13 Januar 2017

Ken Richards, CEO of Leaf Resources, is the most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2016

The bioeconomy revolution is a reality thanks to visionary managers

Our readers have voted: the most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2016 is Ken Richards, CEO of Leaf Resources, the Australian company focused on making sustainable products from plant biomass.

We heartily congratulate him on this important recognition and sincerely thank our readers for the great participation in the survey. Our blog has seen a boom of visits in these two days. The bioeconomy revolution is a reality thanks to visionary managers like Ken Richards, the other nine selected along with Richards in the list of the 10 most innovative bioeconomy CEOs and to all those who in different roles contribute to research, develop and commercialize new bio-based products.

Ken Richards has played an integral part in the formation of Leaf Resources Ltd. In 2007 Ken took on the role of managing director of Aquacarotene, a micro algae producer. Ken initiated the sale of the pond lease to Californian based Aurora Biofuels for $2 million. In 2010 Aquacarotene merged with Queensland based Company Farmacule BioIndustries Pty Ltd to form Leaf Energy, now Leaf Resources Ltd. Ken was appointed managing director of Leaf Resources in August 2011.

Ken has in excess of 25 years of experience as a managing director in various listed and unlisted companies across agriculture and technology sectors. His life as a public company CEO has seen him complete transactions (capital raisings, takeovers, assets sales) well in excess of $200 million. He holds an MBA and a B.Commerce from the University of Western Australia. He is also a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

(from Leaf Resources’ web site)

This is the result of our survey:

Ken Richards 39.1%

Wayne Byrne 17.79%

Christophe H. Schilling 13.53%

Christian Kemp-Griffin 11.53%

Catia Bastioli 7.77%

Tom van Aken 5.51%

Marc Delcourt 2.26%

Rich Troyer 1.25%

John Melo 1%

Robert Wedinger 0.25%

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Source: Il bioeconomista, 2016-12-17.


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