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20 März 2017

Luftschloss mal anders: Häuser bauen mit CO2

Kohlenstoffdioxid als Basis für nachhaltiges Baumaterial zu speichern und zu verarbeiten wird möglich durch das Verfahren Mineralkarbonisierung. Dazu braucht es allerdings das richtige System

How the invention of paper changed the world

Paper may be on the decline, but it will survive not only on the supermarket shelf or beside the lavatory, but in the office too

Why you should use European HEMP FIBRES for your automotive applications

Secure supply, stable prices, light weight, low environmental footprint and certified sustainability

Warum für Ihre automobilen Anwendungen europäische Hanffasern zum Einsatz kommen sollten

Versorgungssicherheit, Preisstabilität, Leichtbau, niedriger ökologischer Fußabdruck und zertifizierte Nachhaltigkeit

17 März 2017

How to brew high-value fatty acids with brewer’s yeast

Pre-product for innovative biofuels - Two patents filed

Mit Bierhefe wertvolle Fettsäuren brauen

Vorstufe zu neuartigen Biokraftstoffen - Zwei Patente angemeldet

Recent Lignin Announcements Show Repeated Mistakes, Not Progress

Traditional approaches have already failed and focus on different strategies for lignin-based material commercialization has to be prefered

Tex Lock – Fahrradschloss aus HighTech Textilien

Flechtweiden sind nachwachsender High-Tech Werkstoff für den Leichtbau

Biofuel may backfire as a budget bluff

New statistics suggest that more production and consumption of biofuel may actually raise carbon emissions instead of lowering them

Hochschulforschung gestärkt: Hochmoderne Technikhalle für Biokunststoffe am IfBB eingeweiht

In der neuen Technikhalle soll vor allem die Forschung im Bereich Biokunststoffe und Bioverbundwerkstoffe weiter ausgebaut werden

16 März 2017

TOP IU chemists create molecular ‘leaf’ that collects and stores solar power without solar panels

The new molecule harvests sunlight to create useable material from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Unterricht auf hoher See – One Earth – One Ocean e.V. kooperiert mit OceanCollege

Umweltorganisation OEOO wird mit den Schülern an Bord ein Umwelt-Forschungsprojekt zum Thema Mikroplastik durchführen

Carbon/Flax Hybrid Automotive Door on Display at JEC World Featuring Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax

Newly developed micro-sandwich panel combines mechanical benefits of carbon with the advantages of reduced weight, cost, NVH and environmental impact of flax

Vorbild Natur – Kleben mit Schneckenschleim und Zecken-Zement

Winzige Risse in der Fruchtblase können Ärzte bereits mit Muschelkleber schließen. Nun untersuchen Forscher, wie sie Schneckenschleim und Zecken-Zement nutzen können

Efficient Process to Make Biodegradable Polyesters and Green Solvents from Itaconic Acid

New, aqueous based process is more efficient in terms of high yield and selectivity

French start-up advances milk-based bioplastics

The pellets are mainly made of milk protein, that comes from milk powder industry

Scientists harness solar power to produce clean hydrogen from biomass

A team of scientists at the University of Cambridge has developed a way of using solar power to generate a fuel

15 März 2017

Global Standards Organization ASTM International Unveils New Cannabis Committee

The global standards organization formed the committee to focus on “creating technical standards and guidance materials for cannabis and its products and processes.”

Holz Hybrid – Funktionalisierung eines Traditionsmaterials nach dem Vorbild der Natur

Forscher der ETH Zürich wollen erhöhten Brandschutz durch das Einbringen anorganischer Substanzen erreichen

Aviation biofuels: Won’t get fooled again

Only the wealthiest 5% of the world's population has ever flown but the poorest will pay the highest price for climate change

Avantium to raise at least 90 million euros in IPO

Company already has commitments in place from investors for two-thirds of the amount

Germany’s environment minister says ‘excessive’ use of land for bioenergy crops was a ‘mistake’

Hendricks plans to provide more funding to farmers who use their lands for nature conservation services

#BIO2017: A Peek at Pavilions | European Commission

The buzz words in Brussels right now are breakthrough, inclusion, and flexibility, as the European Commission touts big innovations underway throughout Europe

14 März 2017

Cooperation network “BioPlastik” – long-term investment in clever product solutions

After three years of funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the cooperation network is now consolidated by contributions from the partners only

Kooperationsnetzwerk “BioPlastik” investiert langfristig in clevere Produktlösungen

Nach drei Jahren Förderung durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie wird das Kooperationsnetzwerk durch Beiträge der Partner verstetigt

DSM and Evonik establish joint venture for omega-3 fatty acids from natural marine algae for animal nutrition

Commercial-scale facility for algal oil for salmon aquaculture and pet food to be built in the United States

Evonik und DSM gründen Joint Venture für Omega-3-Fettsäuren aus natürlichen Meeresalgen für die Lachszucht

Erste Anlage im kommerziellen Maßstab entsteht in den USA

It’s time for bioplastics to be plastics

A plastic package by any other name (PLA, for example) is still plastic, contends sustainability expert Adam Gendell

A tribute to the 8 women who have distinguished themselves in the bioeconomy in 2016

Here are the stars of the world bioeconomy - with their huge competences and their infinite passion!

Greenwood to Congress: BIO-Based Economy Is The Future … Will America Lead it?

Biofuels, renewable chemicals, and biobased products diversify demand for crops and crop residues

13 März 2017

5 Things To Know About Sugar Beets

You might be surprised by the benefits that a biotech crop like sugar beets offers

American Process Inc. and Birla Carbon Announce Joint Development Agreement for Combining Nanocellulose and Carbon Black in Tires

Low rolling resistance tread material is a key technology development focus area of Birla Carbon’s Sustainability strategy

Nanocellulose for tires: something new in performance and sustainability

Synergies between carbon black and nanocellulose offer an exciting opportunity to meet the performance and environmental demands in a global society

Kommunen fördern Naturfaser-Dämmstoffe

FNR-Übersicht informiert über Zuschüsse diverser Städte

New materials could turn water into the fuel of the future

A new materials discovery approach puts solar fuels on the fast track to commercial viability

New Bellona report explores opportunities and risks of seaweed biofuels in aviation

Use of seaweed biofuel can unlock great potentials, as well as similar and different challenges to land-based biofuels that reduce difficult emissions

10 März 2017

LanzaTech leads 2017’s 50 Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy

It's the second year at the top for LanzaTech, which also ranked #1 two years ago

Turning food waste into tires

Tomorrow’s tires could come from the farm as much as the factory

IK kritisch gegenüber oxo-abbaubaren Kunststoffen

Publikation "FAQs zu oxo-abbaubaren Kunststoffen" will aufklären

Copper mining with bioactive substances derived from bacteria

New Chilean-German research project

Kupferbergbau mit bioaktiven Stoffen aus Bakterien

Neue chilenisch-deutsche Forschungskooperation

New Method Allows Identification of Suitable Marginal Lands for Sustainable Biomass Production

Spanish researchers exploring giant weed as tolerant to salinity of soils

A bio-based packaging revolution: Danone and Nestlé Waters form the NaturalALL Bottle Alliance

Together, the three partners aim to develop and launch at commercial scale a PET plastic bottle made from bio-based material

9 März 2017

TOP The policy framework of bio-based plastics markets

The newly published report looks at how different parts of the world handle the development of the bio-based plastics sector politically

TOP Politische Rahmenbedingungen für die Märkte bio-basierter Kunststoffe

Der neu veröffentlichte Report betrachtet, wie die Entwicklung des bio-basierten Kunststoffsektors in den unterschiedlichen Teilen der Welt politisch beeinflusst wird

Biocatalytic Phosphorylations of Metabolites: Past, Present, and Future

Phosphorus is a key element for life

Sachverständigenrat Bioökonomie Bayern veröffentlicht Beitragsserie zu Themen der Bioökonomie in Bayern

Papiere sollen zur Debatte darüber beitragen, wie die Entwicklung der Bioökonomie in Bayern Chancen für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung eröffnen kann

Renewable chemistry company P2 Science attracts BASF as new investor

P2’s technology, called ozonolysis, provides improved value, efficiency, and safety

Research focuses on lignin as an alternative to fossil resources

Fraunhofer researchers are using innovative sustainable processes for the extraction and fractionation of lignin

Lignin: der alternative Rohstoff im Visier der Forschung

Fraunhofer Forscher wollen mit neuen nachhaltigen Aufschluss- und Fraktionierungsverfahren für Lignin die Ausbeute von aromatischen Plattformchemikalien optimieren