid zwitterion was developed as a solvent of biomass, which could dissolve cellulose with very low toxicity to microorganisms

Genomics researchers partner with industry to further innovation in health, agriculture and environment sectors

Government of Canada and partners invest more than $24 million in genomics research projects to improve cancer treatments and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

8 Dezember 2017

Canada: Unity in the pursuit of a global bioeconomy

Climate being one of the three topics at G7 Summit in 2018 is an important opportunity for Canada to make moves toward creating a more sustainable planet

Vom Baum zum Strukturschaum

Fraunhofer Spitzencluster entwickelt nachhaltigen Kunststoff aus Biomaterialien

Searching for ‘green alchemy’, EU mounts big investment push in bioeconomy

Commission and EIB to launch new multi-million euro effort to drive private investment in bio-based markets

A radical startup has invented the world’s first zero-emissions fossil-fuel power plant

Net Power, a North Carolina-based energy startup is making a $150-million investment in a new approach to deploy carbon-capture technology

Getunte Textilien aus dem Labor: Forscher pimpen Seidenfasern

Forschern des MIT ist es gelungen Seidenfasern chemisch zu "tunen"