17 Juni 2019

Novozymes launches two new products to support renewable fuel production

Fortiva® and Innova® Force to provide ethanol producers with the technology needed to push for greater profits in changing market conditions

Fortiva® outpaces all other liquefaction technologies, resulting in starch conversion levels never before seen in the ethanol industry; Novozymes also reveals Innova® Force – the most advanced and flexible yeast, available in a cream or dry format.

Novozymes, the leading technology provider to the biofuel industries, today announces two major launches during the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW) to continue supporting the growth of the renewable fuel industry.

Fortiva is a new alpha-amylase technology that helps customers avoid having to choose between maximizing enzyme performance and operational efficiency. In yeast, Force continues to deliver on the promise to quickly bring innovative, robust, and reliable biological solutions to the market from the Innova yeast platform established last year.

“Fortiva and Innova Force both provide ethanol producers with the technology needed to push for greater profits in changing market conditions – and they underline Novozymes’ continued commitment to support the ethanol industry with innovation that makes a real, meaningful difference for the producer,” says Brian Brazeau, Vice President, Biofuels Commercial North America at Novozymes. “Novozymes has always spearheaded biological innovation for the ethanol industry; Fortiva and Force continue that journey with more to come as we work to unlock the full potential of biology.”

Fortiva: The highest starch solubilization in the industry by converting the most starch to useable sugars

High enzyme performance means maximizing the potential return on investment. Corn input costs are the highest variable cost for fuel ethanol producers and passing available starch from this input means lost opportunity and profit. Fortiva maximizes the conversion of corn inputs into profit in a very tight margin environment – creating on average 1% higher ethanol yield and 20% lower residual starch.

“This latest technology from Novozymes outpaces all other liquefaction technologies for input conversion and process efficiency,” says Brian Brazeau. “Bringing meaningful innovation to the market is something very important to our customers and to Novozymes. Recent transformational innovations, such as our patented thermostable protease, have returned significant value to ethanol producers and while thermostable protease was transformational, Fortiva is the next leap in amylase technology – beyond anything we have previously seen or developed in this space.”

A force to be reckoned with: Delivering the greatest tolerance of high ethanol concentrations and lowest residual starch

In 2018, Novozymes established an ambitious yeast platform, Innova. During its first year, Novozymes launched two new solutions from it – Drive and Lift – delivering industry-changing robustness to fermentation, aligned with customer needs for yeast, tolerant to fuel ethanol production demands – while eliminating bottlenecks and limitations created by all other yeasts.

Innova Force targets ethanol plants seeking flexibility to achieve operational targets without sacrificing robust performance. It allows producers to achieve throughput and yield targets without losing ethanol yield to common stressors, such as high temperature and organic acids. Force gives producers the flexibility to push for yield without compromise, and to choose the format that best fits their operation, dry or cream.

“The Innova platform, with the launch of Drive, Lift, and now Force, has been adopted as the most robust yeast in the marketplace. Novozymes’ yeast solutions enable ethanol producers to run their plants the way they want to – and not be boxed in by a one-size-fits-all product,” Brazeau comments. “Within 1.5 years of launching our first yeast, over one quarter of North American ethanol plants now use Novozymes’ yeast, clearly signaling the need for the performance, flexibility, and reliability Innova solutions deliver.”

Biofuels – blazing a new path for renewable, more sustainable energy

Since inception, the ethanol industry has continually increased efficiency, producing more gallons of renewable ethanol from fewer inputs, requiring less land and other inputs to create that energy.

“By leveraging the biological synergies and sustainability of our enzymes, yeast, and technical service platforms, Novozymes has reset performance expectations for ethanol production,” says Brian Brazeau. “The launches of the Innova Force fermentation solution and Fortiva, our newest liquefaction solution, together deliver the most holistic, sustainable, and advanced approach to ethanol production, all based on customer needs and our commitment to a better tomorrow using transformational biology.”

Source: Novozymes, press release, 2019-06-10.


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