14 August 2017

MATER-BIOTECH organizes an open day at its innovative plant

The event is organized by the Bio-Qed project

Saturday, September 30th MATER-BIOTECH, company of the NOVAMONT group, opens its doors to citizens, institutions, employees and their families. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the innovative industrial process that makes MATER-BIOTECH the world’s first dedicated plant capable of producing butanediol (1,4 BDO) directly from renewable sources through a fermentation process.

Copyright: novamont

Copyright: novamont

Throughout the day, visitors will be able to be witness and protagonists of several initiatives, including the creative lab “Discovering Mater-Bi“, where the youngest and their families will have fun creating new items with bioplastic applications.

The event is organized under the European Bio-Qed project, coordinated by NOVAMONT, which aims at identifying new ways of producing biochemicals from renewable sources. MATER-BIOTECH, as a project partner, represents a concrete case for the development of bio-based chemical intermediates.

The open day is also part of the V edition of the European Biotech Week, a week full of events all across Europe organized by EuropaBio (the European Bio-Industry Association) which addresses a wide and  heterogeneous audience aiming to demonstrate the importance of biotechnology in everyday life.

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Source: Novamont, press release, 2017-08-02.


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