11 Dezember 2007

Novel Conex WPC System delivered to Canada

After six years of development, Conenor of Finnland has now delivered the first of its new WPC systems “CWE 50-2 Conex® wood extrusion line”. As European Plastics News reports, the system was shipped to Pomumonu Supplies in Canada for processing post consumer scrap plastics.

Conex is a novel extrusion equipment and process which replaces an extrusion head as well as several extruders, enabling multi-layer extrusion with a single compact machine. A short conical rotor turning between two conical stators (inner and outer) has replaced the traditional extrusion screw. Spiral grooves are located on the inner and outer surface of the rotor as well as on the surface of each stator facing the grooved one of the rotor. A die is fixed to the inner and outer stator.

The system can process a mixture of up to 80% wood fibre in thermoplastic waste from used liquid packaging containers. Conenor has developed the technology and owns the Conex system while strategic partner Maillefer Extrusion Finland manufactures the system.

Further Information
Conex product homepage

(Cf. news of 2005-07-04.)

Source: European Plastics News, 2007-11 and Conenor, Conex-Homepage, 2007-12-11.

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