18 November 2014

North Sea Farm ‘Kilo Taste’ successfully started!

Test Farm at Texel step towards large-scale sustainable seaweed cultivation

timthumbThe cultivation of the first kilo of seaweed on the Dutch North Sea is a fact. Are d e first crop modules today launched full of baby weeds. The test farm is located 10 kilometers off the coast of Texel, near ‘Raging Bol’. The test or ‘Kilo Taste’ is an initiative of the North Sea Foundation Farm. The foundation sees extensive opportunities for offshore seaweed cultivation. The pounds trial will provide insight algae which may be on the rugged North Sea. best grown The test is used as a stepping stone to the first commercial North Sea Farm.

When one examines what Texel seaweed best withstand the rugged North Sea. This is done with two different cultivation modules. One where the seaweed grows to a long line of 20 meters. The other where the seaweed grows to a round frame of 5 meters in diameter. The seaweed depends on such a half to depth. Two meters Here grows the next 6 months with running sea water, nutrients and sunlight.

The ‘Kilo Pilot’, is the first step of the foundation to come to a sustainable seaweed growing chain in the Netherlands. The test runs until June 2015. Then, the Foundation expects to harvest the first kilo grown seaweed from the Dutch North Sea. The next step is the experimental farm. The offshore test facility just like an ordinary experimental farm in the agricultural and horticultural uses to entrepreneurs and researchers to experiment and learn. Trial Farm Between 2015 and 2016 start. Currently, the foundation is looking for partners who see opportunities here. The final step of the foundation is the first commercial North Sea Farm. A mixed business with seaweed, shellfish along with eg tidal or wind energy. Needs much before the foundation of this dot on the horizon, still happen. To seize the opportunities of seaweed, is a lot of time, money and energy.

Seaweed captures simple nutrients out of the seawater, which counteracts eutrophication. In addition, seaweed strengthens the ecosystem by acting as a natural breeding ground for fish and shellfish. And many health benefits attributed to the algae. Seaweed cultivation is ‘hot’. Moreover, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or freshwater needed. For the cultivation of seaweed Besides these positive effects of seaweed, the foundation sees seaweed as a possibility for multifunctional land from the sea. In the future, the North Sea Farms foundation sees precisely occur in wind farms.

North Sea Foundation Farm is committed to sustainable seaweed farming in the North Sea. Marcel Schuttelaar of consultancy Schuttelaar & Partners in The Hague and Job Boater seaweed company Hortimare their research location on Texel together form the board. An operational team of three responsible for implementation: Eef Brouwers project planner in a personal capacity and Koen van Swam and Marlies Draisma are unlocked by Schuttelaar & Partners. The foundation has paid for the test from its own resources and there is € 10,000, – picked up a crowdfunding campaign. In addition, the firm Van der Zwan & Zn. contributed to the realization.

Source: Noordzeeboerderij.nl, press release, 2014-11-12.


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