26 März 2015

Onora BV winner of Investors Forum Award

Promising company to use plant residues for making bioplastics coffins

The company Onora, developer of environmentally degradable coffins, on Tuesday at the Year Event Knowledge Plant Substances awarded the Investors Forum Award. The prize is awarded to promising companies that use plant residues. 

The coffins are made from bioplastics and are therefore completely biodegradable. In addition, there is a cremation no harmful emissions free. The idea for the coffins coming Marieke Havermans, coming from the packaging. “In the packaging industry is looking at how much it can be more durable , for example, by the use of bioplastics. Use These are interesting innovations.‘ One small step for the funeral industry?” If you look at the coffin is a type of packaging, yes. It surprised me that there is so little done in this area.”

While the funeral industry as Marieke is fairly traditional, the first reactions of funeral homes in the prototype of the crate positive. The wait is now for funders, so that the first boxes can go into production.


Source: Onora BV, 2015-03-12.


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