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9 August 2019

Verbot wegen Mikroplastik?

EU schürt Kunstrasen-Panik bei Vereinen

8 August 2019

An exclusive interview with Colleen May, President of Cargill’s Bioindustrial Group

In this exclusive interview, Colleen May, tells us what is the bioeconomy from her company’s point of view and what are Cargill’s next steps in the green chemistry

Here Comes the Sun – Sunliquid Tech: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Clariant

Clariant offered this illuminating overview of their sunliquid technology  at ABLC 2019 in Washington, D.C.

Nicht Plastik, Zigarettenkippen sind der häufigste Abfall

Jährlich gelangen 4,5 Billionen Kippen in die Umwelt und schädigen, neben allen anderen negativen Folgen des Rauchens, Mikroorganismen, Tiere und Pflanzen

Solar energy becomes biofuel without solar cells

Researchers at Uppsala University have successfully produced microorganisms that can efficiently produce the alcohol butanol using carbon dioxide and solar energy

A catalyst for sustainable methanol

The technology makes it possible to recycle CO2 and produce methanol from it

Katalysator für nachhaltiges Methanol

Die Technologie ermöglicht, CO2 zu rezyklieren und daraus Methanol herzustellen

7 August 2019

Neste appoints Mercedes Alonso as Executive Vice President, Renewable Polymers and Chemicals, and member of the Neste Executive Committee

Mercedes Alonso will transfer to Neste from LyondellBasell

Sayings and images from 12 years traveling on the bioeconomy road

The Digest turns 12  

Wie die Natur Wasserstoff produzierende Enzyme baut

Das Herzstück des biologischen Katalysators wird erst im letzten Schritt eingeschleust – Der Vorgang ist komplex

Norfolk farmer diversifies income and boosts soil health with Miscanthus

Norfolk farmer, Adam Brewer, is planning for the future by diversifying his income and looking after his soils with Miscanthus

Zementindustrie als Rohstofflieferant für reFuels – Flughafen Stuttgart möglicher Abnehmer

Verkehrsministerium und Zementindustrie vereinbaren Machbarkeitsstudien zur Herstellung synthetischer Kraftstoffe

6 August 2019

UK launches fund to help create plastic packaging from plants

The UK government has announced plans to invest £60 million to help fight the battle against single-use plastics and develop new forms of packaging

UK calls for evidence on standards for bio-based and biodegradable plastics

UK businesses are expected to jointly invest up to £149 million, alongside a £60 million government investment, to help fight the global battle against single-use plastics

Lavazza unveils compostable coffee pods

Eco Caps, which will cost about £4 for 16, will go on sale in November

U.S. policy uncertainty forces closure of 2nd biodiesel plant this month: Now, REG’s New Boston plant feels the axe

The tax credit issue

Sustainable nappies for eco-friendly generations

Biodegradable nappies and sanitary pads could reduce the burden that fossil-based plastic litter puts on nature

Statt Plastikfolie: Verkaufsstart für essbaren Überzug für Lebensmittel in Europa

In der EU kommen Obst und Gemüse mit einem essbaren Überzug auf den Markt. Absolut unbedenklich, lautet das Urteil der Behörden

5 August 2019

France bans palm oil from biofuels

UFOP: German government should also rule out palm oil now

Frankreich verbannt Palmöl aus Biokraftstoffen

Union zur Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen (UFOP) fordert die Bundesregierung auf nach französischem Vorbild Palmöl baldmöglichst auszuschließen

Could genomics turn pulp’s ‘black liquor’ into consumer goods

UBC research designed to turn ‘black liquor’—a by-product of pulp and paper manufacture—into consumer goods has received funding from Genome BC and the BC Pulp and Paper Bio-Alliance

Researcher uses canola to create biodegradable cling wrap

A University of Alberta researcher has found a new use for a canola byproduct, providing potential for diverse markets beyond China

CU Has Developed A Tiny Muncher That Eats Carbon And Spits Out Bioplastic

The technology is in its very early stages

„Allgemeines Wellnesspapier“

Wie soll die wirtschaftliche Nutzung von Rohstoffen aus lebenden Organismen geregelt werden? Der erste Entwurf der Bundesregierung bleibt vage

2 August 2019

Sawdust Might Be One Answer to the World’s Plastic Problem

Beverage giants Pepsi, Danone and Nestle plan to sell water in recyclable plastic bottles made from lumber scraps

Using fungi, UAA team develops biodegradable insulation for shipping Alaska seafood

In a University of Alaska Anchorage laboratory, researchers have been growing lightweight and fuzzy panels from mushroom tissue that they say could be used as insulation for shipping frozen fish

TECNARO mit Bio4Self EU Projektpartnern auf Weltleitmesse JEC World 2019 in Paris mit dem internationalen JEC Innovationspreis für Nachhaltigkeit ausgezeichnet

Selbstverstärkte Bio-Verbundwerkstoffen für tiefziehfähige, hochfeste, biopolymere Platten

Rustark commences construction new bioplastics plant at SEZ Lipetsk

Russia-based Rustark, located in the Special Economic Zone Lipetsk, has started construction of its new production plant

Negatonnes: Beyond the ZEV, the negative emission vehicle and its amazing hydrogen fuel and electric drive

The bio-based hydrogen has even more value than the ethanol

1 August 2019

How can textile fibres made from food waste & algae benefit your skin?

As a result of striving to create environmentally friendly products, some companies have created textile fibres that are also beneficial to skin

We don’t take this planet for granted. A new Manifesto for the circular bioeconomy: BioRev

A new movement focused on a circular bioeconomy, which brings together all people who strongly believe that a more sustainable world is possible

UK to lead global innovation in sustainable plastics in drive to net zero

New forms of packaging and plastic made from plants, wood chippings and food waste could be a step closer, thanks to new business and government investment

Italy’s Bio-on denies U.S. fund’s allegations of accounting flaws

Bio-on shares were suspended from trading for excessive volatility and were indicated down 10.3% after the allegations

Partnership during K-2019: Braskem, Kautex Maschinenbau and Erema will demonstrate a closed plastic loop

Closed plastic loop following the idea of Circular Economy

Chemiker verwenden Photokatalysator aus Harnstoff

Carbonnitrid ermöglicht effizientere und umweltfreundlichere Reaktionswege

31 Juli 2019

Ayas Renewables Completes Definitive Engineering for Glycerin to Bio-Renewable Propylene Glycol Plant

New Facility To Showcase US Presidential Green Chemistry Award-Winning Process That Provides 99.9% Pure, Bio-Renewable Propylene Glycol At Competitive Price

Shape the Future at the Dornbirn-GFC 2019

Sustainability/circular economy, digitalization, technical textiles, nonwovens and the first STARTUP DAYS are the hot topics at the Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress, Austria

Zukunft gestalten beim Dornbirn-GFC 2019

Nachhaltigkeit/Kreislaufwirtschaft, Digitalisierung, Technische Textilien, Nonwovens und die ersten STARTUP DAYS sind die Top Themen auf der internationalen Fasertagung

Leaked UN science report warns of clash between bioenergy and food

Models suggest large areas of land are needed for forests and biofuel crops to halt climate change, but this risks worsening hunger, draft tells policymakers

The Competitive Edge: Haldor Topsoe

Haldor Topsoe is the world leader in heterogeneous catalysis and technology licensing

Wälder in Deutschland sind wichtige Kohlenstoffsenke

In deutschen Wäldern wächst mehr Holz nach als genutzt wird / Deutschland ist das holzreichste Land der EU

30 Juli 2019

Potential of Lignin Use in Plastic Recycling: A Random Match

Value the Random Structure of Lignin by Nature

Stora Enso invests in producing bio-based carbon materials for energy storage

Another step on Stora Enso's transformation journey to explore new ways to replace fossil-based, scarce and high-cost materials with renewable alternatives

What to do in an increasingly paperless society? Stora Enso adapts and innovates with 3 big announcements on being ‘fit for the future’

Moving from paper to packaging and other biobased products and more

New coalition working on SAF: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to AFCC

AFCC’s current focus, the appropriations process, and what they are trying to do for the growth of jet biofuels and renewable chemicals

Microphyt raises €28.5 million to develop its portfolio of microalgae-based natural solutions for nutrition and well-being

In nutrition and wellbeing, consumer demand for natural, effective, safe and sustainably produced solutions is booming

29 Juli 2019

IIT Bombay develops indigenous biodegradable bone screw

The researchers are currently in the process of seeking approval from the government

Canada launches new challenge to seek the development of novel bio-based foam insulation

Grant funding of up to (CAN) $1.15 million for projects that develop foam insulation products that are predominantly derived from Canadian forest residue

Phytonix Corporation Unleashes a New Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDU) Technology to Combat Climate Change

New strains of cyanobacteria which use photosynthesis to convert CO2 into carbon negative industrial chemicals and fuels, such as butanol, pentanol and other higher alcohols

Erstmals in der Schweiz erneuerbares Methan mittels Urbakterien hergestellt

Die biologische Methanisierung ist ein wichtiger Baustein im sogenannten Power-to-Gas-Prozess, der in Zukunft für die saisonale Speicherung von überschüssigem erneuerbaren Strom von zentraler Bedeutung sein wird