8 April 2010

nova-Institut: Biowerkstoff Report, Issue 7, April 2010

Bio-based Plastics, Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Wood Plastic Composites – Bio-Ressources and Industrial Use of Renewable Raw Materials

<b/>Biowerkstoff Report<br />Issue 7, April 2010
Biowerkstoff Report
Issue 7, April 2010

Innovative bio-based materials (= Bio-based Plastics and Composites) can be, and are used already to a great extent by industry. In the field of bio-based materials a “raw material shift” becomes more and more necessary to overcome the dependency on fossil fuels and to bring about a shift towards bio-based products based on agricultural and forest resources.

This new issue of the Biowerkstoff Report aims to give a comprehensive outline of bio-based plastics and composites and to show new trends and important developments. Furthermore the report heralds the Biowerkstoff congress, which takes place for the first time at the HANNOVER MESSE (HANNOVER MESSE, 20.-21. April 2010, www.biowerkstoff-kongress.de).

This is the first time the biowerkstoff Report has been issued in this international context and is written mainly in English – more than 85% of the texts are in English. The special issue, the “Report on European Industrial Hemp”, is also new, and an annual edition is planned.

Biowerkstoff Report Issue 7, April 2010, for download (PDF-file, 5,8 MB)

Main topcics

  • French Framework Agreement on Compostable Waste Bags
  • A New Biopolymer Database
  • Leichtbau im Innenraum
  • Bioconcept-Car
  • Biokunstsoff-“Hub” Thailand
  • Present and Future Development in Plastics from Biomass
  • GreenGran Natural Fibre Reinforced (Bio)Plastics
  • Bioplastics for Demanding Multilayer Film Systems
  • Cellulose Acetate Foams
  • Hiendl NFC im Drachenbootbau
  • Mit Biowerkstoffen zu neuen Produkten
  • Market Growth WPC
  • The IngeoTM Journey
  • Façade Profile Structura
  • International Congress on Bio-based Plastics and Composites
    • Programme
    • Statements Speakers
    • Innovation Award
  • Report on Industrial Hemp

6,000 copies of the last issue of the Biowerkstoff Report were distributed and a further 3,000 copies as pdf-files were downloaded. 10,000 copies in all were distributed to industry, research and policy makers within the political sector.

Subscribers to the News Portal www.nachwachsende-rohstoffe.info / www.renewable-resources.de automatically receive a PDF-Document of each issue of the “Biowerkstoff Report”. You can order the report as printout and as pdf-file at the nova-shop under www.nova-shop.info. All previous six issues continue to be availabele at the nova-shop as well.

Further information

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, 2010-04-08.


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